The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Rise of The Fascinating Five

by DazzlingLady and J. Darksong

Added 28 May 2022

Updated 17 September 2022

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Domina Peggy fully embraces her role as The Dragon of Hypnothea as The Fascinating Five become an even more formidable hypnotists’ conclave.

Chapter Length Author Added Updated
Part One: Peggy 8929 words DazzlingLady 28 May 2022
Part Two: Casey and Alexandria 20979 words DazzlingLady and J. Darksong 04 Jun 2022 15 Jun 2022
Part Three: Mariah 7005 words DazzlingLady 02 Jul 2022
Part Four: Bella 7449 words DazzlingLady 30 Jul 2022
Part Five: The Dragon Awakens 13285 words DazzlingLady 17 Sep 2022