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This sounds like an obvious statement for someone writing on the EMCSA, but it really isn’t, so let me be perfectly clear: mind control is my fetish. All by itself. Oh, I don’t mind the collars, chains, leather, etc., that often accompany these stories. Far from it. But I come here to read about slack jaws, blank eyes, and minds so tightly bound they can’t even think except by command. I want long, slow inductions and narrative from the victim’s point of view; everything else is just gravy. But even I have my ‘mantic side, and I’ve been known to root for the victim to escape from time to time. Then again, I have my English-major side: if it isn’t well written, I don’t read past the first pararaph. There are few constants in the stories below apart from their quality.

Sleeper, by trilby else

trilby is one of my two favorite authors on the EMCSA. He writes F/f sex scenes better than any man and most women I’ve ever read, and I dare you not to root for such well-drawn protagonists as Kerry (“Trinkets”) and Eshwe (“Pawn”). But “Sleeper” was my first trilby else story, and it’s still by far my favorite. In it, a secret agent is sent to seduce a drug lord—well, drug lady, actually—who hypnotizes her lovers to make sure they can’t turn on her. Subjected to ever-increasing levels of control, Trish tries to maintain enough free will to complete her mission. It’s hard, though, when the control feels so damn good—for us as well as for her. You end up not knowing which outcome to root for...but what you get is better than anything you could have anticipated.

Unfinished Works in a Forever Afternoon, by Eye of Serpent

Most of Eye’s stories follow the “Ancients” story arc, a fascinating, extremely intricate series of tales about mind-controlling immortals. Her writing style is both beautiful and very hot, but it can be hard to follow the storyline if you pick it up mid-stream. Nevertheless, I suggest doing just that: starting with “Unfinished Works,” which comes fairly close to being a stand-alone piece. It’s sadder and less overtly sexual than most of her stories, but it’s also one of the most deeply moving pieces of fiction I’ve found on EMCSA so far. If you like it, you can move onto “Friendly Takeover,” the first story in the “Ancients” arc, with a better idea of where it’s all headed.

Community, by Tabico

Bondage fetishists will have a field day with all the straps, collars, ponytails, and assorted leather in this story; but it’s the relentless depersonalization of the heroine that sticks with you. Even a hard-corer like me found this one disturbing, and I mean that as a compliment.

Silky Inevitability, by William Lee

Liked The Faculty? Disturbing Behavior? The Stepford Wives/Husbands/Children/Aunts/Uncles/Dogs/Goldfish? Then “Silky Inevitability” is just the story for you. It’s a typical “justified paranoia” tale in which alien-possessed cheerleaders actually want you to join their clique. In fact, they have a special pair of panty hose just for you.

Absolute, by Sara H

Sara specializes in blazing hot, F/f stories where the victims experience at least as much pleasure as their controllers. She’s best known for her Goddess Julia series, but “Absolute” is a stand-alone piece. I’ve chosen it as one of my Reader’s Picks because the “ceramic” method of mind control is truly ingenious, the revenge motif will leave you smacking your lips, and the final chapter is both twisty and deeply satisfying. And the plot? Oh, just the usual: the Sapphic Front may or may not be trying to take over the world.

She Blinded Me With Science, by Jukebox

The word witty is rarely used in conjunction with an EMCSA story, but it definitely applies here. This is a short, snappy piece about a mad scientist, his mind control ray, and his damsel-in-distress assistant. It might not leave you panting, but it will leave you laughing. I wouldn’t be surprised to find this story in a mainstream science fiction magazine. Oh, and in case you haven’t noticed, Jukebox has a bit of an obsession with ‘80’s music. I don’t know how he does it, matching up one silly song with one sinister story after another, but somehow he manages; and I love him for it.

Dressing Deborah, by Cait

This a fairly simple, straightforward story from a writer better known for mindbending cyberpunk. And yes, I am a proud fan of SF; but you won’t find much of that on display here, even though the story is set in Cait’s signature “Perfect World” universe. Basically, it’s the story of a working girl getting dressed for her job. The thing is, if you’re a robot or latex fetishist, you’ll have a great time easing into Deborah’s “uniform” along with her.

In the Back of My Mind, by Tabico

When I first discovered the EMCSA, I spent a good hour sighing over stories that didn’t seem like “real” MC to me (i.e., no one was deeply, permanently subjugated or even manipulated on more than a sexual level) before I stumbled across this little gem. Tabico was the first author to make me believe I’d found a home at EMCSA. In this story, a pair of teenagers play with metaphorical fire. There’s no question they’ll get burned, but the flames are sooo much fun to watch....

Black Vinyl, by Smartass

I’m a big fan of couch potato-style induction: sitting motionless in front of a TV or computer screen while the flashing lights hammer all the life from your eyes, one spark at a time. This is a particularly insidious example of that genre. The induction happens so slowly and sneakily that even the reader doesn’t know how far it’s progressed, until suddenly....yowza!

Wrysteria, by Sara H

The best part about this story is that we get to experience not one, not two, but three points of view on a very sexy induction. There’s Mistress Rochelle, the totally charming MC’er; Barbara, her soon-to-be pawn; and the already enslaved Jane, who gleefully sacrifices her friend to her Mistress.

Narikin, by trilby else

Imagine a row of identically clad, identically smiling young race queens, cute as buttons and eager to promote their company’s products. Now imagine them gleefully brainwashed and brainwashing the competition. It’s just too scrumptious for words.

Dear Master, by Julian Obedient

Julian writes swooning, literate, mostly M/m pieces where the MC victims never know what hit them. In this story, a hypnotized slave boy seduces his master via e-mail, thrilling him in ways neither he nor you would ever suspect.

To Serve Master, by Robotdoll

There’s a charming innocence to Robotdoll’s stories. No matter how strange their predicaments, his heroes and heroines walk into them willingly, glad to be turned into mindless toys for whomever wants to play with them. In this story, the players are robots and the playees are robot wannabes.

Akiko’s New Protege, by Aerosol Kid

Superspy Akiko and newbie agent Devon are impossible not to root for, even when they’re undergoing the hottest of hot brainwashings. But do they win out over the bad guys in a traditional happy ending or end up blissfully enslaved in a traditional thrall-ish ending? IMO, AK subtly telegraphed the outcome in the first chapter, but he disagrees. Read and decide for yourself. Either way, you know the gals will end up happy.

Darkzone, by Telomere

Deep beneath the surface of the earth, four cavers awaken one of my favorite kinds of MC’ers: an all-powerful ancient force that toys with them as it takes them over one by one. Beautifully written, with alternating white-hot and ice-cold seduction scenes. If you like a bit of horror with your MC, this is the story for you.

Electric Thimble Theater, by Tabico

This is perhaps the most satisfying plotted story on the EMCSA. After reading Tabico’s deconstruction of a Perils of Pauline-type cartoon, you’ll never look at and Snidely Whiplash the same way again, and Dudley Do-Right will only make you shake your head and snicker. It’s wickedly ingenious. This, along with trilby else’s “Sleeper,” is my favorite story on the EMCSA.

Honey Chile, by Libertine

This is Libertine’s first dip of a toe in the red pool, and I hope it won’t be his last. I can’t say too much about the story without spoiling some (quite literally) delicious surprises, but I will note that it’s just dripping with all kinds of honey.

Las Fallas and Other Stories, by Nymph

This is a triptych of short, richly detailed, entirely decadent tales of women succumbing to supernatural forces too strong even to struggle against...not that they really want to. All three vignettes are thoroughly satisfying, but my favorite is the first, in which fairies gate-crash a celebration of the Virgin and, well, de-virginize a number of participants.

Athame, by sara castle

This one hits all my buttons: the robot/cyborg/gynoid button, the altered eyes button, the creepy-cool programming pod button, the sympathetic heroines button, and (most suprising of all) the great-mockery-of-a-bad-porno button. Total fetish overload. Yum.

Shiny, Happy People, by Jukebox

This one is about just what it says it’s about; and boy, wouldn’t I be happy if I were in their shoes. I don’t think I’d fight against my fate nearly as hard as Leigh does, though of course I couldn’t help rooting for her to win out...sort of. Silver is such a lovely color, especially on human flesh.

Soft and Wet, by Jukebox

Jukebox has now officially reached the stage (along with trilby else and Tabico) where he’s churning out so many great stories so quickly that I hesitate to add any more of them to my Reader’s Picks page for fear of playing favorites. But after several weeks of being unable to get this little treasure out of my mind, I finally gave in and made it an official Pick. “Soft and Wet” is one of the best depictions of the bliss of total enthrallment that I’ve found on the EMCSA. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of red, purple, green, cyan, or yellow stories; you’ll love this one no matter what.

The Anlorgash Incident, by Lady K

This short-and-sweet tale mixes Lovecraftian monsters, dead-eyed zombies, and one of the hottest masturbation sequences I’ve ever read, The last is described solely by sound, which makes it all the more extraordinary. The tale itself is the desperate last recording of a scientist way out of her depth.

Fresh Fruit, by Lady K

What happens when a happily brainwashed slave goes shopping? Well, for one thing, you’ll never look at your groceries in quite the same way again. This story is both incredibly sexy and incredibly funny.