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Reader’s Picks: Quicksilver


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I tend to be eclectic in my tastes and enjoy some variation. As such I like a wide range of stories. I definitely prefer stories that have a good, strong plot. A depth of emotion in the story is also a big plus. Who’s in control is normally not that important, so both I enjoy both MD and FD stories.

Cassie’s Challenge by D. Holzer

A nice reversal on the standard MC plot. Instead of somebody wanting to be controlling you have somebody who really wants to be controlled. But which will win out in the end, love of control or just love?

Chain Reaction by Voyeur

Mind control without mind control. They say that each person has somebody out there that they are meant to be with. This is that case in spades. Well written in how it conveys the feelings, desires and conflicts that the characters are experiencing.

Empirical Research by Wiseguy

I like a lot of the work done by both Wiseguy and Artie so this one was a really fun read. The induction’s are well developed and the character interaction has a real down to earth feel about it. The interaction is also entertaining and honest.

The Experiment by E

A classic example of MC literature, or at least that’s the way it seems to me. From the slow takeover of the straying girlfriend and enlisting her help ensnaring others to the French maid’s costume, a very fun ride to take.

Growing Up With Beth by artie

I don’t often find characters that I can truly empathize with. Sometimes I’ll feel sorry for them or dislike (sometimes hate) them for what they do to others, but in this story I really felt something for the main character and those around him. One of the best written pieces on the site, IMHO.

Master PC: The Eclectic’s Edition by Xanthos Pendragon

One of the better romps utilizing the Master PC program. Ethics play a major part that is not just addressed once and then forgotten. Although the ending is somewhat anticlimactic, it is a lot of fun to read.

The Power by rlfj

Not your typical “Boy gets great mind control power” story. Not a way out there story, but a character study of someone who obtains a gift that many would like, but that few would be able to handle. It’s how I hope I would be able to act if it happened to me.

Screen Saver by artie

A short piece that is fun and interesting. The induction is quick but the openness between the two characters, and the revelation of their feelings for each other, are sweet.

Triad by Wiseguy

This story considers an aspect of relationships that I had never thought of before. And the use of hypnosis as an erotic aspect of the sexual relationship, instead of as a method of control, places this story, like Growing Up With Beth by artie, into an exclusive class.

Mythic Incorporated by Graphic Paul

Ah, a splendid mix of myths, sex, mind control, sex, magic, did I mention sex? I enjoy the takes on several myths as well as the fact that none of the characters in the story are invincible. They are human, with both strengths and weaknesses, and show it. As to who, or what, the mysterious E is, well, that’s something that merits further investigation. I would like to see more stories set in this world as I think there is a lot of potential.

Courting Kass

Boy lusts after alien feline female. Boy tries to use subliminal recordings to get alien feline female. Boy, is he surprised.

Without giving away too much of the story I have to say that I enjoyed this one. Not too involved but with plenty of detail and information on the characters and how they are feeling.

And maybe I too have a thing for cute felines. Sue me. /grin

My Angela is the Centerfold by wcw43921

I loved this story because it could almost be me as the main character. Not the usual hypnosis for sex or hypnosis for control but hypnosis for exploration and expansion of the mind. A really great read.