The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Return of the Armored Warrior

by J. Darksong


What was I doing? What was I THINKING?!? ‘I accept’? Seriously, I must be out of my damned mind! Because that’s pretty much what was about to happen—being taken out of my own mind. I was sitting in a large comfortable chair, trying very hard not to hyperventilate while the girl from before, Christina Something-or-another, walked slowly towards me. I knew what was about to happen. I’d fucking AGREED to it, despite having made up my mind five minutes before to NOT do this, to avoid it at all costs. Yet... here I sat, waiting for her to put the whammy on me, and turn me into a mindless hypnotized thrall.

And... why the FUCK did that thought make me drip like a leaking faucet?

“Miss Patrick,” Christina said gently. “Erika. It’s okay. Just relax. It’s going to be just fine. I promise, no one is going to hurt you or do anything... weird to you. You’re just going to feel a little sleepy, a little spacey, like the gas they use at the dentist’s office. Only... a bit more potent.” She smiled, and again, I noticed the fangs. I was immediately reminded of Sanguine... of Gwen. Was Christina actually a vampire as well? She was about to entrance me with her gaze after all. Did Gwen have hypnotic eyes as well? In my near hysterical state, my thoughts were buzzing back and forth like a swarm of hornets. I whimpered. At this point it would almost be a blessing to be entranced, just to calm the storm warring inside my head—

“Look into my eyes,” the girl commanded, causing me to stare. Her voice had changed, sounding very different from the meek, gentle, almost submissive girl she’d been just a moment before. It was almost like a veil lifting, just for a moment, revealing the OTHER part of her, the personality that had been leashed, contained by the brainwashing. And then, there were her... eyes...


A gasp tore from my lips as I stared. I hadn’t noticed earlier, but they were slitted, like a cat...or a snake. And they were... a striking shade of emerald green... no, wait. not green. More of a hazel color... or was it... amber? Yellow and green, almost as if alternating between the two... green... then yellow.... then green... then... blue? Wait, was that blue? Or... red? Dizziness passed through me as I stared, slack-jawed, looking closer, peering deeper and deeper... trying to figure out exactly what color her eyes actually were. Everything else was forgotten, the room, the people, the reason I was here... none of it was as important as figuring out what color I was staring into. Red... green... yellow... blue... orange... purple... indigo... all the colors of the rainbow.

I vaguely felt a wide smile creasing my lips as I stared, falling deeper and deeper into the colors... an odd thought bubbling up inside my mind as I stared... that old Jungle Book movie... and that snake, Kaa... his eyes spiraling colors... just like now... hypnotic color rings... over and over... drawing me in... drawing... mind... thoughts fading... fading... colors... eyes... colors...


I slept.

* * *

I was down on the ground, lying on the New York street, like a damned turtle on its back. Anger and humiliation swam within me as I stared up into the face of my tormentor. He’d just taken me down, deactivated my suit, even removed my helmet, revealing my face. And, after all that, he was just going to walk away, as if... as if after all of that I wasn’t even worthy of consideration! I was furious! I was pissed! So I threatened him, yelling and screaming as he walked away, saying that it wasn’t over... that I’d alert every other hero in the country, and that they would never stop coming after him! It was a bluff, mostly... it’s not as if I had a Rolodex with the country’s superheroes on speed dial or anything. But... I wanted him to feel that same sense of fear and uncertainty that he’d given me.

“...and they’ll all come after you! They’ll take you down where I failed!” I yelled, causing him to pause, as if considering. “And they’ll never stop coming after you...not ’til they bring you” I faltered as he turned and walked back towards me... standing over me. Reminding me of just how helpless I was just then. I suddenly realized my mistake. “Wh...what are you gonna do?” I asked fearfully as he raised a gauntleted hand towards me, pulsing with energy.

“Just this,” he replied, beaming a bright silvery flash at me. enveloping me. I gasped, then groaned, shuddering hard, as a feeling like electricity swept through me, sinking deep into me, into the core of my being. I swear... it felt as if two sparks had ignited, one in the center of my brain, the other on my clit, with electricity arcing back and forth between the two. My eyes rolled back into my head... but if I could have seen them, I’m betting they would have glowed silver. Everything felt silver... tasted silver. Even my thoughts felt silver coated... as if some clever jewelry maker had opened the inside of my head and poured molten silver over everything, before hammering out all of my thoughts, one by one, into an intricate silver chain or necklace... and using said chain to leash my will.

“Now then, follow me. Act normally. If anyone approaches you or talks to you, say nothing. Leave the talking to me. Do ye understand, lass?”

“Yes,” I replied, smiling weakly, my legs wobbly, my thighs clenching. “Yes, Master, I understand. I will obey...”

And I obeyed. I followed my Master into the building, the familiar place that my mom worked, the building where we both lived. But... instead of heading towards the bathroom, or to the upstairs business offices, he lead me up to the penthouse suite, to my home. To my bedroom. It felt familiar... like I’d done this before... countless times before... yet it also felt like the very first time. Alone, he commanded me to remove my armor. I obeyed, letting it cascade off of my body, revealing my naked body underneath.

He began to talk, giving me commands... commands which I obeyed. There was no choice in the matter. No decision. He commanded and I obeyed. I lay down on my bed, with my hands and feet stretched out. Soon enough, I was tightly tied and bound, completely helpless. Then, and only then, did he remove his own helmet, showing his face.

The face of Eugene Frasier.

“Now, listen closely, my little slave,” he stated smirking. “In just a moment I’m going to release you from this trance. You will be fully awake, but you will still obey my every command. Do you understand?”

“Yes, master!” I replied sleepily. “Understand... will obey...”

“Good girl,” he stated, stepping back. He opened his mouth as if to speak the command... only to pause, glancing to the side. I did so as well... and gasped as a strange woman with long platinum blonde hair, dressed all in white, strode over to the bed.

«Hmmm... this is interesting. Quite a lively little fantasy life you have going, sweetie,» she teased, running a hand lightly along my cheek. I shuddered, groaning, the silver current within me arcing even harder at her touch. «Very very creative. And, well, speaking from personal experience, I can say you’ve got the basics down pretty well. She sighed softly. «Alas, as much as I’d love to explore this dreamscape with you a bit more in detail, I’m afraid we need to speed things along.

“Wha...” I tried to ask, only to groan, the thought fizzling away before it could even fully form. I had no idea what was happening... not that I could do anything about it even if I did. All I knew was that the woman had stopped Master from giving me commands. And I wanted that. Needed that. I needed to obey, to submit to him. I needed this feeling to continue, to go on, to increase, to flood me away into mindless blissful pleasure—

«Okay, sweetie, I need you to dial it back to an eleven, okay?» the blonde chided me, chuckling. «I know your mind is kinda swiss cheese right now, caught in a combination of dream, memory, fantasy and wish fulfillment... but I need you to focus on what’s really happening now, okay? I need you to focus on the here and now. Can you do that for me?»

I whined, pulling at my restraints. She wanted me to... do... something? To focus... to think? But... thinking was so hard! I just wanted to stay like this... to just obey Master... let him use me however he wanted. Obeying was the best. Obedience was pleasure...

«Mmmm... yeeess... obedience IS pleasure,» the blonde husked, groaning softly, the mantra briefly echoing thoughts in her own head. «But obedience means doing what Master wants, what he commands you to. And right now, your Master wishes you to focus that cute little mind of yours.» I blinked at that. «You see, Master doesn’t want mindless obedience. Believe me, he gets that anytime he wants anytime he desires,» she said, shuddering again. «But if you wish to truly serve your Master, then you need to let go of this fantasy, and rejoin him in the real world. He needs you to wake up.»

I moaned again, the words resonating inside my mind. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. But... I didn’t want that! Please! Couldn’t I just stay here, just a little longer?

«No, no, Erika,» the blonde chided, mercilessly. «It’s time. Now then. Wake up. Wake up, Erika!»

Wake... Up...

* * *

I blinked, shaking my head, glancing around in confusion. I was... sitting in a chair. In a room. No... in the lab. Eugene Frasier’s lab. My eyes widened as the memory of what was happening to me returned, and a deep crimson blush flooded my features. “Oohhh... shit,” I murmured, sinking my head into my hands.

“Eh? What? Is something wrong?” Master... no, Eugene asked, confused. He glanced over at Christina and Evangeline. “Did something happen during the trance?”

“Nope,” Eva replied with a smirk, glancing at me. “Nothing at all. Everything went off without a hitch. I believe Ms. Patrick is merely... a little disoriented, from coming out of it so quickly.”

Our eyes met briefly, and I sighed, glancing away. She knew damn well what had gone on inside my head. But... hell, if she wasn’t going to let the others know, then I certainly wasn’t going to volunteer it! “Y-yeah, its, like she said,” I replied, managing a weak smile. “Just a little... dizzy. Yeah, dizzy.” I coughed slightly, rising back to my feet. “So... is that it? Everything done? ’Cause really, I don’t feel any different than I did before all of this.”

Eugene nodded. “Well, we can certainly test that theory.” He walked over and placed a gun in my hand. I blinked, staring at it. It was a mini-pulse cannon. “Now then... shoot me,” he said simply, turning to face me.

“What? Are you kidding? Why the hell would I shoot you?”

“It’s just a test,” he said with a shrug. “And don’t worry. Its just set to stun. It won’t hurt me... well, it will sting a little bit. But its perfectly fine. Now... go ahead and shoot.”

Huh. “Well, not really sure what this is supposed to prove, but... okay,” I said, taking aim and pulling the trigger. Or... attempted to pull it, I frowned, scowling, staring at the gun. “What the... the trigger seems to be stuck,” I muttered, pointing it down at the ground, briefly... only to gasp in shock as my finger twitched, causing the gun to discharge. A loud TTZZZUURRKK! sounded, and I jumped as a scorch mark appeared on the floor near my feet. I glanced down in horror, then glanced back at Frasier.

“Oh, did I say, ‘stun’? I meant it was set to full power,” he replied with a smirk. “And no, lass, it wasn’t the trigger that was stuck, as you can now see. It was yer finger that refused to fire the gun. I’d fair say that the commands implanted in yer mind to prevent you from using any of my weapons to cause harm to anyone actual harm seem to be working.”

I went pale, before immediately growling in anger. “You TOLD me this thing was on STUN!” I complained. “You lied to me! And... what if I’d decided to test it by pointing the gun at myself, or at one of your two lady friends instead of you?!?”

“The same outcome,” Evangeline replied smoothly. “The command was that you would be unable to fire with lethal force on ANYONE, including yourself. And, just for clarity’s sake, we knew you wouldn’t shoot if you were told straight away that the gun was set to kill. So he asked me to implant one final little trick.. that for the sake of this test, only, when he told you that the gun was set to stun, you would realize in your subconscious that it was actually set to kill. You had that knowledge in your subconscious, enough to activate your trigger, but your conscious mind remained ignorant, allowing you to go ahead and go through the actions of firing.”

I sighed heavily, rubbing my temples. This whole thing was giving me a headache inside and out.

“Oh, and one last test,” Frasier said, this time handing me a piece of paper. “This is a small list of the names and identities of seven masked heroes in River City. Christina has no idea of who they are, as she is not herself a costumed heroine, and acts only as a servant and helper.” he turned to the chauffeur who merely nodded. “Now, please read aloud the names of the first three on the list.”

“Um... okay,” I said with a shrug. This at least wasn’t so bad. “Wow... really? I never would have guessed,” I said in surprise. Okay, first we have...” Karen Summers, aka Ultra Girl. I frowned. I’d attempted to say her name, but while the name flashed in my mind, my mouth refused to speak it. “It’s...” Blank. Nothing. I growled, trying several more times before admitting defeat. “Tch... fine. Guess I’m effectively muzzled,” I complained, crossing my arms at my chest.

“Not at all, dear,” Frasier stated with a grin. “As I said, these are mainly security measures... backups. Lass, I trust you well enough. If I didn’t already trust you with these secrets and technology, you wouldn’t be here. All of this is merely a safeguard for times when yer not in control of your own mind,” he said, glancing away. “It happens more times than not in this city. Case in point, two of the four people in this room right now have hypnotic powers that could easily take control of you to usurp your will. And I have tech that can accomplish the same. How many villains out there do you think DON’T have either the ability or capacity to do the same?” I paused at that, considering. Once again, he had a good point. “The purpose of this was to ensure that you are unable to betray the trust I’m placing in you... not of your own accord, but by those others who might use you against your will.”

I nodded. “Okay, you made your point. And really... I can see it as a good thing, having that as ‘insurance’ so to speak.” I sighed softly. “So, what now? Do I finally get to suit up?” Eugene laughed.

“Impatient, aren’t we? Aye, we’ll get you suited up straight away,” he said, only to grab my arm as I turned to head back down the hallway. “But not those armors,” he said enigmatically. “Those are all older models, backups in case they’re ever needed in an emergency. But I’ve got something else in mind for you, lass. Something newer, sleeker, something truly cutting edge.” He grinned. “So follow me if ye will, Alice. It’s time to go deeper into the rabbit hole...”