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The Ring Two — Hard Boys

Marc looked at the brown paper package for a moment, trying to guess what was in it by squeezing it. “Who sent brown paper packages tied up with string?” he thought to himself, “It’s certainly not my favourite thing”.

“There was a package there for you” Linda said

“Yeah, mom” he said. “I’ve got it”

He carried it upstairs to his bedroom. He ignored it for a while, going on-line and hooking up with Bethany, his girl-friend.

“Hi, babe” he said

“Hiya” she smiled, “Look what you’re missing!” she said as she jumped up and pulled her panties down.

He gazed at her shaven slit, with the ring he’d bought her; piercing her clit. It was well worth getting her the piercing for her birthday.

He wanted to be there right then and there… inside her.

But having missed band-practice he’d been grounded by his folks. Even though school had ended the punishment went into the first week of summer break.

She flicked it with her finger “Oh, babe” she teased.

Marc was hard. He told her

“Show me” she said

He took out his cock and played with it and she fingered herself as she watched.

When he came he took some tissues and cleaned himself, going into the bathroom—his own, attached to his bedroom, he returned to find she had disconnected

He then got a text saying she’d been called away by her mom for something

He was disappointed. He sat on his bed and looked at the package on his dresser.

Finally he got up and took it and opened it

There was a CD-R in its case. “Fuck!” he spat as he’d only seen this old tech in a movie. There was a card.”Please watch this… it will change your life…. Todd” He turned the disk over a couple of times, still finding it hard to believe that someone would send it in such an archaic format.

He then thought about the card. Marc hadn’t heard from his pal Todd since junior school. Todd was a year older than him. They’d both been in the school band. Todd would have finished school by now. Marc was now a senior.

He decided to watch it, only he had to get out a portable CD-reader because his laptop didn’t have a disk drive. A quick scoot up to the attic and sifting through his dad’s old stuff, including a cassette-drive reader! He snorted again. Then he found the reader and ran back to his room.

Firing it up, it took a moment to load. Headphones in, video ready….

The video…A caption came on “The Ring” it said. Then, a warning.

“A warning?!”! Marc said to himself, feeling a little uneasy.

“The contents of this film…” he began to read aloud as the text rolled up the screen “…will change your life. Do not proceed further. You have been warned…”

Marc paused the video. He then checked himself and his surrounds—and laughed at how silly he felt to have been concerned.

The screen went black and suddenly fuzzy/snowy, like a tv turned in to no channel at all.

Then it began to take shape; that of a man. He was naked

“This better not be a gay film” he said to himself.

The man in the video spoke “Welcome to my movie. You will have been warned. You have decided to proceed.” he continued as he moved up to the camera till only his limp cock could be seen “You must watch now” he said as he turned around.

He suddenly bent over, displaying his asshole “Look at my ring” he said “You must look at my ring”

March watched transfixed. He couldn’t take his eyes off the screen.

“You want my ring” the voice said, only now his anus seemed to mouth he words. It was smooth, and hairless, as if he’d shaved his asshole

“You want my ring” he said again. And again the asshole opened and closed as if mouthing the words itself

Then the video ended.

Marc was in a trance.

He found he had a massive hard-on. Without thinking he slid a hand down over his cock and began to stroke himself. And then, despite wanking he fell asleep.

Marc woke in the morning. He felt different. He got out of bed, with morning wood. He pulled off his undies and went into his bathroom. In the mirror he noticed he seemed more buff… and his cock! His cock was larger. “Fuck!” he gasped. He held it, heavier, thicker too.

He laughed. It was like wielding a baton. And yet something else caught his eye. He picked up his hair brush, fascinated by it and then looking at it’s long handle fondled it and then after turning it around in his hand a few times, he pressed the end at his anus. Pushing it up his ass he fucked himself with it

“Oh, yessss” Marc gasped as he thrust the handle up deep inside his anus. Suddenly he came.

Wads of cum

Loads of cum

Thick, like lumpy custard

He almost covered the mirror in thick white jizz. He’d never come so much in his life.

He took the brush handle out and licked it clean, tasting the flavour of his own asshole.

“Fuck, that was amazing” he said as he cleaned the place up.

When he went back to his bed his phone buzzed. Bethany was trying to call him. He felt a wave of revulsion as he thought of her pussy. “Oh, fuck, no” he gasped and almost vomited in his mouth. Just the thought of that wet slit made him sick

He took his phone and blocked her number.

He got dressed in his jeans a T-shirt and slid out the window and down the front, avoiding his parents who would be having breakfast now. He was still grounded, but he needed to get away.

The summer sun hit his face. He enjoyed summer break, except for his current confinement. He got onto his Norton—a 1973 Commando 850 that he’d recently restored—and he was away.

Marc rode about aimlessly but found himself down by the Conrad Heights Community Pool. It was a centre of sport, fitness, and of course had a swimming pool.

He went inside, paying the small fee and wandered about. He saw Bradley Cummings there, fooling around with his sister Marie. They laughed as they splashed each other. Bradley got hard. Marie was stunning, large breasts… but Marc wasn’t looking at her.

“Hey!” Bradley called out to him

Marie swam over to the side “You coming in?” she smiled, she leaned over so he could get a glimpse of her generous cleavage. He dry retched in his throat looking at her.

He turned and walked away.

“Hey!” Bradley called out again

Marc went into the change-rooms. He heard the stomp of feet and turned to see Bradley approach him

“What’s got into you?” Bradley said

Marc suddenly kissed him on the lips

“What the fuck, man!” Bradley spat

“You’re so fucking hot” Marc said

“That’s not funny”

“I need you so bad” Marc said

“Hey, let go!” Bradley spat as Marc grabbed him and spun him around.

Marc was so strong!

He got his fly open with one hand whilst he held Bradley’s arm behind his back, pinning him against the wall with the other.

“Fuck, man!” Bradley spat, “Get off me!”

Marc managed to pull Bradley’s swim-shorts down

“Noooo!” Bradley cried as he felt Marc’s cock-head push up between his ass-cheeks. Now he realised this was no tomfoolery.

“Oh, you’re so fucking tight” Marc grinned as he pushed up into his friend’s anus.

“Oww! Owww!” Bradley cried, tears welling up in his eyes.

“Soooo tight!” Marc gasped again, into Bradley’s ear

Marc pushed in as far as he could go—and that was a lot—because his cock was so big. He gasped as he felt Bradley’s rectum blanket his cock.

“Oh, fuck!” he gasped and began riding Bradley’s ass in a steady rhythm

And then Bradley felt it, his own cock growing hard.

“You feel it too!” Marc gasped as he sensed the resistance flow away

“Nooo!” Bradley cried,

“Yes, you feel it!” Marc said as he continued to pump Bradley’s backside

“No… oh… oh…” Bradley gasped

“That’s it baby” Marc said

“Oh, fuck!” Bradley wept, and came on the tiled wall

And then he bore down on Marc’ s hard cock

“Oh, yesssss” Marc gasped and started coming in his pal’s sphincter.

Marc rode him, spraying boy-jizz into his pal’s rectum.

In eighteen years Marc had never felt so good. He kept coming and coming and now Bradley sighed with appreciation, even as he felt the thick dick-goo oozing out his gaping anus

When he pulled out Marc released Bradley. Bradley turned around and they kissed, hard. They kissed for a while.

Bradley and Marc went to the showers. They hugged each other and caressed under the water, washing themselves. Soap helped wash away the cum. And Bradley had a little poo fall out of his open anus.

“That was amazing” Bradley said.

“You’ll want to do others now” Marc said

“Yes” Bradley smiled, “I want to fuck ass”


“Yes, boy-ass” Bradley said

He never felt such an urge before in his life.

“Hey!” Marie said as she stood impatiently outside the men’s change-room as Marc and Bradley emerged.

They ignored her

“Hey! Bradley!” she spat

The two guys continued to ignore her and went out into the car-park. Marc got on his bike and Bradley got on behind him, hugging him.

Marie watched from the entrance, but she couldn’t follow them further as she was still in her swimmers.

She was shocked to see her brother so overly affectionate towards Marc, even learning his head on Marc’s back as they rode off together.

She got a text from Bethany asking if she’d seen Marc.

She replied that she had, and that Marc and her own brother were acting really really weird.

Marc and Bradley lay on the grass embankment by the creek. Marc was on his stomach. Bradley was on Marc’s back, fucking his asshole. Bradley couldn’t believe how good it felt… or how big his cock had grown. Marc purred with delight as Bradley pounded him

Marc loved the feel of his boyfriend’s cock pushing up deep inside of him. It was almost as good as he’d felt when he’d been inside Bradley.

The guys fucked till the sun began to go down. They’d come in each other, sucked off each other, drank each other’s jizz. And so much of it. Marc had eaten Bradley’s ass as well.

“What do we do now?” Bradley asked as he lay in his lover’s arms.

“We wait…”

“For what…”

They heard footsteps.

Both looked up and saw the young men approach

“Todd!” Marc smiled as he saw his old pal Todd approach with his brother Jim.

Marc and Bradley stood up, naked, unashamed.

As Todd approached he pulled off his T-shirt. His brother Jim did the same and they took off their pants.

Marc embraced Todd and they kissed, tongues entwined. “So long since I’ve seen you” Marc said

“You got my present, obviously” Todd smiled


“And did it change your life”


“This is my pal… Bradley” Marc said. Bradley and Todd kissed, and then Bradley turned and kissed Jim

“This is my brother, Jim”

“Yes, I remember him” Marc smiled

Marc looked at Bradley and smiled. Bradley and Jim moved off together. Marc and Todd went to the ground where they stood… Four large cocks, all rock hard…

The End