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Reader’s Picks: Rinky Dink


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The most important thing for me is that the story makes sense in its own universe and is not full of misspellings or typos. If the writer does not have the time to use spellcheck, I don’t have time to read it. It simply breaks the fantasy.

I hate the “saw girl, showed her my swinging watch, now my slave and we’re having sex” trite stuff. Give me a STORY. I know this is made-up stuff but put some effort into it Who, what, why and how is this happening. Also old-fashioned, don’t like the bad guy to win in the end.

I’m the impatient type so I don’t like the never-ending serials. I lean towards FF stories but if it well written I’ll look at anything. The sex is not the big thing for me. It’s the induction and the effects and aftermath and interaction of the characters that gets me.

School Girl Takes Over by A Nony Mouse

Very good story in the “student controls school” genre. Diane does not have the hard edge of the Mistress Evilena series (although that is quite good too). She is shown more as the typical good Catholic school girl gone amuck. Induction is believable and A Nony Mouse makes sure you know this is a high school girl. Religious types may not like what she does to a nun but overall a fun read.

The Slavers by Fool’s Page

Simply one of the most erotic stories on site. If into sex slaves this is for you. The adventures of Dr. Sandra Pitzler and her daughter are totally hot from beginning to end but also a well-told science fiction story.

Beach Babes by JR Parz

If you have ever been on a beach, seen some really attractive college girls and fantasized about them becoming your love slaves, you will like this story. It has good FF and MF elements that don’t get confusing. The two main characters are 3-dimensional and it deals with their possession in a realistic fashion. All the loose ends are wrapped up by the end and I like the attention to detail.

Bloodlust by KMB

The best multi-chapter story I’ve found on site. It tries to be a mc/vampire episode of Law & Order and it succeeds. Characters are entirely fleshed out; KMB uses all the space he has to good use. Celebrities are mixed in with regular people as victims and all the takings by the vampire are erotic. Also good horror elements, the hotel scene with Demi Moore, Bruce Willis and their children is very scary. The climatic scene is exciting and erotic. It helps if you like the Spice Girls but I can’t stand them and still liked it.

Birth of Obedience by Iago

The mother of all female dominant stories. Joanna Christensen and her conquering of Fillmore Academy is the most hot takeover ever. Her slaves don’t worship her; they worship her cunt and become “cunt-slaves”. Great name. The scene when she takes over the mind of Chelsea O’Neill is the single most sex-soaked mc’ing I’ve read. The rest of the story is not as erotic as the first couple chapters but still pretty hot. Iago also has a couple of nice sequels to this story, particularly “Queen’s Pawn” but don’t plan on being able to stand up when reading this story.

Game, Set, Match by Anynon

Who doesn’t like a good “Anna Kournikova is hypnotized and becomes a lesbian” story? I found this story so hot it actually inspired me to write a trilogy about Anna and mc because Anynon makes the idea so erotic here. Last names are not used so this is officially fiction but you don’t have to be a sports junkie to figure out who “Anna” and “Monica” are. Good, straightforward telling of story with a very hot induction scene in front of 20,000 people.

Melora’s Cavern by Meguni Shi Kurai

A very nice, erotic, mystical coming of age story. There are no bad people here, the young heroine is a nice girl who the angel-like Melora guides toward a sex-dominated lesbian lifestyle but she still retains her niceness. The original story is interesting with magic and mystery and the following chapters are quite sexy. The series is not over (I think) so Melora’s true intentions are yet to be revealed. If you are into teenage girls being converted to lesbianism this is also a good one for you.

On Campus Vampire by Hypno S.

This is my second vampire recommendation but this story is far different than Bloodlust. It is a simple straightforward tale of a young college vampire taking control of lots of hot college girls, with some hypnosis thrown in. The victims are likeable and the vampire isn’t that nasty actually. It’s short, sweet and to the point. If you are into this genre it’s a good erotic read.

Double the Pleasure by Anynon

Anynom has many good ones but I got off on this one more than any of his other stories except maybe Game, Set, Match. Tries to be an MC episode of the old “Patty Duke Show” if you are old enough to remember it. The characters are set up quickly but succinctly, the induction is very well done and the twist in the middle is quite interesting. Lots of old-fashioned hypnosis involved here. The second chapter is also good but more sex-oriented than MC. If you are into mc and cheerleaders this is a good one as well.

Hypnotic Cab Ride 3: Seducing the Law by Witchman

Enjoyable tale of immigrants using ancient techniques to brainwash American women to do their bidding. The characters are set up nicely and the induction scenes are erotic and well told. The police officers plight both separately and together is interesting and Beth and Debbie’s falling under their power is very hot. Overall, a great ride!

The Last Days of Nan By David Gee

A nice story but a fantastic ending. Like “The Sixth Sense”, I never saw it coming but it made complete sense. The interactions between Nan and Melissa as they fight for Nan’s soul is interesting and there are some nice bondage scenes as well, all building up to a surprise ending.

Room Mates: Wrestler by A Nony Mouse

I enjoy all the Room Mates stories but this one is a little above the rest for its subject. Everyone has a favorite female wrestler they have a hard on for and seeing Wing-Mui put her in her place is enjoyable and erotic. Not much sex but a very long induction to keep you occupied. The fight the wrestler puts up is one of those valiant but doomed efforts I love to read about.

Geek Row by Voyer

Maybe I like this so much because I didn’t get much action in college but having the best-looking sorority girls on campus fall under the spell of the geek’s is just so much fun to read. The story slowly shows the girls falling into their fate and the geeks rise in prominence. Some good reaction from jealous ex-boyfriends as well. The epilogue is very hot with a new batch of cuties coming in.

Summer Camp by kah2523

The summer camp I went to was never like this! The imagery of teenagers running around with no clothes in a trance all over the place does get exciting. The process is interesting and Rose’s struggles with the camp counselors are classic struggling that I like. I didn’t like the ending but if you are into incest you would.

Sleeper by Trilby else

Imagine if James Bond was a woman and she became the hypnotized lesbian lover of a female Goldfinger she is suppose to be spying on. That is the basic plot of Sleeper. Trilby is sometimes a bit esoteric but this story is extremely readable and a lot of fun. Many good hypnosis scenes. It works as a love story, a spy novel or as a submissive slave work. Also, drug dealer Rebecca Lemoine has the best pets anyone could hope to own. Love the pets!

The Adventures of Jade by Hummvee

It is more like Jade trying to stop the adventures of a couple of mad lesbian sex fiends. Interesting story but making it special is we get to see Jade’s solid value system and why she is a true hero you root for, of course if she fails and is turned into a lesbian sex slut I can live with that too.

Sandra’s New Roommate by MissLornaD

An unrelenting lesbian humiliation story. You feel for poor little Cunt as her college roomate makes her sink lower and lower but you also have to wonder if she really dislikes it as much as she says.

True Love by bw

A great story as there is plenty of lesbian conversion mc (which I love) and interesting characters. Unlike many stories, I have no idea what is going to happen from chapter to chapter but I do know these are a bunch of screwed up teenage dykes that I enjoy reading about. Bring in the love!

Arachnae, or The Icky-Squicky Spider by Tabico and thrall

It’s a scary story, it’s a doomed lesbian love story, you can take this well-written story anyway you like it. The spider is truly icky and scene settings of the rural west are truly realistic. Just a well done job with a different mc mode.

Hot Oil by Tabico

A bunch of hot sorority girls are turned into mindless lesbian slaves. What else could a reader want? Actually a sequel but did not read original, Sweet Oil, first and I followed it no problem. Great mc scenes but I also like the story and Tabico does flesh out the girls to make them individuals. Hope this oil is a gusher.

One Quick Shower Later... by Sega-boy

Not really into robots but this is definitely a good one if like that genre. Very steamy first chapter with roommate seduced into new life and following chapters are hot chicks trying to enslave more hot chicks, always entertaining that premise.

Stacy Moves In by A Nony Mouse

Good lesbian revenge story. Good girls captured by bad slutty girl who keeps adding to her harem. Well done, good struggles, a nice read.

Who Wants To Rule the World? by Farleven

Great story involving that nanobot mc that some people use. Young girls struggle against master’s power, some don’t and the governement takes him on. Not sure if happy ending or not but well-done overall and high-quality writing.

A Friend Like Candy by wettstarr

Why would an honor student want to descend to the life of a trashy slut. Not really explained here in terms of how Candy does it but the story of it sure is entertaining. I like Candy!

The Superbabes by Robotunit8

MC’ers create their own Spice Girls and try and take over the world, sort of. Interesting tale with consentual mc (I think) and a good take on what some people will do for success. For anyone liking story on music business a good story.

Fluid by Sara H

A panoramic view of lesbian conversions from different parts of the country and viewpoints. A great stucture that I admittedly have ripped off. Very well-written and if into F-Dom very hot. It left me wanting more scenes of what the little silver water did to people which is what a good story should.

Sleepnatized by Hypnoololook

This brings to life one of my all-time fantasies, hot rich woman being controlled by poor health club worker. It’s short, sweet and to the point but well-structured and do not feel cheated out of any details. Definite quick, fun, sexy read.

Roman Holiday & Roman Holiday—Consequences by Cafetray

The original story is a steaming teenage lesbian conversion story that is never dull and always have something occuring, usually two girls making out. The sequel is equally hot and quite interesting as the teacher finds herself irresistable to women, and takes advantage of it until The Society steps in. Cafetray makes it a rainbow of different type of women who go through process to make it a politically correct mc story if into that.

A Safer Anaesthetic by Guy Compton

Interesting take on relationship between controller and controlled makes it an interesting read as never sure where story is going. Good-looking college girls embrace new lifestyle and encouage the controller for more. Very realistic depiction of college life gives it a good, natural flow.

The Yesmaster by A Sinister Bent

Ordinary guy can control women with his voice and fun ensues. A cute story with an actual heartwarming ending which is quite rare in mc universe.

I’m yours (signed, sealed, delivered) by Smartass

It is simply a well-delivered and well thought-out erotic romp. Great concept: super hot girl shows up and tells regular guy she is his slave for a week. Very natural easing into the good stuff and it does get real steamy and also good headscratcher on figuring out why girl is doing it. I never figured it out, which made ending even more exciting to read.

Letter of Intent by Flibinite

To me, as a fan of basketball and lesbians, this is like receiving the nectar of the gods. Simply brilliant writing. College recruiting story that’s rings true for real sport fans but the main thing is just the unrelenting white-hot girl sex with the mc element scattered throughout that is simply…gahhh. I wish coach Olivia had more recruits “cumming.”

Mindf***ers by A Sinister Bent

I’m tough on science fiction stories as demand they make sense within their own rules but A Sinister Bent keeps things realistic and on track and really hot. Interesting, inventive and sex-stuffed alien parasite invasion. Bottom line is I don’t mind this story at all.

Trinkets by Trilby Else

I have a fairly strict rule that I only list an author once in my picks. I figure spread wealth around and honestly I could recommend 10-15 stories of some writers. Anyhow, I must break this rule for Trinkets. It was the first of his super-hot Isle Dormignonne series and the ending of this story is for Trilby fans utterly surprising and shocking, which made it all the more fun for me.

Akiko’s New Protégé by Aerosol Kid

You don’t have to follow the Akiko series to get into this as I hadn’t and had no problem. This just gives you everything you could want: good plot, great characters (particularly the protégé Devon) and you are hit over the head constantly with mc and sex. Outfreakin’ standing! The mc scenes are just, well, surface of the sun HOT!

Evilena: Rent Control by Mistress Evilena’s Servant.

I have no idea why I haven’t made a Mistress Evilena story a reader pick previously as I like almost all of them. However, this story rises above the rest due to its subject matter, namely Shannen Doherty. Under a slightly disguised name, she is turned into a mindless lesbian slave. To me, there is flat out no better plot imaginable. For mc and Shannen fans like me, this is nirvana.

The Sisterhood of S.E.X. by Witchman.

This is just my college fantasy come to life. I knew all the sorority girls were sex-crazed cultists who roam the campus looking for action and this proves it. It’s so really hot and well written. I hope Witchman would write more chapters.

Teen Seductress by RBA

When I am tired of the world I just want to be the victim in this and become the toy of a beautiful teenage girl. The struggle is not the thing here as the great and concise character development shows why there is NO struggle. But the induction and the controller are still way hot. Short and sweet story. Wish there had been sequels.

Colors by MichelleLovesTo

When you argue with the author about the actions of the main character you know a story has gotten to you. Racism, homophobia and opportunity and forgiveness—all strong emotions—are dealt with as well as a hot FF scene. Erotic but makes you think.

The Way of Obedience by blankpage

Touching, dreamy and a bit of a sad story but also very sexy and very interesting. A great statement about war but, really, not as deep and serious as I’m making it out. A good science fiction/mystical read with some good drama in it. Also notable in that author states might be his last story.

Passion Grades by Captain Eazy

I love the innocent college setting and the innocent college girl and the slow unveiling of both to be false fronts. Shakespeare and sex slavery, a heady combination and very well done. Huzzah!

Hail to the Victors by BluejayGS

Yes, I like girl basketball players and I like it when girl basketball players really like other girl basketball players—like in this story. Seems straightforward but a lot of parables about sports and society just under surface for those who to think and … do other things at same time.

Infernal Destiny by Tantric Legion

I am not our pregnant-loving Homer Vargas but boy this story makes women getting impregnated really hot. It’s a long story but it does have a plot, and not an uninteresting one, but mostly girls having their wombs ‘sprayed with the demon seed’.

Hotel Receptionist by Robotunit8

I am one of those who like realistic plotlines and this one delivers. The author says she interviewed to be a hotel receptionist and coming from someone with real knowledge just gives it a good feel. Alternately a sweet and scary story but you root for Stephanie to come through in the end.

The Accidental Master by Lord Skies

For people who like plot, the first and last couple chapters are very good. For those who just want the heat, the ones inbetween are very good for that purpose as well. Does have nice characterization of the Master and the ‘accident’ and might just be a love story when you think about it.

Axiom of Eroticism by Cerebralgreen

This is for people who like drug-induced mc. Not a lot of it around but if you do I highly-recommend this one. Wonderful imagery and characters and can’t wait to see what happens next.

A Bad Day at School by Hypno_B

Honesty check: I have made several suggestions to the author about plot but the writing is all his. A great story about a bad girl who gets in a worse situation and so does her hot mom and all kind of old-fashioned mc devices come into effect. A fun read for me.

Revival by lost

Others and myself have begged the author for a sequel but (sigh) we have given up hope. A spectacularly written tale of a festival set in the middle ages and the mind-bending that accompanies. Has created a great heroine in Delaney you passionately root for, hope I get the chance again (sob).

Incompatibility by A Strange Geek

An excellent Sci-Fi story. Its universe is set up so well and you really feel for the girl and her family. You can see the ship in your head and feel like you are watching a movie instead of reading.

Angel by William Pratt

I really liked this story, and definitely encouraged me to take the bus more often . I like how WP simply describes the bad guy as ‘the asshole’. Short, sweet and to the point. Great story of young love overcoming obstacles. Well-paced and great imagery.

Backwash by Limerick

Made mistake of starting this right before bedtime and ended up still up at 4 a.m. reading this incredibly fascinating tale. Goth chick figures out new kid’s bimboing of girls at school, with tons of twists, all of them hot. An homage to Downing Street but so much more. Highly recommend.

The Happily and Viva Le Resistance by 8-Bit

First, the writing is just sheer, freaking genius. It’s hot, funny, terrifying and realistic. Elements of Quentin Tarantino movies and Halloween series, although Happily’s victims have much better fate than Michael Myers! An instant EMCSA classic and Viva Le Resistance a nice sequel.

Mathematical QuanTITTIES by searcher111

Looks like simple stroke story about bimbo seducing her professors but under the surface a lot more. Laura might get poor grades but she shows great intelligence when she wants to, and a sexy intellect it is!

Satan’s Revenge by Lisa Teez

This is a long one—31 chapters, but there is always a nugget of interesting plot in the tons of sex scenes. The tug of war between Satan’s minion and the head slutty cheerleader makes this a stroke story to recommend.

Milk Maid by BevG

This one is for lactation fans, which I count myself as one. Girls becoming mindless lesbian slaves by drinking milk from breasts. I’m sold. Also well written. Yummy.

Cheerleader Challenge by Robotunit8

This is a very personal selection for me, A now ex-paramour is from the section of Philadelphia story is set in and she was also a big football fan. Mixing NFL football history and mc storytelling is quite original and R-8, who obviously put a lot of research into this, succeeds.

College Undercover by Greyscribbler

If you like it when regular girls turn into whores, this one is for you. A wonderfully written psychological study that involves, well, women turning into whores and what’s up with that basically. Also, the first chapter is excellent for sleepy fans. Good ending in the style of Trilby Else.

Slave Gas by Moose 2016

It is a very simple story, which works as you do not have to worry about distracting sidebars. A scientist accidentally discovers a gas that makes people slaves. You think he uses it to enslave dumb, ugly fat men? Nope. it is exactly what you would hope it would be and told in nice, succinct terms, although Moose does make sure to throw in some character development so you care about the gasser and the gassee’s.

Falling For her Tits by Sammynona

By the title you think it is a simple stroke story but it is really an interesting character study about a bunch of high school girls, one of whom has the tits people fall for. It is not short but it is really well written, and a dash of a love story thrown in. Aww at the end. Strictly FF if it matters.