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Unlike many of the writers who are also avid readers of EMC, I don’t really “get off” on the same things that make me write, so don’t expect the following list to be much like my stories. I’ve been an avid reader of EMC for as long as I’ve had net access (since about 1991 or so), and I’ve tried to pick and choose a mixture of old and new. In fact, I’ve been reading this stuff so long, the most difficult thing about this initial list was paring it down to 10...

I like a wide variety of EMC, including much of the pedo and TG that Simon had removed from the site waaaay back when, but mostly I go for stories in which it’s very obvious the author is having fun with his/her material. Not just humor (though that’s a very strong selling point to me and one not often seen in this particular sub-genre of erotica), but also where it’s apparent that he or she is loving the heck out of the actual writing of it. I don’t like heavy prose in general, and that carries over to erotica. I’m not overly fond of stories where the author spends too little time in developing the characters in body as well as mind—there is more to a good character than just what he or she is feeling and thinking. The devil is in the details, as the old saw goes.

And, of course, I like to see actual SEX somewhere in the story—doesn’t have to be long or graphic, but some kind of physical payoff is a necessity. I prefer MD, MF, but I don’t exclude any codes on principle. I also tend to like especially nasty domination stories with amoral villains, but can’t really explain why.

Friendly TakeoverEyeofSerpent

This might be my favorite EMC story, as good for HOW it’s written as it is for what actually happens on the page. Like grand poetry, it’s an amazing mixture of form and function. That it happens to be the very first Corelle story (as well as EoS’s debut piece on the EMCSA) makes it all the more fascinating to me—there might be more erotic pieces on the archive and maybe even some which are better written, but none strike me in quite the same way this one does. It even answers an age-old question: Just why DO women all tend to go to the restroom in bunches? And the last line is to die for.

Mad MaxEyeofSerpent

EoS might be better known for her Corelle/Ancients stories, but I’ve got to confess (and I might get run out of the EMC clubhouse for saying this), for sheer unadulterated carnal pleasure, I actually like the Belle series better. That amoral/domination fetish I can’t explain, I suppose. This isn’t the first of the series, but I think it’s the nastiest and the most fun. And while the not-so-subtle X-Files dig was fun, I’m still waiting for the next part so we can find out if the Power Muff Girls ever come up with a theme song...

Miss Titus’ Day OffAmowat

This is one of the few stories on the EMCSA that can still make me chuckle upon rereading and that would alone get it onto this list. This was Amowat’s first story for the EMCSA and he’s gone on to write one or two others that I’ve really enjoyed, but none as much as this one. Maybe it was the kid with the obvious MC device on his head. Maybe it was the way the author (and his controller) went about his business in such a nonchalant way. Maybe it was just the plain goofiness the characters engaged in sounded like something a REAL teenager might come up with. Maybe I just love understatement and exaggeration. Maybe because it was a major influence on my ongoing contribution to the EMCSA. Or maybe all of the above.

NicknamesCactus Juggler

As I said above, I have a soft spot for especially nasty stories with amoral villains and they don’t come much nastier than this one. Like in most of CJ’s stories (both EMC and not), there is a power shift here that hits the victim with the force of a prehistoric meteor, but unlike the dinosaurs, his vic’s aren’t ALLOWED to die out. The incest angle here is sister/sister, which makes it a bit unusual for the sub-genre, but IMO that only adds to the nastiness factor. If we’d not been conditioned to incest stories throughout the history of EMC (father/daughter, mother/son), it might be jarring enough to suspend disbelief, but as it is, it doesn’t work against the story. As far as I know, CJ’s not written anything in a few years, and EMC (and online erotica in general) is the worse for it.

The Sweet Smell of LustCaesar

A sentimental favorite of mine, Caesar writes mainly power-shift erotica, including EMC. While not his best overall effort, TSSoL, has some really fine moments early on, and his story chapters tend to build nicely to climaxes (pun, intended) in a way a lot of other authors could do nicely to learn from. If you like mother/son incest EMC, this is one of the best IMO, and the scenes with David and his teacher are topnotch, as are the early scenes between the Deaumonts. The series flounders IMO when he gets too involved in the family politics and it goes on too long, but that was the preferred style back when this story came out in the really early days of EMC on Usenet.

My New CareerD.Holzer

From one of the oldest stories on this list to the newest. D.Holzer is a welcome breath of fresh air in the EMC community—someone with wit and a sense of playfulness, style, a sense of perspective, AND the willingness to use all of them in the same story. This send-up of EMC is funny AND witty without being too broad or disrespectful of the sub-genre. I once compared the hero of this piece to Woody Allen, but it’s not much of a stretch to say the real McCoy might have penned this one (well, OK, only if he were computer literate and really perverse). MNC is the middle part of a series, and while the first invoked a few chuckles and the last a few groans (from trying too hard, mostly), this one would have put a smile on Goldilocks. This guy is one to watch...

The Learning CenterMC Woodsmoke

Another oldie but goodie, with something for just about every EMC fetish and using just about every MC technique in the genre. Like many of the longer pieces in the archive, it’s uneven, but well-written on the whole. Starts out as a typical “professor uses MC to take over the college and have sex with all the coeds” but hits its stride in the later chapters when the protagonist turns over the story to one of his controlled pupils who subverts her family one at a time, climaxing in a family reunion of the erotic kind, with each family member playing a part in a bizarre show for the benefit of the returning MCer. Plenty of hot sex scenes for those of us who like them, with just about each and every taste catered to.

Sleep TimeDowning Street

Downing Street is (followed closely by EoS) my favorite writer in the EMC sub-genre. Of all the stories on the site, his just plain FEEL like he’s having a great time with each and every sentence he writes. And, best of all, it somehow seems effortless. This was the first story of his I can recall reading and set the standard for what I like to term the “slow burn” form of EMC, where the controllee is slowly and subtly subverted without her conscious knowledge over the entire period of the story. Over his time in the sub-genre, DS has elevated this kind of motif to an art form of sorts. The fact that his stories get so few “Reader’s Picks” is something I still find puzzling. If I were to pick my favorite 50 or so EMC stories, there’s a good chance each and every one of his would make the list. I think he’s THAT good.

Talked Me Into ItDaphne

Like Downing Street, Daphne is another of those “effortless” writers who just plain feels like she enjoys writing and it obviously comes through upon reading them. This particular story is also one of the very best of the “slow burn” stories and it’s especially fun to follow the protagonist as she tries to struggle with the growing power being exerted over her without her conscious knowledge. Her profession and the setting only add to the ironic, erotic fun.


Orestes is an odd duck as EMC writers go, and I mean that in a good way. Like Cowgirl (and Parker before them), his specialty is usually humiliation stories so intense you want to take a shower after reading, but he’s just so bloody GOOD at it that it’s hard to stop. This is one of his shorter pieces and a bit different for him in that it’s not written from the POV of a victim, but of an eventual victor. It’s also told from a non-Anglo perspective, something lacking in the sub-genre (though I have no clue as to why), and that’s a definite plus in my book. The protagonist is just so different from the norm that it’s difficult not to feel sympathy for her even when she’s obviously not being a terribly nice person. That makes for an especially intriguing experience while reading. Certainly not your typical EMC fare.

Brainwave of Horror 2Jafar

Way back in the early ‘90s, Jafar wrote one of the first lengthy “classic” incest-themed EMC stories, “Retirement;” then seemed to fall off the face of the earth, only to reappear after the creation of the EMCSA and has been fairly active ever since, posting both to Usenet and to the archive. Almost all of his stories contain incest of one kind or another, ofttimes centered around these situations, so if you’re squicked by incest (mostly mother/son), they probably won’t be your cup of tea. OTOH, if it’s one of your kinks, you’re not likely to find better examples of riffs on the theme than those found in Jafar’s stories. On Halloween of 2002, he posted his first “Brainwave of Horror” trilogy and, judging by the second trilogy, intends to make it a yearly ritual. No, they don’t contain Simpsons parodies, but if there were an author to come up with a good one, Jafar would probably be your man. His stories are generally darkly humorous and creepy, and I find that some of them go on a bit too long and are uneven, but fun to read nonetheless. While both of the Halloween trilogies are classic Jafar, I found the first story of the second trilogy, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, to be my favorite of just about everything he’s written. It’s funny, spooky, mysterious and just plain hot, with a good sampling of kinkiness for just about every fetish from voyeurism to B&D to femdom to incest of every stripe, as we follow the trials of one particular family as they are seemingly tormented by a neighbor. Also, if one of your EMC kinks is code words, it’s also one of the coolest recent examples of that.

The Sappho Chronicles—Dr. DykeAlei

Alei is a relatively new to the EMC scene and following in the rich tradition of SaraH, trilby else, Tabico and Thrall, writes f/f almost exclusively. Dr. Dyke is a “spin-off” of her main Sappho Chronicles storyline, but immediately struck me as nastier and kinkier, both in content and in execution. It’s not just the inclusion of extremely hot and filthy mother/daughter incest in the second chapter, but also in the very way the prose seemed especially chaotic and rushed and how the mental tug-of-war between the characters and their urges pulled them back and forth between the then and now as it were. Plus it contains some of THE silliest and filthiest lesbian dialogue this side of a karen jordan story, always a big plus where my libido is concerned. She could probably get someone to record it and make a small fortune selling wavs over the net :—) As anyone who has read any of my stuff knows, I’m a sucker for dialogue, something which is generally given short shrift in written porn in my eyes. Since dialogue in video and audio porn is generally over-the-top to begin with, I see no reason not to further extend this to written EMC, but not many authors seek to do this. I’m happy to see that Alei seems to be an exception because I certainly feel it can raise the kinkiness factor up a few notches. Yes, it’s difficult to do well, but the payoff is there for those willing to extend the effort.

Elle and VeeEyeofSerpent

Another start of yet another interesting universe of stories by someone who definitely knows how to take us places. In this case, it’s the world of our inspirations and aspirations and muses and personal angels and demons who drive us places where we’d not likely go without them. It’s also hot as hell towards the end, with one of the steamiest masturbation scenes you’re likely to read.

Public ServiceMichelleLovesTo

The MCForum holds writing expos every once in a while and this was one of Michelle’s entries in one last year (same one where my story “Happiness” from the Stocking Stuffer’s Collection came from)—at the time I thought it the hottest entry and this extended version makes it even better. Michelle does mainly EMC with humiliation and seems to be getting better at it with every one she does. The thought of an extended entire family (as well as friends and employees) in on an EMC conspiracy is not new, but she makes it seem fresh.

Women in HeatJafar

The recommendation here is mainly for the set-up and the first chapter, as he’s done a concluding chapter and posted it on his website, but not to this archive. The set-up isn’t much new, a scientist comes up with a way of “fixing” the evolution of women to make them more like other animals in that they go through periods where pretty much all they can think about is having sex to produce offspring (Homer Vargas won’t even have to rewrite much of this one :—). But the overriding joy of this one is the main character that Jafar has created, easily as memorable as any in the archive—a long-suffering, loveable but totally clueless klutz who makes Homer Simpson look normal. We’ve had our share of memorable female characters, both controlling and controlled, but few really good males. Ken Niceman makes up for it in spades. Thanks guy.