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Relaxation Therapy — Expanded Functions

mc mf md ds gr contains scenes of feederism/wg

Synopsis—Testing out a new prototype expands Catherine’s horizons in ways she never would have expected.

“Not in a million years James.”

Catherine Green glared at her husband, after all their years of marriage he should know better than to try to get her to do anything she didn’t want yet he had the nerve to push her.

“But honey, I know you would love it if you just try it,” her husband pleaded.

“I said no,” she said with finality glaring at her husband as if daring him to continue.

At just over six foot tall, Catherine towered over her shorter husband, her fierce blue eyes and long blonde hair gave her an intimidating appearance that she used to frequently browbeat him into doing what she wanted. In her youth, she had been a model and although she was almost in her forties now she worked hard to keep her slim athletic figure.

Now her husband was trying to push her into trying some crazy new relaxation chair one of his clients had invented as if she needed to relax.

Her husband James was a lawyer, who specialized in dealing with patents. The work was well paid but hardly glamorous and he spent an inordinate amount of time dealing with various crackpots and their crazy new devices much to her disgust. Now nearly fifty, James was a balding, overweight embarrassment and Catherine preferred to avoid his company spending her time in the gym with her personal trainer.

He sighed, slumping back into his chair a defeated look on his face.

“I just thought since you were such a big fitness fan you might like to give it a try before it’s on the open market,” he explained resignedly.

“What does a relaxation chair have to do with keeping fit?” She asked dismissively.

“Oh it does far more than relax you, her husband said his chubby face animated by her question. “The inventor is a genius, it combines the relaxation therapies of a dozen different devices with the physical therapy equipment of an entire gym and this incredible virtual interface that engages your brain while your body works. It’s going to totally revolutionize the fitness industry when it’s released.”

“Really.” Catherine was intrigued despite herself, it wasn’t often her husband’s job came in handy but it did mean he occasionally heard about new technologies before anyone else.

“Think of it like a vigorous workout, combined with the most amazing massage you ever had,” he gushed excitedly. “They will be prohibitively expensive at first, only the very rich will be able to own one but I made it part of my contract that you could get an exclusive course on the prototype. I thought you would like to try it before anyone else but if it doesn’t interest you I can cancel.”

Catherine paused, as much as she wanted to dismiss his clumsy gift the chance to try something so exclusive before it hit the market would give her bragging rights for years.

“No,” she said thoughtfully. “If it’s already arranged I suppose I can give it a try but next time James you really have to explain yourself better.”

* * *

The next morning, James drove her over to the house of this ‘inventor friend’, the place certainly looked more like a mansion than a laboratory, a big house surrounded with a high brick wall and what looked like a guest-house out back nestled between several big oak trees.

The door was opened by a seriously obese woman who ushered them inside, obviously he hadn’t been testing his device on the help Catherine thought to herself as she eyed the décor trying not to feel impressed by the casual display of wealth.

The disgustingly corpulent servant was crammed into a silky black dress that rode up indecently high on her flabby thighs, her swollen belly barely covered by a white apron. It looked like a ridiculous attempt at a sexy maids uniform practically bursting at the seams in an attempt to contain the fatty wearing it, obviously, this inventor must be a total pervert.

“James, it’s lovely to see you again,” the maid said happily ignoring Catherine almost entirely. “I’ll just run and tell Jerry you’re here.”

The woman waddled away, her flabby thighs rubbing together as she walked leaving them alone in the entrance hall.

“Seriously James,” Catherine hissed viciously as soon as the maid was out of sight. “Is this man a pervert or what, who hires a maid that fat let alone dresses her like that?”

“Oh that’s not the maid, it’s his wife,” Her husband said trying not to meet her glare.

“His wife!” Catherine gasped horrified. “What sort of perverted filth have you gotten me into? She’s the size of a cow and dressed like a harlot.”

“They may be a tad eccentric,” her husband admitted. “But creative people often are, I’m sure you won’t have to associate with her unless you want to.”

As if that will ever happen, Catherine thought to herself in disgust.

The man’s wife may have looked nothing like the wealthy woman she was supposed to be, but the skinny bespectacled man she brought back into the room was certainly everything she expected from one of her husband’s crackpots.

He thanked his wife who actually bobbed like an old-fashioned servant before coming forward and shaking James’ hand.

“May I introduce my wife Catherine,” Her husband said introducing her with a broad smile in her direction. “Catherine, this is Jerry Davis, and his lovely wife Lauren.”

“A pleasure my dear, James has told me so much about you,” the balding egghead stammered offering her a limp handshake, she indulged him for a moment then stepped back fighting the urge to wipe her hand on her dress.

“So Jerry, how are the final results from your testing?” her husband continued.

“If anything they are better than we anticipated,” he gushed happily. “I finished adding all the new equipment this morning when the decorative covers are ready we are all done. Once we have your lovely wife settled in for her session I’m sure you will enjoy checking my results yourself.” the boffin shot her an oddly guilty looking glance as he continued gushing about his new toy.

“Well perhaps if it’s ready I can leave you two to it,” Catherine interrupted.

“Oh, of course my dear, where are my manners,” Jerry replied absent-mindedly. “I’m sure you don’t want to listen to all the boring details. Lauren, be a dear and show Catherine down to the machine and get her set up, then come back and help me entertain her husband until she’s done.”

“Of course darling,” the fat woman said stepping forward and taking Catherine’s arm. “Please come with me I’m sure you’re going to love it.”

* * *

Catherine threw off the woman’s guiding hand, following haughtily as she led the way outside, across the garden to the guest house that Jerry had transformed into his workshop. The woman’s backside jiggled with every step, her low cut dress flashing the tops of her thighs as she led the way inside. Catherine didn’t bother to hide her disgusted expression now the woman had her back to her.

The device sat in a room full of technical looking equipment, at first glance it looked like someone had tried to cross an expensive recliner with a spider, dozens of mechanical arms held cushions and fabric slings in the rough approximation of a chair, while others held strange looking tools or curled up out of the way underneath the chair.

“It doesn’t look like any exercise machine I’ve ever seen,” Catherine muttered doubtfully.

“Oh trust me, it will give you quite the workout,” Lauren giggled brainlessly. “Now did your husband explain that you will need to be naked?”

“He may have mentioned something about it,” Catherine admitted reluctantly. Looking at the bizarre looking device she was less than thrilled about sitting on it naked let alone stripping off around the fat woman.

“I know it looks a bit scary, but the machine needs to be able to touch your skin to work properly,” she explained as if talking to a slightly dim child. Once the covers are all on, you will just be able to walk in and sit down, but till then someone needs to supervise just in case you get tangled in something.”

Catherine paused, on the one hand, this was getting more dubious by the minute, but she didn’t want to back out in front of the stupid woman, she certainly didn’t want her husband supervising instead.

Reluctantly she slowly stripped off her dress, placing it in the basket Lauren provided, then biting her lip, she slipped down her panties and unhooked her bra.

Catherine wasn’t ashamed of her body, she worked hard every day to keep fit and trim, her small breasts still pert, her tummy taught and slim but it was still somewhat embarrassing to strip in front of the fat woman. The lard ass busied herself at a computer next to the chair, politely avoiding looking in her direction until she finished but Catherine still felt herself blushing slightly from embarrassment.

“The chair is ready when you are,” Lauren announced, gesturing to the precarious-looking seat in the middle of all the arms and incomprehensible devices. “If you need a hand up just ask.”

Catherine ignored her offer, stepping carefully up to the machine she gingerly she lowered herself onto the cool leather covered pads, they moved smoothly under her, adjusting as she moved backward’s and supporting her gently.

Once she was comfortable, Lauren lowered down a weird looking helmet with a VR visor and helped to get it into place.

“Okay, I’m going to activate the interface in a moment,” Lauren said over the helmets headphones, her voice was a little loud and slightly distorted over the speakers. “You can only access the lowest tier of options at first, after the chair has evaluated you it will unlock the higher ones as you are ready for them.”

As if this heap of junk is going to be tougher than my normal workout, Catherine thought to herself. The black screen came to life, revealing a bare computer generated white room, with a surprisingly accurate version of herself seeming to float suspended in mid-air.

Lines of text appeared as if floating in the air a foot in front of her, as Lauren had warned her the only level that was not greyed out was the first so she reached out and ran her hand through the level one icon.

The icon grew larger as the rest faded away and another list appeared below it.

Level One

“The different themes will give you different workouts,” Lauren’s voice explained excitedly. “I’m sure you will give them all a go in time so don’t worry about which one you try first.”

Picking at random, she swiped through the rainforest icon and the room faded away into darkness.

The sound started first, an echoing chorus of birdsong at the very edge of hearing that grew as the darkness gave way to flickering strobing patterns. She felt the chair start to gently buzz against her skin, the buzzing hum intensified until her whole body seemed to be just gently vibrating in warm darkness, it almost felt like she could feel the dappled heat of the sun through the leaves above.

Even the air seemed charged with an earthy scent as the sound doubled and then redoubled again into a full jungle chorus.

This wasn’t half bad, Catherine admitted to herself. Sure the workout hadn’t started yet but she could almost believe she was laid in a sunny jungle clearing.

And then the vibrating hum changed pitch, starting to pulse through her body, slowly at first but with increasing speed.

The pulses made her feel like every muscle was being turned to electrified jelly, as they increased in pitch she lay drifting in blissful contentment until she just faded away...

She came to when the chair beeped to indicate the end of the program, blinking slowly awake, she found herself again in the white room, floating in the air the words Program Complete hovering in front of her.

“Back with us sweetie?” Lauren’s cheery voice asked.

Catherine found it hard to even talk, her brain feeling like it was stuffed with cotton wool and her muscles seemed to have the strength of elastic bands. She managed to murmur something that sounded vaguely positive and she blinked against the light as Lauren lifted the helmet off.

“Take your time hon, it really takes it out of you the first time.” Lauren said helpfully as she helped the barely conscious woman to sit up and wrapped a cool towel around her shoulders.

“That was intense,” she finally stammered out, her voice sounding a little hoarse.

The Rubenesque woman smiled knowingly. “That was the lowest setting, believe me, they get better. Give it an hour and you will feel wonderful, but we need to get you something to eat first, you just burned a ton of calories and you don’t have many to spare.”

Oddly the thought of using the same machine as the large woman wasn’t instantly repulsive, Catherine was so relaxed that she barely even noticed the offhand comment, but at the mention of food, her stomach did growl urgently letting her know that she was surprisingly ravenous.

“I’ll do that,” she said smiling a little self consciously at her host and accepting her hand to get off the chair and over to a small shower cubicle set up to one side of the room. The hot water felt wonderful, her noodle like muscles slowly revived and her lethargy faded, leaving her with only a warm feeling of contented lassitude.

A few minutes later, she was dry and back in her own clothes being led back across the garden to the main house. Jerry and James were sat in the lounge sipping brandy and chatting companionably but her husband jumped up when they came in.

“So how was it?” He asked nervously.

“It was wonderful, honestly I can’t wait for my next visit, I feel like I just had the best workout of my life,” She admitted feeling a little sheepish for giving James such a hard time—she enjoyed his look of happy surprise at her reaction. “I think your right that chair is going to be a massive success.”

Her husband beamed at her, the inventor and his wife sharing wide smiles as the larger woman embraced her husband happily.

“That’s excellent honey,” Her husband said still beaming. “Jerry here has kindly agreed that you can come over tomorrow for your next course.”

“Perfect,” Catherine answered, she really could hardly wait to use the machine again it put her usual workout to shame and left her feeling wonderfully relaxed.

“Well that’s sorted then,” her husband said coming over and taking her hand. “I expect you’re hungry, why don’t we go home and have dinner together?”

“That sounds lovely,” Catherine admitted. It honestly did sound nice, James had gone out of his way to arrange this after all and she really was starving.

James smiled again, then turned to their hosts and wishing them a good night. As they left for the car Catherine couldn’t help thinking how much she was looking forward to dinner.

* * *

The next morning, Catherine woke late and just lay in bed awhile, enjoying the soft downy bedsheets against her skin. Eventually, her growling stomach roused her from the bed, she threw on some clothes and ate a hurried breakfast, polishing off a second breakfast grapefruit before reluctantly stopping herself from starting on a third.

James had left for work before she got up, he spent most nights in the spare bedroom where he wouldn’t bother her but he had been thoughtful enough to leave the time for her next appointment on the fridge for her.

She was about to call her personal trainer to cancel her usual session when she hesitated, she had been sleeping with her trainer for over a year but for the first time, it seemed somehow cheap. She could do better than some brainless jock, no matter how much fun he was in the sack and he didn’t deserve the courtesy of a phone call.

Sending him a text instead she got herself ready and drove over to the Davis house.

* * *

Lauren was waiting by the door when Catherine arrived, the abundantly upholstered woman was wearing a white dressing gown that barely closed, giving the other woman a slightly uncomfortable view of her ample cleavage.

“Here bright and early I see,” she said with a cheerful smile as she opened the door. “The chair is ready and waiting for you come on through.”

Catherine hurried past the plus-sized woman with barely a nod of acknowledgment in her hurry to get to the chair, she was already half undressed by the time the slower woman caught up, her clothes dumped haphazardly on the stained tile floor in an untidy heap.

“Well someone’s in a hurry,” the larger woman puffed.

Catherine paused for a moment, adding the last of her underwear to the untidy pile. “Sorry, I don’t know what’s gotten into me,” she confessed feeling rather sheepish at being so rude, it was her house after all so, big girl or not, she should at least be polite to her host.

“Oh don’t worry about it, I was the same myself when I first tried it,” the Rubenesque woman replied with a smile. “We can have plenty of time to talk after you have had your session.”

Feeling oddly grateful and still slightly embarrassed, she let Lauren help her up into the chair, settling back comfortably as the bigger woman adjusted a few settings and lowered the helmet into place.

This time when the screen activated, the computerized version of her body was virtually perfect. She hung in mid-air, feeling comfortably weightless in the chairs gentle grip and watched the menu slowly appear in front of her.

Welcome, Catherine to your relaxation therapy.

Your options today are.

Level One

  • Beach
  • Rainforest
  • Ocean
  • Thunderstorm

“As you can see, the chair has created a profile for you and scanned your body into its memory,” Lauren’s pleasant voice explained over the headset. “It updates and tracks all your biometric data with each use, so it will decide when you are ready for the next level automatically.”

Catherine swiped through the thunderstorm option feeling a tingle of excitement run down her spine as the room faded away...

This time the darkness wasn’t immediately illuminated by patterns, she hung for a moment in an empty void, weightless and alone.

A breath of cool air caressed her skin as the first crack of distant thunder sounded, a low rumbling tone that echoed through the darkness and vibrated through her body.

The thunder faded. In its place, the sound of rain filled the darkness, a soft pattering of raindrops that seemed to actually land across her naked skin leaving a dappled coolness that tingled delightfully.

That pattering wetness slowly built, from a light shower to a heavy rain, as the feeling of wind on her skin quickened to a strong breeze, the drumming feeling on her skin deepening until she felt like she was floating naked in a cool summer rainstorm.

A flash of lightning flickered across her vision, leaving an afterimage of sullen-looking thunderclouds. A few heartbeats later, thunder rolled across her like an electric caress, running down her spine and growling deep into her body making her moan softly.

Again and again The lightning flashed and the thunder roared, each echoing peal vibrating through her as if she were the heart of the storm itself, every deep growling chord buzzing down her spine and leaving her breathless and tingling.

The rain was a constant deluge pounding down on her skin as she flew with the storm, the wind howling through her electrifying each raindrop kiss upon her like a lover breathing teasingly across wet skin.

* * *

Lauren sat in the chair by the computer monitors her dressing gown thrown open and one leg resting on the desk, her legs spread wide as she watched the skinny woman moan and writhe in the chairs tender but insistent grip. Dozens of arms with hundreds of fine attachments played across her skin like a virtuoso playing their instrument, as other arms sprayed gentle showers of vapor and still more fanned, stroked and massaged.

She teased one passion hardened nipple between her fingers, teasing and massaging her breast as her other hand stroked steadily between her thighs teasing her dripping clit. She remembered her own time on the chair as she teased herself in time to the other woman’s moans.