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My likes: I like well-done inductions and good hard-core sex; anything goes except male-male sex. It’s a bias. I admit it. shrug

My dislikes: Poorly-written (grammar and spelling errors galore) stories; stories that fall into the “I turned every woman I wanted into my sex slave and had all 4000 serve me” category. Degradation stories, where the point is the degradation of the subject; sex is merely a part of the degradation.

The Book

I just wish he had finished it; there’s an intriguing story underneath all that sex.

Demon Deals

I like the way he ties it together; there’s a little too much degradation for my tastes, so it’s not one of the hottest I’ve read, but it’s a good story.

The Experiment

He keeps the number of women reasonable, and the thought of watching someone go under at the phrase, “Sleep for me” is—exciting.


Good induction scenes, a more realistic feel for the hypnotic behavior.


Fantastic hypnotic inductions.


Exciting induction.

Madame Zoe

Great induction.

Mephisto and Martha

Hot sex, pretty good, if not realistic hypnosis.


Well-written story.

In Evil Company

Well-written, the sex is muted, and there is an aura of suspense throughout the whole thing. The ending is also very well done and well-planned.

Growing Up With Beth by artie

It’s sexy, but real, and artie always does a good job with hypnosis as opposed to mind control.

The whole “Corelle D’Amber” series by Eye of Serpent.

There’s a lot to read here, and good story woven between the sex. You always want to get to the next part, even if it isn’t written yet.

Template by Voyer

It’s got a definite direction, and the suspense that comes with knowing that is really first-rate. Especially since the mind controller has attempted to sow the seeds of his own undoing. It’s not straightforward, which makes it a good read.

Ugly, Stupid and Fat by D. Holzer.

It’s a really sweet story, with an element of consensual mind control (really self-hypnosis) that is distinctly different than most of the stories here.

You Will Be Mine By Prom by Doug7x

I like the style of the narrative, it was very natural. I like the concept of mind control by seduction, and how the intended target never was “one, two, three, hypnotized.” The fact that the jock was a red herring was also very well done.

Letter of Intent by flibinite

It’s subtle, it’s incredibly hot, and it’s extremely well written. What else can there be? Even if ff stories don’t do anything for you, read this one.

Tales of a Fake Hypnotist by Feryk

I’m hooked. The hypnotism is the vessel for an intriguing story about an elaborate con. The game is afoot between two con artists, and I’m eager to see how it turns out.

Oral Sedation Dentistry

It’s hot. The control is part of the set-up, and it gets more intense from there. As erotic mind-control fiction, it definitely works.

Signing Off, by Libertine.

Well-crafted, especially being written from the (and I hesitate to call her this) victim’s POV, although the grad student was a little obvious. Neat tale of self-seduction into hypnotic submission, with a well-established background.