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Synopsis: Sara goes to join Penumbra Corp and finds the duties aren’t as advertised


Sara stopped in the lobby to take a long look up the void that sat in the middle of the multi-storey building.

She could see glass elevators tear up the inside of the building delivering their workers throughout the headquarters of Penumbra Corporation.

Sara was in her late teens. She wore a smart business outfit. Her hair was neat and tied up in a bun at the back. She looked very ‘proper’. She clasped her silver religious pendant and tucked it into her top between her perky breasts.

She went to the security desk. The dark uniformed woman behind the desk looked up at her. She had a name-tag Marika Torres

“Hi” Sara said, “I’m Sara Meyers. I’m here for a job interview”

“What department?”

“Penumbra Corp”

“No!” Marika sighed “This is ALL Penumbra… what division are you after?”

“Recruitment?” Sara said half unsure

Marika sighed again “What was your name, again?”

“Meyers, Sara A.” Sara smiled

Marika typed at a console

“Ah” she said “You want Department A-8”

“Where can I find…?”

“If you just hold your horses” Marika sighed again, “I’ll tell you…”


“If you just go over to Tower 2 and the elevators on the right will take you there…”

“Thank you” she smiled nervously and went to dash away

“Wait!” Marika said “You need a visitor’s pass”


Marika opened up a draw and took out a bronze wrist-band

“Here put this on…”

Sara looked at the bracelet. She had seen other people get a plastic clip-on pass. She wondered why she’d get a piece of jewellery

“Are you here for the job?” a woman asked

Sara half-heard it like she was in a daze

She looked at the girl sitting next to her—someone no older than herself.

“The job? Are you here for the job?” she repeated

“Huh?” Sara gasped. She looked about. She was sitting in a chair, one of several aligned along the wall. Across the hall was another line of chairs.

Sara saw about four young ladies all seemingly also waiting for a job interview.

Sara wondered how she had got there

“Sorry?” she gasped as the cloud over her mind seemed to lift “What…? The job…? Yes, I’m here for the job”

“So am I” the young woman smiled. She offered Sara her hand “I’m Rita” the young thing said

Sara was slow to react but took the hand “Hi”

“And you are?” Rita urged

“Oh, sorry… I’m Sara”

“Nice to meet you”

“Nice to meet you, too” Sara said

Sara noticed a woman opposite her seemingly in a state of confusion

“She arrived just after you…” Rita said

“How did I get here?”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t remember… look, I was down at security and next thing I’m here…”

“Ah-ha” Rita said trying to ascertain if Sara was nuts

Sara noticed Rita had a security pass, a plastic pass with “Visitor” written on it. The pass clipped to her collar.

Sara then noticed the woman opposite her didn’t have a pass. “Excuse me…” Sara said leaning over to speak to her

The woman looked about confused, and as if unable to speak…

“Where… where am I?” she asked

“You’re…” Sara began

“You’re at Department A-8” Rita leant forward and interrupted, “What is it with you two?” she laughed

Sara noticed the woman had a bracelet on, like the one she was wearing.

“What’s your name?” Sara asked

“I….” the woman said “Funny… I can’t remember…” she said as she looked uncomfortable—trying to comprehend what was happening.

“You don’t know your name?” Rita scoffed

“I…” she began confused

“Take your time” Sara said

“I… I don’t remember” the woman cried

Sara slid across to her and held her, it was clear she was visibly upset. She handed the woman some tissues

“Thank you” the woman said, honking her nose

“Look, there’s a bathroom down here, we better freshen you up…” Sara said

Sara helped guide the woman down

There was a bathroom but it said “Staff Only” Sara said “Fuck it” and went in

Inside, the woman went over to a sink and taking some paper towels honked her nose again

“Say…” Sara said, “Do you have a driver’s licence on you?”

“Ah, I don’t know” she said as she rummaged through her bag

“Bea Collins” she said, happy now she knew she had a name.

“There you go!” Sara said. “Look” Sara added, “I’ve just got to pee… and…”

“You go on” Bea said

Sara went into a cubicle

“What are you doing in here?” came a woman’s voice

“Who are you?” Bea asked

“I’m Karen” the woman said, “And I asked you again what are you…?”

“What’s going on here?” came another woman’s voice

Sara was already seated on the toilet and so didn’t immediately spring up to see what was going on

Sara listened intently to the voices outside her cubicle

“I was just asking this woman, Mistress” the first one said

“Leave us”

“Yes, Mistress” she said

“Who are you?”

“Bea Collins”

“What are you doing here…?”

“I am here to try and get a job”

“No, I mean in here…” the woman said, “This is for staff only…. can’t you read…?”

“I… I will go”

“No. Stay”

“What…? What’s happening?”

“Take off your top…”

“Why can’t I leave… What…? What’s happening to my arms…?”

Sara was concerned by the distress in her friends voice. She slowly slid forward off the toilet bowl and looked out through the crack between the door and the frame.

She stared open-eyed as Bea opened up her blouse.

“Please… what…? How are you making me do this”

Sara saw the other woman, a tall blonde. She looked like how she might imagine a Valkyrie. The other woman was reaching up under her dress, and pulling off her panties.

“What are you doing?” Bea asked

“On your knees!”

Bea fell to her knees

“Please…” she cried

The Valkyrie lifted her dress and presented her crotch. She took hold of Bea and pulled her forward into her

“Nn-nn-nn” Bea cried

“Eat me” the woman commanded

Sara watched in horror as Bea started lapping at the goddess’ vagina.

“That’s it” the woman gasped, throwing her head back and sighing.

“N-n-n” Bea whined, a little less convincingly

“That’s it” the woman said again “Drink!”

Bea had her legs apart and had one hand down her slacks, and another cupping her exposed small breast. She masturbated as she lapped at the woman’s vagina.

“Yes… yes… yes…” the goddess cried

“Oh, fuck yes!” she said, pulling Bea in closer, rubbing her crotch against Bea’s face.

Bea came too. She got off giving pleasure.

Finally the Valkyrie drew her to her feet, and they kissed. She also cupped Bea’s small tits. “Do your top up now” she said as she looked down at Bea’s hard nipples, jutting out like little bullets

“When your interview comes up say that “Helga has approved of me”—repeat that”

“Helga has approved of me”

“Yes, good” she smiled, “You will get the job and come and work for me”

“Yes, mistress” Bea said

Bea smiled

They kissed. It was long and passionate. Helga picked her panties up off the floor and stuffed them into Bea’s mouth. Bea grinned as she accepted them into her

Helga left.

Sara finally straightened herself up, pulling up her panties and flushing the toilet.

Bea spun around as Sara emerged

“I forgot you were there” Bea blushed

“What the hell did you just do?” Sara gasped

“I…I am in love” Bea grinned as she took the panties and rolled them up and put them in her pocket.

“You just fucked a total stranger!”

“She is so wonderful” Bea said with this appearance of bliss on her face.

“There’s something wrong about this place” Sara said, “You should get out of here…”

“I can’t…” Bea said, “My mistress wouldn’t…”

“Your… your mistress?” Sara gasped, “Can’t you hear yourself?”

“You can go…” Bea said, “You owe me nothing… we only just met”

“I don’t want to leave you here though…”

“You can go”


“I want to stay here and serve”


“Just go”

Sara looked at her with amazement

“Fuck off!” Bea said and lashed out her

Sara left.

She went back to her seat.

“You were gone for a while” Rita said

Sara ignored her. She picked up her resume and portfolio

The recruitment officer just then stepped forward “Miss Meyers?” she called

Sara looked up “That’s me”

“You can go in now…”

“I… I’ve decided I don’t want to work here…”

“Oh?” the woman asked “Why’s that…”

Sara looked down the hall from where she had come. Bea was there talking to another woman. The woman looked up the hall at Sara and waved at the recruitment officer

“I’ve decided to go look elsewhere…” Sara smiled weakly.

“I don’t think you should go…” the recruitment officer said

“Thanks, but I…” she gasped “Hey, let go of me!” as the officer grabbed her

“Help me!” Sara cried to Rita

Rita leaped up but grabbed her other arm

“What?” Sara cried

“You see…” the woman smiled, “Rita already works for us… she’s simply an internal applicant”

“That’s right” Rita smiled, “And I already accept the Mistress”

Bea and her companion from down the hall had arrived now and Bea also grabbed hold of Sara

“You going somewhere?” the woman asked

“Let go of me… all of you are in so much trouble!” Sara snarled

The woman burst out laughing at the weak threat

She got on her phone and moments later Helga appeared.

“What’s going on here?”

“I’m sorry to call you Mistress”

“That’s alight, my lovely”

“This woman here it seems saw you convert Bea to slavery”

“Oh, did you now…?” Helga said

“What?” Sara cried, “What is going on here?”

“What is your name?”

“Sara Meyers” Sara blurted out

“Maybe I can find a place here for you too…” Helga smiled as she brushed the back of her hand over Sara’s face

Sara shook her head “Don’t touch me!” she snarled

In a moment of opportunity she dug her hand into her bag and drew out a small .38 revolver.

The other women leaped back

“I always carry!” Sara laughed as she waved the gun about…

“Put the gun down” Helga smiled

Suddenly Sara’s hand opened up and the gun fell to the ground.

“What the fuck?” she gasped

She bent down to pick it up

“Leave it” Helga said

Sara’s hand went limp as if drugged

“What’s happening”

Helga hitched her dress up, right there in the hall. All the other women were converts, it mattered not to Helga then that others could see.

“What are you doing?”

“On your knees” Helga smiled

“No…” Sara cried as she fell to her knees. She suddenly realised that whatever had happened to Bea was going to happen to her

“No… please… “ she cried, “Don’t make me do this…”

“You’ll want to… in a moment” Helga smiled

“I… I have a boyfr….” she began

“Shhh” Helga smiled as she drew closer “None of that will matter”

“Please…” Sara cried again as she was pulled forward against Helga’s moist pink lips

She felt Helga’s vagina open up against her face.

“Drink” Helga commanded

Sara began to lap, sliding her tongue up into that warm pink cavity

And she found her tongue tingling with sensations…


“Yes… mistress” Sara sighed.

The End