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The Room

Joy Newsome (34 years old) hummed to herself as she washed the dishes. She looked over at her daughter Jane who lay on the bed, smiling.

Jane always liked to hear her mom’s voice.

The fluorescent light above the sink flickered. Joy looked up at it and reaching up, she flicked it with her fingers. It seemed to stop flickering for now.

“Sing a song, mommy” Jane said

“I don’t know what to sing” Joy said

“Do the one about the elephant…”

“Oh, I don’t know”

“Go on! Please….” Jane begged as she sat up clasping her hands together

“Oh, okay” Joy grinned and she started to sing—a song about an elephant, and the blind woman who thought she was stroking its trunk….

Joy placed the last dish in the rack to dry and then she wiped her hands on her dress “Are you thirsty, honey?”

“Yes, mommy” Jane chirped eagerly.

“Okay” Joy said as she drew forward she lifted her top off, revealing her breasts.

She climbed onto the bed next to her daughter. Jane swung around onto her mom’s lap, she rested her head in her mom’s arms. Joy cupped a hand under breast and squeezed, producing a drop of milk at the tip of her teat. She then guided it into Jane’s mouth.

Jane giggled as she sucked. She suckled her mom’s milk as she gazed up into her mom’s devoted eyes. Joy began humming another song and even rocked her daughter a little as she fed.

The clock struck four. Joy looked up. ‘Come on honey” she said, “It’s time”.

“Oh, mommy!” Jane said disappointed. She got up. Her bra dug into her.

“Your boobs are bigger than mine” Joy chimed as she helped her daughter adjust herself.

Jane stood up and stretched out. She went over to the cupboard and opened it. There was a small cushion on the floor. She adjusted it a little, fluffing it and then she sat down. Joy closed the cupboard on her daughter and then went back to the bed.

Joy peeled off her top, and then her dress and stood there.

She heard the clunk of locks outside. Locks turning, opening doors.

She looked up at the clock. 4:05

Finally the door to the room opened.

“Baby” he said

“Daddy!” she smiled and went to him

“How’s my little princess?”

“Fine” Joy said as she embraced him.

Joy was thirty four, short, 32C breasts. She had should-length mousy brown curls. Her skin was pale white.

“You look good” he said

“Thank you, Daddy”

“Is there anything you need before we start?”

“Yes, Daddy” she said. She turned and took a piece of paper from a side-board and handed it to him.

He looked over the list in one hand as he began undressing with the other. She moved forward and helped him.

“Oh, and we need a new light over the sink” she added as she pulled his pants free

“Sure” he said as he put the list on the pile of clothes she’d made on top of a stool.

“How do you want me, Daddy?”

“Position #2” he said, “Will be fine”

“Yes, Daddy” she said as she turned and went to the bed. She got up on her knees and then resting her head on her hands presented her ass for him.

“How’s the girl?” he asked

“She’s not ready yet, Daddy” Joy said

“She must be close to eighteen?”

“Next month” Joy said

“Ah, okay” he smiled as he spat on his hand. He wet her cunt lips with his spit.

“Spread your legs more” he said.

She did so.

He moved forward and pushed his cock up into her.

“Ohhh, Daddy!” she gasped as he penetrated her.

He grabbed hold of her waist and rutted her, “Oh! Oh! Oh!” she sang appreciatively

She appreciated his ministrations. He bucked and then came in her

“Ooooooo” she purred and she came too

He pulled out of her and she spun around, dripping cum, she took hold of his cock and began cleaning him with her mouth. She tasted herself on him and she loved it.

He patted her as she did so

After he began to get dressed and again she helped him

“Don’t forget the list” she said as it’d fallen on the floor. She handed it to him. He looked at again and folded it. She took it and put it in his shirt pocket “So you don’t forget…” she smiled.

“I’ll send your things down the chute” he said

“You’re not coming back again?”

“When the girl’s ready for me to break her in… I’ll be back”

“Yes, Daddy”

“Make sure your sister is ready”

“Yes, Daddy” she said, “Our daughter will be ready”

She saw some fluff on his shirt collar and she quickly brushed it off of him. He lent forward and they kissed

“Until next time”

“I love you, Daddy” she said and watched as he left

She waited till she’d heard him lock them in before she went and opened the cupboard “You can come out now, honey”

“Okay, mom” Jane said

Joy went over to the sink and filled a plastic container with warm water. She took the stool and sat on it and then washed her pussy of the come that was dripping out of her.

Jane ignored this, instead reading a book—or rather, flipping through the pages


“Yes, honey?”

“Do you think daddy will accept me?”

“I… I don’t know honey” Joy said

Jane rolled onto her side “My boobs are bigger than yours…”

“Yes, they are”

“But they’re not full of milk like yours”

“No… you’ve not had a baby”

“Do you think Daddy will put a baby in me?”

“It’s hard to say” Joy said as she dried her pussy….

“I’m not sure if I want to be chosen”

“What?” Joy gasped, “Why would you say something like that?”

“But then I’d have to leave you…”

“Yes… but being chosen means you can go out and see the world…”

“But it would mean leaving you” Jane said again to emphasise the point

“But that’s what happens when you’re chosen…” Joy said, “You can’t stay here anymore”

“Can you tell me about the outside?”

“I’ve never been”



“Then how do you know about it?”

“I was told, and it’s been handed down from mother to daughter… for centuries”

“Tell me about it…”

“Well” said Joy as she got dressed “I can’t really tell you much”

“I want to know…”

“Wait till your daddy comes back” she said as she climbed into the bed alongside her daughter “Then if he picks you… you’ll be able to see the outside yourself…”

Jane thought about this, and it made sense.

Jane thought her mother was very wise.

* * *

More than a century ago the bombs went off. The sky went dark. Hans had lead his daughter down into the shelter a day earlier. He had sensed the terror that was about to be unleashed.

Hans and Helen.

Hans became Helen’s lover.

They had a daughter; Kara

The radiation seeped into the shelter and Hans was changed… mutation. The body needs to survive and it did.. despite the radiation. He found he could travel outside, as the toxic clouds still covered the earth

His next time that he lay with his daughter-wife she ended up having another daughter, mutant like him. Alexa and Hans were both able to leave the shelter.

Hans continued to live, and live well.

He would visit his shelter-bound daughter and she produced more children—but each lacking that vital mutation

He built other shelters for them, and kept visiting them, impregnating those daughters, and then then next germination, and so forth

And occasionally producing one that could, like him, leave the shelter.

Felicity—his favourite, produced a daughter. She was his joy and so she was named. Joy in turn had several daughters and they were all carriers of the mutation

He hoped that Jane would be able to be chosen too.

Part of his mutation was his ability to control their minds. He made sure that none would attempt to leave—and die in the radiation above.

He now had seventeen ‘rooms’, each with a daughter in it, ready to be seeded, or already carrying his child.

Felicity was, as his other daughters obedient till the day she died—at only forty-four… another effect of the radiation… a cumulative effect.

Hans wandered the surface between subterranean conjugal visits. His harem of sex-slave daughters slowly grew. But even he now felt his long years coming to an end. A world of daughters was no good to him, or humanity.

Fourteen females above, twenty-three below. Was this the fate of the world?

Callista was sucking her father’s cock as he sat in the midday-dark that was a post-apocalyptic world. She obeyed his needs—they all did.

He had sent two daughters out to explore beyond the horizon. “Yes, daddy” Mathilde had said as he instructed them. “We obey you” Claudette said.

The two had drive in a car he had reconstructed. They drove 200 kms west, then another 100kms north, before returning.

He came in Callista’s eager mouth as he heard the approach of the engine. He stood and looked as Mathilde and Claudette returned.

“We found noting, daddy” Mathilde said as he embraced her

“No people?”

“No, daddy” Claudette added

He turned and left them, going to another room he sat down and sobbed. Claudette and Mathilde had hoped that they had not upset him. They themselves had not, but the news was devastating

Joy listened to the locks as they began to open. The locks were not so much as to keep her in, but to seal the room and keep the bad ‘stuff’ out.

She held Janes hand

It was Jane’s turn to be tested.

“Are you ready…?” Joy asked

“I’m not sure if I want to go through with this…”

“What?” Joy gasped in shock

“But our daddy needs to test you”

“But what if I don’t want to…?

“You must!”

“Why must I?”

“We obey…it is his will”

“I don’t want to leave you…”

“It doesn’t matter what you want… you must obey daddy”

“I won’t”

Joy was shocked.

The last door opened. He stood there

“Are you ready baby?” he asked

“I… I don’t want to lie with you” Jane said

“What’s this?” he said angrily “Look into my eyes!”



“You must look!” Joy added


He went to his daughter anyway. She fought him. He was strong. He forced her to the bed “No, daddy!” she cried, “Get off me!”

He forced her down. Joy helped him

Jane couldn’t believer her mom would help… but Joy was compelled to obey

He tore her dress, and entered her virginal pussy. She cried in pain She continued to fight him

He raped his daughter and then left

He did not understand her ability to resist his mind. Ever since the mutations all of them had obeyed him—always

Jane was pregnant. That was at least a positive. She continued to be close to her mom, but she forced herself away when he came to visit her.

Joy fell pregnant again, too.

The next time he came he arrived with three of his surface-daughters. They took Jane and carried her with them. It was clear she too could survive on the surface. Her mutations allowed this

She was furious that she could not see her mom. “Let me go” she’d pleaded with Helga—one of her half-sisters

“We obey our daddy” Helga said, “And he wants you to stay on the surface”

“It’s so ugly up here, anyway” she pouted

Jane was near due. She had tried thrice to get back to see her mom. All to no avail

“I will have to lock you away” Hans said “If you don’t stop!”

“No!” she cried, and grabbing a shard of glass drove it into his neck

Hans was shocked, stunned. His other daughters ran to him to help. He fell to the ground

One struck at Jane. “No!” he screamed “You will not hurt your sister! None of you will” he said as he collapsed onto the ground

The shock of the hit sent Jane doubled-over. She was going into labour. “Help her” Hans said in a choking voice.

Three came forward and laid Jane on her back. Even as they unsuccessfully tried to stem the wound in Hans’ neck, they could hear at work Jane going into labour

Hans heard a baby cry…

“It’s a boy!”came the shocked daughter

“There’s another!” came the voice of another daughter…

Hans closed his eyes… forever. The human race would go on….

The End