The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Reader’s Picks: Kira


I am bi so I really enjoy m/f and especially f/f stories. A combination of both, while somtimes overused can be erotic. I really enjoy a rather diverse amount of works. I really seem to lean towards the main character gaining near unlimited amounts of power. Stories generes that allow a character more power can go in many diffrent directions. Seeing a story develop in a way I had not normally expected or using a new and invented method of presenting the story is a plus. In all my works I really demand a high quality of writing or process so I like to convince myself that stories I pick are the best in their class. I have a large fetish for breast growth and bimbos in general. Another thing I enjoy is the subject not realizing or comprehending what is happening. Perhaps beliving everything is normal or always was ‘this way’ is a nice twist. While they are definatly not requirements, there’s a continuing theme of that in most of my favorite stories. Anything like furries, scat, scifi or fan fiction is right out with me. And no m/m stories either.

“Acid of the Mind”

A very interesting adaption by Downing Street from “Absolute Corruption” another one I particullary enjoyed. This story really shows what I really mean by omnipotence. Someone.. just, someone gains near unlimited powers and uses them an exceedingly creative way. Excellent dialouge and erotic images. The banter between the main characters really is good. It ties very well into the story. Downing’s writing style is the best i’ve seen in a while during this story

“Cynthia and the Stone”

Written by a very close friend Mr. Grey (though it has no effect on why I picked it). This one again really has that ominpotence theme. An innocent nextdoor neighbor scumbs to the wills of the nearby classic horny teen boy. Interesting plot twist and amusing dialoge makes it for a fun and erotic read. I admit I laughed a bit at some parts in the story or let out a small smirk at others.

“Master PC”

Omnipotence meets geekdom. Very original idea and what a genere. One story starts an entire universe of stories. While it’s offshoots are not always the best, at least authors who normally might never have written before are inspired by this work to write. JR Parz is one of my favorite authors and this story, in my opinion, does justice to him best.

“Tak’Lon’s Wager”

An outright silly yet sexy story that has no good or real coherent plot. Just wild sexcapades with a gun that makes women into your fantasy. Interesting and creative in it’s storyline; I can’t say i’ve found another story quite like this one

“The Aerobics Class”

The idea of controlling another while they willfully comply with not another thought otherwise intrigues me to a point of making it somthing that can boost a story from ‘OK’ to ‘Great’ status. The Aerobics class offers a look at one individual who has quite alot of power and does not hesitate to use it. You can really feel the author reflected through on this one. I enjoy it thorougly and wish that he or someone would pick up in this style.

“The Bank”

Written by an unknown author, continuing in the idea of “The Aerobics Class”, this one is a simple, straightfoward story. Nothing amazing, but it does feature that elusive theme in the controlling of the victims that I mentioned in my review of “The Aerobics Class”

“Relax, We’re Family”

A real wild card here in my list. The writing, plotline and deployment are so excedingly good that it does not even come near my other favored types of stories. A teen hypnotizes his family and bends them to his will. Possibly the only incest story that i’ve enjoyed thoroughly. I hope to see more from Greg Vance in the future (though it seems unlikely)

“The Humiliation of Jane”

While reading this, remembered that it was passed around more than a needle by the authors. So there is a definate switch in writing style, methods, descriptions or Jane’s humiliation. The ending is poor by the first 5 or 7 so chapters are excellent. I enjoy it for the method that which Jane is controlled and not so much the humiliation thereafter. A definate read for anyone

“The Chinese Girl”

A great classc. Not alot of wild sex or amazing growth in any areas.. but.. a timeless classic nontheless. AMAZING writing style which definatly focused on the control more than what he made her do sexually. I really enjoyed the idea that she does not understand what is going on and belives everything (again) is ‘OK’. Amazingly erotic in that respect. I really enjoy alot of things by Mind Control Fan but this is his best piece in my opinion