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Reader’s Picks: Ludmenkov, Boris


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My personal enthusiasms in the genre are for Male Domination or rather for Female Submission: my nasty subconscious doesn’t seem to mind if it’s a man or a woman doing the dominating as long as it’s a woman being dominated. Go figure….

I prefer the ‘happy’ end of MC if not the ‘romantic’ end: I like it if the victim comes eventually to enjoy their transformation. What turns me off is pointless pain and humiliation. Yes, it’s fun to watch the resistance of the victim. But in the end I like happiness for the long term. And though I’m willing to make exceptions for particularly hot scenarios, I prefer to keep the victim’s intelligence intact.

And I suspect that it’s the transformation itself that is the major thrill: I get off on both mental and physical changes. The power to remake people is a major thrill. I also like the TG genre but Simon doesn’t do that so I’ll just recommend you have a look at the MC stuff to be found on Fictionmania: especially a little thing called ‘Nano’ which is one of my favourites. Or closer to home try J.R.Parz’s BEST OF THE BEST.

I prefer my mind controllers to be suave and intelligent rather than nerdish or obsessed. I find that enormous mind control conspiracies snap my disbelief suspenders.

Emotional Bonds by Simon bar Sinister.

Sorry if this sounds like grovelling or currying favour but this is a perfect little story of someone whose mind has been altered in just one way but in the one way that renders her helpless.

Shaken by Orestes.

A slow build up story as another intelligent woman finds herself overwhelmed by the changes in her and subverted by her friends who are being transformed as well. A bleak ending but a story that made me shiver to read it.

The Reward by W. G.

One of the older stories in my collection but one that I use as a rock standard to compare others to. The sub-genre of a man acquiring total god like power and finding out what that does to him is an easy one to get wrong but THE REWARD keeps to an intelligent slow pace.

MPC: Gaps in Time by Abe Froman.

I had to have an MPC story and this is an intelligent, well written example by a new writer. The viewpoint of the victim is beautifully realised and the story actually has a beginning, a middle and an end!

Good Girl by sinsub.

A lovely story of a young woman letting herself become a hypnotised toy for her Master. A ‘consensual’ MC story and a very fine one.

A Warlock’s Toys by J.R. Parz.

I had to have a story from J.R. and this has almost all of his favourite motifs, twins, breast growth and sister-sister lesbian action. And it’s fun! That’s what I like most about J.R.’s stuff: even at their nastiest, his stories are fun.

The Slavers and The Slavers Return by Fools Page.

A wonderful science fiction saga with incomprehensible alien beings and the transformation of kidnapped human women into exotic slave girls. A collision between John Norman and Jack L. Chalker.

Re-Genesis: Acquisition By Draka69.

A lovely story of women being changed by a virus. Inspired by an earlier short story.

Four Days in Danville by Anonymous And another one.

This time showing a world transformed by a bimboizing virus. I’m not normally one who goes for stories showing the destruction of women’s intelligence but this is such a lively realisation of a world being reborn that I forgive it. (I have to: I wrote a story set in the same universe and the author flatters me by incorporating what I wrote into his storyline.)

The Candidate by AMOWAT

I always like the writings of A Man Of Wealth And Taste and this is a goodie. Not quite a bimboisation story but it does include changing an intelligent woman senatorial candidate into a sex mad, blonde, big titted, sluttish, submissive, intelligent woman senatorial candidate.