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To start with, I am very straight, very dom, and very male. Therefore, you will find no MM or FD stories amongst my preferences (although, like many straight males, I rather enjoy FF material).

My biggest turn-on is female helplessness—rape, torture, humiliation, you name it. (I honestly don’t see the point of CONSENSUAL mind control—isn’t that an oxymoron?)

Ideally, I want my “fantasy victim” to see, hear, feel, and know EVERYTHING I’m doing, and know there isn’t a thing in the world she can do to stop me. I want her to beg, plead, cry, struggle... I want to see the hate and fear in her eyes as I take advantage of her enforced vulnerability...

In addition, I am also fairly impatient. I want very little distraction from the primary focus of the story. As much as I love a good science fiction yarn, if that’s what I’m looking for, I’ll pick up an Asimov book. If I’m HERE, it’s to read SEXY stuff...

With all this in mind, here are MY favorite stories on this site. Feel free to Email me if you’d like to talk about any of this (especially if you’re female):

Mental Cruelty by Mind Control Fan

Ah, the sweet story of the capture and control of a young college coed. As great as the initial scene is, where our “villain” casually takes control and we watch his victim squirm and struggle under his power, the BEST scene is in part 2, where he forces her to undress and twirl slowly, while begging him to do all of the things she would hate most of all. You can just FEEL her utter terror, that he might actually make her do these things... Mmmmmmm, GREAT stuff!

The Humiliation of Jane (parts 1-7) by Unknown-014,DJW,Dr Phil,M D James

Another absolute favorite... at least, at first. Parts 1-7 of this story were written by four different authors, and are absolutely the kind of stuff I talk about above. Jane is drugged and permanently altered so she cannot disobey any command she is given. The utter, total humiliation she then goes through as she passes from one tormentor to another is delicious! She struggles, curses, tries to resist... but is completely at the mercy of anyone she meets. Mmmmmmmmmm...

Alas, when a fifth author (“DW Lust”) started writing part 8, he turned it into a completely different story and (IMHO) completely ruined it. Don’t let that stop you from reading the first seven parts, though!

Controlling Jennifer (parts 1 & 3) by REV

Another story that I only like parts of—in this case, part 1 (in which Jennifer first meets Mark and he forces her to fuck every third boy she sees), and part 3 (in which Mark runs into Jennifer in the library, and when she tries to resist him, he torments her with waves of uncontrollable horniness that become stronger and stronger until she gives in and obeys him voluntarily). Whew! Unfortunately, throughout the rest of the story, the situation becomes more and more consensual—and therefore, to me, less and less interesting. It doesn’t diminish that lovely sense of helplessness early on, though...

Collector by ouija

A man takes us on a tour of his “collection” of bound, drugged, helpless women experiencing exquisite sexual tortures. Oh my god... EXTREMELY hot stuff... though I wish that authors like Ouija didn’t feel the need to “atone” for their stories by turning the tables on the “villain” at the end of their stories...

Queen’s English by Blue Kahuna

A sweet, simple tale of the mind control and rape of a young virgin at a Renaissance Festival. Very hot; especially at the end where he pronounces her doom...

Purple Frog by URN My Power

The “villain” in this story does all his work before the story begins; he has planted a serious of hypnotic triggers in the girl that rend her extremely vulnerable to, among other things, purple frogs.

It is very sweet as the would-be hero tries to remove the “villain’s” control. While all of the action in the story is consensual, the nonconsensual nature of the girl’s predicament is what makes this story truly work for me...

Deprogramming by Anynom

Similar to “Purple Frog” in that the nonconsensual mind control part happens offscreen, this one is different in to key ways:

1) It’s longer, taking place in multiple parts. In each part, there are helpless female victims to be rescued.

2) It’s lesbian. Mmmmmmmmm... ;)

I Can’t Stop Myself

Similar in concept to The Humiliation of Jane—a beautiful woman is altered such that she must obey any orders given to her. She is terrified, and tries to resist, but can do nothing about her newly enforced helplessness.

Very, very nice—JUST the sort of thing I love! Her misery at being made to act like a dog, and forced to orgasm against her will, is palpable. She hates it, but can’t stop it.

Why can’t we get more stories like this? :)

My only complaint is that the author takes too long setting it up (I really don’t care to hear about “what sort of girl” she was before being changed), and not enough time on the “good part” at the end...

The Voice of Magic (by Cactus Juggler)

The author of this tale seems to have an odd fetish for women kissing other women on the ass... but far be it from me to complain about other people’s odd fetishes! Especially when they write stories that work for me as well as this does.

This one’s got everything. Involuntary mind control... Helpless awareness while under control... Humiliation... Desperation... Forced Lesbianism... Forced animal behavior... Oh yes, we definitely approve.

Oh, and did I mention that there’s just enough fantasy to enable the story without too much extraneous story to get in the way? THIS is the way to write sex stories... :)

Awakening by Dracthyus

What do you do if you suddenly develop the ability to read and control any number of minds simultaneously anywhere on the planet? Why, you naturally try to make the world a better place; prevent wars, stop crime, and so forth. But what if you’re also a horny teenage boy who fantasizes about rape? Well then, you allow yourself to indulge once in awhile...

This is a very nice fantasy story. As always, I especially enjoy the descriptions of the women begging and being utterly helpless to avoid the inevitable. Once again, though, I could really do without the author guiltily telling us about all the great things the “hero” is doing when not raping women...

Dave’s Fiancee by Mind Control Fan

Another classic from Mind Control Fan. In this one, the “hero” mentally grabs a woman at a restaurant, causes her to mistreat her fiancee, then go home with the hero. My favorite part is at the end, where he lets her have some awareness of what he’s doing, and her inability to prevent it.

The Chinese Girl by Mind Control Fan

Another classic from Mind Control Fan. This time, the “hero” mentally grabs a woman at the library, and causes her to do whatever he wants, without her ever realizing it. I especially like it when he causes her to make squeeking noises as he fucks her. Unfortunately, in this story, the woman never knows what happened to her (a bit of a bummer, but since her helplessness is described so well, it still presses the right buttons for me).

Horsey Business by Anarchitech

A short story with lots of promise.

A woman who’s cheating on her boyfriend, is made to listen to a mind control CD which forces her to obey her boyfriend’s orders.

The helplessness and humiliation she experiences—first being forced to re-enact her secret rendezvous with some vegetables, and then with a horse—is lovely.

I hope Anarchitech continues it as he says he will...

The Accidental Master by Lord Skies

This is not my usual fantasy material.

It starts off nonconsensual for the woman... but also for the man. Neither of them INTEND the situation, but for some reason, once they meet, she MUST obey him and can’t bear to be apart from him.

Fortunately for her, the man is VERY nice (acting as I would in Real Life, as opposed to the way I usually prefer my MC fantasy males to ask), and does everything he can to be kind to her and help her.

They develop a special relationship that makes things work out for BOTH of them. All told, very sweet... but still sexy, since she STILL must obey him (even though it all becomes very consensual).

The Phone Directory by Archaic Ragnarok

Ah, now we’re talking.

This story is really very clever. The entire thing comprises of a series of phone calls, during which you learn that a woman has been brainwashed to call every number in the phone book, and seduce the male of the house, convincing him to come have sex with her.

Every fiftieth call, she is allowed to go “off script” and say what she likes, but is still retricted from ACTUALLY asking for help, or having the person call the police.

Her suffering is lovely, as is her frustration as even her “fiftieth calls” don’t go as she hopes.

I only wish I could be lucky enough to get a call from someone in her position... :)

Whoever Has My Key, Owns Me by BB Zed

A young woman suddenly finds herself with her pussy lips locked shut, a key, and a tattoo that reads “Whoever has my key, owns me”.

And she somehow realizes that this is literally true—shortly before being forced to give the key to a horny high school boy.

Seriously, can it GET any better...?

Brainwave of Horror II (part 4: Fire in the Thighs) by Jafar

The Brainwave of Horror entries are short story collections; each chapter being a different story.

I particularly like Brainwave of Horror II, part 4: A mom has been kidnapped by people living in a distopian future and turned into a helpess sex slave. Somehow she escapes back to her own time, and tells her family... who then ALL get re-captured and begin the indoctrinization process.

The future folk change their bodies, making certain areas hyper-erogenous... and adjust the woman so that the more horny they get, the pinker their hair turns! (I especially like this bit; they cannot hide their arousal, which just adds to their humiliation...)

I’m not generally big on incest, but in this case, given that none of it is voluntary, it’s pretty sexy...

Rescue Me by Jukebox

A woman is subjected to intense mind control, and is turned into a prisoner in her own body. Trapped in a brothel and compelled to play her role, she is effectively raped a dozen times a day and is unable to do anything about it.

One day, her client is a mind reader, and can hear her thoughts as she begs for help. For the first time, someone knows she’s not here by choice, but can she convince her client to save her?

Very, very, VERY hot... Almost my perfect story... :)

Because I Can by Iron Nick

A mind controller takes a dislike to a woman in a restaurant, and punishes her by making it so she must answer all questions asked of her—and then making her have massive orgasms at the sound of her own voice, as well as the sound of her roommate’s voice.

Some lovely suffering ensues. :)

Later, the mind controller shows up at the woman’s apartment, to torment both women some more...

See, THIS is how mind control is supposed to work... Nothing consensual, nothing voluntary. Just a man with magic powers, torturing women, Because He Can... :)