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Part 2

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They worked into the night and then, exhausted, satiated and spent, they left the house in twos and threes until the place was almost empty.

All but Melissa who stayed behind and spoke to the Presence.

“Everything is proceeding according to Your Design, my Goddess. Her voice reverberated off the stone fireplace and hardwood floors.

“Yes, my loyal pet.”

The Presence stroked the woman’s brain, triggering the pleasure centers of her brain to show its satisfaction. “You serve me well. You will continue tomorrow. I grow stronger and soon, all of the women of this town will belong to me.”

“Yes,my Goddess.” Melissa purred, her body filled with pleasure at the thought of all of the women of the town working on the great Purpose. All remains of her old life were nothing more than ghosts haunting her long-term memory. She had obtained a new Purpose from the Presence. She gathered her things and started on her way home. Inside the house, the faint red glow persisted.

Shelly Porter was surprised at how calm and subdued several of the young women were in her morning chemistry class. Although the dark-haired, middle-aged teacher had grown accustomed to her first two classes being largely brain-dead, there was no trouble out of even the group she had started calling the troika. Normally, Tee Romanovsky, Caitlin Gable and Jacqui Andover were a thorn in her side until she got the three bright but unfocused girls on some task that they could pretend at working at together. This morning, they had come into class, sat down and quietly opened their books. This wasn’t exhaustion. All three looked bright-eyed and alert and seemed genuinely engaged in the class. Chalking it up to a pleasant surprise, she went through the class not letting it occupy anymore of her time.

The day only got stranger when Marilyn Richards came in to see her during her prep period. “Ms Porter, can I talk to you?” The short red-head looked around, as if she expected to see others here.

“Sure, Marilyn.” She took off her glasses and covered up the papers she had been grading. “What’s up?”

“Have you noticed anything weird today?” The girl sat down in a desk.

“No,” Shelley lied. “What kind of weird?”

“I don’t know just...” The girl paused, gathering her courage. “I know this is going to sound crazy but everyone has been so nice all day.”

“I know what you mean.” Shelley blurted out.

“Isn’t it, ya know, freaky?: Marilyn seemed to relax a little bit as Shelley smiled.

“It’s certainly,” Shelley paused, taking a moment to choose her next words carefully. “different. Unexpected.”

“Tee Romanovsky invited me to hang out with her!” Marilyn continued. “She hates me.”

“Well...” Shelley started to counter but then remembered her own ostracism colored high school experience and stopped. “What do you think is going on.”

“I don’t know but it’s kind of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.“ Marilyn smiled, hoping she hadn’t just made herself look more a nerd than she already did.

“Great movie.” Shelley smiled encouragingly. “But let’s wait until we see the pods before we start worrying about that.”

“Okay.” Marilyn smiled. “Something is going on. I don’t know what but I’m going to find out.”

“Alright Nancy Drew.” Shelley smiled and then, impulsively, wrote down her cell phone number. “Here’s my cell. If you need anything, let me know.”

“You don’t think I’m crazy?” Marilyn smiled wanly.

“No, Marilyn. I don’t think you’re crazy.” Shelley returned the smile. “But let’s keep our heads. No need to go Buffy the Vampire Slayer until we see the fangs.”

The two looked at one another and then burst out laughing. Marilyn walked out of the classroom and Shelley went back to grading her papers.

Julie Westphall walked into the principal Jim Harris’ office with a digital camera in hand. The gray haired man leaned back in his chair, moaning softly. Julie walked around the desk and snapped a picture of the young woman providing fellatio to the man and then snapped another picture of him.

Harris pushed the young woman away and stood up quickly. “Ms Westphall!” He stopped trying to think how to save his job.

“Save it Jim.” Julie’s voice was cold. “You can save your rep by resigning but if you don’t, then the town will run you out on a rail.”

The principals’ secretary, Regina Hill, came in and looked at the tableau in the room. “You’re disgusting Jim.” She turned around and walked out of the room.

The young woman, one of Julie’s cheerleaders, crawled out from under the desk, looked at her coach with a lustful gaze, and walked out of the office. Julie followed the young woman out of the school office and down the hall. The vice principal, Jane Wales, would take over and continue the purge of males from the faculty.

Michel Pinoitte looked at Carol Dugal as if she were insane.

Carol, how are you going to get that kind of money?” He sipped his coffee. “And why on earth do you want to buy the house?”

“Michel, I’m offering more than market value, why do you care?”

“I’m your friend, Carol. What are you going to do with that big old house?”

“Michel, I simply want to buy a house that is unique.” She smiled although she was annoyed by the man’s obstinate refusal to just get down to business.

“Carol, give me a day to think about it.” Michel looked at his longtime friend. “This isn’t rational, you know that, right?”

“Michel, let me write a figure down for you.” Carol grabbed a piece of paper from the notepad sitting on the rosewood desk, took a pen from her purse and wrote down a number followed by a surprising number of zeros.

Michel looked at the piece of paper and found himself torn in two directions. The friend wanted to call a doctor and have Carol’s head examined. There was no way the house could be worth the million and a half that Carol was offering. The businessman and family scion saw a chance to get rid of an architectural albatross around the Pinoitte family neck.

“You can’t be serious.” Michel looked at Carol incredulously.

“I’m very serious, Michel. I’m ready to go down to the bank, do all of the paperwork right now. The money is sitting in escrow ready for you whenever you decide you want it.” Carol smiled.

The businessman won out. “Alright, Carol. Tomorrow morning then?”

“That’s fine.” Carol was on the verge of orgasm as a tremor of pleasure at accomplishing the Goddess’ end raced through her body. She stood to go. “You’ve made the right decision.”

“I hope you know what you’re doing.”

Carol flashed a smile at Michel and walked out of his study. On the way out the door, she stopped in to say good-bye to Michel’s wife, Alice. “He went for it.”

“The Goddess will be pleased.“She looked up from fussing with the bonzai trees in the living room. “I’ll see you at the House later, sister.”

“Yes, Sister. Bring your daughters-in-law.”

“They are on their way over for a surprise dinner. Soon, they’ll belong.”

Carol drove to the House, her body singing.

Marilyn Richards and Madeline Rupert walked home from school looking over their shoulders. The two plump, outcast seniors compared notes on the weirdness of the day.

“Can you believe that Caitlin Gable actually asked if I wanted to go to one of her parties?” Madeline exclaimed.

“Don’t go, Madeline.“Marilyn’s voice was almost pleading.

“Why? I’m sure it would be fine if you went too.”

“That’s not it, Maddy.“Marilyn looked at her friend disappointed. Was being popular all that important?

“Well, what is it then?“Madeline responded huffily.

Think about it, Maddy.“Marilyn let out an exasperated breath. “Caitlin and Tee have tortured us since third-grade. They’ve never let up in all that time. Now, suddenly, they want us in their circle of cool kids? No way! I don’t believe it.”

“You’re paranoid.”

“No, I’m not and you know it.“Marilyn stopped.

“I’m sorry. It’s just...”

“Look, I know. I’d love to go but it’s not right. Where’s the party?”

“She said it’s going to be up at the old Pinoitte haunted house.”

“Bizarre.“Marilyn responded.


“Well, why there?”

“Why not? It’s a Halloween party. What better place?”

“Doesn’t all of this strike you as weird?”

“No.” Madeline said sullenly. “Well, okay a little. Anyway, I gotta go. I’ll call you later.”


Marilyn parted company with Madeline and headed toward the duplex that she shared with her mother and older sister, Charlene. Ms Johnson, the salty ex-radical that owned the building, sat on the front steps smoking a cigarette, a strange, faraway look on her face. She ignored the young woman when she called out a perfunctory greeting. Marilyn hurried up the stairs.

“Hey Mom!“There was no answer. “Charlene! Anyone home?“The cat, Feyd, came out from the bathroom and rubbed up against Marilyn’s leg. She reached down and scratched behind the orange tabby’s ears. “Hey Shithead. At least you’re home.”

She sat down on the couch and turned on the TV and watched the end of Oprah. When five thirty rolled around and no one had come home, she began to worry. She rummaged for her cell phone and dialed her mother’s number. She answered breathlessly.

“I’m working late tonight. I won’t be home for a while. Make yourself dinner.”

“You okay, Mom?“Marilyn inquired.

“Yes, dear, never...“There was a sound that seemed suspiciously like a moan. “better. Oh.”

There was a click and then silence. Marilyn started to call her mother back and then thought better of the idea. She called Charlene and got no answer. She went into the kitchen and foraged for food, then reposed on the couch and watched TV until falling asleep.

Madeline parted company with Marilyn and started walking back toward her house when her cell phone rang. A number she didn’t recognize displayed on the caller ID.


“Hi Madeline, it’s Tee.“Came the voice on the other line, shocking Madeline.

“How did you get this number?“She demanded.

“Your mother gave it to me. I was wondering if you were coming to the party tomorrow night and if you were would you mind coming by the old Pinoitte place tonight to help decorate.”

Remembering Marilyn’s strange reaction to the news that she’d been invited to what promised to be the blow-out party event of the year made her pause. “Well, I don’t know if I’m going or not.” She averred.

“Oh you should come.“Tee pressed. “I know we haven’t always gotten along but we’re all seniors now, and that was just childishness on our part.”

Madeline heard the contrition in Tee’s voice. “You mean that?“She cursed herself for sounding like she cared.

“Yes, Madeline. Does that mean you’ll come?” Tee asked sounding genuinely eager.

“Sure. Okay.“She stopped. “Can I bring Marilyn?”

“Of course! The more the merrier.“Tee responded.

Madeline was only a few blocks from the Pinoitte place. “I’ll stop by for a few but I can’t stay long.”

“See you soon.“Tee purred into the phone.

The young woman came down the street her heart and mind filled with apprehension. The Presence detected another strong emotion. A desire for acceptance so visceral as to be its own form of hunger. The girl had always been the last picked for school games, always the butt of the joke, the cause of the laughter. Underneath the sweet and silly exterior, lay a dark hunger, a tar pit of resentments that the Presence began to tweak. It whispered to her of passion and position and, most sweet of all, power.

Madeline knocked on the door of the old Pinoitte house. The light coming from inside the house made the stained-glass panes on the door glow an eerie crimson. There was no answer but she could hear music coming from inside. She opened the door and stepped inside.

The Presence sent a trill of pleasure shooting through the young woman’s body along with images of Caitlin and Tee nude and prostrate before her. It whispered directly to the young outcasts’ desires. “Why shouldn’t you be part of this crowd? You’re smarter and more genuinely pretty than any of them. You should have them kneeling at your feet.”

Madeline shook her head and started upstairs where most of the noise was coming from.

“You can have anyone you want. You can have anything you want. You should have all of your heart’s desires. If you surrender yourself you will.”

The words rustled through Madeline’s mind like a cool breeze off a delta on a hot day, soothing her fears. She shook her head again. Fear rose in her gut. Yet the Voice and the images were compelling. Why shouldn’t it be her? That stupid bitch Caitlin got whatever she wanted, even though she was an idiot. Meanwhile, girls like her and Marilyn were forever pushed to the margins, lived in the social borderlands with the nerds and the perpetually stoned. She stopped and looked around.

The Presence tasted the girls’ reluctance to continue forward and countered with more luscious visions of debauched classmates.

She tasted the sweet and tangy taste of female juices. Her nostrils were assaulted by the scent of female sex. She and Marilyn had experimented a few times even going so far as to be completely naked one night although Marilyn had stopped her from going ‘all the way’. They’d never spoken of it but for her, if not for Marilyn, something had awakened. She wasn’t certain if she was a lesbian, but she knew that she wanted to find out. Looking at the boys around school, seeing none whose behavior seemed tolerable for more than a few moments at a time, her hope was that she would discover that she was gay, freeing her from the obligations of picking out a potential boyfriend out of the bunch.

The Presence hunted around the girls’ mind and found the questions of sexuality. The thought of her English teacher, Ms Orr, was a strong one. The girl harbored a crush which the Presence began to pluck the strings of like a virtuoso guitarist playing chords. It played visions of the dark-haired, mid-thirties teacher professing her undying love for Madeline. It followed up with visions of Ms Orr, Karen now to her lover, Madeline, lying back in candlelight being made love to all night long. It took the girls’ thoughts to a crescendo of desire with a vision of her on a throne, her lover the English teacher beside her, and Ms Westfall, the coach and de facto leader of the girljocks on campus, and her cheerleaders and basketball players all surrounding the throne, singing praises Madeline as a priestess. The jocks brought her and Karen wine and sweets, fanned and pampered the two women. The images, drawn from deep within the girls’ own desires, the ones that only came out in dreams, were powerful and slid over Madeline’s consciousness like silk.

Madeline no longer cared where the thoughts came from. Perhaps the house was some kind of psychic amplifier that showed you whatever was deepest in your heart. It didn’t matter. There was no feeling of malevolence. The images weren’t violent or bloody. Rather, they were sensual and sweet, seductive and beautiful. Why shouldn’t she be the one that something good happened to for a change? She deserved it. She smiled to herself and took a step up the stairs.

Come my child. Come to me. Come and see.” The voice beckoned her upstairs where she saw Ms Westphall and her cheerleaders busily painting the walls. Linda, the blond cheerleader who had once been Madeline’s best friend before they both hit puberty and headed off on the opposing trajectories of pretty, popular girls and unpopular ones, looked down at her from a ladder where.

“Caitlin is waiting for you. She’s downstairs.“She smiled, gave a flirtatious wink and said, “I’ll see you when you’re done with her.“She returned to her painting.

“Wouldn’t she taste wonderful?“The Presence whispered, implanting the image of the lithe cheerleader naked and wanton, roiling around on the floor in a writhing mass of bacchanal pleasure.

Madeline licked her lips and started down the stairs. She followed the honeyed whispers of the Voice in her head to the large double-doors. She slid them open and stepped into the room. Caitlin and Tee were there along with Ms Wales, the Vice Principal of the school. Donna, who was the loan officer at the bank her mother was a teller at, was also present along with an assorted half-dozen other grown women knelt before Carol, from the library and historical society, who stood on the top step of the raised dais.

Another woman knelt in the center of the room, naked and quivering in ecstasy, repeating over and over her newfound dedication to the Purpose.

Madeline took the scene in, wanting to be afraid, to be disturbed, knowing that she shouldbe more bothered by this than she was but something kept those emotions dampened. She walked into the room tentatively. Caitlin and Tee turned to face her. The two naked teenagers took a few steps toward the center of the room, stopping on the black and red tiled mosaic that commanded the center of the room. The tapped the plump woman in the center and Caitlin motioned at Madeline. The woman turned and Madeline saw her mother’s face.

“Hello Madeline.“Her mother’s face was glowing with ecstasy. “I’m so glad that you came. The girls have been waiting for you.”

Something about seeing her mother nude and prostrate shocked Madeline out of her reverie.

“Mom, what’re you doing here?“She demanded.

“I’m here because I belong here, honey.“Her mother responded slowly. “Donna came back to the bank the other day and she showed all of us that we belonged here. All except me. She invited me here and now I understand. Just like you will.”

“What’s going on here?“Madeline tried to back away but couldn’t.

“Something wonderful, Madeline.“Her mother stood and stepped out of the circle, her eyes glowing red now like the other women in the room. “It’s the most wondrous thing. It’s the rebirth of an old religion. An ancient religion. A religion beyond time. We worship Her and She commands us. We are instruments of Her will.”

Carol stepped down from the chair on the dais, next to the altar and motioned Madeline to come forward. “It’s true. The Goddess has need and use of young women like you.“She smiled and her visage was the very projection of the most beautiful and seductive evil. “You will have women and girls at your feet forever. The Goddess has decreed it. She has shown you, your destiny. You are to be a Priestess under Me, and one day you will be a High Priestess, a Matron Mother, yourself.”

Madeline thought of the visions that she had had. The images of Caitlin and Tee and Ms Westphall and all the girls who had rejected her over the years.

“It’s perfect, Madeline.“Her mother crossed the room and put her hands on her shoulders, gently pushing the young woman toward the center of the room. “Don’t resist it. It’s pointless resisting it. She is all-powerful.”

“She’ll give you Her power.“Caitlin said, her voice dreamy. “And I will worship You as I worship Her.”

“I am yours, Mistress Madeline.” Tee spoke, her voice velvety, throaty and rich. “The Goddess has already shown me my true nature.”

Madeline tried to cut through the fog of her thoughts. Two more voices joined the chorus from behind her. She turned her head to see her Marilyn’s mother, Jane and her sister, Charlene. Their eyes glowing red like the others.

“Listen to the Goddess, Madeline.“Jane spoke.

“Become like the Goddess.” Charlene came up and began to caress Madeline’s buttocks.

Madeline looked down into the glowing red gems in the center of the mosaic. A bright red light shown throughout the room, caressing her body. She looked down as Caitlin, Charlene and Tee began undressing her. She heard a moan and realized that it was coming from her mother, who had crossed to the side of the room and was now fingering herself as she watched her daughter’s initiation.

The three girls deftly caressed Madeline’s body as they undressed her, slowly and reverently. She gave up on fighting the influence of the Voice in her head. It was pointless and, at any rate, she deserved this. She’d longed for it and even if it was freakish that her mother should be watching her daughter’s first sexual experience—and with three girls no less—that was the old way of thinking. There was no need to think in the old manner because it was stupid and revolting. The Great Goddess would teach her the true meaning of morality. Madeline reached up, grabbed Caitlin Gable and kissed her passionately, melting into a tableau of sex beyond any of her wildest, most debauched masturbatory fantasies and was lost, forever, to the old world. It lasted for hours. They carried on way into the night. Madeline’s body changed as the evening went on. She kept her shape, she would no longer feel ashamed of herself for being plump, but now her body was perfectly proportioned. There would be no more lonely nights for her. Not ever again.

Marilyn woke to the sounds of her mother and Charlene coming in the door. She was about to let them know she was awake when she heard her mother say to her sister, “How will we get Marilyn to go to the House so that she can become one of Madeline’s girls?”

Charlene responded. “I don’t know. She hates all of those cheerleaders so she won’t want to go to the party.”

“Perhaps Mistress Madeline come and see to her.”

“The Goddess’ Will will be done.”

“The Goddess’ will will be done.”

“I’m going to go and take a shower and get the sex off of me.” Charlene said.

“I’ll join you in a few.“Her mother responded.

Marilyn waited until the water was running and she heard the door close for a second time. Then she got off the couch, put on her shoes, grabbed her backpack, crept out of the house and ran like hell.

(to be continued)