The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Return of the Armored Warrior

by J. Darksong


“Alright. First things first. Strip.” Eugene Frasier said, matter-of-factly.

“Er... what?”

“You heard me. Yer clothes. Take them all off,” he repeated, crossing his arms.

The momentary shock passed, and I scowled up at him. “I knew it. Fuckin’ pervert...”

“Watch the swearing, lass,” he snapped sharply. “And I’m not a pervert. There’s nothing sexual about having you undress,” he said, gesturing to the large round circular dais on which I stood. “In order to properly fit you for the custom armor I prepared, I need to get an accurate three-dimensional scan of your entire body, from the hair on your head to the soles of yer feet.” He smirked. “Besides, lass, if ye recall, I’ve already seen yer unmentionables a time before.”

“Bastard,” I muttered, resigned, as I obeyed, slipping out of the blouse I’d borrowed from the vampire girl. I then kicked off her sneakers as well, tossing them aside, along with the pair of shorts. I needed to remember to send them back to her sometime, when all this was over. Or, well, most likely, buy her replacements. I doubt she’d want to wear the sneakers and shorts again since I hadn’t worn socks or underwear. And... after that little hypnotic dream sequence earlier, said shorts were more than a little bit... damp. And not from sweat. Standing naked a short time later, my hands awkwardly covering myself, I glared at Frasier once more. “Okay, now what?”

“Aye, now the magic happens,” he said, tapping away at a nearby console, causing the lights to dim. “And by that, I mean science, not actual magic,” he added, as the dais beneath me began to glow with a pale green light while the dome directly above me began to glow as well. “I should warn ye, however. The scanning process might be a bit... intense. It literally scans you down to the molecular level, taking in every facet of yer physical form. It has been known to affect a subject’s nerve endings in passing.”

“Wait, nerve endings?” I asked, suddenly apprehensive, as the green light started to form above my head. “Is this... going to hurt?”

“Nae!” he said with a chuckle, as the machine began to scan my naked form. “Quite the opposite in fact! Just try not to enjoy it too much!”

Before I could ask what that was supposed to mean, the beams swept over me, one down at my bare feet and another at the top of my head. I gasped, twitching slightly, mincing in place as my bare feet were tickled by what felt like a few THOUSAND ethereal whispy feathers.... stroking every square inch of my feet. I inhaled, about to howl with laughter, or maybe shout and curse at the crazy man at the controls to TURN IT OFF, TURN IT OFF, when the beam swept upwards, over my ankles. The sensation on my feet passed in an instant leaving me stunned, breathless, still reeling, as a dim strange vibration ran through my brain as the upper beam scanned my head. Again, just before I could yell and complain about the sensation of it feeling an unbearable itching INSIDE my damn skull, it too passed, the beam moving down my neck.

“Y-yoohhho... didn’t s-s-say it w-wooohohohohooddd... be like th-this,” I managed, breath catching as random nerve endings tired here and there as I was scanned. Frasier merely grinned evilly, no doubt enjoying every part of my discomfort. Though... perhaps ‘discomfort’ was a misnomer. As the beam swept down across my breasts, my breath caught again as a surge of pure erotic pleasure burst inside me. As the same time, the lower beam had swept up over my thighs and was scanning my waist, just far enough as away from my open and exposed pussy that my knees nearly buckled, as if my body was trying to lower me down and rush what it knew would happen once that scan reached THAT area!

“Careful now, lass,” Eugene’s voice called out, reminding me that I wasn’t alone. “I cannae get an accurate scan if ye keep moving around so much. The more ye thrash, the longer it takes to scan each section.”

Well, of course, it did. The man was a monster. A diabolical genius, yes, but also a monster. There was no earthly way ANYONE could stand perfectly still under such stimulation. And prolonging it only made it worse. Or better. Depending on how you looked at it. I was panting and biting my lip to keep from moaning and crying out by the time the blasted sweep finally left my breasts, my nipples now hard enough to cut steel. However, the lower beam had finished with my hips and was scanning my pussy. Every. God. Damn! FUCKING! INNNCHHHH!!

“Aaaaaahhhhhh fffffuuuuuccccckkkkK!” I cried out as I came, hard, shaking, nearly stumbling, but somehow managing to stay on my feet. “Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohhmmy gaaaawwwd,” I said, panting, shuddering slightly even as the scan completely, and the beams switched back off. “Oh.. man... that was... whew... I mean... uhhhn...” I gave him a long deep sigh as I recovered, standing up straight. I noted, however, that Frasier had remained staring at the computer monitor the entire time. “You know... there are plenty of people who would pay for something like that in their bedrooms at home...”

“Aye, the thought did cross my mind,” he replied stoically, staring pointedly at the computer. “Now then, if you step down, you can take a look and see for what it was that you suffered.” Frowning I did, still trying to cover myself as I approached, only to blink in surprise. I was... well, not clothed exactly, per se, but my body was covered in a sheer skintight black bodystocking. It ran from the base of my neck all the way down to my feet, one complete unbroken amount of fabric. But... where did it come from?

“Ah, I see ye noticed the Neuroweave bodysuit,” he replied, finally turning around to face me. “One of my better ideas, that thin little bodystocking is a virtually indestructible fabric bonded to your skin on the molecular level. And besides serving as protection for you when yer not in yer armor, it serves as a neural interface to the armor when yer inside.” He sighed softly. “And, if nothing else, it helps to preserve your modesty.”

“Heh. A bit late for that now, don’t you think?” I muttered shaking my head. Still, I was a bit grateful.

“I can go over the intricacies of Neuroweave later,” he said, walking over to what appeared to be a rather large flat metal pan on the far side of the room, covered by a large plexiglass dome. “For now, let’s introduce you to that new cutting edge armor I mentioned.” That got my attention. I was looking forward to this. “I have a slight confession to make,” he said, activating a monitor on the wall next to the pan. “Those tests you received at the hospital earlier? Ye might have noticed they were a bit more... through... and invasive than normal.” I frowned. “Aye, that was my doing. I processed the results in order to run a compatibility test for the new armor.”

“Compatibility test?” I asked, confused. “Why would you need a bunch of blood tests just to wear some biomechanical suit?”

“For the verra reason ye just stated,” he replied with a grin. “Biomechanical. And the emphasis is on the bio part.” He tapped a button, and the dome retracted, revealing the contents of the pan... a thick silvery viscous fluid that looked like a few hundred broken old-style thermometers. I glance over at the scientist he merely stared at me expectantly. “Well, lass, dinnae just stand there. Step into the pan.” The expression as I stared at him must have spoken volumes, because he added, “If ye truly want this new cutting edge armor, step forward and claim it. After everything else ye’ve already been through, do ye truly intend to turn away at the verra goal?”

Well, against my better judgment, I stepped into the goop. I winced slightly as it squished between my toes. It wasn’t... unpleasant. It was rather cool to the touch, not freezing as I’d anticipated, but lukewarm, just a little cooler than body temperature. As I adjusted to the feeling, I noticed that the odd sensation had moved up my... no. NO! The silver goop itself was moving up my legs! I again had a moment of panic, before I remembered the situation. Frasier hadn’t exactly spelled things out for me, but he’d left me enough clues: the extensive blood work at the hospital... compatibility tests... the ‘biomechanical suit’, with emphasis on the bio... and the new swanky Neuroweave interface. As the silver fluid rose up above my chest, nearly my face, I took a quick breath, closed my eyes, and prayed that I was right, that this WASN’T some elaborate plot by some mad scientist to kill me and drown me in liquid metal...

When I opened my eyes again, I had to blink a few times, just to make sure I was really seeing exactly what I was seeing.

Before my eyes was a large full-length mirror showing my reflection. Which I only recognized as my reflection when moving my arms and legs cause the person I was staring at to do the same. I was wearing a suit of sleek, form-fitting shiny silver armor, complete with helmet, visor, and boots. Somehow the liquid goop had solidified into a solid lightweight mass that felt and reacted just like my old armor had, only this one was much much lighter and easier to move around in. My view was actually a heads-up display inside the helmet, with full telemetry and scanners active, even weapons systems cued up and online.

All this... a working battle suit, glass visor, electronic circuits and power modules... all from a puddle of silver goop?!?

“How? How the hell did—ooopp!” I yelped, stepping forward, nearly tripping and falling on my arse. Did I mention yet that this armor was supremely lightweight? “Wow... that is going to take some getting used to.” Shaking my head, I tried again. “How did that puddle of silver slime turn into all of this? I mean.. just bypassing the fact that some of the materials of this armor aren’t even metal, such as my visor... there wasn’t even enough material in that pan to create all.. this!” I said, gesturing to myself. “How the HELL did you do this? It’s... it’s... impossible!”

“Heh. Not at all,” he replied proudly, spinning around, changing the display on the monitors. “It’s effectively the same technology as my nanites,” he explained, bringing up a full diagram of her armor. “The entire suit itself is incredibly thin, about half the width of a piece of paper, yet configured and bonded on the molecular level to give it incredible strength and durability. The best part is that the Neuroweave bodysuit that I gave you moments ago does all the real heavy lifting, acting as a blueprint and mold for the armor to adhere to. The liquid metal reacts to the configuration programmed into your Neuroweave, and when activated, simply flows into its assigned positions and hardens.” He grinned. “As for the rest, well, the liquid metal itself is a heterogeneous mixture of elements, such as titanium, osmium, and silicon, all of which are likewise reconfigured on the molecular level when the suit forms, to create your helmet, visor, skeletal bracing, power cells, and other important areas.”

Okay. I had to admit it. The man was a freaking genius. A pervert, and a twistedly sadistic freak, but still a genius. Grinning I twisted and moved and flexed, getting a feel for my new suit. It was really amazing, Don’t get me wrong. I loved my old suit. It has served me well. And even now I kind of missed it. But if wearing my old armor was like moving around in a NASA space suit, wearing the new suit was like moving around in a t-shirt and cut off shorts!

“Hmmm... just as I’d hoped,” Frasier commented, checking over the readings in the monitor. I glanced over as well. “It seems I was right, lass. You are fully compatible with the new suit! The suit was originally created to be used by me, and thus designed to interface with my own biological systems. In essence, it was keyed specifically to me. Aye... but when I decided to retire and pass the torch, I tried to reconfigure it to work with another user.” He shook his head ruefully. “That turned out to be harder than expected. As it turns out, not just anyone can interface body and mind with a fully autonomous smart suit, not without suffering major issues from incompatibility feedback. I ran a number of different biological samples from various subjects, Supers as well as mundanes, and I could count the number of promising candidates above sixty percent compatibility on one hand.”

“Really? And... how did I rank?” I asked, curious. in response, he tapped a button, and the display shifted, showing my biological readings and the compatibility reading:


“Aye,” he nodded, grinning again. “And just to give ye some perspective, it’s my armor, based on my own genetic markers, and my own compatibility is 98.9%.” He shrugged. “I dinnae ken if yer just a good match, or if all the years piloting my old armor somehow trained your body and mind to better adapt to the process. All I know is that yer the best candidate I’ve come across so far.”

* * *

“So... looks like you made it through.”

I glanced up as the svelte blonde from earlier walked over to me. “Just wanted to see how you’re holding up,” she said, answering my unasked question. “All in all, I’d say you’re doing okay.”

I snorted. “Are you talking physically, mentally, or emotionally?”

“All of the above,” she quipped, grinning back at me, “When you come down to it, we kind of put you through the wringer here today. You started off by getting your ass kicked by a bunch of superpowered insect people—”

“Hey!” I protested. “I didn’t get my ass kicked, okay? I was... actually holding my own until the end... until that Cricket woman—”

“Kicked your ass, yes,” she repeated, smirking. “You were rescued, but in the process, your secret identity was exposed. Then, suddenly, fate sends you back into the hands of the only person that can repair your armor—the one person you’d been trying so hard to avoid. The one person who you have unrequited feelings for.”

Great. As if I’d needed that reminder. “Can we PLEASE not talk about that?” I asked, going scarlet in the face.

But the blonde shook her head. “I believe we NEED to talk about this, Erika. Having been inside your head, I don’t really believe your infatuation with Eugene is love at all. It’s merely that... an infatuation.” I blinked. “Look at it this way. You’re very young and sexually inexperienced—” I let out a loud groan, the blush somehow darkening even more. She sighed as well. “My point is that during your encounter with Eugene, you experienced something new, something very intense that left a definite mark on your psyche. I believe it was the experience that you’re obsessed over, rather than the man himself.”

She... made a really good point, actually. It kind of resonated with something that was in the back of my head all this time, anyway—how I could be enamored with someone that I wasn’t really attracted to! Her explanation made a lot of sense. But... then what did I do about it? I mean, the thing that got me so... er... excited, was being captured by a bad guy, taken against my will, turned into a mindless slave and used as a sexual toy. True, River City had more than enough super villains out there, ready and willing to make that fantasy a reality. But something told me I wouldn’t exactly end up with a ‘happy ending’ if they did.

“My advice to you,” the blonde concluded, “would be to connect with someone, preferably another Super, a hero or heroine, and talk with them about it. You’d be surprised how many of us have that very same fascination. Really... how do you think I ended up with Eugene Frasier as my Master in the first place?” she chuckled. “Seriously, though. Try seeking out some friends in the community. And, once you find someone close, someone you trust enough to confide in... well, just take things slow and see where it goes from there. Who knows, you might find someone who enjoys it as much as you do. Or, you might find that, having experienced it for real, it doesn’t really appeal to you at all.”

That was an option? “You mean, once I get it out of my system, I might lose my obsession?” She nodded. “Huh. Well, you’ve certainly given me a lot to think about... um...”

“Evangeline,” she said primly. “And you’re welcome. It’s always nice to give my professional opinion to help youngsters like yourself just starting out.”

“‘Professional opinion’? What are you, some kind of shrink or something?” I quipped.

“Yes, I am,” she replied evenly, causing my jaw to drop. “Though we headshrinkers generally prefer the technical term ‘psychologist’.” She winked at me before heading out of the room.

Huh. Well, she did give me some good advice. Find some friends to talk about this with, other people that had the same kinds of issues. I wasn’t exactly the share-your-feelings type, but I guess other costumed heroes and heroines would be okay to compare notes with. And... who knows? Maybe she was right. About the whole ‘losing interest’ part. Not that I planned to go out and get abducted by a super villain or anything! Too smart to go opening that can of worms. But, well, if it did eventually happen, at least I might know once and for all how I actually felt about it.

I just hoped that if I ever DID find myself in such a situation, I would be equipped and able to get back out of it...