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The Ring

Chapter One — Ring-in

“Kiss me” Cathy teased. Todd shied away. Cathy grinned and taking a tissue wiped the excess semen from her mouth. She had just blown her boyfriend and though she tried to catch all his come still managed to miss a lot, that ended up on her chin.

“Tell me you love me” she smiled as she cleaned her face

“You know I do”

“Then say it”

“I love you”

“I love you too” Cathy said, leaning in to kiss him again. This time he returned the kiss.

He had gone down on her, then she had done him. Still technically both virgins.

She kissed him atop his head and then opened the car door and got out. Stopping to wave a goodbye kiss she turned and ran up to her front door.

He watched till she was safely inside and then he turned his car on and headed home.

He thought about the night; how when he ate her out he slipped a finger in her butt. She liked it. And he knew that she would now let him take that further. Though not tonight, not right in front of her parent’s house.

The drive home was uneventful.

In the kitchen Todd decided to make himself a peanut butter sandwich. It was 2am.

As he did he heard the front door open. He craned his neck to see his older brother Jim come in, clutching a brown paper bag.

“What’s that?” he called.

Jim was startled that someone else was up, that time of the night.

“N… nothing” he lied.

“I can see you’ve got something” Todd said slyly as he came down the hall.

“I…” Jim began, “Look…,” he said, “You can’t tell anyone about this…”

“What is it…?”

“It’s a movie”


“No… not that kind of movie… it’s “The Ring””

“What ‘Ring’?”

“The Ring” Jim said “You know… the horror movie”


“Look…” Jim said exasperated “It’s supposed to be the film a group of kids watched and then something really weird happened to them…”

“Oh!” Todd thought “Didn’t they all die?”

“No…” Jim said “No, what? That’s not what I heard”

“And you bought it?” Todd gasped


“Why would you go and buy a fucking move that people die from?”

“No…” Jim growled “They didn’t die”

“I heard they did”

“No” Jim said “Well,.. look…I don’t know I just heard something funny happened”

“And still you bought it?”


“You’re fucking crazy”

“And now I”m going to …” he said as he was taking it out of the bag “Shit!” he gasped… it was not a DVD

“You got a video!” Todd snorted.


“You didn’t even look at what you bought!” Todd snorted again

“Hey” Jim said “Dad’s old VHS is still downstairs” He was triumphant; feeling vindicated.

He turned and headed for the basement stairs.

“I’ll come too…” Todd chuckled.

The basement was part man-cave. A couch, an old tv and a video still plugged into it. As Jim fiddled around with it, unfamiliar with the technology—even which way to put the video in Todd got himself comfortable on the couch.

Jim finally got the video in, and the tv on. He found the right channel and then backed back towards the couch and sat down too.

A caption came on “The Ring” it said. Then, a warning.

“A warning?!”! Todd said, feeling a little uneasy.

“The contents of this film…” Jim read aloud “…will change your life. Do not proceed further. You have been warned…”

“What are we going to do?” Todd asked

“Shh…!” Jim hushed.

The screen went black and suddenly fuzzy/snowy, like a tv turned in to no channel.

Then it began to take shape; that of a man. He was naked

“Is this a gay film” Todd laughed

The man in the video spoke “Welcome to my movie. You will have been warned. You have decided to proceed.” he continued as he moved up to the camera till only his limp cock could be seen “You must watch now” he said as he turned around.

He suddenly bent over, displaying his asshole “Look at my ring” he said “You must look at my ring”

The two brothers were transfixed

“You want my ring” the voice said, only now his anus seemed to mouth he words.

“You want my ring” he said again.

Then the video itself turned off.

The sudden click, and then ejection of the tape snapped the boys out of their trance.

“Shit!” Jim laughed

“What the fuck was that?” Todd gasped

Then they noticed each other’s rock hard boner bulges.

“Look at you!” Jim said, pointing to his brother’s erection

“You too!” Todd said.

They stopped and looked at each other.

“You’re beautiful” Jim blurted out.

Todd laughed at this.

“You…” he began to say, but instead slides along the couch. He leant forward

“What are you doing?” Todd asked nervously

“Shhh” he whispered and leant forward and kissed his brother on the lips. Todd was surprised by this but he returned his brother’s kiss.

Jim moved up over his brother and ran a hand down his pants. He felt Todd’s hard cock. They stopped for a moment. Gazing in each other eyes. Unsure. Then they lauded into another passionate kiss.

Jim lifted his thighs up and pulled his pants down. His cock sprung free. Todd grabbed it and massaged it as their lips continued to press against each others.

Todd felt Jim pulling his pants down now and he lifted his ass to let them be drawn free. Jim spread his brother’s legs and then, pushing towards him he stopped as if to ask permission

“Do it” Todd gasped and Jim pushed forward, pressing his cock up and into his brother’s anus.

“Ow” Todd winced as Jim’s cock entered virginal anus.

Jim didn’t go in all the way, he withdrew a little and then he pushed back in.

“Yessss!” Todd sighed. It didn’t hurt anymore.

Jim pulled back a little again. “You feel sooooo good” Jim gasped as he drove his cock deep into Todd’s ring-hole.

“Yessssss” Todd sighed again, this time he came, shooting his load onto his brother’s shirt. Jim laughed as he felt the warm stickiness of his brother’s love. Jim began getting into a rhythm and Todd’s ass-hole clamped down on him at each thrust, as if wanting to hold his brother’s cock inside him.

“Oh, my….” Jim cried as he felt it rise.. and then he came. He thrust in one hard thrust and emptied into Todd’s puckered ring. They gazed at each other as they were joined.

And then they kissed.

Jim eased out of his brother and lay on the couch beside him.

“Oh, boy” he sighed, “Can you believe what we just did”

“It… it felt wonderful” Todd said.

They kissed again before parting.

Chapter Two — Ringing True

“What’s this all about?” Sam asked as his son urged him down to the den.

“Come on, dad!” Jim said. “I… I think you’ll love this…”

Sam reluctantly followed his son. Jim urged him to sit down on the couch.

“You got my video working?” Sam asked.

Jim ignored the question. He pushed the video in and then rushed back and sat on the couch next to his dad… a little too close for Sam’s comfort.

“Er… “ Sam said “A bit of personal space!”

“Oh, sorry dad” Jim said scooting across the couch.

Sam sat watching the video flicker to life. Jim sat watching his dad’s expression suddenly change.

Jim grinned as he watched the bulge in his dad’s pants grow. The expression on his father’s face had changed exactly how Jim had hoped. He knew his father had been changed too.

“I…” Sam managed to say.

Jim was already back across the couch as the video popped out of the VHS

“I love you dad” he said as he undid his dad’s fly.

“I…I…” Sam said

Jim pulled his dad’s hard cock out of his pants and then he bent down and took it in his mouth.

“Shessh” Sam said as if his cock was suddenly on fire.

Jim sucked his dad’s cock down, deep throating it.

“I… I love you too son” Sam sighed

His whole body bucked and he started coming in Jim’s mouth. Jim smiled and gulped globs of come down.

Jim’s mouth kept on his dad even as the last spurt shot into his mouth. He then sat up and kissed his dad with a come-mouth. Sam was surprised to taste himself but he returned his son’s kiss, tongue darting out into Jim’s mouth.

“What… what just happened?” Sam sighed

“I have to do you now” Jim said, “You’ve made me so horny.”

“Do me?”

“Yes, dad” Jim said, “Roll over”

“Yes, son” Sam said as he got over onto his hands and knees, on the couch end. Jim tugged his father’s pants down and then gazed at that large hairy ass.

“Beautiful” Jim grinned. He moved over, pulling his own pants down he pressed himself against his dad’s hairy anus and then pushed in.

“Ooofff” Sam gasped as Jim carefully moved into him slowly. Sam’s anus burned, but it was good.

“That’s so good!” Sam sang.

“You’re so hot, dad!” Jim grinned.

Jim began humping his dad’s bum when Todd came bounding down the stairs. He stopped for a moment to watch his brother fucking his dad.

Sam felt no shame. “Come here, son” he said.

“Yes!” Todd grinned. His pants flew to the ground as he went to his dad. Sam grabbed Todd’s cock and licked the head, tasting his pre-cum. It made him feel happy that his son was so hard for him.

Sam took Todd in his mouth and sucked. Todd and Jim leaned closer and kissed as they fucked their dad from either end.

Jim was first to come. It wasn’t a race. It was just that his dad’s anus felt so deliciously soft, but tight at the same time. Jim emptied his balls into Sam’s rectum.

Todd then burst his load. Sam greedily ate all the come his son gave him, and then he turned and licked Jim’s wet stinky pole clean.

The three lolled together on the couch, kisses, love.

“I don’t even know how you got that VHS to work, but I’m sure glad you did” Sam said.

Todd leapt up and went over to the tape machine. “Should we show this to anyone else?”

“You bet” Jim chimed in.

“We can show it to the basketball team” Sam said “I’ll make it a special part of my coaching”

“That will be great” Jim laughed and kissed his dad.

“Say…” Todd said surprised, “This thing isn’t even plugged in!”

He held up the power cable end for them to see.

They looked at each other in amazement.

“Fuck me!” Sam gasped in amazement

“We just did!” Jim said.

They looked at the cable, then each other

They laughed.

—The End—