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All standard disclaimers apply. This is a work of erotic horror. If you find homosexuality offensive or live in an environment where this kind of material is banned, stop reading now!

Lots of influence from the work of Tabico and Sarah H.

Melissa Romanovsky unlocked the door of the Sun Valley Historical Society, holding a tray of coffees for her two colleagues and kicked the door open. The organization’s cat, Mr. Buttons, looked at her from the center of the floor, yawned and then went back to the important sleeping he had been engaged in. Melissa sat the tray of coffees down, and removed her coat, turned on the radio, the lights and, taking a long slip from her double-mocha, formally began her day by turning on the phones. The youngest of the women working at the society and the only one with an actual history degree, she had come to the organization after her husband had moved the family from Los Angeles to Sun Valley eight years ago. At the time, their one daughter, Jacqui had just turned thirteen, now she was seventeen, a dark-haired siren on the high school choir. When John and Melissa had divorced a year ago, it had devastated her and she had thrown herself into the work of preserving the old buildings of the valley, many of which were endangered by the expansion of development brought on by an amazing influx of yuppies—just like she and John had been. Melissa got up from her chair and started another pot of coffee, just as Carol Dugal, the head of the society came in the door.

“Morning, Melissa.” The older woman, her hair a salt-and-pepper mix, her hour-glass figure still held although thick, pulled off her coat and hung it on the chair. “Tell me there’s coffee.”

“On my desk, double-white mocha just like you always get.” The phone rang and Melissa answered, trying to do her best to feign perkiness early in the morning. While she spoke with the caller, Therese came in, grabbed the coffee and sat down at her desk. Carol turned on the local Christian radio station, where a man spoke about the evils of liberals and homosexuals.

“What’s on tap for the day?” Therese asked.

“The Pinoitte house.” Carol replied. “But I have an appointment this afternoon, do you mind going out with Melissa?”

“No, not at all. We can grab margaritas on the way back after the assessment.” Therese smiled.

“Sure! Tee is at choir and then having dinner with a friend for a study date.” Melissa smiled and winked back with a flash of her hazel eyes, knowing their boss was the most Christian of the three of them.

“I don’t want to know about it!” She feigned horror and went into her office.

Michel Pinoitte, the great-grandson and the last scion of the redoubtable but ill-fated Pinoitte clan came by to drop off the keys to his grandmother’s house. He smiled and chatted with Carol about their families.

“I don’t know why you women are trying to restore this place.” Michel took a sip of his coffee.

“It’s a beautiful old house.” Carol responded.

“Yeah, which is cursed.” Michel blushed and hung his head. “At least that’s what people say.” He tried to feign humor at his own superstition.

“Oh that’s just talk, Michel!” Carol reached out and patted the man’s hand congenially. “Anyway, I’ve never known you to be a man afraid of anything. Certainly not the talk of the ignorant.”

“Anyway, I’m only letting you ladies look at it because of you Carol.” He finished his cup of coffee. “Otherwise, I would just have the place torn down and sell it for something useful. But if you want to do a piece on the place before I have folks start taking a look at the land, that’s fine. Here’s the keys.” He placed the keys to the house on the desk and turned, tipping an imaginary hat to Melissa and Therese.

“Have fun at the old haunted house, ladies.” He shot over his shoulder.

The two women walked into the house as the autumnal sun began its late-afternoon dip toward the horizon. The Pinoitte family continued to have electricity service to the former family homestead and Melissa gasped as the turned on the lights in the main foyer. A massive crystal chandelier hung over a staircase that a princess should be descending down in wearing a gown that would make Grace Kelly look frumpy and pedestrian in comparison.

“Oh my! This place is amazing!” Melissa exclaimed.

“Yeah, no kiddin’!” Therese concurred. She took a digital camera from her purse and began snapping pictures of the entry-way which seemed larger than her first apartment.

The two women moved through the house slowly and deliberately, occasionally stopping to play at being grand dames. Through a darkened hallway they found a room done up in darkened cherry wood. The floors were a dusty ebony. In the center of the floor there was a large mosaic of an eye made of ebony and what looked like ruby but which had to be red-glass. On the walls were smaller versions of the eye as well as other symbols the significance of which neither woman could know. On the farthest wall from the door, an dais of obsidian at covered in dust. The whole affect of the room was of a sensuous malevolence.

“Welcome,” Therese started to ham. “I’m Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.”

Melissa laughed and walked across the room, crossing over the symbol in the center.

The touch of the woman’s soul stirred the dark Presence that had languished in the house since the last women had gathered in this room and worshiped. In that last time, meaningless cycles of seasons ago, things had come to a premature ending because of the meddling of outsiders—the matriarchs husband and sons had interfered. The Presence touched the soul of the auburn haired woman who had crossed over its gate-symbol and probed around. The fermented disenchantment of difficult years was like a kiss of sweet wine and the malevolent spirit relished it. This would be its tool, it’s lever inside. Both women contained it. Yes, there would be no interfering men this time, not until it was far, far too late. It waited until the woman had reached the dais and then, gathering its reserves, the rubies in the floor and set into the walls began to glow. Beams of crimson light shot out striking both women in the eyes. It held them there transfixed as it burned into their brains, re-writing desires, inflaming appetites and passions that were latent or dormant. It felt the response of the women’s bodies, their flesh becoming electrified, their sex becoming moistened. It began to encode its own desires into the women. The house would have to be restored to its original glory. This would be a job requiring many, many, women. All the women of the town would eventually come and work on the house,they would come to know what it was to truly be part of something.

Melissa froze at the altar as strange thoguhts and images flooded through her. She had the first of several epiphanies as she realized just how much she truly loved this house. It was a great house and a terrible shame that it had been left fallow and empty for so long. The place deserved to be restored to its former glory, repainted and completely restored so that whatever glorious happenings had occurred within the walls could once again take place. The second one, following quickly on the heels of the first was that the house should be worked on by women, only women. This realization, which seemed foreign for only the briefest moment was followed quickly by an image of a host of naked women standing around in this very room, chanting and singing and caressing one another in praise of a dark and terrible Goddess. She saw her own daughter, naked and wanton being had by a neighbor. The very thought of it made her...what? She knew she should feel revulsion but that version of Melissa was becoming a stranger to her, replaced by a larger, more whole Melissa that had a new and deeper understanding. The part of her that was still the old Melissa watched in horror as her new self began to strip out of her clothing. She removed the green knit blouse and white cotton skirt, pulling off her pantyhose and kneeling down on the dirty, dusty floor to manipulate her clitoris. She looked up at Therese who stood transfixed, one hand inside her silk blouse pulling and squeezing her nipples.

Therese watched in fascination as Melissa stripped in front of her. It all seemed to make so much sense even though it was strange. The House itself seemed to want them naked and she realized that she was no one to resist the idea. She crossed the room, moving toward the altar and stood in the center of the symbol-gate on the floor. She tore off her clothes as if they were aflame and spread her legs, smiling in a lude fashion. She heard herself invite Melissa over to her sex, promising a delictable meal of sweet honey juices.

Melissa looked up at her friend and co-worker and crawled over,grabbing the woman’s hips and pulling her forward and then down to the floor. She plunged two fingers into Therese’s sex and began to suck and tease the moaning woman’s clit. The red glow increased in intensity until the room was bright with a blood-red light. Words came to Therese and she began to cry out to Kali, the Dark Goddess. She screamed out the names of Diana and Lilith and the Furies and the Fates.

The Presence read through the women’s memories, drawing on their ancient human mythologies to conceal its true nature. It had no name for it was older than human language, older than human thought and so much beyond such triflings at any rate. What it was called was irrelevant to itself. That it was worshiped was what mattered. As Therese orgasmed her mind shattered and she became nothing so much as an instrument of the Presence’s will. From now on Therese would desire only tome and work on the house,they would come to know what it was to truly be part of something. serve the Presence, to bring others to Its worship and this would be meat and drink for the woman. Perpetually aroused, she would do whatever the Presence commanded chasing the tail of a orgasmic dragon like a freebase addict.

Therese climaxed and immediately rolled Melissa over to give her the same orgasm. Her body primed and on fire it took very little time and then the two women stood, enthralled to the Presence. They looked at one another as the red-glow faded from their eyes. They understood what they needed to do. Wordlessly the two got dressed and finished taking pictures of the house. Tomorrow they would bring Carol here and she too would be home.

Melissa waited for Carol in the office while Therese shopped for supplies to clean the House later that day.

“How did the walk-through go?” Carol asked as she set the morning coffee down in front of Melissa.

“It was wonderful!” Melissa enthused. “We’ve got a lot of pictures on the camera. We’ve got to preserve that house, Carol. The workmanship in there is too unique to let go.”

“That good, eh?” Carol picked up the camera from Melissa’s desk and began to browse through the pictures. “Wow. That is nice.”

“We should buy the house, Carol. Just buy it up from Michel and his family.” Melissa pressed. “Otherwise another piece of local history will just become something else soulless.”

“The Society doesn’t have that kind of money, Melissa.” Carol paused, putting the camera down. “I’ve never seen you get like this about a site before.”

“This place is different. Would you come out and take a look at it with me? We don’t really have much in the way of appointments midday. We could meet Therese there and have a picnic.” Melissa tried desperately to control the raging arousal in her loins. Obeying the House felt so good and she wanted Carol to experience the bliss for herself. Knowing that when Carol walked into the house she would no longer be the same, that her mind would be completely remade into a willing, even eager, slave and servant of the Goddess, heightened the feelings of pleasure.

“C’mon! Let’s go, it won’t take long.”

“Alright, alright.” Carol smiled. It was good to see Melissa be enthusiastic again. Ever since the divorce she had not been herself. She’d become mopey and sullen, going through the motions of her days. This was welcome change. Carol grabbed her purse and walked to the front of the small office.

Carol had driven by the house a thousand times. Sitting at the end of a cul-de-sac its imposing three-story Victorian architecture looked every bit the haunted house. Even as a child, the house had provided Carol with plenty of fodder for her fertile girl’s imagination of ghosts and adventures worthy of Nancy Drew. The stained-glass on the front doors spooked her with their dark mosaic, each one portraying a dark-red eye. As she placed one foot on the front step she felt a frozen jolt of electricity course through her. She shivered as the current flowed up her spine and looked back at Melissa who stood behind her.

“Let’s start on the third floor, I want to save the best room for last.”

“And what’s the best room?” Carol looked up the stairs. One banister was cleaned while its twin was still covered in dust.

“The ballroom, you won’t believe it.” Melissa enthused. “It has the most amazing tile work in the center of the floor.”

“Well, show it to me now.” Carol started up the stairs. “Or is there a reason for showing me the rest of the house first?”

“You’ll understand soon enough.” Melissa replied cryptically.

Carol followed Melissa around the house from top to bottom. Despite the dust, as Carol looked around, she began to see the beauty of the house. Standing in the top cupola she felt another jolt of cold, blue lightning through her body. But this time it was accompanied by strange words.

“My mind is happy, blank and empty.

She looked around, Melissa was standing at the entrance to the room obviously unperturbed.

Naked women. Lustful, luscious, naked women. Breasts. Buttocks.

“Let’s go look at this ballroom.” Carol started down the circular stairs, brushing past Melissa.

Suck on her breasts. Melissa naked. Naked with Therese. All three of you naked, sweaty, wet.

As the two women walked down the stairs to the first floor, the younger woman watched Carol fight what Melissa knew would be a losing battle against the power of the House. The Presence, whatever it was, was too strong, too superior to fight. They walked into the ballroom and Carol gasped at the dark cherry wood walls and floor, her eyes drawn to the giant eyes on the floor. The Presence ratcheted up its power and the gems in the room began to glow. Carol turned around to see where the light came from and saw Melissa standing behind her, eyes glowing the same dark crimson light.

Melissa smiled and her face was a visage of beautiful evil. “Now, you’ll understand why this is my favorite room.” She licked her lips and continued. “And why we have to buy this house.”

A short time later, Carol stood nude in front of the altar, her eyes glowing red, her mind and body being reshaped. The varicose veins in her lower legs disappeared in the bright red glow of the room. She stood transfixed, looking at the smiling face of Melissa who had opened her blouse and was tugging at one nipple while her other hand was thrust into her pants.

“Just let it happen, Carol. Let It take you. You’re weak. The House is strong. Let Her remake you.”

Carol reached up and fingered the cross around her neck. She gripped it tightly and held on to it, thinking of...“My mind is happy, blank and empty.

Breasts. The cross was right above her round, fully, luxurious breasts.

She felt tried to pray asking...“My mind is happy, blank and empty.

...the Goddess for release. Orgasm. Pleasure. Instruction. To be used. To be an instrument.

She felt the warmth of a hand on her back. Melissa knelt down next to Carol and whispered in her ear. “Give me the cross, Carol. You don’t need it. It only gets in the way of what It has planned for you.”

Carol held on tight to...“My mind is happy, blank and empty.

her breasts. They were full and needed sucking on. She needed to fuck Melissa badly.

She looked up into the red-eyes of Melissa as the younger woman yanked the cross from around her neck. “Now, you’ll come to understand.”

Carol’s mind shattered and then the pieces melted into putty as it filled with the glorious plans that the House had for her. She reached up and began to caress Melissa’s round hips. The younger woman reached over, grabbed one of Carol’s breasts and began to suck on the nipple. “My mind is happy, blank and empty. Carol realized that she belonged to the House and always would. She would buy the house from Michel, no matter how much it cost.

End part 1.

Part 2

Donna Brazil closed the door of her office at Sun Valley Bank and looked at her long-time friend,

Carol. Something seemed different about her this morning. Something she could not put her finger on. Perhaps it was the low-cut blouse that she was wearing. Carol had never been much for flashy clothes, certainly not since she and her husband Ted, had been married these last twenty-some years. Donna smiled and offered Carol a cup of coffee which the dark-haired woman accepted smiling.

So what can I do for you this morning?

I want to purchase the Pinoitte house. She smiled. The old one.

I didn’t realize that Michel was selling the house.

Well, he wants to have it condemned but I want to purchase it for the Society. Her body thrilled at the thought of Donna seeing how wonderful the House was, learning to do Its biding. I think that the place is just too important a building to allow it to be destroyed. Carol smiled as she felt the Goddess begin to possess her body. She knew that soon she would be used to wipe Carol’s mind of all impure thoughts and replace them with the perfect clarity of obedience.

Do you have any idea how much Michel wants for the house? Donna asked, looking up from the yellow legal pad she had been making notes on.

No, but that doesn’t matter. I’ll put my house up as collateral. Whatever it takes, Donna. She leaned across the desk. I need to buy that house. Her eyes began to glow red and she locked eyes with Donna.

Donna stared at her friend. Something strange was happening and now she understood the strange feelings she had noticed earlier. Carol was stronger than normal. Never a wallflower or wilting violet, Carol now exuded a power that Donna found irresistible. She tried to tear her eyes away from the glowing red eyes but couldn’t seem to connect her brain and her will.

Listen carefully, Donna. You will leave the bank with me. You will come to the House and you will be presented to the Goddess of the House. She will remake you and you will allow this to happen. When you return, you will begin to induct others into the Truth of the Goddess. No woman will be spared this induction. You will induct your daughters and your friends. You will recruit the women at church. You belong to the House now. You are a slave to Her will. You have no will but the one that She gives you. You have no Purpose but the Great Purpose of serving Her and bringing others to Her service. This is the only thing that matters, the only thing that has ever mattered. Now, gather your purse and coat.”

Some small part of Donna that remained was horrified as her body obeyed Carol’s voice and walked out the door. She heard herself speaking to her secretary. “I’m going to take a look at a property with a client, I’ll be back soon.” She put on her coat and headed out to the parking lot of the bank, following Carol.

On the drive over to the house, Carol continued to instruct Donna into the proper attitude that the new slave would have and spread.

We must make ourselves blank and empty for the Goddess. It’s good to be blank and empty. It makes your mind happy. Say it with me, Donna.”

“My mind is happy, blank and empty. Carol intoned the mantra, repeating it in lyrical sing-song voice. Donna tried to resist the catch tune. Part of her conscious mind fought back, thinking of getting back to the office. Yes! She would focus on the office. Where she had work to do. Yes, work inducting the other women in the office into the Purpose. Into the pure and unadulterated Truth that was the Goddess.

Carol drove on continuing to chant the little song to Donna. As Carol turned down the street where the House sat, Donna lost her battle as she came into the immediate sphere of influence that the Presence was to project and began to chant herself. “My mind is happy, blank and empty. The two women sang the chant as they walked up the stairs and entered the House. They continued as Carol led Donna into the altar room. “My mind is happy, blank and empty. Donna felt the Truth of the words as she slid out of her skirt, then her pantyhose, and then her blouse and bra and stood naked before the altar. “My mind is happy, blank and empty. Donna fell to her knees and confessed her sins. She confessed how she had turned off from sex. How she had backbit and gossiped about women. How she had mistreated her underlings. She told the Presence everything and then, when her soul was clean, she lay down on the floor and chanted “My mind is happy, blank and empty. as Carol, slid a black glass dildo into the bankers dripping pussy. “My mind is happy, blank and empty. Carol slid the dildo in and out of Donna in time to the chant that they both were fixated on. My mind is happy, blank and empty, brainwashing is good for me.”

The room began to glow a deep blood-red and the light spilled into Donna’s eyes as she was released from all care, concern and worry as her mind became empty and free from the burdens of will and thought.

“Hey, isn’t that your mom’s car?” Linda asked Kate Brazel as they cut across the Pinoitte place.

“Yeah.” The feisty red-head replied. Seniors at Sun Valley High School, the two eighteen year olds were heading out for lunch off campus.

“Well, see if you can get some money from her.” Linda prodded hopefully. Kate’s mom was notoriously indulgent of her only daughter.

“Alright, alright. Let’s see what Mommy Warbucks will cough up.” Kate said as she opened the door to house. “Hey! Mom! Where are you?”

There was no reply. The two girls walked in, Kate slamming the door behind her. “Mom!” She yelled out. A nudging in the back of her mind drew her to a set of closed double-doors. She rapped on the door softly before opening the doors. The scene before her shattered everything that Kate had ever thought of her world. Her mother knelt on the floor, nude, before an altar of ebony. Two other women occupied the room with Donna. One Kate didn’t recognize but the other was her mother’s long-time friend, Carol who knelt next to her mother in the same position. Only the stranger didn’t kneel. She spoke and her voice was like arctic water. “Again.” She commanded

“My mind is happy, blank and empty.

“Mom? MOM!!?” Kate stepped into the room and thus sealed her doom. Her mother turned around and looked at her. Kate tried to step back, to turn her head away from the diabolical look on her mother and Carol’s face but she’d lost control of her muscles.

“Kate. So glad you’re here.” Her mother stood and started toward her.

“What the fuck is going on here?” Kate demanded.

“My mind is happy, blank and empty. Her mother replied as she walked toward her daughter. “My mind is happy, blank and empty. Donna held out her arms to her daughter. “Come into the circle. Come join us. You’ll love serving the Goddess.” Her mother’s eyes shown with the joy of true fanaticism. “My mind is happy, blank and empty.

Kate took a step toward her mother, thinking...her head began to go fuzzy. What had she been thinking? Oh yes! She’d been thinking...“My mind is happy, blank and empty.

She took another step into the room and walked over toward the altar. “My mind is happy, blank and empty. Her mother pushed on her shoulders and Kate dropped to her knees, oblivious to the presence of her friend behind her who looked on in abject terror. “My mind is happy, blank and empty. Kate with the help of Carol and her mother began removing her clothes. Linda ran.

Linda took off as fast as she possibly could toward the door.

The Presence drank in the fear, savoring the sweet taste of the young woman’s panic. It reached out and touched her mind.

Linda turned the corner, following the path she and Kate had taken from the front door. She rounded the last corner and Kate, her mother and the strange woman kneeling on the floor chanting. “My mind is happy, blank and empty. The three women had reoriented themselves to face the door. They looked up at Linda, who turned around like a startled animal and ran again.

Make a left here. Now, another left. Now turn right.

Linda followed her mind’s memory of the path. Whatever wrong turns she’d made, she would not do that again. She turned the corner, found the door and through it open. There, in front of her was...“My mind is happy, blank and empty. Somehow she had gotten turned around again. Once again, she found herself staring at her friend who had a smile of perverse evil on her face. “My mind is happy, blank and empty. Linda stood transfixed, trying to determine how she got out.

“My mind is happy, blank and empty. Linda tried to resist the chanting. “My mind is happy, blank and empty. Linda turned and started to flee again and ran into a woman she had seen often at the coffee shop where she worked after school. Therese was her name.

“What’s wrong?” The woman asked with a concerned look on her face. She sat down the cleaning pails and mop she was carrying.

“My mind is happy, blank and empty. The chant seemed to be coming from inside Linda’s head.

“I have to get out of here but I can’t!” The young woman wailed. Nervous she started to twirl and chew on her hair.

“My mind is happy, blank and empty.

“You keep getting lost?” Therese asked.

“Yes!” Linda yelled over the seductive meme that had implanted itself in her brain. “Please help me.”

“I will. Just calm down. You keep getting lost because you can’t think clearly. Do you know why?”

“My mind is happy, blank and empty...” Linda replied automatically.

“That’s right.” Therese replied. Her eyes began to glow red. “Say it with me.” She smiled. “It’ll help you clarify your thinking.” “My mind is happy, blank and empty.

Linda repeated the words. Therese took the young woman’s hand and led her down toward her friend who now stood, naked and beautiful in the center of the room. “My mind is happy, blank and empty.

“That’s right, Linda.” Kate caressed her friend’s dark hair. “We’ll be together now. Forever. My mind is happy, blank and empty, brainwashing is good for me.”

Linda mouthed the words as her friend began to strip her. She felt other hands and looked up into the face of Carol who leaned over, her eyes glowing bright crimson, and kissed her hard on the mouth, taking the younger woman’s breasts into her hand. She broke the kiss and now all four women chanted. “My mind is happy, blank and empty.

The Presence felt another soul come into its possession as the five women fell upon one another. Lunch forgotten the two high school seniors had their minds remade by the increasing power of the Presence.

The two young women got dressed and returned to school, the chant endlessly looping in their heads. This afternoon, they would begin to work on the cheerleaders and bring them to the Purpose. Carol and Donna got dressed and headed back to the bank. There was a great deal of paperwork to do and the women at the bank needed to be inducted. Melissa and Therese went back to the library and the historical society office.

The Presence reached out from the structure. With the new worshipers it was stronger now. It could project its will beyond the land itself. Not far. It was nowhere near as strong as it could be. As it would be. The souls of the first of what would soon be five more worshipers fed Her. The Presence reached out and tested. It found a woman jogging and touched her mind, causing her to stop and turn toward the House. The woman ran to the door and knocked on it. The Presence whispered to the woman, wiping away all memory of her work at the vet’s office later that day. She forgot about her date with her boyfriend. All that mattered was the old, lovely house she stood in front of. She picked up a rake and began to gather the leaves into piles...

“Can I talk to you?” Kate asked Julie Westphall, the assistant coach who headed up the women’s athletics program at Sun Valley high school.

“Sure.” The teacher, only a decade older than her students, sat down on her desk. “What’s up?” She crossed her legs, clad in black stockings. She was proud of her physique and in this environment, she had the luxury of dressing up which she enjoyed.

“During lunch Linda and I left campus and we saw my mother’s car at a house that she was evaluating with a client from the bank.”

Julie nodded her head to show she was listening.

“So we stopped in because I thought I could borrow some money from her for lunch.” Kate continued, licking her lips which shone with provocatively red lipstick. “And when we went, in we saw something.”

“What was it? It must’ve upset you.”

“We saw my mother having sex with two other women! They were naked and and doing all kinds of weird things.”

“I see.” Julie looked concerned. “Did you know your mother was...bisexual?” She paused on the word.


“So were you shocked.”

“Yes, at first. But that’s only because I didn’t understand, Julie.”

“What didn’t you understand?” She queried.

Kate’s eyes began to glow. “Only this.” She stood and opened up her blouse. Before, Julie could begin her protests at the inappropriate action, the red glow transfixed Julie and Kate began chanting. “My mind is happy, blank and empty, brainwashing is good for me.”

“I think you should...” Julie began and stopped as the young woman stepped closer.

She thinks that you didn’t hear her.” Kate’s tone darkened the atmosphere faster than a thunderhead rolling in across a Midwestern plain. “My mind is happy, blank and empty, brainwashing is good for me.”

“What do you want?”

“What this servant wants is irrelevant. What the Goddess wants is what you should ask.” Kate smiled broadly. “It’ll be wonderful.” “My mind is happy, blank and empty, brainwashing is good for me.”

“Stop.” Julie protested weakly.

“I can’t stop.” Kate smiled wanly. “I do this because the Goddess has remade me so that it feels so good to obey.” She wiggled. “You’ll see soon enough.”

“My mind is happy, blank and empty.

Julie heard herself speak the words. “My mind is happy, blank and empty. As she spoke, the words settled upon her like a warm blanket. A comforting thrill moved through her mind and body. “My mind is happy, blank and empty. She tried to fight the sing-song words as they rolled off her tongue but it felt so good to say them, to let them become true. Images floated through her mind. Tableau of delectable debauchery imposed themselves on her imagination. Kate stood from her chair and kissed the younger woman.

“I’ve always wanted to do that.” She smiled and kissed her again. She repeated the mantra again and again through kisses that smothered Julie’s face. Julie joined in the mantra and was lost.

The two women met up with Linda. Kate looked at her friend with dead eyes and asked, “Were you successful?”

“Yes.” Linda replied in a monotone. “My friend made us a CD with Her Voice on it. She understands now. She is working on making copies of the disk now. When practice is done, she should have them waiting for the girls at the House.”

“Good. That’s perfect. She will be pleased.” Kate’s voice dropped to a sensual moan. “Let’s go do practice”

The three women went into the main gym where the rest of the squad waited for them. Julie put the newly burned CD into the player and then spoke to the girls. “Kate and Linda brought us some music for a new routine. I think you’ll like it...” She hit play and the music started. Beneath the house-beat, subsumed underneath the trance-mix, was the Mantra. “My mind is happy, blank and empty. Kate and Linda began a sensual dance routine, their eyes glowing behind dark glasses. Soon, everything would be different.

* * *

The House was filled with women of different ages. From high school students to bank loan officers, they worked together to beautify this place that had become their obsession. Yesterday there had been only been two of them. Now they were twenty-five. The high school girls had brought a portable stereo and a pulsating trance-mix played in the background as a group of them worked on painting the upstairs room. The House must be made perfect for this was to be Her Temple.

to be continued