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“Don’t you cheat on me!” Callie called out as she headed into the bathroom.

“Trust me” Troy laughed as he waited impatiently on the couch with the game controller poised in his hand.

Callie was nineteen, home for the holidays. She had wavy long brown hair, that she grew past her shoulders. She had pale blue eyes.

Her brother Troy was only ten months younger than her. They said it must mean their folks were eager to get back in the sack after Callie was born. Troy was athletic. He’d rather be out jogging than home playing a video game with his older pest of a sister.

The weather had been bad.

Callie sat on the toilet letting it all out. She’d been playing for a few hours straight and she was ready to burst.

She took some paper and dabbed it on herself before flushing. She looked for a moment in the mirror. She was short, just over 5ft. If not for her long locks she would have appeared quite boyish. She was disappointed with her figure—especially her chest. However she didn’t help by wearing athletic gear. She hardly looked lady-like. She was nothing in that respect like her mom. Her mom, Lydia was taller, and more curvy. She’d envied her mom’s bust.

Callie washed her hands and headed back down the hall “I’ll kill you if you cheated” she growled

“I’m sitting here waiting” he called back

She stopped in the doorway and looked at him accusingly.

“What?” he said. “I swear I’ve not done anything…”

“You better not…”

“Hey, I’m thirsty”

“So?” she asked, “I’m not mom!”

“Get us some suds”

“Get yourself some suds!”

“Aw, please”

“Fuck, okay” she said, spinning around and going to the kitchen.

The kitchen was large with an island bench made of real Italian granite. They were not poor.

The fridge was large with double-doors. She opened them both and swung on them, leaning forward as she looked in.

There was a four-pack of bottles; two missing. She grabbed one by the long neck

The red label had “Rednex” and “Brewed inTennessee”

“That’s funny…” she thought, “Mom has just gone to Tennessee”

Their mom had caught a flight there only this morning… leaving the two home-bound siblings to themselves.

She popped the bottle top—having never had it, nor even heard of it before she was curious about the drink. It hissed carbonated fizz at her. She could smell it’s sweetness before she’d even brought it to her lips

She took a sip. “Wow!” she gasped. It tingled her tongue.

She took another sip

“Where’s my suds?” Troy called out.

She decided that they could share a bottle of this strange brew together

Callie went back to the tv-room and then again, as before she lent on the doorway. She looked at her brother Troy. She had to admit he looked very buff, and handsome. “Any girl would jump that” she thought. She giggled

“Well?” he said

“I found this” she said as she slid into the room. She flopped down on the couch next to him and handed him the bottle.

She felt a flush of heat in her cheeks. He was about to take a sip when he noticed her staring at him

“What the matter, sis?”

“I…” she giggled, “Nothing”

She leant forward and he caught a glimpse down her shirt. There was little there, but what little was there he could see. Her small nipples were long and hard.

“Well?” he asked again

“Did anyone tell you how hot you are?”

“Ah-ha” he smiled, “You want to drive my car?”

“Nooooooo!” she said, smacking his thigh, “I’m serious”

“Have they?” she asked…

“A few girls have”

“Who?” she asked, jealous. She couldn’t believe how stung she was by that.

“A few…”

She got up on her knees and stretched upwards before flopping back onto her haunches.

“What’s got into you anyway?”

“I don’t know” she giggled and then she reached out with her toes and tickled his rib

He took a sip of the bottle. “Hey!” he laughed “What is this?”

“You shouldn’t go out with other girls” she said, still jealous

“Rednex?” he said reading the label. He took another swig and then handed it back to her. She took it “Thank you, darling brother” she smiled as she took the bottle and another sip

He felt a little hot and she handed it back and he took big gulps this time.

“Those other girls can’t make you happy”

“They make me happy”



“What do they do?”

“They suck my dick”

“You like having your dick sucked?” she asked as she leaned forward again.


“I can do that for you”

“What?” he gasped

“I can make you happy”


“Get it out… let me see…”

“I…” he felt a flush of heat and then pulled his zipper down.

He wasn’t quick enough for her. Impatiently she leant forward further and reached into his fly


“Let me make you happy” she said as she took his cock out.

He felt he should let her. She held his length in his hand “This is big” she said

She lent even further forward and kissed the tip of his cock. “My little brother is really big!”

“Make me happy, sis” he sighed, relaxing as her mouth opened and took him in.

Callie brought her brother to hardness. She sucked him. He dropped the console, concentrating on her; her head bobbing up and down on his cock



“Take off your top”

She smiled, sat up and pulled it off. She was skinny, her ribs showed. Her breasts were small, but topped by hard nipples.

She held these for a moment, tweaking them for him

“Do you want to see the rest?”

“You bet” he salivated.

She snorted a laugh and rose up and pulled her jeans off, then her panties. She was hairy. She’d never had to show it before

He brought his mouth up to her and his tongue slid along her slit

“You’re a virgin?” he gasped

“Is that bad?”

“No…” he smiled as he buried his mouth between her thighs.

She drew her arms up again skywards relaxing, sighing as he tongued her. She was wet

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhh!” she sighed. She ran her fingernails through his hair, clawing him, pulling him up into her vagina.

They kissed. “Thank you” she whimpered. She’d never been brought to orgasm by anyone before.

“I want you to fuck me” she purred


“I want you to be my first”

She took another swig of Rednex and then he opened his mouth and she poured some into him

“I want you to fuck me…” she said again

“Alright” he smiled as he rose up and took off his pants.

He lay her down

“Will this hurt?” she trembled

“A little…” he smiled as he climbed over her.

They kissed. He loved kissing her. As they did he took hold of his cock and guided it to her snatch

He held himself for a moment

“Put it in me” she whimpered

He pushed into her

She held onto him

“Ow” she said

But he kept pushing into her

“Owww” she cried but he entered her to the fullness of his length.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes” she smiled, “I love you”

“I… I love you too” he said and they laughed and realised how much they wanted each other. They kissed passionately on the lips. His tongue invaded her mouth.

He built up speed

“Not too fast” she said and he slowed again, but he found the rhythm

“Fuck you’re good” she giggled

He tweaked her nipple and they kissed again and again as he rode her

“Are you coming?” she asked


“I want to feel you come in me” she whimpered

“Oh… here I…” he gasped as he held her hard and fast as his cock erupted in her, spewing out his hot seed.

“Oh, fuck!” she cried as her back arched; her orgasm meeting his, they held their mouths close to each other, breathing in each other’s hot breath.

He collapsed on her

She kissed him “That was wonderful” she said as she hugged him.

“Fuck you’re so tight” he said

“Am I?” she found herself asking. “Is that a good thing?”


“Stay in me” she said as she felt him about to get up


“Just lie with me and hug me and never let me go” she gigged, and so he lay on her and they stayed together for a while

“You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had” he said to her

“Really?” she smiled with pride.


“Your big sister isn’t such a geek”

“No” he smiled, kissing her chest. He nibbled at one of her bullet-like nipples.

“Oh, I gotta pee” she said suddenly

“Me too…” he said.

They burst off the couch and raced down the hall

“Hey!” she cried as he grabbed her hair and pulled her back so he got in ahead of her

But he gave up the bowl for her and he went and pissed in the shower.

She felt drawn to him as she watched him piss. She was turned on by his hot ass.

She found herself flicking her clit.

He turned on the shower to wash his piss down

“Don’t go” she said, grabbing his hand as he walked past her.

She held both his hands as she sat there urinating. They looked at each other, into each other’s eyes. So full of love.

* * *

In the morning Callie woke. She felt a huge feeling of regret. Yes, she had willingly fucked her brother. Yes, she had enjoyed it…. a lot. But she knew it was wrong now… so wrong. She sat naked in her bed and decided she would never do it again.

He was already in the kitchen when she walked in, this time she had clothes on. He too

“Look…” she said

“Yeah, about last night”


“I still love you” he said, “But what we did…”

“It was wrong”


“Let’s just never bring that up again”

“Agreed” he said

She laughed, nervously. But she was glad that he felt the same way. They were going to be adult about it. It was a moment that they had both enjoyed… but they needed to put it behind them. They were still siblings after-all; they were family. They still loved each other…

“Are you going to stay in, again?” she asked

“No… I don’t think so…” he said

“Ah, okay”

“You’ll be alright?” he asked, “… by yourself?”

“Yeah, sure” she said as she walked over to the fridge. She looked in it for a while and then found herself taking out the last bottle of Rednex. She didn’t even think about it.

She popped the top and took a sip.

“What’s that ?” he asked as he looked up from his breakfast

“Just this ‘Rednex’ stuff” she smiled as she took another sip. It made her feel flushed with heat

“Can I have some” he said suddenly interested in it… Subconsciously he remembered how nice it was…

“Sure” she smiled as she sauntered over to him. She felt a tingle between her thighs

She watched him as he took some. She had to admit he looked hot. He drank a bit handed it back she took some then he had some again. This stuff was really good… she thought.

She noticed he was hard.

He noticed he was hard.

He sat back a little so she could see the bulge in his pants. He wasn’t ashamed of it.

“What’s this?” she giggled

“You look so hot…” he said

“I thought we…” she began, but she couldn’t think of what she was going to say. She only felt good that he thought she looked hot.

“I can’t believe you’re so sexy” he said

“Why, thank you…” she grinned offering him another sip

He massaged his crotch as he looked at her…

“Let me take care of that for you…” she said as she got on all fours and slunk under the table

He watched as she meowed like a cat and cuddled up to his crotch. She took his cock out and brought her mouth down over him.

She sucked him till he creamed in her mouth. She drank it all down. She giggled as she stroked his cock and held her mouth open, catching his jizz…

“Fuck that’s nice” she purred as he sprayed her

“You’re cock hungry!” he laughed

“You bet” she smiled. “I love your cock”

They’d forgotten all about the deal that they had just made.

He drew her out from under the table and made her bend slightly over the sink. “What are you going to do?” she giggled with excited anticipation

He didn’t say, he just pulled her pants down. Then her panties. His tongue went up between her ass-cheeks. He found her anus. “Oooo” she giggled, shaking with delight as she felt his tongue touch her there…

“I… I’m not clean…”

“Don’t care” he said and stabbed his tongue into her.

“Oh, that’s nice” she trembled as his tongue invaded her asshole

With a free hand he moved it around and touched her clit. Strumming her bud and licking her anus sent her into paroxysms of delight.

Her body shook, and spasmed as she came.

He rose up. She spun around and they kissed

“Ewww…” she giggled, “Is that what my asshole tastes like?”

“I love your asshole” he smiled

“I want to taste yours” she said


“I want to taste my brother’s asshole” she said

“Alright” he grinned, “I can go with that”

“Turn around then!” she chuckled

He did so

She dropped to her knees

“Bend over damn you” she said, “I want to see it”

He leaned over on the table and she looked up between his ass-cheeks. She was fascinated by his hairy star

“Am I that hairy?” she asked aloud

“Yes” he said

She drew her tongue against him and then pushed in. She found she loved the texture of her tongue against his anus.

She stabbed him with her tongue

Then, without asking she slid a finger in

“Oh, fuck” he gasped

She realised he liked that. She put another finger in. “Ow, that’s too much” he said with two fingers in, up to her knuckles

“Don’t be a baby” she said, as she kept fingering him. He wanted to protest, but he loved it…

He got hard

She licked her fingers as she rose to her feet.

He turned around and watched her as she purposely liked her fingers for him to see

“You’re dirty” he smiled

“My brother’s ass is soooo dirty” she grinned

“Am I a dirty girl?” she asked

“You bet…” he said

“Do you love your big sister?”

“You bet”

“Say it”

“I love my big sister”

“Then fuck me!”

He picked her up and impaled her on his cock in one swift move

“Oh, yes… fuck, stick it in me…” she cried

He carried her back to the sink and pumped her with his cock

Her feet locked around behind him

“You little whore… you like that!”

“Fuck me, Troy, fuck your whore sister!”

Her words brought him pleasure

“You’re a slut”


“You love your brother’s cock”

“Yes” she gasped, “I love my brother’s cock”

“You want me to come in you”

“I want you to come in me” she gasped, “I want my brother to come in me…”

And he did. Like before her orgasm came with his. They pumped against each other, sweat dripping. Mouths hung open, kissing.

Then he sank to his knees and tasted himself dripping out of her.

She reached over and took another sip of Rednex. She offered it to him… the last bit.

He carried her back to the master bedroom. He threw her onto the bed. “Wheeeee” she giggled as she flew backwards onto the mattress

He climbed over her, and with his mouth to her pussy, and her mouth to his cock they kissed each other… and she put two fingers back into his ass again…

That whole day they were intimate with each other. They held hands as they went to the bathroom.

She didn’t care that he watched as she used the toilet.

They shared a bath together, and caressed each other. Lovingly they washed each other. They sat and watched tv together, only she sat on him, with his cock buried in her snatch as the news came on.

He played with her nipples.

She made dinner for him, all the while he took grabs at her ass. She stole kisses here and there from him. They were like young lovers. They couldn’t get enough of each other.

They slept together. In each other’s arms.

Callie woke at 6am. She felt like she had a hang-over. Her head throbbed. She looked at her brother lying there naked.

“Fuck” she gasped. She wondered why after the promise they’d made that they’d gone back at it… only fucking the entire day. They’d done it over and over again. Was she some kind of pervert? Addicted?

“What’s wrong with me?” she gasped as she slid out of bed

She walked back to her bedroom.

She realised she would have to pack and leave… and do it quietly.

She opened the front door with her backpack packed.

“Callie?” Lydia smiled as she struggled up the drive-way

“Mom?” Callie said, “You’re back…”


“Help me with these…” Lydia said as she handed some boxes to her daughter

“Sure” Callie said

“Is your brother about?” Lydia asked

“Yes, he’s still asleep”

“In his own room?” she asked, with a smile

“Ah… no” Callie said, embarrassed as she carried the boxes into the kitchen behind her mom

Lydia laid her boxes on the counter and Callie put hers on the floor.

“Were you going somewhere?”

“Huh? What?”

“You had your backpack”

“Yeah.. um…”

“Why were you leaving? Break’s not over yet”

“Uh… yeah” Callie said, “I couldn’t stay here any longer”

“You and your brother didn’t have a fight did you?”

“No… nothing like that”

“Then why?”


“Look, help me with the rest of the boxes…” Lydia smiled, “You can tell me about it later”

“Sure” Callie said

They brought in four more boxes

“Say, mom” Callie asked “What’s in these?”

“Take a look” Lydia said

Callie peeled back the top of one of the boxes. Inside were nine long-necked bottles… “Rednex”

Lydia reached down and took a bottle and popped the lid

She guzzled down a big mouthful and then handed the bottle to her daughter

“I don’t think…”

“Drink it…” Lydia said

Callie smelled the perfume fill the air. Something about the familiar scent of the soda…

She took some and gulped it down

“Come” Lydia said, taking her daughter’s hand

“We’re going to wake up your brother…”

“I love you mom” Callie said as she took her mom’s hand

“I love you too, Callie” Lydia said as they went down the hall to the master bedroom

Callie undressed as Lydia gently shook her son’s shoulder “Troy wake up” she said, “Wake up, honey…”

“Huh?” he gasped, “Mom, what is it?”

“First, take a sip of this…” she smiled, handing him the bottle of Rednex

He took the bottle and even as he sipped Lydia let her dress drop to the floor…

“You should try anal…” Lydia said to her daughter

“Yes, mom”

The End