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This story is dark. Real dark. It could be classified as a horror erotica, among other things. If zombies, or violence, or mentally ill women are not your thing, you may want to turn back now. Just remember, you’ve been warned. lol

Reality Shifts

Chapter One

Blaire Bailey Peterson sighed in contentment, as her boyfriend, Melvin, wrapped his arm around her shoulders, the two watching reruns of anime, together. Melvin was a nice guy, perhaps one of the kindest people she had ever met. That was one of the reasons she was dating him, now.

The two met over the internet, on an anime dating site, of all things. Melvin shared her interests in anime and card games, so she decided to give him a shot. Plus, they had both quickly discovered that they attended Regal University, together. She was glad she did go on that first date with him, and every date, afterwards.

Melvin represented the typical nerd cliché, that they were famous for. Melvin was only 5′2″, two inches smaller than her, actually. She didn’t mind, though. His hair was scraggly and blonde. He told her before, that his hair never did what he wanted it to. She looked up at the cow lick sticking off the side of his head, and smiled at him. Melvin’s blue eyes hid behind a pair of thick eyeglasses. Blaire asked him once, if he would consider contacts. Melvin told her, though, that he was allergic to the materials that made most eye contacts. Melvin was allergic to a lot of things.

Blaire didn’t mind Melvin’s feebleness, though; his personality more than matched her own. She, herself, wasn’t the best of lookers, with a small body. Her ass was small, and her breasts were between an A cup and a B. Melvin said he liked her body, no matter what it looked like, though. He was such a sweet guy. It was one of the reasons she was still with him, two years after their first date.

Melvin was actually rather good in bed, somewhat a natural. Even though his penis was only a mere five inches long, he always seemed to get her off within five minutes of the two having sex. The problem was, after orgasming once, she usually had to stop, because her asthma would get in her way. He always lasted much longer than her, though, so he would usually settle for a blowjob, from her. Other men would have dumped her for not being able to keep with them. She was glad Melvin wasn’t like that.

She sometimes wondered if he actually found her attractive. Even on her good days, where she would last longer, Melvin seemed to still last over an hour, each time. He told her that that was how his body naturally was, and that he found her very attractive. Of course, she couldn’t help but wonder if he would get off faster with someone else. He didn’t know, though. She was his first, according to him. He was her fifth, actually, so she was the experienced one of the two, she presumed.

The both of them mostly kept to themselves. They were both the type that most people overlooked, and didn’t even know they existed. They did have a few friends, though. They would sometimes come to Melvin’s apartment to hang out with him. Melvin lived by himself there, and had to work at the dollar store, downtown, to manage. He asked her once if she wanted to move in with him, but she told him that she didn’t want to be a burden. He had left it at that.

Blaire kissed her boyfriend, and picked up his sketch pad. “I love your drawings, Melvin!” she told him.

He smiled. “Thanks. They’re not that great, though. I’ve seen better.”

Melvin wasn’t very confident, but she didn’t mind that, either. Even though he looked like the brainy type, he was actually very imaginative, with his drawings. He tended to draw versions of herself, and other people. Some of those that he drew, she could not recognize, not because he was a bad drawer, but because he liked to draw realistic fantasy versions of people, including himself.

She liked the version of her that he drew, a few times. Blaire didn’t get offended that he fantasized about her being much better looking. The Blaire of his pictures had curves that she would never have, though. Her face in his pictures always looked like her, but slightly different, with a smaller nose, and bigger lips. He asked her about the lips, once. He shyly whispered to her, that they were for sucking his cock. She laughed at that.

He sure does have a wild imagination! she thought, as she looked through them. The picture of him, barely looked like him, though. Instead, it was a tall, well built man with much longer hair. Melvin didn’t like his body, at all, though she told him, just as much as he told her, that she didn’t care what he looked like.

She leaned forward and kissed him, sliding her tongue into his mouth. Melvin was an excellent kisser, and she loved making out with him, when she could. Melvin stroked her silky black hair, through his hands. That was his favorite part of her, he once told her. He loved running his hands through her jet black hair, that ran a little past the middle of her back.

Melvin broke the kiss and asked, “Were you staying over, tonight?”

Blaire smiled and rubbed her small hand, across his cheek. “I wish I could, baby. But, I got a test in the morning, and need to study. And to be honest,” Her hand reached down and squeezed his cock, lightly. “I think you may prove too distracting, for me to do that!”

Her boyfriend pouted, as his cock twitched in her hand. “Ah! I see. You should do your studying. It’s important.” Blaire was a history major, herself. She always found the past, mesmerizing, and thought it would be a nice major for her.

“We still got a while,” she said, unzipping his pants and pulling out his cock. “For me to do this,” she told him, before going down on his cock. He was erupting in her mouth, in no time, against her skillful tongue.

The two snuggled together, afterwards, before she told him that it was getting late, and she would have to return to her dorm. The two stood and Melvin leaned up and kissed her, goodnight. “See ya, tomorrow?” he asked.

“Of course!” she replied. She kissed him again, and then went out to her car. Regal University was only a few miles away from Melvin’s house, so she got home within a few minutes. Blaire walked into her dorm. In her twin size bed, her roommate, Allison was studying. Allison was about the same height Melvin was, at 5′2″. She was a bit on the chubby side, but Blaire thought she had a cute face, and nice, blonde hair that went to her shoulders.

She looked up at Blaire and grinned in her direction. “Hey,” she said, her usual, cheerful self. “How’s Melvin doing?”

Blaire told her, sitting in her own bed, “He’s doing well. He said, ‘hi’.” Allison and Blaire had met during their first year at college, a year before she had met with Melvin. The two connected, quickly, she being something a loner, as well. After becoming good friends, they began to share a dorm, together.

Allison smiled. “How’s things going between you two?”

Blaire blushed, slightly. “Things have been good. He’s great.” She added, “Still a good kisser, too!”

Allison laughed. “Yeah, you’ve told me a million times, already. Are you going to see him, tomorrow?”

“Yeah, probably around six or so, after our classes. I already miss him,” she added.

She laughed. “Why don’t you move in with him, then? He did say, he wanted to.”

Blaire frowned, a little. “I don’t want to burden Melvin. He doesn’t make all that much to begin with, and I only get what my mom gave me, and a little in my savings account. It would be nice, though.”

“I’m sure you two would figure out something, if you two moved in,” Allison stated.

Blaire smiled. “But, who would hang out with you, then?”

“Guess I’ll have to move in, too!” she exclaimed. “At least, I got money to spend!” she said to her. Blaire took off her shirt and pants, leaving her in just her bra and panties. Blaire dressed herself in her pajamas and slipped into her bed. Allison looked up at her.

“Bedtime, so soon?” Allison asked her.

“Yeah. Got a test, tomorrow. Need my beauty sleep.”

“Did you need me to turn out the light? All this studying is starting to hurt my eyes, anyhow.”

“If it’s not too much of a bother.” Allison stripped off her clothing until she was in her bra and panties, and turned out the light. “Good night, Allison,” she told her.

“Good luck on your test, tomorrow,” she replied. Blaire stretched out on her bed and fell asleep, to her own fantasies of Melvin.

* * *

Blaire drove down the street towards Melvin’s house, that afternoon. She couldn’t wait to tell him how well she did on her test! She knew that she did well on all her exams, but she still got excited whenever she got an A, on one of them.

As she drove down the street, she saw a haggard man. He was wearing black khakis and a white dress shirt. Both of them seemed torn. She noticed the blood, staining the side of his shoulder. Blaire, being the good Samaritan that she is, pulled in front of him, looking back at what appeared to be blood, on his temple. The man walked with a limp, towards her.

She got out of her car and walked towards the injured man. “Are you OK,” she asked the injured man, concerned. “Do you need me to call an ambulance?”

The man looked at her through his thick glasses and groaned, “Oh, thank you, mam, I would much appreciate that.” The older man fell to the ground, in a coughing fit. Blaire rushed to his side.

“Are you OK?” she asked, again, trying to pull him off the ground by hooking her hands under his armpits. The man sat up and smiled. She looked into the crazed look the unkempt man had in his eyes, and tried to step back. He grabbed her by the neck, as her eyes widened, in terror. In his other hand was a syringe. Blaire tried to scream, and the crazed man sunk the syringe in her neck. Blaire’s scream was cut off, as the world suddenly started spinning, around her. She collapsed on the ground, fighting to remain conscious. The man dragged her body off the street into a clearing, where his own car was hidden, and Blaire slipped into unconsciousness.

* * *

Melvin checked the caller ID of the number on the phone, before he answered it. He was expecting Blaire to show up, but she never had. It was now, the next morning. He answered the phone. “Allie?”

Allison answered, “Yeah. Is Blaire with you? She usually calls, whenever she spends the night with you.”

“No!” Melvin exclaimed. “I tried calling her last night, but her phone wouldn’t pick up!”

“What do we do?” asked Allie. “Should we call the police? What if she’s hurt, somewhere?”

Melvin’s eyes widened, in alarm. That thought had not crossed his mind, until now. “God, I hope she’s OK. I’m going to call the cops, now. Hopefully, they can find her.”

Allie replied, “OK, Melvin. Call me when you hear anything.”

“OK, I will.” Melvin hung up, then called the police, explaining the situation. A few minutes later, the police arrived and questioned him, over Blaire’s disappearance. They told him that she probably partied too hard, last night, and would show up any time. Melvin exclaimed that she was not that type of person. They still took notes of the situation, and told Melvin, that they would do their best, to find her. Melvin felt a little upset about how the police seemed to be lax, about her situation.

But, the cops did call him, a few hours later. They ran her license through their records, and was quickly able to find her car, parked on the side of an overpass. They went on to say that they will impound the car, and search it for fingerprints. They finished the phone call, by telling him, that she may have been kidnapped, but they would have every man, on the case, looking for her. Melvin thanked them and hung up, before breaking into tears for the fourth time, that day.

Melvin was startled awake, the next morning, by a large knock on his door. He had fallen asleep on his couch sometime, during the night, while waiting for the cops to call him again, he hoped. Melvin got up, wincing, at the pain in his neck. He opened the door and looked at his friend from high school, Chazz.

The 6′3″ powerhouse looked down at the small form of Melvin. In his hand was a six pack of beer. “I figured you’d need these,” he said, looking at them. Melvin let Chazz inside. The moment he shut the door, he broke down crying.

Chazz set the beer on the floor and hugged Melvin, against him. “Don’t worry, little buddy! I’m sure the police will find your girlfriend. I saw at least a dozen, going back and forth, on the way to see you!”

Melvin cried into his barrel-like chest. “Someone kidnapped her, Chazz! I’m never going to see her, again!”

Chazz rubbed Melvin’s back, as he cried into his blue t-shirt. “Hey! Think positive, little buddy! The police will find her, alright?”

Melvin sniffed, against his large friend. “Statistics say that after someone is missing for over forty eight hours, the chances of finding the person alive, is almost zero!” Melvin began to cry, once more.

“Look, man. You gotta think positive. The police are going to find the asshole who kidnapped Blaire, and when they do, I’m gonna give him a piece of the Chazz, for the both of us!”

Melvin laughed a little at his friend, and sniffed, as he stepped back from him. He had always found it amusing how Chazz would sometimes use his name in the third person. The two sat on the couch, and Chazz handed him a beer. Melvin took a sip and gagged at the horrible taste of it.

“Isn’t this illegal?” Melvin said, taking another chug of it.

“Hey, if you’re not telling anyone, I’m not! ‘Sides, these are special circumstances!” Melvin tried to smile, and failed. He took another sip of his drink.

Chazz and Melvin had been friends, since their first year of high school. Unlike the typical stories about nerds and jocks not getting along, the two of them were completely different. Chazz wasn’t the brightest tool, in the shed. During their first year in high school, Melvin allowed him to copy off his papers, in fear, at first.

Chazz, however, was actually a gentle giant, and made friends with Melvin, after that. The two started hanging out, together. Chazz looked out for his ‘little buddy,’ and made sure that Melvin was never picked on, in school. The two liked to play RPGs together, with Allie and Blaire, sometimes, so he knew her, fairly well.

When the two graduated high school, Chazz followed Melvin to college, on a football scholarship. He was currently the wide receiver, of his team. Melvin was not into sports, at all, but he still attended his friend’s games, from time to time, to cheer him on. He was glad that he had at least one good friend.

Chazz took a sip of his beer, and began flicking through the channels. “Now, we just need some good ol’ porn to get your mind off this whole thing!” Melvin wasn’t into pornos much, but, Chazz was, and he would visit Melvin from time to time, just to look up nudey pics on Melvin’s computer.

“Just imagine, all these hot women are Blaire,” he said, turning his head to him. “And, how much you’ll be fucking her, once she gets back!” Melvin laughed a little, but couldn’t help but feel afraid that he would probably never see her, again.

* * *

Blaire opened her eyes and winced at the bright light, overhead. She tried to move her hands and feet, before looking down, to see them strapped to a table. She began to cry and scream, as she noticed all the wires and tubes, stuck inside of her. She couldn’t feel them, though. She couldn’t feel nothing, at the time.

“Ah, I see you are finally awake,” said a voice, to her side. She looked over towards the voice, and saw the crazed man who had kidnapped her. He was currently in blue medical clothes, with white gloves on.

“I’m presuming you are curious as to why you are here, today.”

Blaire looked at the crazed scientist, and screamed. He sighed, and wrapped a ball gag around her mouth. Her eyes widened, and Blaire continued to scream against it, trying to flail, unsuccessfully. She desperately needed to get away from this crazed man, before he raped or killed her. She struggled against the leather shackles, tying her arms and legs down. But, it was no use. They were too tight.

“Now then, my precious, before I was so rudely interrupted, I was preparing to tell you, my plans for you.”

He grinned, perversely, and began to stroke her thigh. Blaire moaned and struggled, against his touch. “You see,” he continued, “The underground slave trade is a very industrious trade. However, many of the slaves tend to struggle against their masters, after they are bought. The Armenians have financed for my research, to discover a solution to this problem.”

“In other words,” he said, his hand stroking her cheek, to her terror. “They want me to create the perfect sex slave, and that’s where you come in, my dear!” Blaire began to cry. She wished she was back with Melvin, right now, in his arms.

He held up a finger. “Ah! But, the perfect sex slave must look perfect, as well! Soon, you will be the most gorgeous woman in the world. Of course, you’re already pretty cute, precious!” He licked the side of her cheek, and Blaire moaned against the gag, not wanting him to touch her.

“Don’t worry, precious. Soon, not only will you be longing to have sex with me, at every opportunity, you will even desire to help bring more slaves in, for me. Soon enough, you’ll be moaning the name of Dr. Alcott, in your sleep! The Armenians may want your body, after you transform, but, I see no harm in keeping the first one, for myself.”

Dr. Alcott walked away, from her vision. She heard some sort of door shutting, behind her. Blaire then screamed in pain, when the mad doctor flipped a switch. A bright blue light washed over her body, causing every inch of her body to rack in pain. “I know this part may be a bit painful, but, I’m sure you’ll get through it, unlike the others,” he told her, giggling at the painful looks she had.

Blaire cried and thought of her love, Melvin. Even if he does make me his slave, I’ll always think of you, Melvin, no matter what dirty things he does to me, she thought to herself, trying to send her thoughts and wishes to him.

* * *

Two weeks passed, for Melvin. The police had still not found his girlfriend, Blaire. He couldn’t help but to think of her, every moment of every day. It showed in his grades, which had started slipping, drastically. He tried to study, but the situation proved to be too much of a distraction, each time.

It also showed, in his work. Lately, when working the cash register at the store he worked at, he would punch in the wrong numbers, something he never had a problem with, before. His manager, a Jenna Oland, chastised him several times about it. The thirty some lady wasn’t mean, but she could be strict, from time to time. Melvin apologized to her, each time, trying not to cry in front of her or the customers. It was hard.

Luckily, for him, he had Chazz and Allie there to comfort him, every time. Today, Allison had come over to hang out with him. She had recently taken Blaire’s place, playing card games at his apartment. He told her that he appreciated it greatly, knowing that she was suffering, as well, Blaire being her best friend and roommate. She was a fun person to hang out with, and he reminded him of Blaire, sometimes a little too much.

After playing card games for a bit, the two sat on the couch, watching anime, just like he and Blaire once did. Allie leaned into his shoulder and he put his arm around her, pulling her closer to him. “Do you think we’ll ever see her, again?” she asked, looking at him.

He smiled and told her, squeezing her shoulder, “Of course, I will! I’ll always believe that. I know she’s still out there, somewhere. We just have to be patient, and hope for the best.”

She smiled and pressed against him, more. Even though her body was a bit larger than Blaire’s, the warmth of her next to him, reminded him of Blaire, as well. She rubbed his knee, gently. Melvin knew that the more the two were together, the more she was becoming attracted to him. He was a little attracted by her, as well, but, was not willing to cheat on Blaire, his one true love.

“You’re probably right,” she told him. “I wish this never happened. I hope she comes back, too.” Melvin smiled and hugged Allison, against him. He wondered how their reunion would end up. Would she still even want to be with him? He knew that some people can be traumatized for life, after being kidnapped. He just hoped that this didn’t happen to her, when she finally was found.

* * *

Dr. Alcott played with the dial, adding more radiation to his subject’s body. He looked at her naked form, beyond the glass and metallic plates, separating the two, so that the radiation would not effect him. It seemed that his patient, #06, was responding well to the treatments. The pain of the radiation and chemicals would make her pass out, from time to time, but she was adjusting to the pain. He knew the time was near, for her transformation to begin. Once it happened, he would imprint himself on her, changing her body and mind to match all of his perverse fantasies.

Patient #06 woke up, and immediately began moaning, in what seemed to now be pain, and pleasure. The endorphins and pheromones he pumped into her, put her in an aroused state, much of the time. He wanted to take her body, for his own, but knew that doing such would ruin the experiment. That was why he was so eager to finish his treatments on her.

The last five patients he had taken, did not respond very well to the treatments, and all five of them ended up dead. His original lab, was a privately owned building in Connecticut, well hidden from all prying eyes. His first five subjects were all taken, much the same way #6 was taken, and experimented on, there. However, the Armenians made him pack his things up, much to his chagrin, and move here. Now, he had no choice, but to do his experiments in a hidden fall out shelter, underneath the old, abandoned Elementary school, in the town of Venice, Florida. He hated the heat here, and the fact that he had to live underground, as well. But, that was just the price he had to pay, for his continued research.

He watched as patient #06’s hips thrust forward, in orgasm, once again. Dr. Alcott flipped several switches, pumping more drugs and chemicals into her, while he slowly increased the radiation, coursing through her body. Her body spasmed, once again, then fell limp on the operating table.

He looked over at her vitals. Her pulse was increasing, even though she had just passed out. He began to cut the flow of radiation against her, then swore to himself, as her heart beat flat lined. “Fuck!” he exclaimed. In his eagerness to transform her into his perfect sex slave, he must have pumped too much of the chemicals into her, and killed her. He would have to report this to the Armenians, now. They would not be happy about this.

Dr. Alcott donned his radiation suit, in the corridor he prepared for his lab, that sanctioned it from the rest of the building, to keep out the radiation. After double checking things, he walked into the room, and looked at the lifeless form of patient #06. He checked her pulse one final time, then began taking out the tubes and wires running through her, and took off her straps, holding her down.

He grabbed a white sheet and threw it over her naked body, for now. He would have to dissect her for his research, when the radiation levels were low enough. For now, he left her there, and turned down the thermostat in the lab, to help preserve her body. He told the Armenians that he needed a freezer unit, like in his old lab, but, they would not fund him for it to be installed.

Dr. Alcott sighed, and took off his suit and gloves. He began to walk to his room, the only place in the shelter that received a signal from his cellphone. Even then, their voices were choppy against it. He knew they would not be happy at his new failure, but Dr. Alcott would just have to convince them of his progress.

He turned and looked at the lifeless body, once more. “Too bad you had to die, precious,” he said, out loud. “I would have really enjoyed, having you beg for my cock!” He laughed out loud, leaving the dead subject behind, and looking forward to whomever his next subject may be.

* * *

Blaire gasped for breath as her heart suddenly began to beat, once again. She lifted the white sheet off of her head and looked around. No one was there. What a shame! I could use a good cock, right now! Her pussy burned, with desire. She desperately needed a cock, inside her. She slapped her face, trying to get the thoughts out. Focus, Blaire! I have to find my Melvin. He’s the only person I can trust. That freak did something to make me horny, nonstop.

She looked down to see that her fingers were deep in her pussy, stroking in and out, as she thought this. She shook her head, once more, and got off the table. Blaire shivered, at how cold the room was. She looked down at her hardened nipples, wondering if it was from the cold, or her extreme horniness.

Blaire wrapped the sheet around her body, and walked to the door separating the lab, from the rest of the place. She pushed a button next to the door, and it slid open. She opened the next door, and began to hurry down the corridors, barefoot. She desperately needed Melvin’s cock inside her, though, right now, she knew she would settle for any man that she saw.

Blaire roamed around, in the place. She saw a series of stairs going up, and rushed up them. The top of the stairs ended in, what appeared to be a ceiling, in front of her. Blaire groaned and began to feel around for a switch of some sort. Her other hand found it’s way into her moist cunt, and she begin rubbing the lips of it, up and down.

She found a button, hiding in the darkness, and pushed it. The ceiling gave way, and Blaire climbed out of the underground lab. She looked around at her surroundings. She seemed to be on the stage of an auditorium, somewhere. She quickly looked around, her lust growing, by the second. She saw the sign for the emergency exit, and headed that way.

As, she passed the different empty rooms, she began to realize that she was at Venice Elementary School. Much to her luck, it was only about a mile and a half to Melvin’s house. She hoped that she could it make to him, without exploding. Blaire rushed out of the school, and after getting her bearings, took off in a sprint towards Melvin’s apartment complex. Much to her delight, her asthma was no longer bothering her! She wasn’t sure though, if the radiation and chemicals somehow got rid of it, or if she was just too wet to care about it, at the moment.

She dropped the sheet at one point, and ran as fast as her little legs could take her. She felt her burning pussy, as her thighs would occasionally rub against each other, while she ran. She was glad that it was nighttime. She had no idea what time of the night it was, though. She just hoped she could make it to Melvin, before she found someone else.

* * *

Melvin woke up to the sound of heavy knocking, on his door. He put on his glasses and looked at his alarm clock. Who would be here at 2am? Could it be the police? Maybe they found out something about Blaire.

Melvin hurried to the door, in his boxers, afraid that if he took the time to put on clothes, they might leave. She heard a female voice on the other end start screaming, “Melvin! Let me in! I need you!” A puzzled look came over his face, and he opened the door.

There, standing before him, was the nude body of Blaire. Her body was covered in cuts and bruises. His eyes watered, at the sight of her. “Blaire!” he exclaimed, in amazement.

She leaped forward, her lips pressing against his own. Her hand quickly reached into his boxers to fish out his hardening erection. “I need you inside me, now!” she exclaimed.

“Blaire, you really need to go to a hospital. Just look at you!” he exclaimed, looking at her body.

“Later! I need this inside me, first!” Blaire had enough common sense still, to slam his front door closed, before pushing him to the floor. Melvin always was a bit on the weak side, so it was easy for her to do so. She straddled on top of him, and moaned as she slipped his erection inside of her, pushing him to the ground with unbelievable strength.

“Oh God! This is exactly what I need!” she exclaimed, as she moaned against him. Blaire grinded against him, hard. Within less than a minute, she was orgasming. However, despite her asthma, she continued through it, pushing his cock in and out of her.

Melvin grasped her legs. “Blaire! What about your asthma? I don’t want you to stop breathing, after I just saw you for the first time, in weeks!”

He looked at the look of pure lust, in her blue eyes. Were they always blue, like that? She sure does have sexy eyes! To him, she looked like an animal in heat, as she pounded in and out of his cock.

She moaned through another orgasm and panted out, “Don’t worry, baby. It’s not bothering me, right now. What I need is your semen inside of me, Melvin! I need to feel it, so bad!”

Melvin took hold of her hips, helping her push her pussy, in and out of him. “But, Blaire! Where have you been? And what happened to you?”

Blaire moaned out the words, “Elementary school,” and “Dr. Alcott,” before screaming, in another orgasm. Melvin knew that that was about all he would get out of her, while she was in this state. He leaned forward, and kissed her deeply, letting each others’ tongues, swirl around.

Giving in to his own lust, Melvin said, “I missed you so much, Blaire. I love you!”

“I love you too, Melvin!” she moaned out. “I saved myself, just for you! I needed a cock, but yours is the only one I truly wanted inside me!”

Melvin smiled and kissed her, again. “You feel so good, Blaire. It’s been a while, since we fucked. I don’t think I’ll last much longer.”

She moaned out, “Good! I need your semen inside of me. I need you, to complete me!” He never heard that last phrase from her, ever. He didn’t make a big deal of the meaning behind it, though, and focused on fucking his horny girlfriend.

Even though he said he was close, it was her that went through three more orgasms, before he was ready to blow his load, inside of her. “I’m about to cum. I should pull out. I don’t want to get you pregnant.”

“NO!” she screamed out, grabbing his ass, and grinding against him, faster. “I need your cum inside me! I just know that I need it! Please cum inside me, baby,” she moaned out. Melvin didn’t have much choice, from the death grip she had on his ass cheeks. He took hold of her hips, and pushed his own hips forward, shooting his seed deep inside her cunt, for the first time, ever, he realized.

Blaire moaned once more against him, then passed out, against his chest. He shook her. “Blaire? Blaire!” he exclaimed. Melvin rolled over with her, and slipped his deflated cock out of her vagina. He rushed to his phone and dialed 911.

While the paramedics and the police made their way to his place, Melvin quickly got himself dressed, then did his best to slip a pair of boxers on her, to cover her up. Melvin rode with the paramedics, to the hospital. He held her hand, the entire ride there. They put an IV into her arm, pushing the nutrients she needed, back into her.

Melvin followed the paramedics into the hospital, and sat outside the E.R. room, while they did what they could. Two hours later, at almost five in the morning, they told him that they could visit her. Melvin walked into her room and sat next to her bed.

Blaire looked at him, through half closed eyelids. “Hey, baby,” she said. “You came.”

Melvin began to cry. Holding back his tears as best he could, he told her, “I missed you.” She smiled and squeezed his hand, lightly, when he reached over to her. Blaire fell asleep, soon afterwards. The doctors then told him that she would be fine, though part of her body seemed to have second degree burns on it. They still had a few tests to run, on her blood, but they told him that she should be fine.

The police showed up and asked him how he found her. He told them how she showed up at his doorstep, naked, and mentioned a Dr. Alcott, and the Elementary school. The police thanked him, and told him they would catch the criminal, as soon as possible. Melvin fell asleep for a few hours, after that. When he woke, it was near 8am. He made sure to call Chazz and Allie, at that time, to tell them the good news. Both of them were ecstatic, and Allison insisted she come down to the hospital to see them.

“She’d like that,” he said, looking at her body, covered in several bandages.

He hung up the phone, and just as he did, the curtain blocking them off from the others, opened. Two men in what appeared to be radiation suits, walked up to them. “Is this the girl?” one of them asked.

The other pulled out a device that beeped and hummed, as they waved it over them. Another two showed up. One of them waved something over Melvin, and it beeped. The masked man in the suit told him, “I’m afraid you and your girlfriend, both have radiation poisoning. Currently the entire hospital is quarantined, until the situation is settled. The two of you have to be put in special containment rooms, to prevent any more radiation from leaking.”

Melvin’s eyes widened, in shock and horror. “Oh my God! Is Blaire going to be alright? I don’t know what I’d do without her.”

One of the men told him, “Right now, you need to worry about yourself. You’ve been poisoned as well, it seems, most likely from your contact with her.” The man pulled Melvin away from his girlfriend and led him to a containment room. The guy, who revealed himself as a member of the CDC, told him that even though they both have radiation poisoning, they had to keep them separated, anyhow.

Melvin’s clothing was all taken, and stored in a containment box, while he was clothed in a hospital gown. The containment room was more of a glass cell, in Melvin’s opinion. The only thing in it was a hospital bed. The member of the CDC hooked an IV to him, and told him that it would help flush out the poisoning.

The next three days were hell for Melvin. A few hours after he was locked in the cell, his body felt like it was about to combust. The doctors told him, from outside the room, that he had a high fever. After the fever, came the puking, then another fever. At one point, he could’ve sworn that Blaire had snuck into his room, somehow, to have sex with him. Even his balls felt like they were on fire, during the time.

After the first day, the hospital was cleared from the radiation threat, though he and Blaire had to remain contained, being the only two that had been poisoned. The CDC told him later, that it was some unknown type of radiation, close to Cherenkov radiation, but with properties they had never seen, before.

The police showed up again, on the second evening. They told him, that after he told them where to look, they found the entrance to a fallout shelter, after procuring the blueprints to the old school. Dr. Alcott was found, deep inside. When they caught him, he was busy, meticulously packing each of his items. Had it not been for his OCD, he may have escaped, they told him. Now, they were on the search for those who had funded his research experiments.

Melvin was glad that bastard got caught. He went on to ask them if they knew how Blaire was doing. They told him that she was still unconscious with radiation poisoning, and the doctors were not sure when she would wake from it. The news made him cry, once more. I can’t lose her, now! I can’t!

Allie showed up that evening, later. She told him that he looked a bit pale. Blaire looked pale as well, and she hoped that the two of them would get better, soon. She went on to tell him that Blaire’s mom and sister were showing up to see her, the next day. Melvin had met them both, once in the past. They were nice people; her 18 year old sister had a thin, frail body, like Blaire’s. Blaire’s mom, however, was a bit on the large side. Neither of her daughters took after her, it seemed.

Two more days later, the CDC cleared Melvin of radiation poisoning. They said that he may have bouts of nausea, and nose bleeds, from time to time. They prescribed some pills for him to take for the next few months, to lesson the chances that will happen.

The first thing Melvin did when he got out, was visit Blaire. She was still in her own containment cell. At least, she looked like she was doing somewhat better. Her mom and sister hugged him, and told him thanks, for being there for her. Her mom had to return to return to work in a couple of days, so the next day they left him with the task of watching over her, until they could return. And he did.

Melvin spent every waking moment he could, by her bedside. As each day passed, he found her, more and more gorgeous, perhaps even more than she was, before she was kidnapped, if that was at all possible. Allison and Chazz would join him, from time to time. Chazz joked around, about how he’d be fucking the hottest girl in college again, making all the students jealous. She did have that effect on people, sometimes, he thought to himself.

A week and a half after he was released, they finally cleared her from the radiation, and moved her to the department for those in comas, and other similar conditions. He hoped she would wake up, soon. To him, she was like sleeping beauty. Sometimes, Melvin couldn’t believe that such a gorgeous woman was dating him. Even Chazz had to admit that Melvin was a lucky guy to get such a ‘hot piece of ass,’ in his words. It wasn’t until three days later, that his girlfriend awoke from her deep sleep, no longer the same girl he grew to love, in more ways than one.

* * *

Blaire slowly opened her eyes, and looked around. She was alone, in a hospital. Her hand went to her head to feel her temple. She looked at it. It looked different to her. How long had I been out? she thought, to herself.

Blaire then pulled down the blanket covering her, and screamed, as loud as she could. Doctors and nurses rushed to her side. The first doctor who arrived on the scene, looked at her vitals, before staring at her. “You’re in the hospital, right now, Ms. Peterson. You’ve had radiation poisoning. Is your body in pain?”

She screamed at him, “This isn’t my body! What happened to my body?!”

The doctor frowned. “I assure you, we did not change your body, in any way,” he responded. “Aside from the surgeries to remove some of your scarring, no cosmetic surgery came to you, miss.”

“Then how do you explain these!” she shouted, grabbing and squeezing her now, large, breasts. They were over twice the size they were before. She was afraid to look inside her hospital gown, fearing how much they may have changed.

The doctor looked at her huge breasts, and blushed slightly. “I assure you, there has been no work done on your breasts, Ms. Peterson.”

“Are you kidding me? Am I some sort of experiment for you sick freaks? I want my Melvin! Where’s Melvin?” she screamed. The doctor whispered to one of the nurses and she walked out, returning with a syringe.

Remembering how she was originally captured, Blaire began to scream once more, and thrashed as the nurse tried to prick her with the needle. “Hold her down!” the doctor exclaimed. Several of the nurses surrounded her, and began grabbing her wildly thrashing, arms and legs.

“Melvin! Help me, Melvin! Don’t let them change me!” The nurse managed to deliver the syringe, into her arm. Blaire ended up passing out, moaning her lovers name.

She woke up and looked over to see Melvin, sitting in a chair, his body leaned over, and his hands folded together, across his lap. Blaire tried to reach for his hand, but she quickly discovered that she was shackled again, and screamed.

Melvin rushed to her side, and squeezed her hand. “It’s ok, Blaire! You’re safe, here!”

“Please, Melvin,” she pleaded. “Help me out of here. I’m scared, Melvin.”

“I know, baby,” he said, stroking her hand, gently. “The doctors said they were afraid that you would hurt yourself, so you have to stay like this, for a while.”

“Baby, I’m scared. They did something to my body.” Melvin looked over her body, and frowned.

“I don’t see anything wrong, Blaire.”

One of the doctors stepped in, at that time. “Ms. Peterson. You are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, we believe. Your traumatic experience has made you hallucinate. You believe that your body is different, but it is still the same.”

Blaire looked down at her larger breasts, blocking off the rest of her body, through her blanket, on top of her. Am I really hallucinating?

She looked at Melvin. “Do I look the same to you, baby?”

He squeezed her hand. “Yeah, you’re the same gorgeous girl I fell in love with, two years ago.”

She smiled a little. “And there’s nothing strange about my body?”

He laughed. “No. You look the same as before, baby. I mean, I haven’t been peeping or anything,” he added, blushing. “But, you seem to be just as tall, and those seem to be the right size,” he said, glancing at her large orbs. She knew that Melvin would never lie to her, and she smiled. Her large, watermelon sized breasts, looked so real, though. How could she hallucinate something like this?

“Do you know when I can go back home, with you?”

Melvin looked at the doctor, before looking back at her. “Umm…I’m sure you’ll be at my place, teasing me about my height, again, in no time.”

She looked at him, “I’d never tease you about your height, baby. I’m only a couple of inches taller than you.” Melvin looked at the doctor, worried. The doctor frowned at what she just said.

“What? What’s wrong?” she asked, her voice starting to raise.

She looked between the two. Melvin looked down and said, “Baby! You always joke around, about my height! I know you were just joking, each time, though.”

“I never teased you about your height!” she screamed. “I’d never tease you!”

Melvin looked at her, in alarm, then back at the doctor. “She doesn’t remember that,” he told him.

“Memory loss is common for people in these situations, Mr. Hodge.” She looked between the two, and struggled against her straps.

“How tall am I?” she asked, lowering her voice a little.

Melvin looked between her and the doctor, before answering, “You’re 5′10″, baby. That’s why we always joked about our heights.” Blaire screamed, and began to thrash and wail against her shackles, once more. She wanted to grab her head, and pull her hair out, right now.

“I’m not that tall! I’ve never been that tall!” she screamed. The doctor called in another nurse, who walked in, with another syringe. She looked at her boyfriend, in terror. “Melvin! Please! Tell them, my body looks different! Don’t let them take me, again!” The nurse inserted the shot into her IV, and she quickly began to nod off.

Blaire looked at her lover, who was now in tears, because of her. Tears began to roll down her cheek, as well. Making Melvin sad, was the last thing she ever wanted. As she began to slip into unconsciousness, her one thought in her mind was that all she wanted right now, was to make him happy, again.

* * *

Melvin sat on the chair, in front of Blaire, and cried. The doctor put his hand on his shoulder. “Blaire will recover, but it will take some time,” the doctor told him.

“How much time?” he asked him, looking up, with tears in his eyes.

“That would be up to her, in the end,” the doctor responded. “Some cases have them out, within a couple of weeks. Some people, however, remain like this, for the rest of their lives. You have to be prepared for that, if it happens, Mr. Hodge.”

Melvin began to cry into his hands once more, and the doctor sighed and told him, “Your girlfriend will be taken to the mental ward, at St. Peterson. You should be allowed to visit her on Fridays and Saturdays, as long as she isn’t a harm to herself or others, at the time.”

Melvin sniffed. “It’s not fair! Why does so much have to happen to her?! She doesn’t deserve all this.”

The doctor sighed, and squeezed his shoulder. “It’s just the way things are, Mr. Hodge. I’m certain that with your help, as well as those of her loved ones, she’ll be fine.”

Melvin sniffed, again. He hoped the doctor was right. He hoped that she would get well, soon. Later on that day, they transferred her to St. Peterson, a large hospital, about forty five minutes away, from where he lived. The medical staff gave him a card for the mental ward there, telling him that he would have to call ahead, before seeing her, on the weekends. It was Sunday, that day, so he would have to wait at least five days before he could see her, again. He hoped she would get better, soon.

On his way back, he got a call from Chazz. “Hey, little buddy! How’s things, at the hospital?”

Melvin frowned, and told him, “Not good, big guy. They’re transferring her to another hospital. They said she isn’t right in her head, right now.”

“Damn! That sucks, dude. Do you want to meet, back at your place? Sounds like you could use a few beers, little buddy.”

He sighed. “Yeah, I’d like that, if you don’t mind.”

“Sure thing. Meet you there,” Chazz replied.

Melvin hung up and drove the rest of the way, back to his apartment. Chazz was already waiting at his door for him, another six pack of beer in his hand. “So, your girlfriend is crazy, huh? I’m sure she’ll escape eventually, just to fuck you, again!” he laughed and the two walked into his apartment, together.

Chazz plopped himself down on one of the couch cushions, and handed Melvin a bottle of beer. “So, do they know how long she might be there?”

Melvin sighed, “They have no clue.” He took the beer and sipped from it, making a face, from its bitter taste.

“Well, look at things this way,” he said, before taking a sip of his beer. “You’re still with the hottest girl in college, right? On a scale from one to ten, your girl would be a twelve. But, when you add in the crazy factor, she becomes a thirteen! Everyone loves a crazy chick!”

Melvin laughed a little. “I liked her fine, just the way she was, though.” It was mainly himself, that he wished was different. He wished he could be more confident, for her. He knew he was a bit on the shy side, and tended to be worried or afraid, easily. He knew Blaire wanted him to be more daring and adventurous, too, but, he was frightened, too easily.

“I bet you did!” Chazz exclaimed. “So, do you think you’re going to keep dating her, now that she’s there?”

Melvin looked at his friend, incredulously. “Of course, I am! Why shouldn’t I?”

“Well,” responded Chazz. “She might be there for a while, and I’m sure your balls are getting lonely, down there. Besides, there are tons of other girls in school, that would love to date you!”

Melvin laughed. “Who would date someone, like me? I was lucky to get someone as gorgeous as Blaire. I doubt I’ll ever be so lucky, again. I think it’d be best for both of us, if I stayed with her.”

Chazz sighed. “I know you want to be with her, but eventually you’re going to have to move on, if she doesn’t get out, any time soon.”

Melvin groaned at his statement, but knew that was true. But, Melvin wasn’t ready to give up on the girl he loved, quite yet. He laughed. “So how many girls do you actually know of, that want to be with me?”

“Besides, Allie?” he responded. Melvin knew she liked him a little, but she would never date someone, like him, and probably wouldn’t want to come between him and Blaire. “You really don’t know, do you?”

“Know what?” he asked.

“About, how many girls wish they could be with you, right now! OK, look.” Chazz leaned forward, resting his arms across his legs, his palms facing each other. His head turned in Melvin’s direction. “You are with the hottest girl in college, ok? A lot of the girls there look up to her as a role model. They all wish they were as good looking, as her.”

Melvin nodded, in agreement. He did notice how a lot of girls had envied her, for her amazing body. Blaire had so many girlfriends that wanted to hang with her, it was difficult sometimes to get his girlfriend alone, with him. The fact that everyone knew that she was working part time as an underwear model, nearby, made everyone admire and want her, more.

“Then they see you, with her,” Chazz went on. “And these girls start to wonder why she would be with someone, like you. Some of them think that you must be good in bed. Some think that you might have a giant cock, hiding somewhere. But, most of them just think she’s dating you, because your rich.”

Melvin laughed. “I’m nowhere near rich!” he exclaimed. “They’d know that, the moment they saw me at the dollar store, working the cash register.”

“They don’t know that, though, and that’s why they want you! Everyone knows the story of Bill Gates. He’s the richest guy in the world, and he looks just like you!” Melvin laughed, again.

“Oh, thanks!” he replied. “So, I should leave Blaire, to hook up with someone who wouldn’t even like me for the right things? I don’t want that.”

Chazz shrugged. “Well, not all of them will want you, for your money. I mean, I’ve seen how Allie has been looking at you, from time to time. You could always date her.”

“We’re just friends,” replied Melvin. “Like I said, I am going to wait things out. I’m sure Blaire will be out of the mental ward, soon.” At least he hoped so. His mind began to think of his perfect looking girlfriend, as he sipped on his beer. But, what if Chazz is right? What if she never comes back? What then?

* * *

Blaire got out of the shower and looked at her curvaceous body, once more. Two weeks had passed since she was admitted to this prison, yet she still remained like this, in her eyes. She figured she would. Everyone believed that this beautiful woman, posing in front of a mirror, had always been, who Blaire was.

She was hoping to see Melvin, today. She hoped that he still liked her, and wanted her body, now that it was like this. He should, she thought to herself. I am the fantasy version of myself, he’s always dreamed of.

Blaire had figured it out, eventually, that she had somehow transformed into the girl of Melvin’s dreams. She wasn’t mad at him, though. In fact, she was glad he made her like this, and hoped to help him fulfill every one of his deepest, darkest fantasies. She missed him so much, she ached to see him, once more.

Blaire took a perorate in front of the mirror, admiring her, No, Melvin’s, body. Where she once had no hips, her hips now extended a full 37″ around. Her ass was now full and round, just right for Melvin to grab and squeeze. Her legs were, of course, longer, as well, and very slim. She moved her hands over her flat abs, and 26″ waist. She hoped to get a piercing in her belly button, when she got out.

Melvin would think a belly button ring is sexy! she thought, rubbing across her waist line. Her face seemed to have changed, as well, making her almost exactly like the pictures, she remembered in his sketchbooks. Her eyes seemed more blue than they were, before. She had the same lengthy black hair down her back. It was Melvin’s favorite part of her, in her old life. Her nose was slightly smaller and thinner, now. Her eyebrows were also thin, as if she had plucked them, recently. The lips on her face were large and thick, now. Blaire knew that her lips were part of Melvin’s fantasies, of her sucking his cock. She used to suck it, a lot, before her life changed around her. She hoped that she could do it again, soon.

Then there were her huge breasts! Her breasts had expanded from a 34B cup to a stunning 34J! She had always known that her man had loved girls with large breasts, but she never knew he thought of them being this large! At first, she hated the large perky orbs with the two inch oval areolas, and eraser tip nipples, that always seemed to be hard. But, after thinking of how much Melvin loved to suck on each one until she orgasmed sometimes, she began to love them.

Her first week in the mental ward, she was completely out of it, exclaiming over and over again, that this wasn’t her body. The doctors tried to convince her that this was her body, and it had always been her body. They began to show pictures of her and Melvin, together, her tall, thin body, next to his small, frail frame. The first time she saw it, she screamed and tore the picture into pieces.

She adjusted, slowly. She thought she was a bit more calmer, by the end of the first week, and hoped that they would let her see Melvin. They wouldn’t, though. She screamed at them, when they told her that, but she calmed down a little, and ran to her room. Blaire spent that whole Friday, crying into her pillow, her need for Melvin growing, by the day.

That Sunday, she began to remember things. To be more specific, she was starting to have a second set of memories, alongside her original ones. Her new body had actually changed reality and time, around her, and her memories of this world, were slowly creeping into her head. She found it easy to separate things from the two worlds, though.

In this world, Blaire had lost her virginity at the age of fourteen, instead of seventeen, the way she was before. Her breasts were already an E cup by that age, and all the boys loved them. Her first was a high school student, four years older than her. He wasn’t good; in fact none of the eight men she had before meeting Melvin, compared to him, in the least.

Melvin was a great lover, in bed. Even though his penis was not big, he more than made up for it with the length of time he could go, before cumming inside of her. His small body could make her orgasm over a dozen times, some nights. Her most vivid memories of her new life, were of having sex with him. She found herself becoming wet from the image of him, often. She loved him deeply, too, and knew that she would never be with another man, ever again.

Reality shifted, so that she and Melvin were still together. However, instead of meeting online, she had actually met him at the dollar store, on his first day. She had forgotten her leather purse, and the little man had picked it up, and rushed it back out to her. Blaire thanked him at that point and asked if he went to Regal University. He had told her that he did, and she had mentioned that she did, as well.

She had ended up asking him out, before she left. She remembered how she pitied the little guy, at first, and decided to go out with him, once, to make his day. Their first date started off well, and she had quickly found herself falling in love, with the man she had once pitied. Now, Melvin was her everything. And, all she wanted was to be with him, once more.

Other things had changed too, like the amount of friends she had made, over the years. Allison was still her roommate and best friend, though, so she was glad about that. Her grades still maintained the same high average they had, before. She now had a part time job as a model, displaying bras for larger women’s breasts. She liked it, and got a lot of free merchandise from the people there, like lingerie.

Melvin showed up that day, wearing a checkered shirt and a pair of slacks. Blaire smiled and waved at her man, while he signed in. One of the nurses smiled, and led her to a private room. Melvin sat down, next to her. The two hugged, Melvin’s face practically level with her chest, now. “How are you?” he asked her.

“I’m doing good, baby. I missed you!”

“I missed you, too!” he replied.

He looked over her hospital gown. “I must look horrible, don’t I?” she asked him.

“No, of course not! You look great! Much better than you did, before.” Blaire smiled, at that. She still remembered Dr. Alcott, and a lot of the things he did to her. It wasn’t something she liked talking about, and her psychologists did not push the topic on her, much to her relief.

The two talked back and forth, over the next ten minutes. Blaire was allowed to restart her semester next year, with a blank slate, since she had been gone, for so long. Melvin told her that Allison was worried about her too, and would probably visit her, sometime. She still held on to most of the stuff in their room, and the college board had allowed her to move back in with her, when she got better.

Blaire looked at Melvin, devilishly, and walked up to the door, closing it most of the way. Usually patients weren’t allowed to shut the doors, but they would sometimes give them some leeway, around their boyfriends or husbands. Melvin smiled as she straddled his small lap, and began to kiss him. Their tongues intertwined, as the two french kissed, for the first time, in weeks. She loved the feeling of his tongue, against her own. A brief image of him fucking her from behind, plowing into her anus, crossed her mind. It made her wet, but she didn’t know where this image came from; Blaire knew it was Melvin, but he looked completely different in the image, which had faded, after only a few seconds. Was that his fantasies, I just saw?

She broke the kiss, then jumped back, startled. Melvin was growing, right in front of her! He looked at her, worried, not noticing his growth spurt, at all. “What’s wrong?” he asked her.

“You’re growing!” she exclaimed, at his growing body. As he grew, his pants and shirt, as well as his thick glasses, slowly became more transparent. Where his shirt and pants had been, another set of clothes were slowly appearing on him.

Melvin looked down at himself, not even flinching at his growing body. “Well, maybe a little down there, but I haven’t been with you for a while, you know!” He didn’t realize that reality was shifting around him, as they spoke!

His face cleared up, as she watched him, in shock and dismay. His blonde hair grew into a long, blonde ponytail, that stretched down his back, a little. Muscles began appearing on him, where there were none, before. His glasses had disappeared, completely now, and he was now wearing a white t-shirt, and blue jeans. She had never seen him wear jeans before; he had always told her, that they made him chaff.

Blaire looked up at him, as his growth stopped around 6′2″. He stood up and pressed his now, muscular body, against her. He had somehow become the man in her brief vision! “You’re safe, Blaire. Come back to me,” he said, in a deeper voice.

Blaire didn’t want to make him sad again, but this was too much for her. She loved her man to death, no matter what he looked like, but this was too much! She leaned up and pressed her large lips against his own, and turned, walking out on him. She could almost see the look of puzzlement and sadness on him, as she left. She ended up crying, for the rest of the night, against her pillow. She had no idea what was going on with her, and why the universe seemed to be twisting like this, around her.

* * *

Meanwhile, on a small dirt road, somewhere in Wisconsin, Robert Brown rolled down the road, in his small pick up truck. Living out in the country was a pleasure, for Robert. It gave him the freedom to do as he pleased, around his home. Robert was a rotund man; several times he had taken the role of Santa Claus at the closest mall, 45 miles away. He liked the job, and the extra money that went with it.

That night, he was heading to the grocery store, twenty miles away, for some food, and beer. Off the side of the road, he thought he saw a bright light, flashing. Was that lightning? he thought. Curious, he pulled his truck over and got out. Robert looked at the electric current floating in midair, it seemed, and walked closer to it.

He had never seen anything like this, his entire life! It was almost like a circle of electrical energy, floating in the air! He walked around the thing, in a circle. It seemed to only be in two dimensions. In front of it, he could see the lights, flickering in the night. But, to the side, it had disappeared! Behind it, he could see it, once more. The strange phenomenon, left him awestruck.

He decided to pick up a stick. He jabbed the stick at the thing, watching as it went through it, to the other side. Robert never was a bright man, and he decided that he would touch it with the tip of his finger, next. He figured that if there was an electric current there, it wouldn’t shock him, much, if he just touched it with the tip of his index finger. He watched as his finger, slowly reached for the electrical anomaly. He touched it, and flew back, as a few thousand volts of electricity shot through him. His smoking form landed on the ground, several yards away, Robert losing consciousness, as something else took his body.

* * *

Mel sat on his love seat, and sighed. Blaire had suddenly ran out on him, after making out with him, leaving him with a major erection. He wished he knew what was going on, in her head. Maybe Chazz was right. Maybe I should find someone else.

As if on cue, he heard a knock on the door. He opened it to see his friend, Chazz. He and Chazz bumped fists and he walked inside. “So how’s your girlfriend, little buddy?” he asked him. Chazz had started calling him ‘little buddy’ ever since he was a little guy, back in his first year of high school. He had sprouted a lot, since then, but the name stuck with him.

Mel sighed at the thought of his girlfriend, Blaire. “She doesn’t seem to be improving much, Chazz,” he told him. “She began making out with me, then turned and ran away, without saying anything! I wish I knew what’s wrong with her.”

“Damn, dude. That sucks. I know I said this before, but maybe you should find someone new, to go out with,” he answered.

“I don’t think I’m ready to move on, Chazz. I really love her, even if she’s not the same person she used to be.”

“Yeah, I get it, little buddy. I’ve had those feelings, myself, too.” He smiled. “You know,” he said, tapping his index fingers together, “There’s a rule that says that if the girl is in jail or a mental institute, it’s not really cheating if you got with someone! You can find someone to sleep with, and, if you still like her when she gets out, you can go out with her, again.”

Mel laughed. “Where did you hear that rule from?”

Chazz stuttered, “It’s the guy’s code, dude! Every man, innately knows these things. It’s in our DNA.”

Mel thought of possibly cheating on Blair. He knew she would still take him back, if he slept with someone else. He knew he had that type of effect on her, and she couldn’t complain. She must know that he can’t wait forever, for her.

Little did Melvin realize the changes that went through, both his body, and his mind. Melvin was much more confident than he was, before. Supposedly, his confidence had grown, when he had begun taking martial arts classes, during his high school years. His growth spurts during that time, including the large one in his pants, helped, as well. The change also lowered his inhibitions, somewhat. The old Melvin, would have never even considered the choice of sleeping with other women, but for the new Mel, it was less of a deal, for him. Mel was still a very kind and caring person; that had not changed. However, even he had his needs, he surmised.

Mel replied slowly, “I’m still not sure about cheating on Blaire, while she’s like this. But, you could be right, Chazz. Maybe I do need to start moving on.”

“That’s the spirit! Tomorrow night, there’s a party at Jim’s house. You should come! Maybe you’ll get lucky!”

Mel knew where Jim’s place was. He was known for throwing quite a few parties, around campus. Mel told him that he would go by himself, up there, Saturday night. He wanted to be able to leave, whenever he desired, in case he didn’t feel like staying there.

Saturday night, Chazz put on his red jean jacket over his white shirt that he usually wore, and headed to the party. A lot of people were at the party, many of which he knew, himself. Even though he refused to join the football team, the jocks there, allowed him to hang out with all of them. He noticed Chazz, with a cup of something in his hand, and walked up to him.

“Hey!” he said, raising his voice above the booming loud speakers. “Looks like everyone is here!” he exclaimed.

Chazz yelled back, “I know! It’s great, right! Don’t look now, but I think Cam’s checking you out!” Mel looked in the direction he was looking, at the dark haired cheerleader. Next to Blaire, Cameron was most likely the second hottest girl in school, and captain of the cheerleading team. When he looked at her, the half Asian girl quickly turned her head away, then slowly turned it back to him, and blushed a little.

“You sure, she isn’t after you?” he asked Chazz, with a smile. Chazz looked at him, then back at Cameron.

“Maybe. Think I should talk to her?”

“Don’t see the harm in it, big guy. Go for it!” Chazz patted his back and started walking, towards her. Meanwhile, Mel headed for the kitchen to get some punch. All sorts of people waved and told him hello, as he passed each one. He noticed Allison next to the punch bowl, and tapped her shoulder.

She looked at him and smiled. “Hey, Melvin!” she exclaimed.

Mel laughed. “You know, I think you and Blaire are the only two, who still call me that.”

“How is she, by the way?” Allie asked him.

“She’s good, physically. Mentally…”

Allison hung her head, a little. “I see. Do you think I could go with you next weekend, to see her? I haven’t seen her, in a good while.”

“Sure!” Mel exclaimed. “I’m sure, she’d love that!”

Allison smiled, while Mel got a drink. He didn’t want to get drunk though, since he had to drive home, but he drunk a little. As the night wore on, Mel talked with Allie about Blaire’s condition. The two ended up sitting side by side, in chairs, their hips touching one another, in the crowded room. The conversation slowly turned to Allison’s love life. She blushed and told him that she was single, still.

“Not many people would go out with someone, like me,” she said, looking at her chubby body, in regret.

Mel’s hand dropped on top of her own, and squeezed it a little. “That’s not true, Allie! I think you’re beautiful! I’d go out with someone, like you!” Mel realized the words he said, after he had said them, and blushed. Her hand turned and she interlocked her small fingers, with his own large ones.

“Thanks. That means a lot.” The two sat in silence for a while, just holding hands. They must have looked odd together; him being at 6″2′, and her, a whole foot smaller. But her shortness made her cuter, in a way. Mel had to admit, he enjoyed the feeling of her small, soft hand, against his own. After about twenty minutes, Allison stood up.

“Could you take me back to my dorm, Melvin? I’m getting tired, and my ride probably won’t be leaving, any time soon.”

Mel smiled. “Sure thing. I was getting ready to leave, myself.” The two got into his car, and rode to her dorm. Mel parked it in front of the building.

“Well, Allie, I had fun with you, tonight. Maybe we can do this again, some time.” Melvin stared deeply into her eyes, as she stared back at him.

“Yeah, I’d like that,” she said slowly, her blonde head moving towards his own. Mel found his own head leaning down, as she leaned up. The two of their lips met, for a moment. They kissed a second time, letting it linger, longer.

Allie broke the kiss. “I’m sorry,” she told him.

He looked down, sheepishly. “Yeah, me too.”

She got out of his car and looked back at him. “Talk to you later, ok?”

“Bye,” he said, as she shut the car door, and walked up the stairs of her dorm. Melvin touched his lips, gently, remembering the kiss they just had. Part of him felt guilty about kissing Blaire’s best friend. But, she seemed to want it, too. He doubted it would happen again, though. She probably felt even more guilty than he did.

Mel backed his car out of the dorms and headed home. His thoughts quickly turned to Blaire. “Sorry, Blaire,” he said, out loud.

* * *

Asmodon, one of the seven lords of chaos, looked upon the new realm he had landed in. He looked through the eyes of Robert Brown, at his surroundings. He saw the electrical anomaly and walked to it. This must be what let me into this reality. But, what in this realm caused it?

Asmodon watched as the electricity flickered a few times, then disappeared. He searched the memories of the body he had taken over, in an attempt to discover what had happened. He remembered taking over his body, the moment Robert touched the tear in reality, Asmodon being practically sucked into the man’s body. It seemed as if he could not form a physical body, in this world, so he needed a host body to move. The body he possessed knew nothing of what the tear was, or how it appeared, where it did.

He looked around and saw the man’s pick up truck, alongside a dirt road. Browsing through his host’s memories, he recalled what it was, and how to use it. He walked to the truck and started the ignition, deciding to return to the man’s house. Asmodon smiled, as he looked at the fields, around him. He would have to find out how he got here, so that the other six lords of chaos could escape their prison, as well. As he drove back to the man’s house, in search of clues as to how he managed to escape into this reality, he thought that they would enjoy destroying this realm, with him.

* * *

Blaire couldn’t wait to see her love, Melvin once more, this weekend. Today, he was supposed to bring Allison with him. She thought it would be nice to see her again, but would rather be spending it alone, making out with him, again.

Two days after Melvin had transformed, Blaire began to gain a third set of memories, ones where Melvin had always been this tall and muscular. A few things changed in the past between the two, but for the most part, most everything was the same, between the two.

She remembered how the same scene played as the last one, but this time, it was Melvin who had asked for her number, first. Blaire was happy that he finally had the confidence, he always dreamed of. Then it hit her! Melvin had become the fantasy version of himself, from her kiss! She didn’t know how such a thing was possible, but it was the only conclusion, she could come up with. Now, the both of them had the bodies that Melvin had always fantasized about, and drawn in his sketchbook. Blaire was proud of her accidental achievement, and hoped to fulfill many more of his fantasies, soon.

That afternoon, Melvin and Allison showed up. Blaire gave Allison a large hug, before kissing Melvin, lightly on the lips. “Sorry about last week,” she told Melvin, while hugging him. “I don’t know what came over me, that day. I’m much better now, though.”

“That’s great!” Melvin told her. “How’s things going, here?”

“OK, I guess,” she told him. “The food’s pretty good. They feed me a lot of pills, though,” she pouted, exposing the inside of her large lip. Her eyes glanced towards his crotch. He was starting to get an erection.

She still couldn’t believe that, she was still his first. He had told her that he had several blow jobs, but most of the girls that he was with, either wasn’t ready for sex, or were afraid of his large dick. Blaire wasn’t afraid of it, though, and had let his ten inch member enter her. The memory made her a little wet, and she moaned, silently.

“You, ok?” asked Allison. “Your face looks a bit flushed.”

She smiled and told her, “I’m doing good. I’m fine.” Allison smiled, and the two began talking about things in school. She repeated what Melvin told her, about holding on to her things. She thanked her, and looked at Melvin.

“I may move in with Melvin, whenever I get out,” she told the two of them. “That is, if you’ll let me.”

Melvin smiled his sexy smile, and told her, “Sure! I’d love for you to live with me.”

Blaire smiled at the fact, that she was fulfilling another one of his fantasies. “Great!” she exclaimed. The three of them talked a bit more, before it was time for them to leave. Blair was a bit disappointed that she was not able to kiss him, like she wanted to. But, she knew she was slowly getting better, or more specifically, act as if she was getting better. She no longer freaked out about her appearance, and stayed on her best behavior for her doctors and nurses. She was more than eager to get back into Melvin’s waiting arms, but she knew that she could not rush things, else they’d only make her stay, even longer. Soon enough, she would be living with her man, and she would rock his world, when she did.

* * *

Mel drove Allie back to her dorm, mostly in silence. This had been the first time they had met, since he had kissed her. She commented on how well Blaire was looking, and Mel agreed. They parked in front of her dorm, as evening approached. He looked over at her, as she turned towards him.

“Well, here we are,” he told her, putting on his best smile.

Allie bit her lower lip, looking at him. “Do you think it will be a while, before she gets out?” she asked him, her head moving closer to his own.

“I don’t know, really,” he responded. “It could be a while.”

“I hope it’s soon,” she slowly said, her eyes locked on his own blue ones. He leaned forward and her head moved up, letting their lips touch, again. Both of their mouths opened, and Mel let his tongue slide into her mouth. Allie’s hand pressed him by the back of his neck, against her mouth.

They both broke the kiss, breathing, heavily. “We can’t do this,” Allison said, after a long moment of staring at him.

“I know,” Melvin replied. “But, you are a good kisser. I don’t know, Allie. Maybe, we can figure something out, together.”

Allison blushed, slightly. “Yeah, maybe.” She got out of her car and began to walk to her dorm. Mel leaned out his window and asked, “Did you want to go out to dinner with me, some time? I’d really like that.”

She turned around and smiled, a little. “I’d like that, too,” she said, before entering her home.

Melvin and Allie began to go out, on occasion. They eventually agreed that all they would do is make out, and that they would stop, the moment she returned. It started off as a good plan. The two made out whenever they could, when they were alone. The two would kiss a lot, while hanging out in his home.

They both continued to see Blaire, every weekend. Each time, she was happy to see the two. The three chatted about things. Occasionally Mel would get some alone time with her, and kiss her passionately, for a few minutes.

Three more weeks passed. Blaire seemed fine in Melvin’s opinion, but they still would not release her. He wondered if they ever would. In the middle of their third week, the relationship between Allison and Mel grew. After grinding against his large erection while kissing him, once, she offered to suck him off, promising that they would not go, beyond that.

He quickly gave in, when her hand began rubbing his crotch, and Allison whipped out his cock. She was shocked at his length and girth, but, she still managed to get half of his ten inch dick in her mouth, that day. She did a fine job, and Mel came deep in her mouth, after a few minutes. She smiled and swallowed it, telling him that she loved the taste of his semen, in her mouth. Over the next several days, Allie began to suck him off, each day, at least once a day.

One day, after she sucked him off, Melvin received a phone call from the hospital. He hung up, not knowing quite what to feel. A variety of emotions ran through his mind, at that moment.

“So, who was it?” Allie asked, cuddling next to him.

“It’s Blaire,” he replied. “They’re letting her out, tomorrow.”

The next day, Melvin rode, alone, to the hospital, to sign her out. He asked Allie if she wanted to join him. She sniffed, trying to hold back her tears, and told him that he should spend some alone time, with her. He knew Allison was torn between the happiness of having her friend let out of the hospital, and the sadness over the fact that she would no longer be with Mel, anymore, if they obeyed their promise, to one another. Mel knew it would be hard on her, but he just could not see her anymore, now that Blaire was out.

Mel was a little depressed about it, as well, but, he still looked forward to seeing his gorgeous girlfriend move in with him. Blaire’s mom, Sharon, was at the hospital, when Blaire was released. The two women had argued over where she was staying, after she was released, but Blaire insisted that she stay with Melvin.

The doctors released her into his care, after signing a hundred documents, it seemed, and being told about each of the prescriptions she was to take, and how many. They told him in private, later on, that if she has another breakdown, he should bring her back here, immediately. She was to see a psychologist, once a week, now.

Her mom, Ms. Peterson, still wanted her to move back in with her, but Blaire exclaimed that she was an adult now, and would be staying with Melvin, regardless of what she said. Ms. Peterson pulled Melvin aside. “I know you love my daughter, and will take good care of her,” she told him.

“But, if you have any problems with her, call me, please. Some things, require a mother’s touch, you know.” She wrote her number on a piece of paper, and handed it to him.

Melvin smiled and took it. “I’ll make sure she calls you, regularly,” he told Ms. Peterson. She leaned forward and hugged him.

“You better!” the large woman responded. He had a feeling that if he hurt Blaire, she would, most likely, kill him. Melvin smiled and walked hand in hand with Blair, to the exit of the building. She hugged her mom one last time, before getting into Mel’s car.

“I’m so glad, you can finally leave that place!” Melvin exclaimed.

“Me too!” she replied. “I missed you so much, Melvin!”

“I missed you, too!” The two made out, passionately, before Mel returned to his place, with her. She had a small bag in her hands, when she left.

“So, what’s in the bag?” he asked her.

She smiled and told him, “It’s a secret, baby. You’ll find out, tonight.”

Melvin smiled and rubbed her leg, gently. “Mmmmmm…I can’t wait!” he exclaimed. The thought of Allie, briefly crossed his mind, and Mel wiped it out. He couldn’t be with her anymore, now that he was with his girlfriend, again.

* * *

“Are you ready?” Blaire asked him, from the other side of his bedroom door.

“Yeah,” he responded. She walked through the door and watched, as his jaw dropped, at the sight of her.

She giggled. “Do you like it?” she asked him. She was currently wearing a red heart, bra and panty set, and a pair of red stockings that ended in a set of three inch heels. She topped her outfit off with a red rose, in her hair.

“Oh, yeah!” Melvin exclaimed. He was in nothing but a pair of silk, black boxers, at the time. It was his best pair, from what she remembered, in this reality. She could already see the head of his huge cock, pressing against it. Blaire climbed over Melvin, rubbing her large J cups across his chest, as her lips sought his own.

Her large lips locked with his own and the two kissed fervently, lost in lust. His hand reached behind her and squeezed her soft ass cheeks, only separated by her red thong. She moaned against him, loving every sensation he brought to her. His hands squeezed her cheeks between his hands, lightly twisting her cheeks in semicircles.

She broke the kiss and said, “Do you like my ass, Melvin? Is it nice and soft?”

“Oh, yeah!” he exclaimed. “See how hard it’s making me?”

Blaire reached between them and felt his huge cock, between them. “Mmmmmmm…I can see that!” she exclaimed. “What do you think of these, then?” She leaned back, and pulled the cups holding her large tits in place, down. Her hands moved across them, mauling and squeezing them, in front of his wide eyes.

“I like those, even more!” he said, smiling at her. His large hands cupped over her own, helping her squeeze and grab her tit flesh, pressing the two large orbs together and apart. Melvin began to kiss her thick lips, once more. She couldn’t get enough of him, in her mouth!

Blaire moved her hands in front of her, moving her breasts back into their cups, and untied the red bow, holding the cups of her bra, together. She giggled, as her boyfriend stopped kissing her, to watch the show she was doing, tugging the bow, off her, slowly. After taking the rest of her bra off, Melvin’s head immediately found its way to her breast, and began to suck on it, hard. His tongue ran across her pinkish areola, in circles, before flicking across her eraser tip nipples, again and again.

Blaire began to moan, from the sensations. She loved the way his mouth latched onto her small nipple, and suck it. Her hand reached down and stroked her clit, while he continued to assault her pink nipple. He switched to the other one, licking and sucking it like a pro, as she moaned against him.

Blaire rubbed her enlarged clit, faster with one hand, while her other pressed his head into her bosom. Blaire moaned and pressed her hips forward against him, in orgasm. She was glad, that she was no longer the person she used to be. Now, she could please Melvin, much more, with her body.

“Do you want your thick cock, deep in my pussy, Melvin?” she asked him.

He detached himself, from her nipple. “I do! I missed being inside you. Your pussy’s like a second home, to me!”

She giggled a bit, and said, “It’s been a while since you’ve been to your home, hasn’t it?”

“Oh yeah!” He agreed with her. Blaire, got off of him for a brief moment, allowing him to strip himself of his boxers, while she took off her high heels and g string, leaving only her red stockings. She knew Melvin liked what he saw, as she posed for him, knelling beside him.

His eyes wandered to the diamond ring, in her belly button. She shook her hips, enticingly. “Do you like my belly button ring?” she asked him.

“Where did you get it pierced?” he asked her. She wasn’t about to tell him the truth, that she had pierced it herself, a couple of weeks ago, with a pin she had stolen from one of the nurses, solely because she thought it would look sexy to have her belly button pierced, when she was with him, again. Luckily, she didn’t bleed much, when she did it, and the nurses never noticed..

She smiled, and lied to him. “I’ve had it, for a long time. I just don’t wear it, very often. Do you like it?” she asked him.

“It’s very pretty,” he told her.

She positioned herself over his large, thick cock, grabbing the huge thing with one hand, to place over her pussy. “You should watch it, as I ride you then, baby. I think you’ll like that, even more!”

Melvin smiled, and she pushed her wet pussy against his manhood. The head of his cock slipped inside her hole, and she moaned in pleasure as she slowly allowed inch after inch of it, inside of her. She couldn’t believe how good he felt inside of her!

Blaire began to grind against his cock. Her hips lifted up and down on him, and she moaned, as a second orgasm overcame her. She lifted and lowered herself on top of him, over and over, again. She could see how much he enjoyed it, as he watched her belly button ring, while his hands guided her hips, in and out of her.

Blaire reached with one of her hands, grabbing and squeezing her ass cheek, while she rode him. “Does my pussy feel good?” she asked him, moaning.

“It feels great to be home, again,” he exclaimed, as his hips began to thrust against her own.

Blaire rode through another orgasm and continued pumping, in and out of him. She moaned out, “Did you want to role play, a little?”

“Role play?”

“Yeah,” she said, looking deep into his bright blue eyes, with her own. “How about you be my master? Would you like that, master?” His eyes widened at the thought. She knew that he had fantasized about her being in his control like this, before.

“I think I’d like that, very much!” he exclaimed.

“Good, master!” she exclaimed. “My entire body is yours to do with, master! Any way you wish to use me, you can, master! I belong to you!”

“You belong to me?” he asked, thrusting harder against her.

Blaire screamed out, “Yes!” as another orgasm hit her.

She began to bounce on his cock, at a rapid pace. “Do you like how that feels, master? Would you like me to go faster?”

“God, yes!” he exclaimed. “Slam into your master’s cock, baby!” She smiled and stopped for a moment to french kiss him, before picking up the pace, once more. She moaned, as yet another orgasm came over her. He was watching her large J cups slap each other, as she bounced on his cock. Blaire smiled at the fact that Melvin, her master, liked them, so much.

She moaned out to him, “Master? Would you like to be my master, for now on? Not just tonight?”

“Are you serious?” he asked, slowing his thrusts against her.

“Oh, yes, master! For now on, I will be at your constant beck and call, doing whatever you command of me, wherever you command it, whenever you command it, without question! How does that sound, master? Do you like the sound of that?” His hips began to wildly thrust, against her. It seemed the thought of her being his permanent slave, had pushed him just enough to orgasm, inside of her.

He groaned, as he shot his seed, deep inside of her. Blaire screamed through another orgasm, as well, before slipping out of him. “How was that, master?”

He kissed her, deeply. “Good. Were you serious, about the whole slave thing?”

“Oh yes, master! I want to be your slave, so bad!”

He smiled and told her, “OK, I guess we can do that, if you like. But, only when we are alone.”

“I’m happy to be able to serve you as your slave, master.” She cuddled up against him and the two kissed deeply, again.

“Why don’t you wrap those thick, sexy lips around my cock, baby? You can get your master hard, again.”

She cooed in pleasure, as a small orgasm came over her from him ordering her, alone. She lowered herself down his body, scraping her nipples against his built chest and tone abs. She rubbed her breasts against his cock a few times, before lowering her mouth to his cock, and kissing the end. Her mouth engulfed his manhood, quickly causing him to raise, again.

“I’m your master, right?” he asked her.

“Of course, master! Your wish, is my command!”

He smiled and said, “OK, get on your hands and knees. There is something I’ve always wanted to try.” Blaire did as he said, and he got behind her, pressing his large cock against her ass hole.

“That’s it, master! Fuck my ass! Take your slave’s ass, master!” Melvin pressed his cock against her anus, and it slowly slipped inside of her. Blaire noted how her master’s cock only pleasured her, as he slid it deeper and deeper, inside of her.

Could his nonviolent nature have effected his cock as well, when reality changed? I remember this hurting somewhat, in the past. Her mind forgot what she was thinking, as an orgasm came over her.

Melvin had his cock all the way inside her, now. He began to pump in and out of her. Blaire shoved her hips against him, feeling his large golf ball sized balls press against her, each time. “Take my ass, master!” she screamed, through another orgasm. “Make this ass yours, master!” She reached between her legs with one hand, stroking her clit, furiously. “Mmmmmm…that’s it, master! Stick it in me!” Blaire rode through another orgasm, as his cock brought nothing, but pleasure, to her.

“Is my ass nice and tight, master?”

He groaned against her. “You feel amazing, baby!”

“I’m glad, then, master.” Her master pushed her through several more orgasms, before he was ready to blow his load, again. “Yes! Cum in my ass, master!” she screamed, as the two orgasmed, together. Melvin pulled out, and the two laid in his bed, in the afterglow of sex.

She kissed him and asked, “How was I, master?”

“You were great, baby. The best.” She smiled and cuddled up next to her master, who was exhausted, now. She felt as his breathing became deeper, as he fell asleep. Blaire smiled, and pressed her head against his own. For a brief moment, an image came to her mind, of her, and a sexed up version of Allison, taking turns, sucking his long cock. She smiled and reached down, squeezing his cock, lightly, causing him to groan in his sleep.

“I’m going to help you fulfill each and every one of your fantasies and dreams, master,” she whispered. She closed her eyes and whispered inside his ear, “And now I know, exactly where to begin…”