The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Reader’s Picks: Orion Quinn

While a well-written story is always worth reading, regardless of content, I have focused here on what I find sexually arousing. My predilection is for male-dominant stories, especially ones involving the abasement and humiliation of women. With a few exceptions, I am not aroused by homosexuality (male or female), enlargement of body parts, science fiction, scatology, or inanimate objects (clothing, shoes, dildi, bondage gear, et cetera). And nothing kills the mood faster than bad grammar.

Owning Nikki by 2sheds

New Pick! Deliciously twisted and consistently interesting. Artfully paced degradation, nice balance between sex and character development. Smooth finish. Pairs well with squab, lamb and eel.

Ben’s Stripper by O’Horny

Short and to the point, but crafted with all the right details. O’Horny has a fine sense of timing, calibrating the humiliometer perfectly to ensure a solid, satisfying wank—which is why we’re all here, right?

Be Mine (Captain Eazy)

Captain Eazy is rapidly becoming one of the most reliably enjoyable writers on the site. He appears to have paid attention in English class, and decent spelling/vocab skills go a long way toward maintaining the mood. Add to that an understanding of narrative arc, some facility with character development, and a taste for sex scenes that are explicit without being melodramatic or humorless, and you’ve got the kind of smut I like. “Be Mine” is a work in progress. Yay progress.

Master PC For Lovers (Kaia Golightly)

Miss Golightly can really write. The snap of her prose is refreshing in this smart, sexy twist on a classic story. Here’s hoping for several more installments.

The Consultant (Antonio Bastinado)

There’s some nicely calibrated suspense here, and even for those of us who see it coming a mile away it’s still pleasurable to watch unfold. Characterization is minimal and the dialogue is nothing special, but it’s got a nice payoff and some deliciously ‘pathic details. Well-crafted.

I Need a Hero (Captain Eazy)

Easily the funniest thing I’ve read all year. Didn’t turn my crank, wouldn’t turn anyone’s crank, but for anyone who likes his crank turned on a regular basis and thus spends probably far too much time surfing the swells of filth in search of eros that isn’t whack-your-forehead-with-a-shovel stupid, well: Captain Eazy feels your pain. And he’s got the magic ticket, baby.

Alice Through the Lusting Glass (Captain Eazy)

Magnificent. Erotica as escapism has rarely been done better. Everything about this little daydream is smooth and delicious, food and sex and character sketch alike rendered in softly glowing prose. The corny title is the only false step; don’t let it throw you.

Scents and Sensibility (Dou7gx)

Okay, Dou7gx, listen carefully: an apostrophe goes before an S only in the case of a possessive. The apostrophe-S combination indicates ownership. For example: “That dildo is Susan’s” means that the dildo belongs to Susan. In this otherwise very enjoyable first chapter of what I hope is a long and turgid saga, you frequently use an apostrophe before an S in the case of a singular plural. When you write “Vole’s have a certain hormone” it looks awkward because it is wrong. The presence of an S at the end of the word “vole” means only that more than one vole is referred to. (And yes, despite what you’ve heard, it is acceptable to end a sentence with a preposition.) There is no need for an apostrophe in this case. Hope I’ve helped.

Good to the Last Drop (Mister Harvest)

The opening set-up could be subtler, and the use of numbers and measurements to describe how attractive a woman is has always bored me to death, but apart from that ... when this story gets cooking, it heats up fast. And stays that way. And now I’m hooked on this scorcher of a first chapter, so Mister Harvest, hear this: I want more!

Saved by the Bell (Oliver Yates)

The title leaves much to be desired, but other than that, Mr. Yates has created something quite appealing. The literate (and literary) prose is stimulating, the dialogue is sexy, and the subtlety of the implicit mind control makes the whole story go down smooth, with a velvety finish. Another one to read and emulate if you’re considering writing for this site.

Breakfast At Lenny’s (Ms_Myrrh)

So very well written. Extremely arousing. Wonderful tension between banal, family-oriented setting and wicked, uncontrollable lust. The dialogue (both internal and external) and the characters are believably real, which always adds to a story’s effectiveness. One of the best I’ve seen in a very long time. I want more, Ms_Myrrh!

Inconvenience (Rev Trout)

Currently my favorite piece, this unfinished story never fails to excite, no matter how many times I read it. The female protagonist’s helplessness is underscored in several ways—by her awareness of what is happening, by all that she doesn’t know, by the blend of arousal and horror that she feels, and by her inability to stop any of it from happening. Wow.

Sally Learns (Briar)

This is a wonderful story, although it too appears to be unfinished. I particularly recommend Part One. Briar’s characters are three-dimensional; the induction is subtle; the pace is never hurried, yet it never flags; and the sex, when it comes, is explicit without resorting to cliché, and flavored with exquisite humiliation. If only there were more like this.

An Uncontrollable Incident (Likes ‘em Sloppy)

Plausibility is not among this story’s virtues, and the dialogue remains at a Bill-and-Ted level of sophistication, but I keep coming back to it. Wow, does it push certain buttons! The sex is bracingly explicit, the level of humiliation is intense, and the author’s imagination is nothing if not vivid. Exceptionally sick and twisted stuff.

Cough Syrup (Venture, Katriana)

There’s an appealing tone to this story, an emphasis on the belittling of the female protagonist that I enjoy. Not much sex, but very sexy. Good, straightforward stuff.

Tether (trilby else)

Leave it to trilby to write an ff story that turns my crank. The plot is original, the imagery is vivid, and the tension arising from the dehumanization of very human characters is deliciously unbearable.

Split Ends (Downing Street)

Another solid writer, Downing Street is at his/her best here with a story that exploits the erotic potential of humiliation and voyeurism to wonderful effect. Not only that, but the title is a creative play on words.

Sophomore Jinx (Iron Nick)

Good erotica must perform a rather tricky balancing act between explicitness and subtlety, and Iron Nick pulls it off very nicely here, summoning erotic tension from what is and isn’t explained.

The Seduction of Yvonne Bauer (The Flying Pen)

The Flying Pen is an accomplished wordsmith regardless of genre, as this story makes abundantly clear. It’s all here: pathos, cruelty, compassion, good dialogue, realistic characters and fiery sex. New writers would do well to study this.

Pantheon (Hypknot Eyes)

Humor is not usually what I’m looking for when I visit the EMCSA, but Hypknot Eyes won me over with this literate, original and very amusing story about the American version of Mount Olympus. Save this one for dessert.

Kinked (Dou7gx)

While this story is light on actual sex, it is nevertheless genuinely arousing—and the quality of the writing more than compensates for any loss of wankery. Want to know what good dialogue and plausible characters look like? Read this. The intelligence of Dou7gx’s prose is a breath of fresh air in this often all-too-stale genre.

Amateur Night (trilby else)

Trilby is among the very best writers on the EMCSA; regrettably, this is the only mf story he has produced to date. The depth of emotion herein makes for some resonant, satisfying sex scenes.

Good Girl (Sinsub)

This story features a superlative induction, nicely sketched characters and wonderful humiliation. My only quibble is the lack of sex. Read this one as an appetizer.

Daddy’s Girl (Fury)

Incest is not my kink of choice, but I’ll make an exception for a well-written story like this one. The characters have depth and the sex is explicit without being overwrought.

The Ultimate Lovedoll, Return of the Ultimate Lovedolls, Pleasure Crews of the Ultimate Lovedolls, Island of the Ultimate Lovedolls (Vendatrix)

Robotization is also not usually my thing, but this series is a delightful exception. Vendatrix’s detailed descriptions of the dehumanized lovedolls, as well as the all-too-human dollmakers, make for a well-rounded, three-dimensional, believable read that is smoking hot.

Dick Jones (Imagineer)

This one probably won’t give you that special satisfaction you’re looking for when you come to this site, but read it anyway. It’s intelligent and it’s flippin’ hilarious.

A Story of Jane, in the First person Singular (BlackNight99)

Sometimes I just want to read something quick and mean and functional. And then sometimes I want to read an actual story, something worth savoring in detail, something that combines an absorbing plot, three-dimensional characters, credible dialogue, felicitous turns of phrase . . . and smart, wicked, intense, explicit sex. This is such a story. It’s a winner.

Whoever Has My Key, Owns Me (BB Zed)

An extension of, and improvement upon, the also excellent Stopwatch: A Revenge by Chase The Wind. The title is a pretty clear indication of where this one goes. Nice potential for further installments.

Gift With Purchase (Madam Liang)

There’s something classic about this piece. It’s unoriginal and it could use the services of a good copy editor, but it has a tightly focused narrative arc that doesn’t waste any time (and doesn’t seem rushed, either). In terms of form, if not content, it’s a winner.