The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Return of the Armored Warrior

by J. Darksong

Ch. 10)

Well. That was a fine kettle of fish. Shield Maiden wasn’t exactly happy that she didn’t get to complete her murder—or ahem, vengeance—against the Insect Society, for which she blamed me. But once I pointed out that she’d taken down five out of the six and helped save another innocent, she was mollified enough to put her sword back down again. Turning my attention back to the aforementioned innocent, I asked him his name.

“I’m Alec Winters,” the man replied, retrieving a pair of glasses from his shirt pocket. “I’m an electrical engineer. Those... hooligans... they kidnapped me days ago,” he said with a shudder. “They wanted me to upgrade their fancy techno suits, make them more powerful.” He sighed. “They said they wanted to be able to stand up to Armor Man... something about getting revenge.”

“Yes, well, looks like they’ll have to wait a while for their chance,” I remarked with a nod. “At least until they get out of jail. At any rate, Sir, you’re safe now. So, Shield Maiden, what do you say we grab these unconscious thugs and haul them... eh?” I glanced around, surprised to find her gone. Weird... since the only exit from the room was behind me, and she hadn’t passed me to leave.

Magic, huh? I have to say, I am not a fan.

“Okay, then,” I murmured, kneeling down to grab Stinkbug, lifting his unconscious form, “guess

I’ll be grabbing the unconscious thugs and hauling them back outside for the police to arrive...”

* * *

“Ah, ye made it back I see,” Eugene greeted me as I entered the lab once more. “And none too worse the wear, I see. Good job.”

“Thanks,” I remarked, disabling the armor, wincing slightly as it dissolved away into goo that literally ran down my body, pooling around my bare feet as I’d stepped into a puddle of warm Jello. As I stepped out of it, the liquid dissipated, like water evaporating on a hot day into a thin gray cloud of dust before returning to the holding tank across the room. “Ugh. Can we please come up with a different way to get into and out of that suit, please?” Gene merely chuckled.

“They’re microscopic machines bonded to an isometric metal polymer,” he replied. “There are only so many ways for you to slip in and out of a suit made of actual fluid. And once dissipated, it takes them time to reconstitute themselves. Aye... but a small price to pay for a fully functional weaponized suit that ye can carry around in a plastic water bottle!”

I winced again. “Yeah, just as long as I don’t forget and try to drink it by mistake.” I walked over to the computer next to him. “So, any word yet on Leopard Moth?”

“I’m afraid not,” Frasier replied with a scowl. “The satellite coverage clearly picked him up leaving,” he remarked, pointing out the images on the monitor, “but somewhere around the western section, he vanished. If your information about them abducting Dr. Winters is right, that might explain it.” He scrolled over, bringing up a dossier on Dr. Alec Winters. “Seems like the good doctor and his company were working on stealth technology for a contract with the military. I’d be willing to bet that Leopard Moth persuaded him to install stealth tech into his suit, to make him impossible to track.”

I nodded slowly, frowning as I stared at the screen. “Do I really want to know how you managed to obtain information about a secret government contract still in development?”

Eugene glanced at me, expression bland. “No. You do not.”

Feminine laughter caught my attention, as an extremely beautiful and very familiar blonde stepped into the room. “Now, now, Gene, you shouldn’t tease the poor girl,” Lacie Frasier chided him, punching him lightly in the arm. “My husband isn’t nearly the evil mastermind he pretends to be,” she said conspiratorially. “As I recall, Alec was a member of your R&D team back when you ran Frasier Enterprises, and you two still keep in touch. He likely mentioned it when he called last week about an issue he was having with an energy imbalance.” I burst out laughing as the expression on his face, and Mrs. Frasier soon joined in. It was the first time I’d ever seen the old man looking anything but calm, cool, and collected.

“Lacie Ann,” he grunted, eye twitching slightly, “ye dinnae hav’ to volunteer that information to mah apprentice!” He grunted, crossing his arms as we both continued to laugh. “Hmph. It’s bad enough the lass doesnae respect me. The one thing I had going for me was my whole ‘mysterious all-knowing mastermind’ persona. Now ye’ve gone and ruined that as well!”

“Teehehee... oh... oh... Sorry, my love,” Lacie managed, finally composing herself. “I didn’t mean to ruin the facade. Ahem... ‘Be careful with this one, Erika.’” she said in an exaggeratedly fearful voice. “‘He’s a very dangerous man!’” We started giggling again, to his annoyance.

“Ahem. Lacie, I assume you came to my lab for a reason other than annoying yer Laird and Master?”

“Ah, er, yes, sorry,” she replied, still smiling. “I wanted to let you know that I need to leave town and head to Washington D.C. for a few days. Going to visit an old friend, and see if maybe she can help me get a timeline on our ‘approaching problem’.” She let out a soft sigh. “So far, no one else has been able to help...”

His expression softened, Eugene walked over to his wife, hugging her from behind. “Aye. It will work out, lass. Dinnae fausch. Even if McCandliss cannae help you, we’re not out of options. Remember, lass, it’s not over until it’s over. Not until we’ve breathed out last breath.” He kissed her, and she sighed, melting into him.

I found myself blushing, glancing away awkwardly. I mean... it was like watching your parents have a romantic moment or something... even though they weren’t MY parents, what kid wants to watch that? Still, they were really sweet. Between that, and finding out how he actually obtains some of his so-called ‘classified information’, I was beginning to think I’d misjudged the old guy.

“Oh, one last thing,” she said, pulling away, this time glancing back at me. “The man you were looking for... Leopard Moth?” I perked up instantly. “I Saw him a moment ago when I glanced towards the University. Appears he’s rummaging around in the physics department.” She frowned. “It seems Security caught him sneaking in, but he dusted them both with his spores and knocked them out.”

“You... saw this?” I asked, blinking in surprise. “When? How? I mean, your husband has been scanning with his satellites all over the city, and—”

“Aye, well, let’s just say my wife’s eyesight is a bit stronger than twenty-twenty, and leave it at that,” Gene replied, turning back to kiss her again. “Thank ye for that, loveling. We’ll take it from here. Now, go on and tend to yer business,” he added, reaching back to slap her lightly on the ass as she walked away. “Let me know what ye find out when ye get back!” I sighed rolling my eyes.

Uhhn. Typical male. Slapping a woman on the backside? What, did the guy think he was 60’s era James Bond or something. “You know, I’m surprised she didn’t rear back and slap you for that,” I commented idly once she’d left the room. Eugene merely chuckled.

“First of all, lass, she doesnae find it degrading, she actually likes the attention,” he stated with a smirk. “Secondly, we’re both from the era where that kind of thing was normal. And lastly, I’d have to whack her backside with a reinforced steel girder for her to actually feel it.”

Huh. Not really much I could say to that. Of course, being Omega Girl, whom bullets and tank shells bounced off of, I suppose he had a point. The other comment he made about their ages did give me pause, however. I mean, I’d never really given it much thought, but for all my ribbing, and joking, calling him an ‘old man’, he actually looked remarkably young. Definitely NOT like a guy pushing sixty. And Omega Girl, Lacie, herself... hell, she looked younger than my mom!

I’d always wondered why costume wearing heroes never seemed to age. But maybe it was only the really popular ones.

“So, lass, are ye planning to suit up and go after yer nemesis?” he asked, already back at work on the computer terminal. “Your liquid suit needs a bit more time to recharge, but the older models are all fully operational and ready to go.” I grinned at that. Nothing quite like having your own weaponized wardrobe. Glancing at the list, I nodded.

“Well, since I’m going back into the campus,” I said, scrolling down before picking suit number twelve, “I think I’ll choose the ones with the school colors.”

“Aye, there’s nothing quite like having school spirit,” he replied, rolling his eyes. Nevertheless, he opened the vault door and withdrew a large metal belt and two small heavy bracelets. I raised an eyebrow at him. “I modified a few of the suits a bit while you were out,” he said with a shrug. “In my case, it worked best having it retract and unfold into a briefcase, but as yer not a thirty-year-old businessman, I thought something a wee bit more natural with yer look would be useful.”

Donning the belt and bracelets, I stiffened slightly, feeling a slight tingle as the Neuroweave bodystocking I wore connected and reconfigured for the new suit. With a mental command, the belt and bracelets unfolded, sliding down and over me, like a harder, dryer version of the liquid suit. Within seconds, it had reformed into a solid suit of blue and silver armor... which I noted had been retooled to show my feminine physique. “Hehehe... nice!” I said aloud, getting the feel for the new suit. “You do good work, old man.”

“Just make sure you take the time to get used to the reaction controls again,” he called out as I headed towards the exit. “The nanosuit reacts instantly to your thoughts, but the older models will have a slight delay time. Its a bit jarring until you get used to it again.” Nodding, I ignited my boot jets and took off.

* * *

There’s something fun about walking around school during the off hours. Landing at the Physics department building, I took a moment to take in the surroundings. River City University looked a lot different at night. I kind of liked it. Plus, given my role as the new armored warrior, I figured I might as well get used to it. I was going to likely be spending most of my nights cruising around the city this way.

Aha. Thermal imaging picked up on the target, one human-sized heat signature walking around on the second floor. I was reasonably sure it was him, considering that it was nearly midnight, the building was locked, and the only other two heat signatures—most likely the security guards—were lying facedown near the main entrance on the first floor. Hovering up to the second floor, I landed at the stairway access, and, deactivating the door alarm with a bit of Frasier Tech, I slipped quietly inside the building.

Two things occurred to me as I made my way stealthily down the hallway. One, I had no idea what Leopard Moth was after. I mean, obviously, it was some kind of technology, a gizmo of some kind. Kidnapping an engineer to upgrade the Bug Boys’ suits was a bit tip-off. So, of course, if he’s breaking into the physics lab at the university, its because they have something he wanted The question was, what could a school lab have that a career criminal like him go through so much trouble to steal?

The second thing that occurred to me was that this new suit was NOT built for skulking silently in mind.


I literally winced with every tread of my armored boots on the floor, imaging that people on the other side of the campus could hear me. I even had a flashback of an episode of Robot Chicken, where Iron Man has infiltrated the Mandarin’s hideout and is attempting to ‘sneak in’ through the vents. And his heavy thudding footsteps and, later on, his armor scraping against the metal air shaft, is clearly heard by everyone, long before he even gets close. It was a funny scene, but my current situation made it seem much less amusing.

Stupid bulky metal suit. My liquid suit was able to adjust and muffle my footsteps on any kind of ground on the fly. Ah well. Not even a full day and already I’d become spoiled to the perks...

Making my way to the High Energy Experimentation Lab, I paused, deciding to err on the side of caution. Scanning the room proved difficult, however; it was the High Energy lab, after all, where they worked with everything from microwaves to gamma rays. The lab was majorly shielded; even with Frasier’s cutting edge tech, I was getting only partial inconclusive data, just enough to know that he was in there, but not much of what he might have waiting for me. Sighing softly, I just resolved to go in hot, with my weapons and defense shields active, and trust that I had a counter for anything he could throw at me. Counting silently to three, I kicked in the door and charged in.

“LEOPARD MOTH!” I yelled, causing the villain to whirl around in shock. “I finally caught up with you! Give it up and surrender peacefully, and I’ll make sure you get a cell next to all your teammates!”

The villain scowled, wings fluttering softly. “Armor Man... and yet, not,” he said, staring at my physique... specifically at my breasts. “You’re more of an Armor Girl, aren’t you? Well, no matter. You’re the one that ruined my plans and got the rest of the Society arrested... so YOU will be the one to feel my wrath!”

I chuckled at that, extending my hands out, taking aim with my palm blasters, causing him to put his own hands up over his head. “Funny. You’re a funny guy. By my count, I’ve already taken out the rest of your team—” With help from Shield Maiden, of course, not that he needed to know that. “—and you’re the last man standing. And the others were the real heavy hitters. If they couldn’t beat me, what makes you think you can?”

To my surprise, Leopard Moth laughed. “It’s quite simple, girl! Indeed, you did take down the rest of my team. But therein lies the rub. You see, they were the brawn,” he stated, opening his left hand, showing a small silver control box. “But me? I’m the brains,” he said, pressing the button.

There was no warning, no time to react. I screamed bloody murder as every nerve in my body suddenly went alive while my armor shut down in a bright shower of sparks. Shuddering, gasping, I collapsed, hitting the ground with a loud thud. My last thought before I blacked out was wondering... what the fuck just happened to me?