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What I like: Principally, “yellow” stories—that is, mf/md. I liked mixed stories where the ultimate dominant is a male character. ff/fd stories really aren’t my bag but if they are well-written, I can enjoy them. As far as the stories themselves go, nice long gradual inductions are usually better than instant control. ‘Pathic stories are better than romantic ones, although a good romantic story can work as well. For me, though, if there isn’t some kind of hint that the victim is doing things she doesn’t want to do or wouldn’t otherwise do, the story lacks heat. Good spelling and grammar are not an absolute must, but a story with bad grammar and spelling will have to be very good to hold my attention. A story should not be all sex, but it should have some sex in it, or at least the promise/ hint of sex.

“The Ultimate Lovedoll” by Vendatrix.

Haughty sex crimes investigator runs afoul of a criminal mastermind that makes very special lovedolls. The best part of this story is the induction, which is long, highly erotic, and very well written. Followed by two somewhat uneven sequels and a superb fourth installment.

“Talked Themselves Into It” by Downing Street.

DS is, in my opinion, when you judge by quantity and quality, the best writer of “yellow” stories on this site. I could have picked a half-dozen of his stories for this list. “Talked” is unique in that the MCer, a city councilman, essentially snares his victims by accident, growing more and more bewildered as his female staffers turn into submissive sex slaves. Otherwise it bears the DS trademarks: wit, crisp writing, superb descriptions of sexy clothing, high heels, and victims that enjoy their enslavement so much you feel happy for them.

“Community” by Tabico.

ff/fd, but so well crafted that I enjoy it anyway. Thrall D, a resident of a very unusual apartment building, processes the new arrival, a sexy policewoman. Another long, very well written induction scene.

“Cherished Memories” by Farleven.

Sylvia goes to a very unusual corporate retreat. The best part of this story is the main character’s childhood memories, recalled in the opening, and how they are different at the end. This served as inspiration for my story “Summer Camp”.

“In Therapy” by Voyer.

Voyer’s stories feature little to no sex but are incredibly hot nonetheless. This story consists of ten chapters, most of which are vignettes dealing with the escapades of an unethical hypnotist. The first eight could be read in any order, really. Chapter Nine, the story of a schoolteacher who needs help to stop biting her nails but gets more than she bargained for, is a full-fledged story and utterly brilliant. Sandra’s gradual transformation is utterly riveting and very hot. Chapter Ten is another excellent episode that ties the story up.

“The Slavers” by Fool’s Page.

Dr. Sandra Pitzler, oncologist, is kidnapped and turned into a sex slave by an alien society. This is an example of the ‘white slavery’ motif that’s often used by EMC writers, where an unsuspecting woman is snatched up by an evil conspiracy. This story just happens to be the very best one ever written in that sub-genre. Followed by a sequel, “The Slavers in Pursuit”, which veered further into FD territory and for which I didn’t care as much.

“SimFolks” by the Sinner.

When Nadine starts playing a video game, she identifies too closely with one of the characters. Sinner is an outstanding writer and this is his masterpiece. Tightly written with excellent pacing.

“Strawberry Blonde” by Orestes.

Kaitlyn tries a new diet supplement. Like all of Orestes’ stories, this one is heavy on humiliation, and heavy on ff action, although the ultimate MCer is sometimes a man. The most interesting part of the story is the group of women trying the supplement, and how the dynamics between them change as it has its effect.

“Neon Pink” by Fret Pearson.

Thoroughly enjoyable story, written in the style of an Agatha Christie mystery, about a high school student trying to figure out who is turning her and her best friend into sex slaves, even as she struggles to fight off the spell.

“Good Girl” by Sinsub.

A co-ed meets a hypnotist who brings out her hidden desires. I said above that I prefer ‘pathic stories to romantic. This story is a little more ambiguous—we’re told that the heroine has had fantasies of domination—but I like to believe that her Master has changed her more than he lets on.

“Learn to Relax (Synaptic Virus)” by Synaptic Virus

College kid finds out by chance that his friend Amanda was once hypnotized and is extremely vulnerable to suggestion. He uses the opportunity to change her. Pretty much no sex in this story, but a triumph of pacing, as the narrator slowly and gradually chips away Amanda’s considerable resistance to turn her into a slave. This story is an expansion of a story with the same plot and title written by Covert Hypnotist.

“Good to the Last Drop” by Mister Harvest

The first story by Mister Harvest and surely one of the strongest debut stories on the archive. An average guy who works in a music store finds out that his cum has a remarkable effect on women. He tries this power out on his girlfriend, her sister, and his ex-girlfriend. This immediately became one of my very favorite stories. The characters are well-written and described. You root for the hero even as he uses his power in very immoral ways, which is a mark of a well-written story. The sex scenes are very hot, and the dialogue is wonderfully witty. A fine tale of sex, mind-control, rewritten personalities, and submission; they don’t come better than this. Unfortunately, as of this writing (July 2006), the story has remained unfinished for over a year.

“The Hotter than Hell Anthology”

Wow, this story could have been written for me. This is a collection of stories by various popular MD authors. So this one is pretty much a no-brainer for a Reader’s Pick. There are several outstanding stories in this collection, including excellent new material by authors I have already cited—Farleven, Downing Street, and Vendatrix—and two stories by authors I have not cited before, Daphne (’Wednesday Afternoons’) and ghosthostblue, whose ‘What I Intend To Do With My Life’ is probably the best entry in a very, very good collection.