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Reader’s Picks: selena pride


Hi. i’m a TG so obviously i wish there were a feminisation category. Apart from that, i like ff/fd stories more than any other kind. i have a smoking/drug fetish so that’s always nice. i prefer stories in which the mc is insidious, in which the victim tries to resist but is overpowered and ends up happy in her new state. Also i love especially stories which take the reader into trance with them.

Sub Routine by Tabico

This gives the impression of being the latest in a series but i think that’s just very clever backstory insertion: i couldn’t find any precursors on the site. i love the idea of subliminal viri, and there’s one line in here that really made me shudder with its inevitability and its rightness.

Sweet Oil & Hot Oil also by Tabico

Lots of hot girl/girl mc’ing.

Chemistry of a Good Idea by Pause88

This story came the closest of any i’ve read so far to trancing me as i read. The central concept is wonderfully original and devilishly enticing: who wouldn’t want to feel this way all the time?

Beauty and the Boots by Downing Street

If only the protagonist had started out as a guy this would be perfect.[g] As it is it’s brilliant. All DS’s stuff is good, but this is his first and so far only fd story.

The Hypnotic Cab Ride series by Witchman

Again, a nice concept and wonderfully seductive writing. There’s something wickedly attractive about the idea of being someone’s willing sex bunny, and with belly dancing as well, what can a girl do?

Tether by trilby else

Well, for a start, this one is long. Lots of wonderful trancing going on every which way. i really wanted to identify with Meredith.

A Friend Like Candy by wettstarr

Not much in the way of explanation or plot, but it took me along with it enough to make it one of the ten.

Shockingly Black by EyeofSerpent

This is part of a series, not consecutive stories but different takes on the original idea. This is my favourite: they try soooo hard to resist, but...

Neon Pink by Fret Pearson

And again, the idea and the way it is described are just perfect, and i love that at the end, after all the fighting to free herself, the main character just chooses to surrender.

Giveaway/Freerange by trilby else

Two vampire stories that...well, every time i reread them i kind of turn into this puddle. i can’t recommend them highly enough for sheer erotic power. There’s another one called Quarry, which is just as great right up to the ending...i didn’t like the ending much, but you might.

Carlotta’s Colourful Christmas by Downing Street

Most of this writer’s stories are MF/MD, which doesn’t usually float my boat, but he writes well enough to make it enjoyable nonetheless. This is one of the most effective for me.

Rose Coloured Glasses by Big Daddy Five

Again, MD, and a little too quick to be perfect, but i like it a lot.

Researching the Role by Colleen Whyte

i’d forgotten this one...i just found it when i was looking up the author of the previous entry. A very nice hypno-McGuffin, and a nice long story about it.