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Author: Ludmenkov, Boris


Email Status: Valid as of June 1997

Readers’ Picks for Ludmenkov, Boris

Story Codes Added
Cafe au Lait mc mf md gr 25 Nov 2000
An Englishman In New York mc mf md gr 02 Apr 2006
Fair Warning mc 01 Sep 2001
The Giftgiver mc mf md 26 Jan 2002
The Gonzo Wizard mc mf md gr 12 Dec 1999
The Hotter Than Hell Anthology mc mf ff md 02 Jul 2006
Human Resources: A Master PC Story mc mf md 06 Feb 2000
In a Public Place mc mf ff md gr la 08 Jan 2000
Intellectual Property mc mf md 02 Nov 2002
The Madman and the Guinea Pigs mc mf md 17 Aug 1997
May I Show You Something mc mf ff md 10 Jun 1997
Meeting the Master: A Master PC Story mc mf md gr 05 Mar 2000
Not a Cruel Man mf md mc 01 Aug 1996
A Reasonable Man mc mf md 10 Jun 1997
Steam Engine Time mc mf ff md gr 10 Sep 2000
Sweeter than Wine mc ff 02 Mar 2013
Three Short Pieces mc mf md 12 Aug 2000