The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Brainwave of Horror II

by Jafar

Added 01 November 2003

Reader’s Pick: SharedJoy and Writerzblocked

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A kidnapped woman is returned with post-hypnotic commands, but the rest of the family is acting as though they’ve been brainwashed as well; a pop princess conducts an infomercial for cosmetic brain surgery; a family, abducted into the future, learns to cope with their own sexual urges and dangerous female politics.

Chapter Length Added
Prolog 635 words 01 Nov 2003
Something Borrowed, Something Blue 23996 words 01 Nov 2003
Nymphomercial 13282 words 01 Nov 2003
Fire in the Thighs 16188 words 01 Nov 2003
Epilog 664 words 01 Nov 2003