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Rhonda James in: Object of Desire

(Rhonda rings a Belle Part III)


“Dear Readers, thank you for your feedback, and moral support in these latest 2006 stories. I hope this most recent, and most twisted story will get your rocks off. Nick Vegas” Story is written in third person.


Inside Rhonda’s beach apartment

Rhonda James sighed as Nick pulled his face out from between her legs. “Wow, how is it you taste so different than other women?” “You think I taste better? “said Rhonda. “Different.” replied Nick.

He stood up, his tan skin glistening with perspiration. “I love it, don’t get me wrong, as well as all your other flavors, it’s just a difference I can’t put my finger on.” He said, grinning.

My dear Nick, why do you think the women in my service are so easily conditioned? I think my unique chemistry has an allure that keep people coming back for more, from my pussy to my arm pits to my feet.”

“It sure keeps me cumming.” quipped Nick. Rhonda stood up, her french manicured nails gripping a silk robe. “I took a look at that website you said you heard about on Howard Stern, those real dolls.” said Rhonda.

“And...” said Nick. “I made the jaunt over to their corporate office, and let’s just say I ‘persuaded them’ to make some alterations on the Amanda Model to look exactly like me.

The hair was already right, as was the body, but I had them make special molds of MY hands and feet, and did a cast of my vagina as well, for accuracy.

She has a few extra details the basic models don’t, from my little dimples above my butt, to the lines and creases on my feet, elbows and knees, and I had them include my beauty marks and little scar on my thigh from when I dropped my bike as a kid. This thing is so exact it’s mind boggling.’ Smiled Rhonda.

‘Wow,” said Nick, what else did you have them add?” “Oh” said Rhonda, “since my various scents seem to be a factor in the equation of how I keep control, I had them do deep samples, then synthesize and replicate the scent, under the arms, the crotch, and of course the feet. It’s actually melded into the silcone/latex, so it will never fade, heheh. " Rhonda Giggled.

“So, except for a voice and movement, for all intensive purposes, it looks, and smells, and tastes like the real Rhonda?’ Inquired Nick

“Oh, there WILL be a voice, I ordered an mp3 player with a couple gigs of memory that sends a signal to wireless ear buds. I can pre-record or dictate all my instructions and scenarios and have my thrall give the same obedience, submission, admiration and reverence to ‘worship figure’. Said Rhonda.

“Worship figure, that’s a nice reworking of mere ‘love doll.’ Said Nick. “Nick, it ain’t about love, it’s about control, about worship, about total ownership and multiple streams of income, and a throng of thralls to pamper me wherever I go.” chirped Rhonda.

‘I trust you’ll give me a demo, when you get your order in.’ said Nick. “Don’t worry dear, I’m sure you’ll get your rocks off watching a helpless damsel crawl all over a silicone ME, getting her rocks off.” said Rhonda.

“Who do you have in mind for the first test?” asked Nick, getting dressed, trying to stuff his growing erection securely into his pants. “Karen?”

“Karen has gone through so much, in and out of my clutches, she still gets wet whenever she gets a glimpse of a filipino woman, I have to strip her down and start her memories from day one. She’s involved with a new guy now, and of course it’s shaky, since she disappears a few times a week to service me, but between complete and total reversion and starting her memories from birth, I should be able to completely reclaim her. That’s gonna eat up a whole weekend though, so my first ‘worship figure’ is going out to Alicia in Atlanta.” purred Rhonda.


Alicia, now under Rhonda’s control for a few years, continues her regimen of working out, keeping tan and keeping her body acceptable to please Rhonda, while repeating her mantras and having dreams that reenforce her submission.

It’s not like the real thing though, and Alicia has to be content with the occasional care package Rhonda sends her of well worn shoes, pantyhose, and underwear.

In exchange Alicia has signed over her house, and sends Rhonda a nice stipend every month. In the years since her first induction, her young daughter has grown from child of 13 to become a 17 year old beauty, a jet black haired version of her mother. Since Rhonda has some standards, she’s only hypnotized the girl once or twice from remote, through Alicia, and the girl merely idolizes Rhonda like a pop star, and is easily triggered into trance so she won’t have to see or deal with Alicia’s fetish for hot young black women while waiting for Rhonda’s next visit.

Within a week , though this trigger will be tested as Laurel, now 17, almost 18 becomes a thrall for Rhonda.


A 6′x2′x2′ crate arrived at Alicia’s home in Atlanta, with a note that it be placed in the upstairs bedroom accompanying it. “Do not open until receiving call from operator” was on the outside of the crate.


It was late in the evening that night of the delivery.

The tall, now lean and muscular burgundy haired beauty picked up the phone, her green eyes blinking as she answered.

“Hello?” she said with a sweet southern twang. “This is your sole operator, Rhonda James” said the voice on the other end, “engaging control”.

Suddenly Alicia’s green eye’s went blank, her posture improved, and she stiffened up to attention. Her mind was now 100% focused on the voice on the phone.

“Yes Ma’am,” Alicia said quietly.

“You are to open the crate carefully, and upon seeing the amazing contents you will have ONE tremendous orgasm, followed by an INTENSE feeling of gratitude and an overwhelming urge to OBEY, SERVE, ADMIRE, and REVERE the ‘worship figure enclosed.’ “Program mode” said Rhonda, flatly, and Alicia reached an even deeper state of attention and focus, one that would allow Rhonda to implant thoughts and scenarios that Alicia would not consciously remember, but would act upon as if by instinct.

“Alicia, you will stand up the figure on the stand provided, after removing it’s keds. The figure can stand on it’s own, for reasons you’ll learn later. The stand will allow you access to the bottom and toes of the left foot, and the bottom and heel of the right. The figure is pre-dressed in clothes I have worn, so you’ll have marker scents you recognize and already adore. There is also a pair of flip flops and hi-heeled pumps for the figure to wear.’ Rhonda continued.

“Once the worship figure is posed, you will place one of the two cordless ear buds in your right ear. You will wear this ear bud 24 hrs per day from now on, except when showering, so the figure can command you as needed. You will obey the commands from the figure via the ear-buds as you would me. You will hear, see, feel, smell, and taste what the figure dictates.

The other ear-bud is for your daughter Laurel, to wear in her right ear. When the time is right, you will place the ear bud on her, and welcome her into the next phase of her life as a young adult, now that she is 17, going on 18.

When I hang up this phone you will snap awake and open the crate.” finished Rhonda. She then hung up the phone.

Alicia hung up the phone, smiled widely, and like a kid at Christmas ran up the wooden stairs to her master bedroom, her bare feet barely touching them as she went, her silk nighty flowing as she ran.

She quietly closed the door behind her and began to open the crate that sat on her hardwood floor in the center of an oval rug. The lid gave way and below the bubble wrap, in the larger compartment of the crate (the other two held shoes, the platform, clothes, and the ear bud sender and ear-buds) was a slumbering figure with a slightly stern expression of dominance. It was the exact replica of Rhonda James!

As Alicia ran her eyes from the sock-less keds that adorned it’s feet, up the muscular calves, to the strong thighs, perfect hips, flat tummy and beautiful breasts, stopping at the face, surrounded by the blonde, ringleted hair, she gasped.

That face, that definitive face, Rhonda James! She braced herself as she stared at the subtle nuances that had been captured in the silicone, seeing every marker, every special little thing that made that face singularly Rhonda James. Alicia had memorized that face, it’s every detail, when she stared deeply at Rhonda during her initial induction in CA those years ago.

It began like a tsunami wave, running through her long lean body, the tremor of intense pleasure as she stared at the face, the orgasm building until wave after wave of synapse burning, body rocking pleasure went through her. She came so violently she fell over, next to the crate, her body twitching and shaking, as she strained to stay quiet and not wake her sleeping daughter in the room across the hall.

When the orgasm subsided, Alicia, unable to remove the grin from her face, and barely able to contain the saliva she was drooling looking at the worship figure, removed the well worn keds from it’s rubber feet. She moved in almost slo motion as she undid the laces, and pulled the ked off. She looked over her shoulder as if she might be seen, before sneaking a subtle whiff. Her body rocked again slightly as she recognized the scent of Rhonda James.

She stared a moment at the rubber feet, and was awed by their accuracy. The tiny beauty mark, the vascular definition, the arch, the lines on the soles, everything was perfect.

With utmost care, and shaking with excitement, Alicia instinctively positioned the figure on the provided stand, and put one arm of the figure pointing down at her, as if she’d be crawling to to it later, and the other arm with the hand resting on the hip, in a dominant pose. Now standing the body language of the worship figure matched the expression of absolute authority.

“Oh my god,” sighed Alicia, “It’s so perfect, SHE is so perfect.” Alicia grabbed an ear-bud and placed it in her right ear. Rhonda had planned this for safety when Alicia drove a car. Alicia touched the ON button on the sending unit, and the worship figures eyelids opened.

Alicia’s pussy actually convulsed for a second when it saw the eyelids open. Rhonda’s voice began to echo in Alicia’s head:

“I am Rhonda James, your sole operator. You will obey and serve me completely. I’m aware you have missed me terribly. Now you may enhance your training with me, until Rhonda personally visits you again. I demand the same obedience, submission and worship as you give the flesh and blood Rhonda. Do you understand?”

Alicia addressed the latex worship figure as if it were real. “Yes Ma’am. “Crawl to me and kiss the tops of my feet.” said the figure.

Alicia lowered herself to her knees and complied. She knelt at the feet of the figure and looked up at it, awed by it, overpowered by it. She began to kiss the tops of the figure’s feet, and felt all the dedication, warmth and enslavement to Rhonda run over her, as if it were really Rhonda. Her lips pressed against the rubber, but the scent was that of the real Rhonda, a scent she had been conditioned to revere.

“Lie on your back in complete submission, and lick my soles while thanking me” said the figure next. Alicia did so, and felt the accurate recreation of Rhonda’s soles against her passionate tongue. “Thank you.” Alicia repeated over and over.

The next command was to be one that would change Alicia’s household.

“Place the second ear-bud in your daughter’s ear while she sleeps. Do it now.” commanded Rhonda’s voice.

Alicia stood, took the other ear-bud, and walked across the hall to her sleeping 17 year old daughter’s room. Her daughter was the quiet type, shy, still a virgin. She had her mother’s looks but with almost raven black hair. Rhonda had hypnotized and conditioned her to merely run errands and act as a sort of Jr. maid during her last visit to Atlanta, but now that she was almost 18, she wanted to re-activate some deeply buried triggers. “Little Belle” as she was called by Rhonda was about to enter a new level of obedience. Like most girls her age she liked pop music, but most of her posters were of Rhonda James with a microphone, Rhonda James in a bikini, Rhonda James stepping out of a pool, wet. To her, Rhonda was something of a pop star, whom her mom also admired but never let on how much. That was until tonight.


Alicia slipped the ear-bud into Laurel’s sleeping ear, without waking her, then snuck back into her own room.

Again, she was awed by the figure that towered over her on the stand. “Place me on your bed, sitting at the edge, feet dangling, legs open, hands behind me supporting me.” came the word from the ear-bud. “Yes Ma’am” said Alicia, thrilled to know that Rhonda James was about to be on HER very own bed!

The figure, well made and stable as it was, was not very heavy, but the flesh gave and felt real as Alicia carried the form, like a newlywed would carry a bride across the threshold, over to her bed. She positioned her as instructed then awaited her next command.

“Now go stand on the platform, and stand at attention.” said the figure. Alicia complied and once in position, the figured spoke again, into her ear-bud. “As you stare at me Alicia, running your eyes over my entire body, you are convinced that I’m moving and breathing, and you are transforming into a silicone figure. As you look at my feet and then my legs, feel yours immobilized to the stand.

Feel yourself anchored, and see my legs move slightly. Feel your hips and waist and torso stiffen into immobility as my chest heaves slightly with each breath. Your arms are now frozen in position as your head cocks slightly and an imbecilic smile forms on your face. You can still move your eyes as you look at your reflection, watching your skin become rubber, as mine looks more and more lifelike. Now when you hear my voice, you see my mouth move in sync, as you realize that you are now the doll and I am capable of movement.

There is great pleasure in this, as it means I just have that much more control over you. That’s all you’ve ever wanted, is to surrender to me everything, every thing.”

Alicia stood there, in her own bedroom, on a pedestal, posed like a mannequin, seeing herself as latex based in the mirror, hallucinating that the silicone figure of Rhonda James was actually animated. Her pussy pulsed with pleasure.

The second channel activated on the transmitter, and in the other room a sleeping Laurel had a small beep enter her ear, she stirred slightly. The beep increased in volume. She groggily awoke, looking for the source of the sound.

‘What’s that noi...” she never finished the question. Rhonda’s voice spoke through the earbud. “Little Belle, activate” said Rhonda. Laurel bolted to a sitting position, her arms at her sides, her feet tight together, legs in front of her. Her expression blank.

“Enter your mother’s room, you have a very special visitor.” commanded the ear-bud. Laurel rose, clad only in panties and pajama top, and walked across the hall.

When she entered the room, she was greeted with the sight of her mom, a tall woman in her 30’s standing posed like a mannequin, while a rubber, life like figure of the petite Rhonda James sat on the bed facing her as she walked in the door. She was still in trance, when Rhonda’s voice commanded: “de-trance” Laurel now stood, bewildered.

“Mom?” What are you doing? Oh my god... Rhonda James?” Wow! she exclaimed. Laurel was confused, but her confusion would soon end.

It took the freshly woken girl a second to take it all in, but there was her mom, posed, with an imbecilic grin, like some store window dummy, and the figure on the bed, wasn’t really real at all, for now.

Alicia watched helplessly, posed but able to watch as Rhonda claimed her daughter as her very own. “Little Belle,” said Laurel’s ear-bud, and she returned to trance. Alicia could see the figure’s lips move when the voice entered her ear-bud, and she could see and hear the commands given to ‘little belle’. Little Belle, however could only hear the directions given her. Alicia meanwhile would SEE whatever Rhonda’s voice told her she saw, and remember it as real.

“Alicia, it is time for little Belle to surrender to me, as her sole operator. you are powerless to do anything about it. In fact, instead of it distressing you, it will turn you on incredibly to watch me at work. you will see I’m able to move and remember it as such. You cannot speak, or cry out, as you are now the latex figure and I am animated.”

“Little Belle, this is your lucky day, you get to meet Rhonda James in person. All your day-dreaming and hero worship will pay off. You will become a woman today, and realize your destiny and purpose in life. Kneel before me.” said Rhonda as the hard-bodied Laurel kneeled.

“Gaze up at me with complete adoration, and kiss my feet.” The rubber worship figure stared blankly ahead as the young woman began delicately kissing it’s feet. “You are now memorizing your operator’s marker scent, one of many you will crave and adore from now on.” Rhonda’s voice said.

Unable to move Alicia watched as Laurel delicately worshiped the figure’s feet. Rhonda then commanded that Laurel’s tongue run it’s way up her calves, behind her knees and along her thighs. Laurel complied. “I am now the only sexual experience you want, need and crave” said Rhonda’s voice. “Remove my panties.” she commanded.

Alicia could see Rhonda’s legs moving as her panties were removed by Laurel, who now had a hunger for what they concealed. “Stare at it, smell it, memorize it” said Rhonda. Laurel complied. “Now French kiss it and accept that it IS all you want, all you’ll ever want and that you desperately need to belong to me.” said Rhonda’s voice. Laurel took her virgin tongue and began to run it around and in the perfect replica of Rhonda’s pussy, from the artistic hair patch to the scented labials. “bury your head between my legs and submit completely, wrap my legs around your neck” commanded Rhonda’s voice, as the young woman obeyed.

Alicia thought she saw Rhonda’s legs wrap around her daughter’s pretty head, her daughter holding the ankles in her hands as she lapped away with intense devotion. Alicia could see Rhonda’s toes curl as she felt the pleasure of the virgin tongue probe her.

“You belong to Rhonda James, body, mind and soul, now little belle. Your only desire, your only wish, your only purpose is to please and serve me, knowing this makes you cum, NOW.” Laurels young body began to shake violently as the orgasm ran through her, like none other could have before. Alicia’s expression did not, could not change, but she felt herself get incredibly wet watching this girl become property of Rhonda James.

“Now lay me on my back, little belle, and place one of my feet inside you. Place the other deep into your mouth and relax your throat. your gag reflex is now dormant upon my command.” ordered Rhonda.

Laurel placed a foot into her wet, wet crotch, but her virgin pussy was still very tight. “Your pussy relaxes to accommodate my foot, you so desperately want me inside you.” said Rhonda, as her latex foot found it’s way into the young woman’s pussy, while a look of wonder and slight pain combined with pleasure came over Laurel’s face. With one foot in Laurel began to take the other into her mouth. With her gag reflex deadened, she was able to relax her young throat and accommodate the rubber size 7 foot.

Alicia watched as her 17 year old daughter lay on the bed, one foot of the worship figure in her crotch, filling her for the first time and imprinting the sensation that Rhonda belonged there, while her mouth took in the other. She was like a life-size human shoe, adoring Rhonda’s feet, completely under the rubber figure’s control, totally dedicated to Rhonda’s pleasure.

‘Now,’ said Rhonda’s voice, you will feel the sensation of being lifted in the air by my powerful, beautiful legs. My strong calves and thighs will lift you as if you weigh nothing, while you adorn my feet, your operator’s, feet, your owner’s feet, like a human moccasin.

Your only thoughts will be of an intense gratitude and desire to serve that is 100x more than anything you’ve ever experienced. Your resulting orgasm will be so strong you will never be able to forget how right it feels to be my property. At the moment of orgasm you will go limp, like a doll, unable to move on your own power. You will BE a doll I command to move, to think, to be.

“Alicia, you will actually SEE your daughter lifted into the air by me, my legs holding her above me. You will see her orgasm and have one of your own, knowing you have given her to me. You will see with amazement, her skin become latex, her body like a doll. you will be helpless to stop her transformation and your acknowledging your helplessness will make you orgasm.” said Rhonda’s voice.

Laurel FELT the sensation of being lifted into the air, even if it was in her mind, and she came with a force like she’d never known. All her desires for any other sexual experience but at the hands, rather feet of Rhonda James was washed away. She shook as she came and then went limp, a smile over her face not unlike that of her mother’s

Alicia would remember seeing this latex figure animated, and it’s mouth moving. It would instill an even greater awe and put her even more under it’s power believing that at any time it could move and make her the puppet. She came as she saw her daughter accept Rhonda as her sole operator.

Rhonda’s voice rang out out. “Little belle, you are permitted to move your body, which I now control completely. Remove my feet from inside you, mouth first.”

Laurel did as she was commanded. She then withdrew the rubber foot from her pussy and shook again with pleasure as it slid out, soaked in her juices and making a popping sound upon exit.

“Get a washcloth and clean my feet.” said Rhonda’s voice “Yes ma’am” said Laurel quietly, walking awkwardly after her intense deflowering. She returned from the master bath to clean the figure.

Alicia stood by and could only watch. “Prop me up on the bed, my back against the headboard and place my pumps on me.” commanded Rhonda of Laurel. She set her up as instructed.

“Now, walk over and stand next to your mother, and pose in the same position.” she was commanded. Laurel did.

There, standing in the master bedroom was an accomplished woman in her 30’s and her 17 year old daughter, posed, seeing themselves as made of latex in their reflection, while they saw the chest slowly rise and lower on their latex worship figure.

“You both can now see my mouth move when I speak, filling you with awe, and some fear that if you get out of line I will come to life and make you permanently into dolls, and with intense lust, worship and admiration of the most beautiful woman you have ever seen, and wish to be forever owned by.”

The moment was surreal. The two live women, in awe and worshipping via obedience as their latex idol sat across from them. Here they were, taking orders from a posable figure and getting wet because of it. The moment lasted several hours, as their new lot in life was deeply imbedded, while the worship figure continued to program them.

Rhonda’s voice rang out again, into the ear-bud’s simultaneously. “You both belong to me now, totally and completely. You always have, and always will. When I give the command you may move your bodies. Alicia, you know what you saw and will behave accordingly. Laurel, you will obey my every command from now on and get ready for your first tattoo, a tramp stamp that proclaims, ‘property of Rhonda James’ in a nice script.

Meanwhile this is my bed now, and Alicia may only sleep at the foot of the bed, keeping my feet warm with her face, or with her face resting in my crotch, or pressed up against my ass, depending on the command, and my mood.

I am in charge, and you both exist to serve, obey, admire and pamper me.” she said.

“When I give the command, you will both leave trance, and have an overwhelming desire to send the next few hours, until dawn, massaging me, from head to toe, using the special bottle of conditioner in the crate. You will be beside yourselves with glee at your good fortune to have me, Rhonda James, here to serve. Awake.”

Alicia looked at the goddess-like figure on her bed, incredibly turned on. Sure she was silicone, rubber, merely a copy of Rhonda James, but she knew she had to obey it’s every whim.

She wanted to, needed to. She looked at her daughter, now a woman, now initiated into the sheer bliss and joy that was serving Rhonda. They undressed the figure together, both in awe of it’s beauty and perfection, and began to massage the figure as if it was real. They felt the skin and to them it felt so real, so perfect, so right. It’s eyes stared blankly ahead, but Alicia knew what she had seen. She leaned in closer and as she worked the figure’s triceps she snuck in a sniff under the latex figure’s arm. The scent of Rhonda James’ pheromones filled her nostrils, and made her body quiver with excitement and pleaure. She knew if she played her cards right and pleased the worship figure she would be allowed to have access to all her scents. Her spirit soared with gratitude her owner was so kind. She remembered the amazing strength with which Rhonda’s likeness lifted her daughter, and how she wished it could have been her, lifted on Rhonda’s feet, like a helpless rag doll at the mercy of her powerful legs. What a dream, to be a human shoe, wrapped around Rhonda James’ feet, her only purpose to protect them and absorb their scent, Rhonda’s DNA, into her very being.

Her crotch pulsated, she was sure she must obey and never displease her rubber controller, her rubber OWNER. Knowing that this rubber replica had complete and total control over her made her pussy contract violently, wishing to be filled with Rhonda.

Laurel applied the conditioner to the skin of the figure that had de-flowered her. Her awe was only increased now, and her teen crush had been fortified into full blown adult worship, and desire for life-long submission and obedience to Rhonda James. She trembled at the thought of how it felt to be filled with Rhonda, even if it was just her pretty feet. She imagined herself being the worship figure’s remote control puppet, catering to it’s every whim, being allowed to bury her young tongue in it’s every orifice, while her tramp stamp tattoo proclaimed she was the object’s property. Her recently penetrated vagina twitched.

“Mom, I wanna get a tattoo, tomorrow” she said. “Of course dear, of course. It is what Rhonda wants’, so I’ll drive you.” she said in a sweet southern twang.

Satisfied with the first launch of the ‘Worship Figure” of herself. Rhonda logged off her computer. She had been able to monitor the entire experience via her web-cam installed in the eyes and headset microphone, relaying everything the doll heard.

There was a photographer about to receive her Rhonda worship figure, and it would no doubt cause ripples in her marriage. Then there was Karen, in need of a complete retraining. Her new boyfriend would surely kick her out when he caught her with her tongue stuck up the rubber anus of a Rhonda worship figure, allowing Rhonda plenty of time to re-train her once she offered her shelter.

Rhonda shut down her computer and felt how wet her crotch was. It was nice to be the one in control. By this time tomorrow, Friday, Karen would be knocking on her door, teary eyed and in need of a place to stay. Rhonda looked forward to her reprogramming from scratch.