The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Relaxation Therapy — Expanded Functions

Part Three

Lauren stepped over to the chair and started helping her friend with the helmet but this time she paused, making sure her friend was paying attention before speaking. “If you choose the third level, there will be some equipment changes that might be a little uncomfortable at first, bear with it and I promise it will be more wonderful than you can imagine.”

“Okay...” Catherine replied a little confused.

Lauren strapped the helmet in place and stepped away as the chair hummed to life.

This time when Catherine appeared in the white room the third level was unlocked but there was a little exclamation mark next to it.

Swiping across it brought up a new layer of text.

Welcome to the Third Level, Catherine

Be aware, the third level takes approximately six hours to complete.

There may be some mild discomfort preparing you for the extended session.

Are you ready to proceed?

Yes or No

She only paused to read through the warning before swiping yes and the screen changed to show new options

Level Three



She hesitated, both options were equally appealing and daunting and she took a few moments to decide.

The dungeon sounded like a wild ride, but the idea of inflation put an image of Lauren into her head her gorgeously proportioned body already burned into her memory after the last few days.

Swiping across the second option she watched the room fall away.

The darkness slowly lifted as the void was illuminated by a nebulous red glow that seemed to be coming from her. Lifting her arm into view she could see its computer-generated version outlined in the void, transparent and luminous but visible. Looking down she took in the rest of her body her gentle curves and budding belly rendered in exacting detail but insubstantial as mist.

The chair moved, lowering into a horizontal position rather than adapting to her movements and unseen hands parted her legs, a hundred feather-light fingers running up her inner thighs, holding her open wide and exposed. She blushed, imagining what she must look like to Lauren at the nearby console, legs spread wide and found the thought oddly arousing.

The teasing mechanical fingers pulled back and she arched her back in surprise as a mist of tingling liquid caressed her most sensitive areas making her forget all about the outside world.

The teasing fingers returned, but now they edged higher, stroking around her slippery folds and gently teasing against the puckered rosebud of her ass. As she moaned softly that teasing pressure changed to a slow but inexorable push as something tapered and firm pressed its way into her body, widening as it went inch by slow inch until she moaned long and low at the increasing fullness.

More snaking devices pressed into her most intimate areas, there was no pain, only a mild awareness of pressure and fullness that quickly faded as the intruders buzzed softly sparking a cascade of tingling electricity that arched up her back and faded into blissful warmth.

The chair relaxed again letting her body float back into a comfortable position, the illumination from her body began to pulse in time with the chair as it started a low rumbling vibration so deep it made her bones ache and her muscles turn to jelly.

Something moved in the void, a long snaking line of darkness that wound across her vision illuminated only by the pulsing red glow as it approached her mouth.

“Open wide Catherine,” Lauren’s voice whispered.

Opening her mouth she accepted the dark tendril, feeling something soft and smooth run across her tongue and press firmly against the back of her throat. There was a strange taste that tingled and numbed her tongue, then the intruder slipped deeper, vanishing into her body as she gagged slightly against it.

In time with this intrusion, the chair amped up the vibrations caress another notch, distracting her even as the gagging faded leaving only a tingling numbness.

The buzzing hum shifted, the pulses seeming to travel along her extremities and down her body ending between her legs where it began again raising the pitch with each pass as it flowed back outwards. It felt like she was floating in a rippling pool that centered on her sex, making her wriggle and moan as the tingling waves did their work.

Then the unseen invaders inside of her began to vibrate in counterpoint, she let out a short shriek of bliss as the first orgasm crashed down over her.

The seductive oscillations played her body like a musical instrument, each inch of her teased perfectly in tune with the rest as wave after wave of pleasure flowed through her like waves upon a shore, each new flood of sensation topping the last as she rode to the heights of bliss and down again only to rise even higher with the next swell.

The dark cord that filled her mouth hummed into life, warming in her mouth as she felt something passing into her as the others began to do the same. Liquid warmth seemed to fill her body with a lethargic fullness that pulsed along with everything else as her glowing body began to expand.

At first, it was barely noticeable, just a slight touch more roundness to her little pot belly, a little more fullness to her bust. Then as she watched her body began to inflate, her belly button deepening even as her belly swelled outwards, her arms thickening and her breasts ballooning outwards. Her nipples once small nubs of tender flesh swelled to twice their normal size as her pillowy breasts expanded all but hiding her now enormous swollen stomach from view.

She hung there suspended in nothingness as her body thrummed with constant quivering energy watching as she expanded ever outwards her body blimping up fold upon soft yielding fold of flesh forming, stretching, growing.

Every pulse left her feeling fuller, rounder, and more orgasmic until a final tidal wave of bliss crashed down over her and swept her away into darkness.

* * *

Someone was talking, she was dimly aware of the sound but the effort of understanding was just too much. Slowly comprehension dawned and she stretched lethargically for meaning.

“Cathy, Catherine can you hear me?”

The voice sounded concerned, dimly she wondered why and would have drifted off back to sleep if not for the urgency in the tone.

“Cathy, come on now you need to wake up.”

“Wha?” was about all she could manage.

“Oh thank heavens you had me a little worried there.”

The voice it turned out belonged to Lauren, blinking sleep from her eyes she could see her statuesque friend looking down at her with a relieved look on her face.

Sitting up slowly and feeling every muscle in her back protesting at being disturbed she was momentarily surprised to see her body was still skinny although it did look like her stomach was slightly swollen.

“That was quite a trip you took,” Lauren continued. “Your readings went a little wild there for a minute I was worried you might have blown a fuse.”

“I’m fine,” She replied muzzily, she felt like she had just run a marathon and eaten a five-course banquet at the same time so that might have been more wishful thinking than truthful but Lauren let the obvious lie pass and helped her up, keeping a steadying arm around her waist as she staggered none too steadily towards the shower.

“I’m okay honestly,” she protested weakly as her sexy friend climbed into the shower with her.

“Says the girl who can hardly stand up, now shush and let me help,” she replied slapping Catherine’s butt playfully with her free hand.

The hot water was quickly reviving, soon Cathy felt much more awake enjoying the comforting feeling of Lauren soaping her aching muscles, her strong hands gently kneading her wet skin in a way that made her bite her lip to stop herself from moaning.

Lauren massaged foaming suds across her back, then brought her arms around her friend’s body to gently work over her chest, pressing her own bountiful breasts into her friends back as she teased Catherine’s between her hands.

The big woman teased soapy circles around her nipples, gently tweaking them and making her let out a shuddering gasp before sliding her hands lower stroking and kneading down onto her already swollen belly.

Lauren moved slowly getting down on her knees so that she could reach lower on Catherine’s body.

She worked on, kneading her hands across her friend’s belly, then down onto her budding hips caressing

her newly rounded buttocks and stroking lovingly down her thighs.

Catherine moaned, unable to hold it in any more as Lauren teased around her legs and stroked teasingly close to her mons before soaping up the rest of her legs.

“Turn around,” her friend said quietly her voice low and full of need.

“We shouldn’t,” Catherine protested half-heartedly wanting more than anything else to do exactly as the gorgeous woman at her feet wanted.

“Then don’t, step out and dry off and we will say no more about it.” Lauren paused her voice purring with desire. “Or turn around and see what happens.”

Catherine turned around.

Lauren was on her knees, her head roughly at her friend’s waist height. Her hair was slicked back by the pounding water into a tangled golden mane that framed her beautiful face as she looked lovingly up at her blinking away the water that splashed down into her eyes.

They shared a long wordless look before Lauren’s eyes lowered, she shifted forward engulfing her friend in a hug, her big arms wrapping around her legs and pulling her forward even as she lowered her mouth towards Catherine’s dripping pussy.

The first tentative nuzzles made her moan as she hunched over her teasing friend, the shower still cascading warm water in a torrent. Feeling Lauren nose her way between her folds Catherine slowly shifted her stance to give her new lover room and was rewarded by a long teasing tongue that explored from the deep well of her pussy to the tingling bud of her clit.

Lauren pressed herself tight against her lover as she suckled gently, pulling the tender button upwards even as she lapped against it with her questing tongue and teased it against her teeth.

Catherine wailed overloaded by the sensation, her nails digging into her friend’s shoulders as she fought to keep her balance, her already over-sensitized clit throbbing with need.

Lauren held her breath against the cascading water, pressing her mouth tight against the other woman and humming gently, the added sensation completing what her teasing tongue had begun.

Hunched over and clinging to her friend’s shoulders for dear life, Lauren rode out another crashing orgasm before half falling on

top of her teasing friend who held her in her strong arms and gently lowered her down onto the shower stall floor with her.

Panting slightly and looking more than a little flushed Lauren kissed her gently and then pulled back.

“Why don’t we take this somewhere a bit more comfortable,” she said with an impish smile.

“I think I’d like that,” Catherine replied sharing a blushing grin with her new lover...

* * *

The rest of that day went by in a blissful blur, Lauren proved to be an attentive and caring lover and Catherine surprised herself with the depth of her new feelings. She had never really been remotely interested in another woman before but they had grown so close over the last few weeks that this just seemed one more natural step to take together.

When Jerry arrived home she felt both nervous and a little shy as Lauren explained their ‘extra fun’ that morning if anything, he seemed genuinely pleased, assuring her that James would be happy to hear that the pair had become so close.

From then on her days passed in a haze of pleasurable contentment, Lauren would wake her up for breakfast, sharing a shower before she had her session and then once she had suitably recovered they would have a little fun time before Jerry’s arrival and then after dinner a long contented sleep before her routine began anew.

Whatever the chair was feeding her during her sessions began to quickly have a dramatic impact upon her figure. Her stomach, once flat and toned now bloated out into a proper overhanging gut, her teeny outie bellybutton swallowed up by a thickening fold of flesh. The chair’s workouts did keep her body strong but as the days passed she grew an impressive layer of sexy flab that settled mostly on her growing belly, swelling thighs and expanding hips until she became decidedly pear-shaped.

One morning she was woken up by the bedsprings shifting as Lauren climbed in with her.

She stretched sleepily as her lover snuggled close their bodies separated only by the thin sheet and giggled softly as the larger woman kissed her neck and nibbled gently.

“Time to get up sleepy head,” her friend said breaking the kiss and slapping her ass playfully. “No time to lay in bed Jerry has a surprise for you.”

“What’s the surprise? She asked.

“Well if I told you it wouldn’t be a surprise would it?” Lauren teased playfully as she gently tickled her friend to get her moving. “All I know is he had a big van pull up a few hours ago. He locked me in the bedroom with instructions not to peek out the window until about ten minutes ago when he came and told me to wake you up.”

Catherine gave in to the tickling and throwing the cover off she streaked over to the ensuite to make herself presentable and throw on a robe, Jerry was still in the house and she still felt a little shy being nude around another man.

Lauren didn’t even try to hide her eye roll when she saw the robe but she made no mention of it as the pair padded downstairs.

The kitchen was dark when they entered, the curtains blocking the morning sun and the lights all off but as soon as the door closed they lights came up revealing a room decked out for a party with balloons and streamers and huge heaped piles of food. Jerry stood by the light switch at the far end of the room by a brightly colored banner but Catherine only had eyes for the other occupant of the room.

James was stood a few feet from her in his best suit a broad smile on his merry face, Catherine ignored everything and just ran with a happy squeal to embrace her husband who looked both shocked and happy to see her as she bounced across the room and practically flattened him into the wall as she kissed him passionately.

“Now that was a welcome worth going away for,” he said breathlessly when she finally let him up for air.

“Just say the word and I will give you a better one,” she promised playfully. He chuckled and kissed her back until her head span and her toes began to curl only stopping at a regretful sounding clearing of the throat from across the room.

“As much as I’m sure James here would love that, perhaps it can wait till after we give you the rest of your surprise,” he said with a grin.

“This wasn’t it?” she asked still hugging her husband happily.

“It’s your birthday,” he replied with a broad smile. “The fun has just begun.”