The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Relaxation Therapy — Expanded Functions

Part Four

“My birthdays not for at least a month yet,” she protested half-heartedly. It surely couldn’t have been that long already, could it?

Jerry laughed quietly and dug his phone out of his pocket to show her the date, sure enough, she had been visiting for considerably longer than she realized. With spending so much time sleeping or on the machine her days had seemed to blend into one another recently, still how on earth could she have lost track of so much time.

“Happy birthday sweetie,” James confirmed kissing her on the cheek and hugging her gently. “I guess we really did manage to surprise you.”

“You really did,” she confessed feeling a little embarrassed.

James smiled and hugged her again before guiding her over to the kitchen table that was practically groaning under the weight of a huge birthday cake and piles of delicious looking food.

“Well we thought after all your hard work on the chair you needed a little treat,” her husband said pulling out a chair for her and helping her into her seat.

Lauren joined her on the other side of the table, Jerry pulling out her chair like a gentleman before busying himself preparing her a plate as James did the same for her. Catherine was touched by how much thought they had put into their surprise and tucked into the mountain of breakfast treats with only a little urging from her husband.

For most of the next hour, the two women ate in companionable silence as the men played host. Plate after plate of delicious food was offered up and consumed as they worked their way through steaming bacon, eggs, and sausage and onto almond croissants, pancakes and French toast dripping in syrup.

James and Jerry coaxed them through their meal, rubbing their swollen stomachs and tempting with a never-ending ‘just one more bite’ until Catherine felt like she would burst. Finally defeated she stopped halfway through another sticky pastry and pushed her plate away with a contented moan.

“No more, I’m done,” she moaned softly, rubbing her swollen stomach as it let out a contented rumble.

“Are you sure sweetheart? Just a few more bites left on that plate.” James crooned seductively waving a forkful of dripping pastry, she felt the strongest urge to just agree and let him feed it to her but this time her overfilled belly won out.

“Please don’t,” she begged. “If I eat another bite I’ll explode.”

“But you haven’t even had a slice of birthday cake yet,” Jerry protested from the other side of the table as he lovingly fed his wife another mouthful of delicious food. Lauren rolled her eyes as she chewed obviously enjoying herself her own belly swollen into a gigantic rounded dome that pressed against the table.

“Later, I promise,” she replied pleadingly.

“Well okay,” James replied finally sharing a grin with Jerry across the table. “No more to eat right now if you promise to have a drink before you leave the table.”

“Deal.” She replied eyeing the half-empty glass of orange juice she had left.

“Excellent,” he said sounding triumphant. “Now you just wait there and I’ll go fix it for you.” He grabbed her glass before she could and hurried out of the room.

“Hey, no fair.” she protested half-heartedly but James just laughed as he rattled around with something out in the hall.

When he came back in he was pushing what looked like a drip stand with two large bags and a lot of tubing hanging from it. Pushing

it up to the table he offered Jerry one tube and then presented the other to his wife.

“You have got to be kidding,” she said eyeing the large bag, it seemed to be full of a creamy beige milkshake and must have contained at least a liter of the thick looking fluid.

James looked crestfallen, his cheeky boyish smile faltered and he shot Jerry a concerned look. Instantly Catherine felt ashamed of herself. Obviously, James had planned this as part of her surprise and here she was throwing it back in his face, after all the horrible things she had done to him over their marriage he had stuck by her and she was slipping back into being a bitch to him.

“I’m sorry,” she confessed throwing her arms around his waist and hugging him fiercely. “you just caught me a little by surprise I’m so full I don’t think I could drink all that.”

“Would you try? For me?” he asked softly.

Without another word, she put the tube in her mouth and smiled up at him.

He smiled warmly, making her guilty feelings drift away and leaned over her even as Jerry did the same to Lauren on the other side of the table. She could see her friend, mouth open wide and head back as she let her husband slide the tube down her throat a radiant smile on her stretched lips.

“Thank you for trying sweetheart,” James whispered in her ear softly. “But I’m going to need you to open wide for me.”

Opening up she assumed the same position as her lover, weeks of training on the chair seemed to have completely erased her gag reflex because as James worked the tube down her throat she never felt the slightest urge to gag.

Soon enough, both of them were sat smiling around the tubes as their husbands turned the little levers that released the creamy fluid from the bags. Catherine felt a little thrill of excitement as she watched Lauren’s tube fill until it reached her mouth her lover smiling back at her no doubt watching the same happen to her with equal interest. It was subtle at first, she felt the temperature of the tube drop and then a spreading coolness hit her stomach making her already swollen belly contract a little, forcing a small moan of discomfort.

James was there almost immediately, he knelt down beside her chair and massaged her belly lovingly as he beamed at her.

“That’s a good girl,” he crooned making her squirm for an entirely different reason.

Across the table Jerry had taken his top off and knelt down to fondle Lauren, she ran her hands up and down his back teasing him with her long nails as he caressed her belly lovingly and covered her neck and shoulder with kisses.

Catherine moaned in contented bliss as she leaned back in the chair and just let herself relax, her husband gently rubbed her swelling belly carefully massaging and stroking as the thick milkshake slowly drained into her. She had never felt so full, so round and bloated her stomach grumbling from the strain as it stretched until she felt like she would burst from the pressure.

“Just a little more now,” her husband whispered looking past her to check on the bag. “I’m so proud of you my love, just a bit more and your all done.”

Catherine smiled despite the discomfort and spread her legs wide around her low hanging belly to give herself just a bit more room, her stomach was huge a great swollen dome her tanned skin taut and firm against her massaging fingers.

The last few sparks of the old Catherine were screaming in the back of her head, she could almost feel them flickering out one by one as they were smothered by a swelling feeling of joy. It felt like every gluttonous ounce that passed her lips washed away another part of her past, dissolving shame, melting guilt and soothing away the person she once was.

She hesitated a moment the last ghostly part of her old self crying out for her to listen, she felt a sudden cramping nausea seize hold of her stomach, the last bit of will her old identity possessed urging her to stop before it was too late.

Slowly, intentionally she swallowed. She gulped against the tube increasing the flow into her stomach and feeling the nausea fade away with her choice made.

After a few more contented swallows Jerry gave her a huge hug and gently pulled the new empty tube from her mouth. Catherine just sat there in comfortable-discomfort, revelling in the delicious fullness and stroking her distended stomach until her husband spoke.

“I think its time you had the final part of your surprise.”

* * *

Catherine waddled outside leaning on James’ arm, their friends took up the rear with Jerry leading an extremely unsteady Lauren along the path to the guest house. The lights were already on and the door open so they stepped straight inside.

This time, however, they didn’t immediately head for Jerry’s comfortable workspace, instead, James opened the door into the guest house sitting room and led them all inside.

The room was all in shades of white and tastefully decorated but Catherine only had eyes for the huge recliner that dominated the middle of the floor.

It was massive, the miss-matched pads and cushions of the prototype replaced with identical plush black leather and the vast assortment of arms, slings, and bundles of wiring completely hidden by matching leather covers and gleaming chrome joints.

The only part that remained the same was the helmet that now hung from a single sturdy black arm above the seat, even that had been recovered with black leather and shining metalwork.

All in all the chair looked huge, intimidating and very, very expensive.

An elegant black control panel stood a few feet from the machine with a single large silver power button.

“Isn’t it beautiful,” Jerry gushed as he entered the room behind her, she turned to see his happy excited face and beamed back at him.

“It’s gorgeous.”

“And the first ride is all for you,” he said proudly as Lauren came forward to hug her squealing happily with excitement and nearly knocking her off her feet.

“Thank you,” she replied tearfully hugging her friend tightly. “And thank you too,” she whispered more quietly into Lauren’s ear.

“Oh you are so welcome,” Lauren replied. “The moment I met you I knew you would just turn out perfect once the chair fixed you,” she confessed.

“I was such a bitch.”

“Yes, you were,” Lauren teased wiping away her friend’s happy tears. “But so was I once, one more ride and the old you is gone for good and we can be friends forever.”


“I promise” Lauren replied solemnly.

“I think we may be getting a little ahead of ourselves,” James said gently separating the two plump women and kissing his wife tenderly on the cheek. “If you take your seat hon, the chair is waiting for you.”

Catherine gave her husband another hug and stepped up to the machine. Turning around she paused a second to look back at her adoring husband, her gorgeous lover and Jerry the wonderful man who had made all this possible standing at the back with a broad proud smile on his face.

“Thank you all,” she said taking her seat and surrounding herself with the rich smell of new leather.

“Don’t mention it,” Jerry said smiling.

Lauren just smiled and blew her a kiss and her darling James leaned forward to press the on button and give her a final gentle kiss.

“Enjoy the ride,” he said beaming down at her. “I promise when you wake you will love the new you.”

“I already do,” she replied.

Then she settled the helmet down over her face feeling it buzz and shift as it adjusted its fit to her perfectly.

The white room appeared featureless and shining her gloriously fat body floating freely in the air her great swollen stomach still hiding most of her legs from view.

The welcome screen was different this time, the first three levels were greyed out and the fourth was finally unlocked, swiping her hand through it she was shown the final screen.

Welcome, Catherine.

This is the final level of your therapy.

If you choose you may leave the chair, your old personality will reassert itself in time.

If you accept this final treatment your new identity will become permanent.

Knowing this do you choose to begin?

Yes or No

Catherine didn’t even hesitate for a moment, the old her was already nothing more than a bad memory.

Swiping yes she let out a happy sigh of release as the room vanished into darkness and the chair began her final ride.

A starscape appeared around her, a billion glittering lights in the darkness, slowly but with increasing frequency, those lights started to pulse as shivers of tingling vibration ran across her voluptuous body.

She felt like she was floating free in space, caressed by the light of the stars themselves. Distantly, she could hear a deep humming that rose and fell in pitch turning into a deep star-song that swept her away.

The caress of the stars tingled and throbbed through her, running in long lingering lines up and down her gently jiggling body but always ending with a deep buzz between her legs.

She drifted through the interstellar light show, the song of the universe vibrating through her, the caress of starlight on her skin.

As she felt the first stirrings of an orgasm begin to build the stars began to spin and shift, what once was a gentle astral breeze became a storm a pounding torrent that washed through her and over her pulling her down into a tempest of starlight.

Ahead of her, the stars winked out one by one, a spiral of darkness forming even as she flew towards it, the crashing waves of light searing her with electric kisses working every muscle, every inch of skin until she ached with need.

Then the darkness reached out and swallowed her and she exploded, her own supernova of bliss echoing out into nothingness as everything faded away...

* * *

“She’s gone under,” Jerry said watching Catherine’s thrashing subside.

The three of them had settled in to watch as Catherine moaned and wriggled on the machine, after a single final wail of orgasmic bliss she had

slumped down into the chair twitching spasmodically as it focused on burning its subliminal messages irrevocably into her overloaded brain.

“That was fast,” Jerry said sounding surprised. He had settled into a comfortable chair to watch the show, the visible bulge in his trousers showing how much he had enjoyed watching his wife’s final ride.

“Not really, it’s amazing how fast the chair gets them into a receptive state once they start using it regularly,” Jerry replied from his comfortable seat on the couch. Lauren was sprawled out across his lap allowing her husband to stroke and fondle as they watched the show but now things were quieter she sat up and looked at him adoringly.

“And when she’s done she will be just like me?” she asked earnestly.

“Just as wonderful and perfect as you are dear,” he assured her, stroking her hair fondly and smiling as she purred contentedly back at him.

“How long?” she asked.

“Three days and you can have your playmate back,” Jerry assured her stroking her belly absently. “Once she’s done we need to pack up the chair and get it ready for delivery, the field trials start next week and we have the perfect spot picked out for testing.”

“Are the other chairs ready to ship? James asked.

“Oh don’t worry,” Jerry assured him confidently. “All three will be online and ready for their new patient’s first thing on Monday.”

“Won’t they be in for a wild ride,” James replied...