The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Return of the Armored Warrior

by J. Darksong



“Morning, Nigel,” Eugene Frasier said over his phone, sighing softly as Eva sat down at the breakfast table across from him, sliding him a plate of food. “Hope I’m not disturbing you.”

Nigel merely chuckled. “Not at all. You know the kinds of hours I keep. I’m just sitting down to breakfast with the family.”

“Same here,” he said, squeezing Eva’s outstretched hand, “aside from the fact that it’s only Evangeline with me here today.”

“Ah. More’s the pity,” Nigel commented. “So, why the early phone call, old man? Business, or were you just lonely?”

Gene chuckled, “Need it be one or the other? By the by, laddie, how does it feel to be Mr. Patricia Grimalde?”

“Eugene,” he replied stiffly, “you happen to be my best friend, but if you ever choose to refer to me that way again, remember that I have ways of killing you than even YOU won’t see coming.”

Gene merely laughed, shaking his head. “Aye... I don’t doubt it. Seriously though, how is everyone adjusting to the new location?”

Nigel sighed. “It’s taking a while to get used to,” he admitted. “Of course, its hardest on Justine and Robbie, having to leave all their friends behind to move to Salem. Granted, it’s not that long of a commute, traveling to River City and back to visit, and having young Lucy coming by to spend time with Robbie has been wonderful... but neither of them are happy about having to uproot and move halfway through the school year.”

Gene nodded. He’d had a similar issue with Jimmy and Katie when they’d moved the first time back when they were younger. “Aye. But they’re young, they’ll adapt easily enough. The big question is, how are ye and yer girls adapting?”

“Well, let’s just say that Patricia is definitely in her element,” Nigel replied ruefully. “Politics certainly suits her. And she’s used to the long hours and workload from her time with the Prosecutor’s office. The rest of us are still... well, just trying to figure out how to fit in. The Governor’s mansion is rather busy, with people coming and going at all times of the day. It’s rather difficult to find a moment’s privacy, which, as you can imagine, has been trying on everyone.” He sighed again. “Still, Patricia is as devoted to her family as she is her job, and she’s managed to set aside time to spend with me and the others every day, no matter her workload.” He shook his head. “She’s really quite incredible.”

“Ach, well, ye dinnae have to convince me, lad,” Gene replied with a chuckle. “Every lass in yer household is extraordinary.” He sighed. “And, I’d much looked forward to seeing the lot of you again today on my planned trip to Salem...”

“Hmmm... and why do I sense a ‘but’ coming?”

“Because yer bloody perceptive, and ye ken me so well,” Gene replied, glancing down. “Aye, I have to cancel the trip. I’m just too busy to slip away at the moment.” He glanced at Eva, who merely nodded, clenching his hand again. “I went and took yer advice, Nigel... and found a replacement. Someone to take up the mantle of Armor Man.”

“Really?” Nigel replied, intrigued. “You finally found someone you actually trust with your technology and they’re qualified to operate it?”

“I have,” he replied, “though she still needs a bit of training. She’s more of a ‘fly-by-the-seat-of-of-her-pants’ type rather than a thinker or planner. And its worked for her so far, for the most part. But she’s at that critical stage of learning the ropes... and I cannae leave her alone just now. Not yet.”

“I understand,” Nigel told him, in sympathy. “Besides, we’ll all be traveling back down to River City in a few days anyway... for the ‘blessed event’.”

“Oh! That’s right,” Eva exclaimed, speaking up. “Parker and Roni’s baby is due any day now! But will you actually be able to make it for the birth? Patty’s so busy, getting her office set up an all...”

“Rest assured, we’ll be there,” Nigel replied with amusement. “Patricia said, and I quote, ‘It would take a national disaster to keep me away from my godchild being born. And even then, if I can coordinate with the national guard over the phone, I’m still going!’” Everyone laughed at that.

After a few more minutes of talking, the two men hung up. Eugene sighed softly, finishing his breakfast. It was funny the way life worked sometimes, he mused to himself. How the unexpected could just happen and change your entire world view. Ten, no just five years ago... he would have never considered spending a night of passion with the beautiful blonde lesbian psychic across from him, then eating breakfast with her the following morning, as a normal occurrence. He’d never have imagined carrying on a conversation with Nigel Grimalde, let along considering him one of his best friends. And he’d certainly never entertained the idea of Nigel and Patricia Grimalde being there for the birth of Parker Albinn’s new baby, or them being chosen as godparents.

Yes. Life was certainly strange.

“So, Master,” Eva asked playfully, running a small bare foot idly against his calf, stroking his leg with her toes, “what do you have planned for the rest of the day? Besides, training the newbie, that is?”

“Erika’s not due in until 1 PM,” he answered, grasping her errant foot, holding it between his thighs. “She has a few morning classes, then meeting up with her friends before heading over. And once she’s done training for the day, I need to head out to Redburton to the old research site and see how my newest project is coming along.” He shrugged. “I’ll probably be there for most of the night unless something comes up.”

“Your special project?” Eva asked, slowly but relentlessly forcing her foot higher. “Have you told Roberta about it yet?”

Gene shook his head. “Nae, I’ll let it be a surprise. No use getting her all worked up before I even know the procedure is even feasible...” He grunted, glancing down to see Eva’s lovely slim bare foot now resting idly against his crotch, pink painted toes idly rubbing the bulge contained within. “Eva...” he began.

“So, basically, once Erika arrives at one o’ clock, you’re going to be busy all day, right?” she said, mischievously, rubbing him through his pants. “So, by my reckoning, that leaves us three full hours to ourselves.” In an amazing show of pedal dexterity, she nimbly unzipped his pants, then pulled them down slightly with her toes, freeing his cock, which had long since begun to respond. “Any ideas how we might spend that time... Master?”

Growling softly, pushing aside the table, he grabbed her roughly, surprising the willowy blonde by tossing her over his shoulders. “Aye... I can think of quite a few ways, actually,” he replied with a smirk, hauling her giggling and squealing self back to the Master bedroom.

* * *

“So... this is what you guys do to blow off steam?” I asked, dubiously. We stood in the University gymnasium across from the PE center, specifically, the weight room. Claire Watson, my companion, was lifting a pair of free weights, sweating quite a bit, her belly shirt lifting to expose her totally ripped abs with each repetition. Across the room, Tina Anderson was working the heavy bag, dancing lightly on the balls of her feet as she boxed. And her partner, Janika Lang, stood idly by watching, having just finished a brisk sprint on the treadmill.

“Yep... nothing like a little low impact work-out to ‘work out’ the kinks,” Claire replied cheerfully.

“You call this low impact?” I asked, dubiously. “You guys do this kind of thing regularly, and you’ll be ready to qualify for the WWE.” Claire giggled.

“Are you kidding? With the training regiment the Albinns’ have us under, we’d slaughter them. And really, compared to the exercises Mrs. Albinn gives us, this IS low impact—” She paused, glancing over towards the door, only to gasp aloud, dropping the weights. I glanced over as well, curious about what could have shocked her enough to do that, and gulped, going pale. A new person had entered the gym, a very familiar woman, tall, with long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes.

Shield Maiden glanced briefly around the room before locking gazes with me. Then she started walking my way.

So... my first thought was, ‘Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit! Me, without my armor! I’m totally dead!’ Then I remembered, I was in my armor when we met, so she’d never seen my face before. There was no way she knew I was Armor Girl. I released the breath I was holding, relaxing the slightest bit.

Until I remembered the way she’s managed to track down Leopard Moth, without any cutting edge tech or surveillance, somehow intuitively knowing exactly where he was hiding. At which point my thinking went back to ‘Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, I’m gonna die!’

“Hey, wait! I recognize you! You’re that nutjob, Shield Maiden, from the news!” Tina called out suddenly. “You and that Viking guy are the ones going around killing people!” She and Janika stood up and moved towards her. And Claire, glancing briefly around the room, drew a bunch of flyers from the wall, fashioning them into a pair of batons, and moved in as well.

“Uh, no, wait, guys!” I called out, in warning, but a bit too late. With a flourish of speed and strength that I’d come to know only too well, she dispatched all three heroines, sending them all down to the ground in less than two seconds. Unperturbed, she moved towards me, the only one left standing, and before I could do more than open my mouth in protest, I likewise found myself lying dazed on the ground before her. And unfortunately, it wasn’t the smell that had sent to to the floor.

A large heavy foot slammed down on my chest, holding me pinned, as she knelt down, the blade of her sword pointed at my head. “Tell ek, hvy gerði þú eigi serva justica til guilty?” she demanded angrily, speaking gibberish once again. Dammit... the only word I got out of that was ‘guilty’. Was I guilty of something? Did she... blame me for zapping her and turning her into a sex-crazed horndog to break her out of Leopard Moth’s spell? Was she... pissed enough to kill me over it?!? “Segða truth nú!” she barked, apparently expecting some kind of answer.

Well... shit.

I didn’t have my armor, my usual blob of silver goop was recharging in the corner, in my bookbag, back over near the weights. Incidentally, my backup suit, a fully mechanical fold-out armor, was also tucked away inside the bookbag. After the incident yesterday, I’d thought to bring a spare, just in case it was needed. And, as luck would have it, both of them were out of reach just when I needed them the most. The bracelet on my right wrist did serve as a remote interface and communicator, and I’d be able to use the built-in translator installed—IF I had a free hand to reach it! Unfortunately, Shield Maiden wasn’t feeling cooperative, and when I hesitantly tried to extend my arm to touch it she responded by slashing her sword down at my head!!!



My breath caught in my chest as I stared, wide-eyed, as the hunk of steel lying against my right cheek, and the tiny tufts of dark brown hair fluttering, that USED to be connected to my head. She’s missed my head, on purpose I think, but succeeding in getting me a ‘Spider-Gwen’ style haircut. Sneering down at me, apparently satisfied, she jerked her sword free from the ground, removed her foot from my chest and turned to leave. Sitting up, I quickly tapped the button on my bracelet, just as she muttered again. “Next tími ek taka þinn ear!” Next time I take your ear, I heard through the translator. “That also will not kill you. Per our agreement.”

“WAIT!” I called after her, causing her to turn again. “Okay, now that I can actually understand you, why don’t we try this again,” I said, huffily. “Why the HELL did you attack me? Why are you upset?”

“I asked why you did not punish the guilty!” she growled. “You said Moth and the others would face punishment, yet they all still live! They have merely been taken away to a place I cannot reach!”

I sighed heavily. “Yes. They are in jail,” I said testily. “You know, jail? Prison? They are locked up in a stone building where they are not allowed to leave for a very long time. For years, decades, even. And, it’s not a perfect system, okay? Sometimes bad guys, especially those with special powers, will escape, and get away. But we heroes, it’s our job to catch them and put them back in prison. Does... any of that make sense?”

Shield Maiden frowned but nodded slowly. “It is... different... from what I know as justice. But yes... that is satisfactory. Being forced to stay in one place for years, to not be able to come and go as one pleases... that indeed would be a fate worse than death. At least for me.” She paused, considering. “Thank you... for explaining. I would not wish to be seen as a criminal as well, because my justice does not match yours. I am in your debt.”

“No problem,” I said, sighing in relief, only to wince slightly. Now that I wasn’t about to die, the smell was making itself noticed again. “You know,” I said cautiously, trying to feel her out, “if you like I could teach you about another thing we have in this era that you might like to know about.”

“Oh? What is it?”

“Showers,” I replied, grimacing. “You know... to bathe one’s body? Only a shower involves running water, coming down from a faucet... um... a pipe in the wall. It cleans you off... and helps one... er... smell... better?” I said as her lips turned down into a scowl again.

“Are you saying that I smell bad?” she growled.

“Yes!” Splash and Sunbeam said simultaneously from behind us, as they rose back to their feet. “Seriously, lady... not sure which hit us worse, your fists or the stench coming off of you.”

“Excuse my friends’ lack of tact,” Claire added, shaking her head. “But they do have a point. Just because you’re from the era of the unwashed masses doesn’t mean you have to smell like them.”

Shield Maiden, to her credit, glanced down, blushing heavily, clearly embarrassed. “I see...” she said softly. “Then... perhaps you would teach me of this.... ‘shower’ thing you speak of.”

And so, well, I did. Luckily, the gym had a women’s shower and locker room just on the left side. And after a quick explanation, and demonstration—we were all a bit sweaty, anyway, from working out... and to be honest, Shield Maiden’s stench kinda clings to you in a tussle—she was ready to try it herself. After a bit of momentary surprise, she actually laughed, giggling like a school girl with a new toy. It was adorable.

“It is wonderful!” she’d exclaimed, throwing back her head. “Indoor rain!”

And... er... not that I swing in that particular direction myself... but when the other girls commented later on how entrancing her big busty form looked naked, wet and sudsy in the shower, I couldn’t help but agree.

And, also, of course, while we were talking about that very thing, the Maiden pulled her vanishing act again. I swear... one second, she was sighing in pleasure, head back, basking in the steam and water raining down her hot sexy... er, I mean, her platonically physically fit, body, then next, when we glanced over, the stall was empty, the suds and water flowing down the drain.

“Damn... does she do that all the time?” Sunbeam asked, shaking her head.

I shrugged. “Yeah. But you get used to it after a while.”

And really... I think I WAS starting to get used to it. I was certainly taking it all in stride, considering that she’d made me fear for my very life less than half an hour ago. But, really, if you think about it, that was part of the job after all. Facing life and death, expecting the unexpected. Since the day I first put on the armor in my mom’s vault and went out as Shining Paladin, I’d been building up to this. Back in New York, I’d been all alone, working with what I had, trying to figure things out on my own. I made mistakes, lots of them, but I learned. I kept at it. And I got better.

And now I’m in River City. Criminals, super villains, and mind-controllers, oh my! The stakes were higher, and the danger more complex. And yet... now I had support. I had friends and comrades. And I had a mentor, someone to teach me and show me the ropes. I thought back on everything I’d been through over the past week, from getting thrashed by Cricket to being thrashed and threatened by Shield Maiden, to being captured and held hostage by Leopard Moth, to just now, getting half my head shaved by the Maiden. A pretty rough way to start my career in this city... yet despite it all, I had no desire to quit. If anything, I felt excited about the next adventure!

Life sure is strange sometimes.

Bidding my friends farewell, I donned my armor and took to the skies, heading back towards Frasier’s home, his lab, and the next adventure.