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Resistance 2


Robert made his way upstairs. He was strong, powerful, wild, and a little out of control. Coming off of the conquest of the General, he felt victorious and horny as a bull in mating season.

There was only one thing he wanted now.

Looking into the master bedroom, he found his wife on their marital bed, getting gangbanged by a bunch of soldiers. She enthusiatically sucked off one of them while riding a second, a third ramming her ass. A fourth stood to the side, stroking himself eagerly as he waited for his turn.

In Derek’s room, his son and Zack were double teaming Crystal, the slut squealing loudly as she energetically thrashed and writhed between them, getting serviced in both of her pleasure holes.

It was in Meghan’s own room that he finally found his virus enhanced nympho daughter. She was on her back, long, slender legs wrapped around the waist of a soldier on top of her, ferociously humping away.

To the side, another soldier stood, jacking himself, waiting for his turn with Robert’s daughter. As he approached, Robert recognized the crooked nose, although the virus had wiped away any trace of acne from Riggs’ face.

“Hey, Riggs,” Robert said conversationally, and when he turned his smarmy face towards him, Robert smashed his fist in it, knocking him out cold. He stepped over Riggs’ prone motionless body and once he was beside the bed, he grabbed the soldier mating with his daughter by the back of the neck and hauled him off, hard.

The soldier stumbled backwards, falling and banging against the wall, an expression of dumb surprise on his young face.

“Get the fuck out,” Robert growled. The soldier took one look at Robert’s countenance and swiftly left.

He turned back to his daughter’s bed, and she was there. Meghan, her flawless, naked teenage body covered in a light sheen of sweat. Her damp blond hair tousled, her sky blue eyes, wide, enticing, inviting. Her massive tits heaved, either from her earlier exertions or her excited anticipation; Robert didn’t know which and didn’t care.

As he climbed onto the bed, she spread her legs lavisciously, her golden snatch dripping with lubrication, ready and waiting.

“Oh yes, Daddy,” Meghan said, her voice high, perverse, eager. “Yes, finally, finally…”

As Robert hovered above her, his huge, hard cock poised just above her glistening lips, precum already welling out from the tip, he hesitated just for a fraction of a second, one last moment of brief resistance.

But in the next, Meghan reached up, wrapping her arms around his neck, pulling him in, kissing him, slipping her tongue in his mouth sensuously. And she wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him down, guiding him into her.

He groaned out loud as Meghan arched her back, tossing her head up, moaning softly, exposing her delicate neck as he filled her tight, young pussy.


He pulled out and then groaned again as he sank himself back into her hot, wet folds, and she twisted sinuously in pleasure, writhing like a wanton whore.

“Oh yes…

“Fuck me, Daddy, fuck your slutty little girl…”

It was ecstasy. The realization of his deepest, darkest, fantasy. His infected, horny teenage daughter, taking his cock, begging for it, loving every second of it. Her firm, nubile body, slightly and yet infinitely hotter than his enhanced wife’s. Her pussy tighter. Her features sexier.

It all added up together, to make Meghan the hottest blonde fucktoy in the world. His daughter, whom he wasn’t supposed to want. Who wasn’t supposed to want him. Younger, nastier, dirtier, hornier, than her altered mother, his wife.

“You’re gonna make me cum, Daddy,” she panted, rocking beneath him, pushing her own tits up, supporting them as they bounced. “Oh fuck, Daddy… I’m going to cum…”

She began pushing her hips back up against him, humping up against him, trying to take his cock even deeper inside. “Yes, Daddy…

“Oh yes, yes, yes…”

Her pussy was dripping, soaking Robert’s crotch and he was starting to lose his composure, starting to ramp up, fuck her harder, faster.

“It’s coming, Daddy,” Meghan gasped, her hands still cupping her massive tits, pinching her turgid nipples, looking up at him with those big blue eyes, her voice rising higher and higher. “Oh, I’m almost there…

“I’m so close…”

Meghan’s eyes went wide, her mouth opened and closed wordlessly, and then with small gasp, her pussy was gushing, squirting all over Robert, and then she let out a loud, prolonged moan.



“I’m doing it…

“I’m creaming all over your big cock…



Meghan’s hands were running all over herself as she squirmed beneath him, groaning loudly, grabbing her tits, pulling her own hair, before running her fingers down her own face, tugging down her bottom plump lip, sucking on her index finger.

“Holy shit,” Robert breathed in awe, unable to believe that this incredibly hot, flawless, sexual, depraved creature beneath him was his own daughter, his own slut, his to fuck, whenever he wanted, however he wanted.

“Mmmmm,” Meghan murmured, looking at him with those blue eyes, half closed. “I came so hard, Daddy… Harder than ever…”

She pumped her hips a few more times slowly, gripping his cock, and then she reached down and pulled it out of herself, pulling it downward before shifting her hips forward again.

“What… What’re you doing…?”

“You know what I’m doing,” she said perversely, as his sticky cockhead bumped up against her asshole.


“No,” she said. “I’ve waited so long.. I’m done waiting…”

Robert groaned as his daughter’s asshole stretched, squeezing him, and then his head entered her rear, impossibly, incredibly tight. Meghan grunted in pleasure as the full length of him impaled her rectum.

“Unnnh yea…

“It was good when you fucked my pussy, Daddy, but now I want to feel like a slut…”

She began pumping again, working her ass up and down his shaft.

“A dirty, nasty slut, Daddy…”

Robert groaned and immediately began to give Meghan what she wanted so badly.

“Oh yes, Daddy,” she keened as he began to buttfuck her with growing enthusiasm. “That’s it.. Fuck me.. Fuck my slutty ass…”

She lifted her legs up, hooking them over Robert’s shoulders, her hands to her sides, gripping her firm ass cheeks, spreading them as he plowed in and out of her.

“Yes, Daddy…

“Fuck me…

“Fuck my ass, like the nasty little whore I am…”

Meghan’s teeth were clenched now as she convulsed on the bed, her tits rhythmically bouncing up and down as she wriggled her perfect ass back and forth on her father’s rigid shaft.

“Give it to me, Daddy… I want it so bad…”

“Oh shit, it’s coming,” Robert groaned, trying to hold out as long as possible, but the incredible tightness of her ass squeezing his cock was too much.

“Yea? You’re gonna do it, Daddy?

“You’re gonna squirt all of that hot, sticky cum in my ass?

“You’re gonna bust your load right in your filthy little girl’s ass?

“Go ahead, Daddy… Do it, Daddy…”

“I want it so bad…

“I’m such a dirty little slut... your little girl’s a fucking whore, Daddy…”

Robert locked eyes with his depraved, slutty daughter’s as she begged for it, her young, beautiful face contorted with unrestrained lust, and then with a roar, he was ejaculating wildly, slamming himself into Meghan’s rear, over and over again, pumping her ass full of cum, overflowing it, shooting out in huge, jetting pulses, squirting all over as he pulled out, only to plunge himself back in again, squeezing out copious, thick rivulets of semen with every thrust.

Meghan called out, moaning, thrashing, twitching, cramming three fingers up her pussy as she gushed, soaking her hand.





Oh, Daddy…

Robert panted raggedly as he continued compulsively humping his daughter’s ass with a slowing series of erratic thrusts.

“Oh fuck…. Fucking hell…”

As he pulled out his still rock hard cock, his seed flowed freely from Meghan’s ass, pooling onto her bedsheets. She reached out and put her arms around his neck, pulling him down, close, her hot, sweating, trembling body tight against his, his massive cock pressed up against her flat belly, kissing him deeply, slipping her tongue into his mouth.

“Oh, Daddy,” she murmured breathlessly between passionate kisses. “Thank you…

“Thank you…”

* * *

Robert awoke gradually, unaware of where he was, but awash in a sea of infinite pleasure. Eventually, he realized that he’d fallen asleep in his daughter’s bed, lying on his back, and now Meghan was riding him, slowly, deliberately, grinding, her stunning body sinuously undulating back and forth.

“Oh yea, baby,” he groaned, fully awakened, grabbing her by her trim waist, automatically thrusting up into her tight, dripping, blonde pussy. “You’re so fucking incredible...”

“There you are.”

Robert turned his head to see Christine standing in the doorway, Derek beside her. Their son was sucking on her neck, feeling up her tits while she casually stroked his erection.

“I’m so proud of you,” Christine said, watching avidly as their daughter rode her husband. “I knew you would fix everything…”

Robert wasn’t sure which of them she was speaking to. His wife and his son approached, splitting off wordlessly, Derek going to the foot of the bed, Christine to the head.

As Derek climbed on behind Meghan and slid into her rear, she groaned loudly, her pussy gushing and squirting all over Robert’s cock. Standing beside Robert’s head, Christine watched fondly for a few moments, fingering herself as her husband and her son double penetrated her slutty teenage daughter.

Then she climbed up, straddling Robert’s face, rubbing her wet clit up against his tongue, and she reached over to grab Meghan by her perspiring, young, pretty face, making out with her heavily.

Robert thrust upwards, groaning, panting as he licked his wife’s amazing, sopping pussy, releasing the hot, squirting cum from his cock, filling his daughter’s tight cunt, and they stayed like this for a long while, doing it over and over again.