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* * *

Resistance 2


“Yes, baby, oh fuck yes,” Christine moaned, riding hard, grabbing her huge jugs as they bounced while she pumped her hips back and forth like a piston. “Fuck me, Derek!”

“Goddammit, Christine!” Robert exclaimed beneath her. “I’m not your fucking son!”

He lay there angrily, hands still on her tiny waist, no longer thrusting upward. “I’m Robert! Your goddamn husband!”

Despite his boiling rage, Christine wasn’t able to stop humping him completely, gyrating slowly as she spoke. “I’m sorry, honey… I didn’t mean to say that…

“It’s just... out of habit… I fuck him so much more than you…”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake,” Robert said aggravatedly; the phrase was rapidly becoming his signature one. He tried to sit up and push her off of him, but she resisted, remaining astraddle.

“I know you don’t like to think of that,” Christine said in a soothing voice. “I’m sorry I fuck our son… I’m just a sick, dirty slut, I know that…”

Robert swore again.

She continued rocking back and forth sinuously as she spoke, her hands planted on his chest, looking down at him over her enormous bust. “Why don’t you just kiss me? When’s the last time we kissed?”

“No, Christine.”

“It would make everything so much easier, wouldn’t it?” She felt her hips moving a bit faster now, thighs clenched, her drooling pussy gripping her husband’s cock, still resolutely erect in spite of his anger. “We could fuck as much as we wanted then, all day, every day…

“You wouldn’t have to wear these stupid condoms, you could just squirt right in my tight little pussy…”

“No.” Robert’s teeth were clenched as his wife starting bouncing up and down again. He was mad, she knew, but still, she was just too hot to resist, too hot not to fuck…

“And then, you could fuck Meghan,” Christine continued, and she felt her clit twitching as she said it. Because it was so sick and depraved and twisted. That she wanted her husband to fuck their daughter. That she wanted to watch. That she wanted to join them.

“She wants to fuck you so bad, Robert, she does,” Christine panted. “And she’s so good… the way she licks my pussy and my ass, I just cum so fucking hard it makes me squirt all over…”

“Shut up,” Robert groaned. “Stop talking…”

“Oh, Robert and her little cunt, it’s so tight and always wet, it tastes so good, I could just eat her out all day…

“I’ll lick her assshole while she sucks your cock, ok..? I know you’ll love how she sucks your dick…”

She was slamming up and down on top of him now, horny, excited. Robert’s eyes were squeezed shut, his hands clutching her waist

“Don’t you want to fuck that young, hot piece of ass? Don’t you want to cum in her tight little teenage snatch?”

“Shut up, Christine, shut the fuck up…”

“Don’t you want to see me lapping up your cum from her drooling slit? Robert? Your nasty whore wife licking up all of your semen from our filthy, skanky daughter’s cunt while she moans like a dirty little slut?”

“No! No, you fucking whore, no!”

Christine orgasmed noisily, getting herself off with her own depraved words and she writhed and twitched on top of Robert, dimly aware that he was shooting his load too in the condom.




She felt her pussy spasming and gushing, and it felt good, but not as good as it would have felt to have his hot seed squirting inside of her, filling her up.

“Goddammit, Christine,” Robert groaned as she climbed off of him, allowing his softening cock to slide out. She waited patiently while her husband went through his post sex ritual, carefully peeling off the soiled condom and heading for the shower. He was still upset after all.

Only after she heard him climb into the shower did she leave the bedroom to get satisfied by their son and daughter.

* * *

Robert looked up from the petri dish later that day, deep in contemplation. The phasing protein coat of the virus was what made it so unsupressable by the human immune system. But the solution was potentially deceptively simple. If the antibodies could detect the phasing signals and also shift in sync, then the virus would lose any of its unique anti-immune properties.

This actually looked… promising. He could scarcely believe it. If the antibodies could survive, continue to replicate, then there was hope, incredibly.. Hope, after all…

He stood up and immediately winced, his back stiff from sitting stationarily for so long , hunched over all afternoon. He realized suddenly that he actually had a terrible, pounding headache that had crept up on him unnoticed as he was absorbed in his work.

Probably at least in part due to hunger or dehydration, as he hadn’t had anything to eat or drink since earlier in the morning. As in the old days, he would neglect everything else while he was focused on his research with concentrated, laser intensity.

Robert looked at the time, moving his watch into the beam of the overhead hanging light to better see. Christ, it was already late in the afternoon. Rubbing his throbbing temple, he climbed out of the basement and got a glass of water from the kitchen, gulping it down. No one else was on the main level, and a little concerned, he went upstairs, where he heard the typical sounds of copulation, frenzied pants and moans and thumping furniture coming from Derek’s bedroom. He cocked his head, listening, and felt rather confident that it was three people and everyone was accounted for.

For a moment, he thought to go over and verify with his own eyes just to be sure, but then found that with his head feeling as though it might split open, he just really didn’t want to see the rest of his family in one of his kids’ bedrooms, tangled up together fornicating.

With a shake of his head, he went to his and Christine’s bedroom and lay down on the bed. He’d just close his eyes until dinnertime, he thought.

* * *

Robert barely registered hearing the bedroom door open, footsteps pacing in. He had been so deeply asleep, dreaming of… something… he really couldn’t remember at all, despite still being more asleep than awake even at that moment.

He felt hands on his boxers, rubbing his manhood through his shorts, and he groaned lightly, enjoying the pleasant sensation as he dozed, reluctant to waken and return to the daily struggles of the present. He felt his erection drawn out from the opening of his boxers and he was slightly alarmed until he felt a condom being pushed over his swollen head and rolled down the length of him.

“Christine,” he murmured as he felt the plump, warm lips wrap around his member, sucking hard and slowly taking in the entirety of his shaft, and he allowed his mind to stay shut down, permitting himself to remain completely in the moment, all of his worries and concerns set to the side for the time being.

He let out another louder groan as he felt her gripping his shaft, stroking him with an amazing twisting motion as she blew him, and he reached down, grabbing handfuls of golden, blonde hair, lifting his hips off the bed, thrusting upward.

She moaned appreciatively as he pumped himself in and out of her mouth, deeper and more forcefully as his arousal began to ignite. One thing Robert never had to worry about anymore these days was being too rough—there wasn’t anything he could do now that was too much for her to take, that she wouldn’t like, wouldn’t turn her on even more.

His cock first hit the back of her throat and then slid down it, and he felt it contracting, squeezing him. He was thrusting himself in and out, trying to stick it as far inside as he could, and she slobbered messily all over him, her jaw slack, making gagging sounds as she deepthroated him.

Robert yanked her by her blond head, slamming it up and down in his lap while he fucked her face hard, unrestrained in his pleasure by the knowledge that she wanted to be used roughly, treated like a filthy slut. As if to encourage him, she began fondling his balls, massaging him.

He felt his cock throbbing, pulsing, building up to climax, and he held back the urge to release as long as he possibly could, until the pent up pressure was too much to hold back for another second, and then he was exploding, filling the condom with his ejaculation, crying out as each spurting burst squirted out.

“Oh jeez, honey…” he panted, eyes shut, still sliding his member slowly in and out, shuddering at the oversensitivity of his cock post-orgasm. She gave him a long, slow final suck as he drew the length of himself out of her talented mouth.

“That… that was amazing… I really needed that…”

“You’re welcome, Daddy. Wow, that was really hot…”

Robert’s eyes snapped open.


He looked down and it was Meghan’s seductive, beautiful face down in his lap, drool running down her petite chin, looking back up at him with her sky blue eyes.