The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Return of the Armored Warrior

by J. Darksong


«A Viking, y’say?» Frasier asked over the intercom as I rushed towards the plant entrance. «Male or female?»

“I’d definitely say female,” I said, as I landed just outside the heavy rusted metal doors. “And I think she had a big wooden shield strapped to her back, like an eighth century Captain America or something.”

«Aye... that would be the aptly named ‘Shield Maiden’, then. Information about her is sketchy at best, she seems to appear randomly, doesnae stick around long, does her work then vanishes seemingly without a trace. I can tell you that she’s quite strong, superhumanly fast and agile, and has an apparent penchant for blood. The police are officially ‘undecided’ about her status, whether they consider her a hero or a villain. She has saved innocents, but also generally kills the bad guys rather than incapacitate and arrest them. She’s a vigilante and a bit of a loose cannon. So be careful. If she believes you are her enemy, you could verra well be in for a world of hurt!»

I chuckled at that. “Really? You think she’d be a match for me in this suit?” I asked in disbelief. “A sword and shield against high tech lasers and mini-missiles?”

«Aye. Ye’d be surprised,» Frasier commented, causing me to pause. «I’ve reviewed video footage of her stopping a bank robbery several weeks back. The gunmen were using modified MAC-10 subs, but one of them was carrying a Desert Eagle as a backup. He managed to get off a shot at her before he was cut down. It struck her shield.» He paused for effect. «Her wooden shield, lass. With a round from a Desert Eagle, from less than three feet away. The bullet should have gone through the wood, through the Maiden, and through the wall of the bank out into the street! Yet it stopped the bullet and didn’t even mar the wood.»

I frowned at that. “So... what are you saying? That it’s not really wood, that its some kind of special lightweight metal alloy or hybrid polymer or something?”

«Nae. I’m saying that the shield, and likely Shield Maiden herself, stink of magic.»

Magic. I rolled my eyes at the very notion. And this, from a world-class inventor who basically wrote the book on physics! “Well, agree to disagree there, old man,” I said, resuming my entry, switching on my infrared scanners, “but if the rumors are true, she stinks of something. The only part of the news reports that stuck with me were the comments that the witnesses all gave that she apparently smelled like hot garbage—”



My eyes went wide as I stared at the foot-long dagger embedded into the rust covered steel wall behind me, less than an inch from my head, still vibrating slightly from the force of the throw that had launched it. As well as the six-foot-tall, blonde-haired, blue-eyed Amazon that had thrown it, arm still outstretched, glaring at me from across the room.

“—and by hot garbage, I mean in the nicest possible context,” I quickly backpedaled as the Shield Maiden charged towards me, her sword at the ready. I brought up my bracers in defense, activated my shielding as she struck, her sword slashing into me hard enough to slam me back up against the wall. I gasped, momentarily stunned. I’d been warned about her strength, but I hadn’t had time to fully prepare. Mentally raising my inertial dampeners by about 50 percent, I drew back, opening my palms, firing off a pulse blast.

Swing... and a miss.


I grunted, struck again, and then a third time, by that blasted sword, as the crazed Viking woman attempted to carve me like a turkey, all the while I fired blast after blast at her, only to somehow miss at less than a foot away, as she dipped and darted nimbly out of my line of fire. Growling, getting a bit fed up, I rolled away, gaining a bit of distance, and fired a wide-angle spread shot, sweeping the entire area. This time I made contact... only to gape in amazement as she blocked it with that battered, old, wooden shield, which, by all rights, should have disintegrated, shattered, or at least caught fire from my blast! Nevertheless, it was apparently unharmed, as was she, as she retaliated by shield bashing me in the face, sending me sprawling to the ground.

Huh. I might have to rethink my stance on that whole ‘magic is bullshit’ argument.

Shield Maiden planted a boot on my chest as she raised her sword, preparing to stab straight through my chest. “NO! WAIT WAIT WAIT!” I yelled, waving my free hand frantically. “Hey! I’m one of the good guys! Understand? I’m a good guy! A hero like you!” To her credit, she paused, scowling as she stared down at me.

“Hvat gera þú segða? Eigi enemy?” Shield Maiden grunted.

I blinked, frowning. I had no idea what she was saying... but lucky for me, my armor was smarter than I was. My internal AI flashed a message at me, confirming that she was speaking an old variant of ancient Norse. A simple reconfiguration of my comm system and voice modulator, and I could understand her gibberish: What you say? Not enemy? I nodded again, speaking English, letting my modulator translate for me.

“Eigi þinn enemy! Ek em einn hero, líta þú!” Nope, not your enemy! I’m a hero, just like you.

Grunting, eyeing me carefully, she slowly drew back, lowering her sword, but keeping it in hand. “Hmph. Like me? So, you came to punish the guilty then?” she asked, gesturing further into the plant. “I will make them pay for their crimes! The vehicle they stole to make their getaway? They killed the driver and gravely injured the passengers!” He eyes flashed in righteous anger. “For the blood they have spilled, I shall spill theirs in turn!”

But I shook my head. “No, no, we can’t do that. I’m here to, er, punish them, yes. But that means arresting them, taking them to jail. NOT killing them. Got it?” She gaped at me. “I said, no killing. Can you understand me? Did my translator suddenly go offline?”

Shield Maiden grunted, walking away. “I understand you. Just not agree with you.”

Scowling, I raised a gauntlet towards her, firing, catching her by surprise, wrapping her up in a microthin trap line. Furious, she whirled around, glaring at me, cursing at me in a language I could now understand, making me blush fiercely. “HEY! REALLY!?! First of all, it’s physically impossible to do that to one’s self. And secondly, ewww... gross! And finally, I’ll let you go as soon as you give me your word that you won’t kill anyone!” She continued to glare at me. “Look. I’m all about getting justice as much as you, okay? These guys already attacked me once, nearly killed me. So I have a legitimate beef with them! But I draw the line at taking their lives. If you kill them, then YOU become as bad as they are. Then you stop being a heroine, an avenger of the weak—you become the criminal yourself!”

Shield Maiden sighed heavily, closing her eyes, and nodding. “Very well, I so swear. I will not kill them. I’ll only make them WISH they were dead!” She then grinned, an evil smirk that actually makes me wince.

“Okay, good enough,” I said, withdrawing the trap line, releasing her again. “So, I guess we’d better go in and track them down, then. My sensors are not going to be much help, I’m afraid... too much old metal and machinery, and too many chemicals in the air—”

“I can track them,” Shield Maiden replied curtly, taking off at a sprint. Sighing softly, with no other choice, I set off after her.

* * *

True to her word, the strange woman led me through the maze of broken and damaged machines, cracked and empty vats, and massive colliders, ending finally near the main central drain and the underground chemical storage area. As we drew closer, my sensors came alive, detecting life signs. I grabbed Shield Maiden’s arm, lightly, only to blink, finding myself staring at the pointy end of a sword less than an inch from my face.

“Do. Not. Touch. Me. Again,” she growled.

“Y-yeah. Okay.” I agreed, taking a step back, giving her some personal space. “I just wanted you to hold up for a second. My sensors just came back online, and they’re telling me that we’re close.” I glanced around, then stopped, pointing to the stairs leading down. “They’re definitely in there—” I stated, only to groan, scrambling to move in front of her and block off her approach. “Wait, goddamnit!” I protested, again, this time without grabbing her. “Don’t just go rushing in! At least give me a chance to do an intensive scan to make sure they’re all there in one place! You go charging in and there are only one or two of them, the others will know we’re here!”

“Hmph. Fine. But be quick.”

Hmph, indeed. It wasn’t as if I asked for this partnership. Given her bloodthirsty nature, and tendency to rush in, fight, maim and kill first, second, third, fourth, and maybe ask questions as a distant fifth, I was no doubt asking for trouble even bringing her along. But it wasn’t as if I could just ditch her. She’d arrived on her own, and was bound and determined to mete out her version of justice to the Society. About the only way I could stop her would be to beat her in a fight, stun her into unconsciousness, and leave her tied up for a while. And, considering our first encounter, I wasn’t all that confident of taking her down in close quarters, at least not without one or both of us ending up badly hurt or maimed.

Most likely me.

“Okay... got ’em,” I replied a few seconds later. “Six heat signatures. They are all down there in a group. And voice recognition confirms Cricket and Hornet. It’s definitely them.”

“Good,” Shield Maiden stated, moving forward again, drawing her blade.

“Um, shouldn’t we come up with a plan of attack?” I asked, already knowing the answer. The powerful blonde glanced at me, grinning savagely.

“I have plan: ATTACK!” she yelled, charging in full force. Just as I’d expected. Shrugging, I charged in after her.

“Wh... what the actual FUCK?!?” Cricket yelled, glancing up as we suddenly burst into the chamber. Whatever she’d planned to follow up with was cut short as a throwing knife suddenly appeared deep in her right shoulder, causing her to scream, and fall back in agony. The other Beetleborgs responded quickly, fighting back, charging at Shield Maiden en mass... to which I felt mildly insulted. They were treating HER as if she were the bigger threat!

I mean, well, she was the bigger threat, considering her usual take-no-prisoners approach, and all... but still, it was the principal of the thing.

“GRAAAAHHH!!” she yelled, pushed back as Dirt Dauber and Weevil, the Society’s two strong guys, tackled her, wrestling with her. I can admit to being somewhat impressed; it took both of them together to handle the berserk valkyrie chick. Still, I wasn’t there to sit on the sidelines myself. As Hornet drew back, preparing to perforate her, I let loose with my own attack, a powerful stun blast. Mr. Bee let out a grown, slumping to the ground, down for the count, and I turned my attention to Stinkbug, who was attempting to overwhelm Shield Maiden with his stench while the other two held her pinned. Not that I thought it would really work; the Maiden herself put out a stench that was probably a match for anything Stinky could whip up!


I grunted, struck from behind as Cricket, recovering somewhat from her stabbing, unleashed a blistering sonic attack. I shuddered slightly as I was buffeted relentlessly by the wave, just as I had been that first night. But THIS time I was better prepared and better equipped. Activating my suits countermeasures, I emitted a hypersonic signal of my own, in the exact opposite wavelength of hers, canceling it out. Cricket blinked in surprise as her noise suddenly went silent, despite screeching at the top of her lungs. And a nice shock blast took her out of the fight as well.

Shield Maiden had regrouped as well, shouting in fury, with a sudden burst of strength, and brought her arms together, slamming Weevil and Dauber into each other headfirst. Taking advantage of their momentary daze, she cut down Stinkbug, and slashed Weevil, and prepared to disembowel Dirt Dauber as well.

“NO!” I shouted, causing her to pause. “No killing remember?” Growling, she reversed the grip on her sword, smashing Dauber in the face with the hilt instead, knocking him out cold. And dislodging several teeth in the process. I sighed deeply, shaking my head. Such a hassle.

“And now, for you,” Maiden growled, turning to the final member still standing... a bald glasses wearing guy in a dirty torn white lab coat? He cowered as she approached, eyes wide as dinner plates as if he expected to die at any moment. Moving quickly, I interceded again, stepping between them.

“Wait, wait... I don’t think he’s one of them. For one thing, he’s not wearing a bug suit.” She paused at that, considering.

“You said they all here,” she accused. “You said you made scan. All six!”

I nodded with a deep sigh, glancing around. “I know. And there were six of them here. But, well... this guys is definitely NOT Leopard Moth. I was mistaken.” I admitted with a grunt. “The leader of the Insect Society isn’t here. He managed to escape.”