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Revenge of the Nerd

Chapter One — Two Years Ago

“Why don’t you leave him alone?” Karen said

“Say ‘Uncle’” Paul laughed

“No” Ian cried.

“Say it!” Paul said.

Paul had Ian, his younger brother in a choke hold. He applied just enough pressure to hold Ian, but not enough to choke him out… after-all, he wanted his brother to surrender.

“Let him go!” Karen pleaded as she watched the brothers ‘play’. Paul called it ‘play’. Any other observer would call it bullying. Karen didn’t like seeing Paul’s cruel side, and yet she was his girlfriend.

“Uncle!” Ian choked.

Paul’s grin grew wider, but he only applied more pressure.

Ian’s eyes rolled up into his skull and he passed out.

“Why’d you do that?” Karen asked.

Paul didn’t respond. Instead he unzipped and took his cock out.

The next thing he did was shower his unconscious brother in a stream of hot piss.

Karen wanted to look away. But she didn’t. Her eyes were transfixed on Paul’s maniacal smile.

When he was done he turned to her.

“Suck it!” he said.

“Nooo…” she protested

“Suck it! Bitch!” he grabbed her forced her to her knees

She was exhilarated by the passion of Paul.

She opened her mouth and took him inside her.

She sucked.

Karen still kept her gaze on Paul’s face. Her nipples were rock hard. This excitement was something she’d never felt before.

Paul looked around and saw that they were not disturbed.

The sun was beating down hard. But in the ‘Grove’ behind the house there was shelter and privacy.

It was at family gathering that Karen had met Paul. But then she was not his girlfriend but Ian’s.

Ian’s high school sweetheart, Karen had come over. She’d met the family; matriarch Gloria, sisters Annie and Grace, and the black sheep of the family—Paul. She’d already discovered that Paul had a ‘reputation’. Ian was terrified of his brother… he had the bruises to show it.

Karen was Ian’s girlfriend, but they had not yet consummated the relationship. She had tried. Karen had coaxed Ian down to the Grove. They’d been there a few times before, but Karen had never got the introverted Ian to do anything more than feel her up. She’d come to the house to suck him off, but Paul had made an impression on her and he fucked her, and now she was his girlfriend.

“What the fuck?” Annie cried as she ran to her brothers. She looked to see Ian slumped on the ground; beaten.

Karen wanted to move but Paul held her there so she continued to suck him. She was thrilled at being dominated.

Annie ran over to her unconscious brother.

“What have you done?” she cried.

She looked over at Paul and he smiled as she came in Karen’s hungry mouth. Karen almost choked. But she dutifully swallowed the load.

Annie took her cell phone out and called an ambulance.

That was two years ago.

Chapter Two — Awakening

Ian lay as he had for two years in Central Hospital. He was in a coma.

The family had had enough of Paul and kicked him out of home. They had let him off easy. They had covered for him when the police investigated Ian’s condition.

He’d moved into the city… with Karen.

Karen was now heavy with child. She longed to be Mrs. Smythe but Paul was cruel and baited her. He’s also stopped fucking her… berating her for being too big and unattractive.

Annie had moved out of home too. She lived not far from Paul. She lived with her girlfriend Maria. Though they lived close by they were not close. Annie could not forgive Paul for what he had done. Her relations had soured with her mother too—for protecting Paul.

Paul always got away with everything. Always had.

Now even Grace too, unable to cope at home by herself was planning on moving out too. Anne often thought of her sister Grace, and her brother Ian.

Grace sat in the hospital room. She read—aloud—“Gone With the Wind”. The family had been told that they should “Treat Ian as if he was still there.” And so she read to him.

Grace simply used these times as an excuse to spend time away from the house of ill-feeling.

Occasionally Paul came back home.

He’d sit around most days annoyingly doing some nasty thing to piss everyone off.

Grace had read straight through the hour.

She looked up. She dropped the book and almost shit herself.

Ian was sitting up looking at her.

“Ian?” she asked.


“Oh, Ian!” she smiled and leapt across at him.

She embraced him. He sat unresponsive… there were a lot of sensations coursing through his brain. Quite a lot to take in…. like the smell of his sister.

She kept kissing him and hugging him.

“Are you…?” she began, “Are you…. alright?”

“I don’t know” he smiled sheepishly.

“I’ll go get the doctors” she said sliding of the bed.

“No.” he said “Stay”

Suddenly Grace stood still.

Ian was somewhat taken aback by that too.

“What’s happening?” Grace said, unable to move.

She looked around to her brother. “I can’t move!” she said distressed. It was as if her feet were fixed to the ground.

“I want you to stay” he said.

“Okay” she smiled suddenly able suddenly to move she returned back to his bed.

“What did you just do?” she asked as she sat down looking at him confused. She knew she’d wanted to go, but she knew she couldn’t.

“What do you mean?”

“I wanted to go” she said “But now I can’t”

Ian thought about this.

“Scratch your nose” he said.

She did.

“How did you do that?” Grace asked.

“I don’t know.”

Grace was frightened. Ian sensed it.

“Don’t be frightened” he said.

And suddenly she felt better about it. She wasn’t worried about what Ian could do.

“You want to open your top.”

“I do” she said as she unbuttoned her shirt.

He reached in and felt her bra-strapped breasts

“Please…” Grace said “Don’t do that.”

“You want me to do this” he said.

“Yes” she smiled

“Say it”

“I want you to touch my breasts” she then said “Please stop this… How are you doing this?”

And then he gave her more instructions.

She accepted it all.

Chapter Three

Grace returned with Ian to the house. They’d not checked him out. He’d simply walked out.

He had spent some time instructing Grace and she accepted what he said.

She loved him.

She wanted to serve him.

She did not question her new relationship with him.

He was her master….

Now, at home Ian went to his room, with his sister in hand.

“Strip” he said.

She did so, willingly.

He took his own clothes off and lay back on his bed.

Grace loved her brother. She grew excited that he wanted her. She went to him, kneeling on the bed, astride him. He was hard.

She sat down on him

She was no virgin.

As her vaginal lips opened up and embraced him she shivered with delight.

Her breasts were perky, topped with rock hard bullet sized nipples.

She sank till she had all of him inside her.

Slowly she rose and sank on his shaft.

Ian sighed.

He’d never had pussy before… he’d been too shy.

He didn’t want to contemplate what had happened to him, or why. He just wanted to enjoy the warm wetness engulfing his erection.

Grace leant forward and they kissed as her hips continued to grind against him.

“Tell me you love me”

“I love you”

“Tell me you want me to come in you”

“I want you to come in me”

And he did. At that moment his hips bucked upwards and he shot his load deep into his sister’s vagina.

Grace stayed on her brother for a while. They lay in each other’s sweaty arms. She nuzzled up under his neck.

“I love you” she said again as her vagina leaked cum and her love onto the bed.

“I love you too” Grace he said, kissing her gently on the top of the head.

The phone rang shattering their moment.

“Answer that” he said.

Grace smiled. She loved obeying her brother. She ran out into the master bedroom



“I just got a call from the hospital”

“What’s up?”

“Ian…” Gloria said in a panic “He’s disappeared”

“No he hasn’t” Grace giggled, “He’s here”

“What do you mean he’s there?”

“I mean he woke up and I brought him home” she chirped as she brought the phone back to Ian

“You’re making this up!”

“No…” she laughed “Here…”

“Hi mom” Ian said.

There was the sound of a crash.

“Mom? Hello? Mom?”

He looked at Grace and shrugged.

He threw her the phone.

She took it back.

When she returned to its dock Ian was standing by his window.

Grace went to him and embraced him from behind.

“You made a mess on the bed” he said looking at the small pool of come and cunny juice. “Lick it up!”

“Yes” she smiled and leapt onto the bed.

She wiggled her ass as she bent over and licked up the juices they’d both made.

Ian grew hard again watching his sister’s hips and he moved up into her.

He was still inside her when their mom came home.

Chapter Four

Gloria had feinted at the sound of her son’s voice. She managed to pick herself up and race to her car.

She broke several speed and traffic rules.

She almost forgot to put her car in park in the driveway.

She raced inside calling out for her son.

It was with absolute shock that she walked in on him fucking Grace.

“What the hell is going on here?”

“Oh, hi mom” Grace smiled as her brother rode her

“Hi, mom” Ian smiled

“You fucking sick… “ Gloria screamed “Stop it! Stop it at once”

“But I love Ian” Grace said.

“And I love Grace” Ian said. “And I love you too” he added. “Tell me you love me, mom”

“I love you” she blurted out. She lunged at them, wanting to tear them apart, from each other, and just plain tear them apart.

“Stop!” Ian said to Gloria. “Stand still”

In an instant she stopped and stood transfixed. She bucked her hips as if trying to urge her feet to move. But her feet were as if they were cemented to the floor.

“What the hell’s happening”

“I’m going to have to ask you to join us” Ian said.

“Join you? You sick fucks…” she cried “What on earth’s happened to my feet”

“Take off your dress” he said

“I will not take off my dress!” Gloria cried as her hands worked her dress off. “What the hell is happening?”

Ian pulled his hard cock out of his sister’s cunt.

It was slick with her juices. She spun around and sucked him.

“I love you mom”

“What’s happening? How are you doing this to me?”

“I’m not sure how it happened, mom” he said “Only… never mind… take off your bra and panties”

“No” she again protested and again her hands worked against her will and stripped.

“Gee you’re beautiful” he said

“Isn’t she beautiful” he asked Grace

Grace turned around and looked at her naked mom.

“She’s a bit hairy!” Grace giggled.

“I kind of suits her” Ian said

“Please, Ian…” Gloria cried “I don’t know how you’re doing this… but mommy’s not angry. Please, just let me go”

“Let you go?” Ian snorted.

“Please.. just let me go” Gloria cried

“But Grace says she wants a new baby sister” Ian said “Didn’t you Grace?”


“And you and I are going to make a baby” Ian said

“Please…please…” Gloria cried “No, that’s sick. It’s perverted. Please just let me go”

“Say you love me”

“I love you”

“Say you want me to fuck you”

“I want you to fuck me…no. No! Don’t make me say that!”

“Say it again”

“I want you to fuck me”

“Okay” Ian grinned.

He went to his mom and kissed her. She shrunk back with revulsion. “Nooooo!” she cried trying to get away

“Beg me to fuck you”

“Please fuck me” Gloria said. “No! No! I don… I… I want you to fuck me”

“Go over on the bed and lie down”

Gloria got onto the bed next to her daughter.

“See that she’s nice and wet” Ian said

Grace moved one of her mother’s legs out of the way and she brought her tongue down into Gloria’s snatch.

“No! Stop that!” Gloria cried.

“Beg Grace to eat you out”

“Please Grace” Gloria whimpered “Eat me out”

“Okay, mom!”


“Yes, son?”

“You want to fuck us”


“Say it,” Ian insisted “You’ve always wanted this…”

“I want to fuck you. I want to be close to my children again”

“You want to fuck us and you will want to obey me”

“I want to obey you, son” Gloria said.

“I think she’s nice and wet now” Grace said as she moved out of the way

Ian got onto the bed, moving between his mom’s legs

“I love you, son” Gloria said

And then he penetrated her. It felt loose—not as tight as Grace, but it was also softer. She wasn’t as wet as Grace either. But it felt good to be inside her again—after spending nine months in her once before. Mother and son were bodily united again. This time not by an umbilicus but by a cock.

Gloria had not had sex for fifteen years but like falling off a bike, she remembered what to do. She wrapped her legs around her son’s bucking thighs. She drew him in close and then, squeezing his ass cheeks she pushed a finger into him

“God… Oh…!” he cried and came in her. She fingered his ass as he spurted baby goo into her.

Soon he collapsed on her. She was large and soft and warm.

“Jeez, Mom!” he said, “That was a surprise”

“Your dad loved that” Gloria said. “I figured if Tom loved it then my baby boy would like it too…”

“You used to finger dad?”

“I used to fuck your father…” Gloria said as she brought her stinky finger up to her nose. She sniffed it. Then she sucked it.

“What did you use?” Grace asked “A strap-on?”

“Yes, of course” Gloria said. “I used to peg your father”

“Well… “ Ian said kind of sheepishly “Maybe you could peg me too”

“I’d love that babe” Gloria said.

Chapter Five

Grace scooped up some lube and then liberally coated her brother’s ass with it.

“Put some inside too” Gloria said.

Grace slid her sticky fingers into her brother’s asshole.

“Jeez!” Ian gasped, “Not the whole fist!”

“It’s just two fingers! Silly!” Grace laughed showing him the two fingers she’d used.

“Okay, now the rest on the dildo” Gloria said.

Grace smeared it over the rubber head, and then down the shaft.

“That’s fine baby” Gloria said. “You ready son?”

“Yeah, ma” Ian said.

“I’ll go slow”

She pushed her strap-on towards her son till the cock head rested against the wink of his anus. And then, slowly she pushed into him.

“Oh….” he gasped

“Am I going too fast baby?” Gloria asked

“No… that’s good” Ian said.

“You should suck your brother off” Gloria said to Grace.

“You’re not my master, mom!” Grace growled, “He is”

“Do it” Ian said.

“Okay” Grace said as she moved round under her brother. She took hold of his hard-on and brought her lips up to it.

“Oh, wow!” Ian gasped. The experience of his sister’s lips on his cock as his mom ass-fucked him was incredible.

And Gloria built up speed.

“Oh…yessss!” Ian gasped and shot his load into his sister’s mouth. She fixed her mouth on him and sucked drinking down his jizz.

Gloria had come too… the feel of the strap against her clit as she ass-fucked her son got her off as well.

When he finally came down off his high he pulled up off the strap-on

“You liked it?” Gloria asked

“You should try it” he said

“It looks like it will hurt”

“Do it” he said

“Okay” she smiled and assumed doggy-position where her brother had just been.

Gloria took the dirty dildo and pressed it up against her daughter’s virginal ass-hole.

“Ow!” Grace said, bucking forward. She looked at her brother “It hurts”

“Let mom fuck your ass”

“Yes” she said obediently.

She winced in pain but would obey her brother’s command. Her asshole slowly accepted the big rubber cock.

Gloria took it easy. She wanted her daughter to enjoy this. Gloria had done anal with their dad, but she wasn’t a big fan of it. She much preferred to fuck her husband’s rump.

“Oh…yes…” Grace gasped as her mom reached around her and ticked her twat.

The sensation of rubber shaft in her ass as her clit got played with was too much.

Grace bucked and spasmed as a wave of heated orgasm washed over her.

Afterwards she needed to do a shit but she cleaned herself and returned to find Ian trimming their mom’s bush.

She looked at her brother “Okay, so it is hairy!” he said

“Are you going to make me as bald as Gracie’s?” Gloria asked.

He looked back at his sister’s hairless crotch. Although Grace was three years older than him, with her shaven snatch and tiny physique she could have easily appeared illegal.

Her squeaky high voice and giddy jiggling around made her look immature as well.

Ian took his time grooming his mom. With the scissors he cut most of the excess off and then Gloria joined him, soaping herself up. Gloria took the razor and carefully mowed off the rest.

Grace towelled her mom’s pussy clean. It looked like it was twenty years younger, other than the flaps hanging out loose.

“Just like new” Ian said. “I love it”

“Thank you, son” Gloria said.

Chapter Six

Karen looked at herself in the mirror. She’s moved back with Paul. She was six months pregnant. She rolled up her top to see her tummy. Red ruts; stretch marks. ‘Maybe Paul was right?’ she thought. ‘Maybe I am ugly’.

The doorbell rang.

Karen wanted to ignore it. The last thing she wanted was some college kid cold-canvassing his way through school.

The doorbell rang and rang and rang.

“Fuck” she spat.

She went to the door.

“Ian?” she gasped.

Without saying anything he tried the handle on the screen door. It was locked.

“Why is this locked?” he asked

“Paul doesn’t want me letting people in when he’s away” she said

“Open the door” he said

“Yes” she said.

“I… I shouldn’t” she said as she found the keys “Paul gets angry if I don’t listen” She opened the door. Ian was shocked at the bruising on her eye. “Sometimes I don’t listen” she smiled weakly.

Ian brushed past her.

“I thought you were in the hospital” she said as he stood there looking around. The place was immaculate. Karen did her absolute best to keep the place tidy. She always had meals ready for Paul when he got home. She always bent over and spread her legs for him. But it was apparently still never enough… judging by her eye.

“You should have been my girlfriend” Ian said.

“That was a long time ago” Karen said, “I’m married to your brother now”

“Do you love him?”

“Yes, of course” Karen said

“Don’t lie”

“I hate him!” Karen blurted out. She thought about that. It was true. She’d just never told anyone, not even herself.

She began to cry.

Ian turned to her and took her in his arms.

She sobbed into his chest.

He embraced her. He let a hand slip down to her ass.

He pressed her in closer.

“No!” she said, pulling away

“You want me to touch you”

“I… I want you to touch me” she said, allowing him to get closer again. He grabbed her ass and caressed it through her dress. She didn’t know why she wanted him to touch her.

“I…” she gasped, “I shouldn’t be…”

“You love me”

“I love you” she said. She tried to rationalise what she was saying, what she was feeling. “But Paul…”

“You hate Paul”

“I hate Paul”

“You only love me”

“I only love you”

“You want to… “ Ian began

“So it’s true!” came Paul’s voice from the doorway. “They said my little shit of a brother had left hospital”

“Paul?” Ian gasped, admittedly even he felt a tinge of fear.

“And I come home to find you trying to fuck my wife”

Ian turned and stood his ground. This surprised Paul for a moment.

“Come, Karen!” he said

Karen didn’t move

“Did you hear me?”

“I hate you” Karen said “I love Ian”

“Love?” Paul snorted. “You want to fuck my sorry-ass brother?”

Ian looked at Karen and nodded to her.

“Yes” Karen said “I want to fuck your brother.”

“Why you…!” Paul said and he lunged at them both.

“Stay still!” Ian said.

Suddenly Paul’s feet were fixed to the spot

“What the fuck?”

“Say you want me to fuck your wife” Ian said

“I want you to fuck my wife” Paul said. “Hey??? What the fuck?”

Ian had a an idea.

“Paul?” he asked


“I want you go down town to the gay bar and try and get as many guys to fuck you in the ass.”

“Say what?”

“You want to have all the guys you can get fuck you in the ass”

“I want all the guys to fuck me in the ass”

“Now go!”

“Yes!” Paul said and turned and left.

“How did you do that?” Karen asked “Are you controlling me too?”

“Yes” Ian said, “And you like it don’t you?”

“Yes” Karen said

“I am your master”

“You are my master”

Chapter Seven

Gloria welcomed her daughter-in-law into the house. Gloria wore only a chef’s apron. Grace was still in the kitchen, equally attired, preparing dinner.

Ian drew his mother in close and slid a finger up into her pussy and then tasted it. “Why mommy” he laughed “You’re all wet”

“Well Grace and I…” Gloria giggled

“Enough” Ian said “Karen and I are going to go upstairs and fuck. Come get us when dinner is ready”

“Yes, Master” Gloria said and then turned and swaggered back into the kitchen

She stopped and turned “I’m so glad Ian’s enslaved you too” she said to Karen.

Karen grinned knowingly

“We’re going to be one big happy family” Gloria added, tapping her stomach… she was pregnant as well now.

Karen undressed and bent over the edge of the bed. Already she was wet in anticipation. She only opened that her master would enjoy fucking her.

Ian was already hard when he pushed up into Karen’s warm wetness.

“Oh, yes!” Karen sighed as she felt her master enter her. It felt so good.


Ian visited the maternity ward with his sister-lovers Grace and Annie. Annie was only a recent addition. But now another had arrived. His mom was there with their newborn daughter.

He kissed his mom on the mouth.

“I’m so proud of you, Mom” he said as he looked at the little pink bundle of joy.

Karen came in too. “You wouldn’t believe who I just saw” she said as she watched Ian lie against his mom. Gloria hiked up her top, her breast, large and engorged with milk. He ignored Karen as his mom guided him onto her breast to suckle.

“Who’d you see, honey?” Gloria asked as she gently squeezed her breast.

“I saw Paul”

“Paul?” Ian gasped, sitting up, he almost spewed out a mouthful of milk.

“He’s in the AIDS ward” Karen laughed. “I asked a nurse about him. Seems he was a regular in the bathrooms of the Pink Boy Club.”

“I wonder how that could have happened?” Gloria grinned as Ian returned to feed.

“He always was an asshole” Karen said.

The End