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Relaxation Therapy — Expanded Functions

Part 2

Catherine eventually came back to herself as the chair again beeped its conclusion.

Drained to the point of exhaustion but utterly contented, she just lay there as the helmet was taken off and Lauren draped a towel over her sweat soaked body.

“That, that was incredible.” She stammered weakly.

“You did seem to be enjoying yourself,” the full-figured girl said smiling a little knowingly.

Catherine felt her face warm as she realized the poor woman had probably had to sit through her moaning and groaning to keep an eye on her, now that she thought about it the whole room practically reeked of sex, her reaction to the chairs workout all too obvious.

“Sorry,” she eventually blurted out blushing fiercely.

“Oh don’t be daft, it’s just us girls,” Lauren protested, she offered a hand and helped her up onto unsteady feet. “Now go take a shower and come up to the house we can have a chat and get you something to eat.”

As if on queue Catherine’s stomach rumbled urgently. I guess I could do with a meal, she thought idly as she stepped into the steaming shower, and it would be rude to refuse after she had put Lauren out looking after her.

By the time she had finished in the shower, the full-figured woman had already left the room. It also appeared she had tidied up the pile of clothes while she was watching over her because there was no sign of them, just a huge comfy white robe that was obviously belonged to her hostess and a couple of towels.

So dressed only in a dressing gown that could easily wrap around her twice, her hair wrapped up in a towel and a pair of fluffy slippers she found by the door, Catherine made her way across the garden and up to the conservatory of the big house.

Lauren was sat at one end of a comfortable sofa sipping from a glass of white wine, a low table was laid out with plates and glasses and a silver dessert tray practically overloaded with delicious looking confections.

“Come on in and help yourself,” she said patting the sofa companionably as she held out another glass of wine invitingly.

“I shouldn’t,” she protested half-heartedly as she accepted the glass and sat on the other end of the sofa.

“Nonsense,” her hostess protested. “You have just burned away a ton of calories you deserve to treat yourself a little.”

Catherine hesitated. On any ordinary day she would have taken a few bites of the least fattening looking concoction so as not to offend her host, but as her stomach rumbled, her mouth watered wildly she felt like she could honestly devour half the tray.

Lauren picked out a generous slice of decadent looking cheesecake drizzled in sweet sauce and slipped it onto a plate like an offering. “Go on, just have a little its delicious.”

She took the plate like she was handling a live adder, the smell was heavenly and her rumbling stomach felt like someone had reached into her chest and was squeezing it.

Picking up the fork she took a small slice, it oozed sticky caramel and the crumbly base left a trail of sugary crumbs behind it. She took a bite and her taste buds practically exploded in joy.

Rolling the dessert around with her tongue she let out a soft moan of bliss, as she swallowed her eyes rolled back in her head as she savoured the lingering flavours.

Setting to with the fork, cutting piece after piece of deliciousness, she tried to pace herself, to make the dessert last, but she just couldn’t seem to stop herself from wolfing it down.

She was almost finished, when Lauren took up another slice and deposited it on the sticky plate next to the last remnants of her first slice. When she looked up in surprise the ample woman just smiled and said: “Treat yourself, go on you deserve it.”

She knew she should stop, she hadn’t eaten anything so sugary in years and workout or not this was way too much, but her usual resolve seemed to melt away into nothing.

Without a word, she took a large slice of the new piece and slowly raised it to her lips...

* * *

They ate cake and drank wine all morning, Lauren turned out to be a really nice woman, Catherine felt more than a little ashamed of her initial attitude towards her. By the time her husband arrived home that afternoon, they were drunkenly giggling away like old friends, the pair of them more than a little sticky from the decimated dessert tray, sprawled out on the sofa together in a comfortable heap.

Jerry called her a cab as she was entirely too tipsy to drive, packing her off home as Lauren hung out of the door still in her robe and waved her goodbye, as the taxi pulled away she saw Jerry playfully swat her wide ass and Lauren ran into the house with a broad smile followed by her husband.

When she got home she surprised James with a hug and a drunken kiss before stumbling off up to bed for the night.

The next few days followed the same course, Catherine would get up early and catch a cab over to Jerry and Lauren’s, they would get her straight onto the chair and once she was done with her ride, they would hang out drinking wine and eat entirely too much, until Jerry put her in a cab back home for the night.

She went through all the different options at least twice, the ocean setting made her feel like she was being tossed about by a raging sea while the beach both baked her with gently probing heat and cooled her with tingling waves like she was laid on the tideline of a tropical beach.

Then one morning James woke her up with a surprise.

“Wake up sleepy head,” he said cheerfully as he gently shook her shoulder.

“Huh, what’s up,” she replied fuzzily rubbing the sleep from her eyes and blinking in the early morning light.

“Just thought I would surprise you with breakfast,” he said taking the lid off a steel tray and revealing a small pile of croissants, danishes, and other pastries along with a selection of jams and kinds of honey and a large glass of orange juice.

“Oh honey how thoughtful,” Catherine cooed looking at the overloaded tray hungrily. A month ago she would have probably hit the roof about her husband trying to get her fat but his heart was in the right place and it would be rude to refuse his sweet surprise when he was obviously trying so hard to please her.

“Well I have another surprise for you but first eat, you must be starving.” He said sitting down on the end of the bed and settling down to watch her eat.

She tucked into the delicious breakfast with gusto as he watched with obvious pleasure, the croissants were still warm, the whole tray simply delicious. She must have been hungry she polished off the whole thing with barely a thought to her waistline, her mind was full of curiosity about the second surprise.

When she finally downed the last mouthful of jam smothered pastry her husband wiped a few crumbs from her cheek with his thumb and gave her a kiss. Pulling back he continued. “I have to go away for a few weeks on business, I had a little chat with Jerry and he says you are welcome to stay there till I get back rather than have to spend so much time travelling every day.”

“Oh sweetheart that’s so lovely of you,” she said practically bouncing on the bed in happiness, it would be lonely in the house without her husband and this way she could spend more time with her friend.

“Don’t mention it, sweetheart, I’m sure you will have a wonderful time.”

* * *

That morning after she had smothered her husband in happy kisses and packed him off to work with a smile she waited outside for her taxi to arrive when a man shouted her name.

“Catherine? My god is that you?”

Her personal trainer and former lover David jogged across the street and pulled up in front of her looking shocked.

“What happened to you, I haven’t heard from you in nearly two weeks.

You haven’t answered any of my messages, I was beginning to think something terrible had happened to you.”

Catherine looked at her lover guiltily, she had been receiving his increasingly worried messages she just hadn’t had the stomach to call him back and he was the very last person she wanted to face right now. Looking at him standing there in his skin-tight running outfit, she wondered what on earth was she thinking when she started sleeping with him, he was a vain peacock just a set of attractive looking muscles in a skimpy outfit.

“I found a better trainer,” she said snappily just wishing he would go away.

“A better trainer, honey you look like you have gained twenty pounds of fat since last time I saw you.” He said looking confused and angry.

“How dare you,” she hissed indignantly, sure she had put on a few pounds but she was entitled to spoil herself when she wanted and this brainless puppy had no business insulting her in public.

The taxi arriving prevented the argument from going much further, she shouted that he should never contact her again and then practically dived into the cab holding it together until they had driven out of sight before collapsing into tears.

She had calmed down by the time she got to the house, but the moment she saw her friend standing there waiting for her with a happy smile on her face her calm crumbled away. Lauren took one look at her plastered on false smile immediately knowing something was wrong. she had barely gotten out of the cab before the full figured woman hurried over engulfing her in a warm hug.

The flood-gates opened, she found herself spilling it all out on her friends shoulder, the affair with the trainer, her shame at doing something so horrible behind her husbands back and the nasty things her former lover had said in the street and all the horrible thoughtless things she had done over the last few years.

Lauren took her inside and curled up on the sofa with her and just listened, hugging her whenever she broke down until she had gotten it all out, then gave her a tissue and calmed her down.


all in the past sweetheart,” she said soothingly. “You don’t have to be that person anymore, you can start fresh.”

“But how,” Catherine asked.

“Let me show you,” Lauren replied with a smile.

* * *

Catherine settled back into the chair, this time when Lauren lowered the helmet onto her head the second level was no longer greyed out.

Swiping across it brought up a new list

Welcome to the Second Level, Catherine

Your options today are:

  • Level Two
  • Sauna
  • Bedroom
  • Galaxy

“These are a lot more intense than the first level,” the disembodied voice of Lauren said over the headset. “They also last twice as long so just relax and let all your troubles just drift away.”

Catherine reached out and swiped through the bedroom option and the room faded away into nothing.

This time, the darkness faded into a very dim red glow with flickering abstract patterns. The first tingling touches ran down her back like a clinging velvet sheet, in the distance, someone moaned softly, one voice becoming many a susurration of sighs and moans that caressed her skin.

A pair of tingling invisible hands appeared around her shoulders, tracing patterns down across her back, long electric fingers stroking and kneading gently at first and then with increasing passion as they worked their way along her spine.

One pair of hands became two, then three, each stroking, teasing and drawing tingling patterns across her body. Another pair of hands gently took hold of her arms and raised them gently over her head while yet another set teased her legs, running lightning bolt nails down her inner thighs as they spread her gently open.

The dim red patterns shifted and boiled, a dozen shifting phantasmal bodies writhing around her, touching and stroking, as every caressing touch ran down her nerves and directly into the blazing heat between her thighs.

Catherine could feel the biggest orgasm of her life building, but as she crested each wave of pleasure it remained just out of reach, she tried to reach down to finish herself off only to find the teasing phantasmal hands grip on her body was strong, holding her firmly at the wrists and ankles.

On and on the teasing went driving her wild with passion, but postponing that final release until it almost hurt.

“Do you want to cum Cathy?” Lauren’s disembodied voice came over the headset sounding husky and out of breath.

“God yes,” she gasped in reply, the teasing fingers driving her wild with need.

“Then ask for it,” her friend said firmly.

“Please,” she begged any embarrassment she might have felt washed away by a tidal wave of need.

“Please what Cathy?”

“Please, may I cum,” she moaned.

The silence stretched on forever as she moaned and writhed in the chairs urgent embrace, waiting desperately for release.

“Cum for me,” Lauren finally whispered quietly

Catherine’s eyes rolled back in her head and her whole body arched upwards as she exploded, wave after wave of cascading pleasure swept through her body as she screamed out a single primal yell of passion that trailed away as she fell into the welcoming arms of oblivion.

* * *

If the chair beeped its conclusion she didn’t hear it. Dimly she felt the helmet lifted off and a warm towel engulfing her sweat soaked body. Lauren was talking, she could hear her soft comforting voice but somehow the words just didn’t register. She could feel the pleasantly plump woman slowly pulling her to her feet and half carrying her across the room, the warm comfortable bulk of her friend’s naked belly pressing gently against her back.

The warm water of the shower was reviving, she stood somewhat unsteadily and allowed her friend to gently wash her clean, enjoying the rough texture of the sponge counterpointed by the soft yielding skin of Lauren’s belly and breasts rubbing against her. The memory of her last ride slowly reassembled itself until eventually, she woke up enough to wash her own hair and towel herself dry, while Lauren got them both clean robes.

It almost felt like all the things she had done wrong had washed away with the water, leaving her quiet, calm and peaceful. The rest of that night was spent in companionable silence, nothing really needed to be said they just curled up together on the sofa and dozed contentedly until Jerry arrived home.

Dinner was a quiet affair that night, Lauren took Jerry aside for a few minutes and whatever she told him Jerry obviously took to heart because he gave them space, only quietly mentioning that they both looked lovely and he hoped she enjoyed her stay with them.

After dinner, Lauren showed her up to the guest room and got her settled in, they hugged a final time and said goodnight before her friend left her in peace.

Catherine lay in bed thinking things over. It seemed like she had been sleepwalking through her life, doing the most stupid, and hurtful things. Having an affair with that dumb trainer, being cruel to James when he was trying so hard, not to mention the horrible things she had thought about Lauren. She examined them each, in turn, trying to understand how she could have gone so wrong.

She wasn’t stupid, something was happening to her and it all revolved around the chair but as she lay there listening idly to the sound of happy moans coming from the bedroom down the hall, she honestly couldn’t see a reason why the change was bad.

Perhaps Lauren was right, she could make a new start, leave her past behind her.

Maybe the chair really could wash it all away...

* * *

The next morning, Catherine woke from a dream of teasing fingers stroking her all over to the heavenly smell of frying bacon.

She crawled out of bed and went to get dressed, only to find that her bag of clothes was missing. She had left it on the side the night before but it had been replaced by another one of Lauren’s comfy white robes.

Well, there’s no point wondering when I can go down and ask, she thought to herself throwing the robe on and following the heavenly smell downstairs.

The smell of bacon was quickly joined by peppery smelling sausages, the warm homey smell of freshly cooked waffles and the rich aroma of brewing coffee. By the time she got downstairs, her mouth was watering and her stomach was letting her know about her need to eat with noisy rumbles.

“Morning sleepyhead,” Lauren said cheerily as she entered the kitchen, the statuesque woman was at work at the stove, frying up a large pan of bacon and occasionally pulling steaming waffles from the iron.

She was wearing a large chefs apron and nothing else, the ties of the apron forming a neat bow just above her ample ass and getting lost in the comfortable folds of her love handles.

“Morning,” she replied sleepily eyeing the impressive pile of breakfast already loaded on the breakfast table, a mountainous pile of steaming waffles filled one tray while a heavenly smells of sausages and bacon and other fried goodies came from a row of metal warming trays crammed in next to a selection of cereals and a couple of large jugs of milk and orange juice misted with condensation.

“Is Jerry still here,” she asked eyeing the food mountain hungrily.

“Oh no, he left early, I thought we could enjoy a proper breakfast together but I didn’t know what you might like so I did a little of everything.” Lauren explained.

“You shouldn’t have gone to so much trouble.”

“Oh its no trouble, I love to cook and you look like you could do with a little feeding up,” her friend said with a grin.

Catherine blushed, she knew she was way too skinny but her friend’s gentle teasing wasn’t helping matters, for a moment that thought seemed strange but the feeling faded almost as soon as it appeared and she settled down to a hearty breakfast.

After a few minutes, Lauren came over with another plateful of bacon and a half dozen more waffles to add to the pile and pulled up a chair to join her.

After Catherine had satisfied her growling appetite and slowed to a gentle graze she brought up the missing case of clothes.

“Oh I hope you don’t mind dear, you said you wanted to start fresh so I figured changing your wardrobe would be a good first step,” Lauren explained between mouthfuls.

Catherine slathered another waffle in butter and maple syrup folding the delicious slice and consuming it in two bites while she digested her friend’s response.

“But I have nothing to wear,” she finally protested.

“So,” Lauren replied sounding a little surprised. “You don’t have to leave the house till James comes home, all the front windows are mirrored for privacy and no one can see into the back garden from the street, so why would you need them?”

“But I can’t just wander round in a dressing gown all the time.”

“Well if you prefer you don’t have to wear anything at all,” her friend said with a wicked grin. “Jerry and I wouldn’t mind.”

“Lauren!” she replied blushing fiercely.

“Hey you have nothing we haven’t seen before,” her voluptuous friend said leaning back on her chair and slapping a naked thigh with her hand raising a ripple across her skin and leaving a buttery hand-print. “I’ve only been wearing clothes for your benefit I much prefer to be nude.”

Catherine was torn, on the one hand, she had never been naked around another woman before and the thought of the statuesque Lauren seeing her scrawny body was mortifying. But on the other, she didn’t want to make her friend feel uncomfortable or force her to do anything she didn’t want to.

“I’ll think about it,” she said finally. “But you don’t have to wear clothes on my account.”

“Well thanks, sweetie, ill hold you to that,” Lauren replied sopping up the last of the maple syrup from her plate with a folded waffle and eating it in a few appreciative bites.

* * *

From then on the gorgeously plump woman was almost always naked, Catherine found the view a little distracting and kept her robe, but as the days passed she seldom had it tied before Jerry arrived home.

She rode the chair every morning, alternating between the first and second levels as the chair increased her endurance and stamina until she was able to take the second level without being completely useless for the rest of the day.

Their evenings were spent with Jerry, who was so often away most of the day hard at work getting the last finishing touches to his masterpiece constructed to his exacting specifications. Every evening they shared a meal, chatted about his day and her experiences on the chair before Jerry took his wife off up to bed for a little fun.

Catherine spent each evening listening to their lovemaking wishing her James was there so she could enjoy herself too. More than once she tried playing along to the sounds of their passion but for some reason, she just couldn’t quite get there alone and frustrated she stopped teasing herself.

A few times Lauren dressed up as a sexy maid or kinky slave girl before her husband got home, she offered cheekily to find an outfit for Catherine too but nothing in her wardrobe was even close to fitting despite her recent gain in weight.

Where once she had been terribly skinny and overly muscular now she had a growing layer of sexy upholstery to her frame, she was still far too thin but every time she mentioned it Lauren would only smile and tell her that could change sooner than she might expect.

She found out her friends meaning one morning when she settled into the chair and Lauren squealed happily from the nearby computer monitor.

“Oh sweetie, finally the chair says your ready for the next level.”