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Room for Rent

It was a Saturday. Harold answered the door. “May I help you?” Harold, a middle age man, was still in his pajamas, workout shorts and a T-shit promoting his alma mater. Harold was nothing special to look at. Handsome, somewhat tall. Your typical guy in a typical city neighborhood.

“Ah yes. I’m here about the room you have to let. My name is Steve, by the way,” Steve answered without missing a beat.

Of course Steve wasn’t here about the room to let. There was no room to let. Steve was a special individual. He was a salesman of sorts, unparalleled at convincing people that what he said was true beyond any shadow of a doubt. The hows and whys have been lost, but Steve no longer concerned himself with such details.

“I’m sorry sir, you must be at the wrong house. There is no room to let here,” Harold answered starting to close the door.

“No. I’m sure if it. I have the right place and I’m here to rent from you.” Steve looked deep into Harold’s eyes. Deeper than anyone had before.

“My mistake. Please come in.” Harold took a step back from the door and let Steve inside. Harold led him back to the kitchen. The house wasn’t very large as far as houses go. It was a small bungalow on the outskirts of the city. There were only a couple bedrooms and a few common rooms. It wasn’t large, but it suited his family just fine.

“All, this is Steve. He’ll be renting a room from us.” Harold glanced around the room. His wife and daughter were having breakfast at the table. Eggs, toast and coffee. Breakfast of champions. “This is my wife Alice and our daughter Amanda.”

Alice answered before Amanda could even look up from her plate. “Honey, what are you talking about? This isn’t a very amusing-” Steve cut her off.

“Sorry for interrupting breakfast.” Steve gazed deep into Alice’s eyes. “You know, the room you want to rent to earn a little extra money.”

Alice paused for a moment. “Oh yes. That’s right.” Alice took a bit from her breakfast. “Steve, would you care for some eggs while we finalize the details?”

“Mom. Dad. We don’t have an extra room. Where would he sleep?” Amanda blinked dumbly at both of her parents. Her parents blinked dumbly back at Amanda. They couldn’t quite comprehend the situation. They were renting a room, but how could they? It was a two bedroom home; there was no physical room to let.

Steve took the moment to take in the scene. Alice was about Steve’s age and very beautiful. She had aged very well and looked phenomenal, even in her morning garb. The bathrobe she wore was somewhat open in the front giving a show of her chest. She had ample cleavage on display. After all, who but their family would see it this early in the morning. She was thin and had mid length hair pulled back. She was just Steve’s type.

Amanda was no slouch either. She appeared to be college age and rail thin. She wasn’t anorexic thin, but pretty darn close. Unfortunately, she had no curves to her whatsoever, probably due to her athletic nature. She had the look of someone who ran long distance without much effort. While Alice had blond hair, Amanda was chestnut. Amanda also had a good four inches on her mother. She was wearing a pair of shorts that were pretty, well, short. A small threadbare t-shirt covered her torso. It wasn’t so shabby as to reveal anything, but there were certainly tracks of cloth that were sheer. Steve could tell it was a well-loved shirt. There were two small mounds on her chest. Nothing to be embarrassed about, but not nearly the rack her mother possessed. Steve guessed they were a b-cup at best, but after a second look, probably an a-cup. Maybe they were something to be embarrassed about. Shame.

Steve turned his gaze to Amanda piercing her eyes. “That isn’t a problem, Amanda. Your parents bedroom is the largest. I’ll just sleep there.”

“In my parents bed? It might be crowded.” Amanda’s face had the perfect duh look to it. Steve rolled his eyes. If this is what passed for jokes around here, he was going to be in for a snooze. Good thing Steve was about to make their lives more interesting.

“You’re right of course. I’m sure Harold and Alice wouldn’t mind if I took Harold’s spot. He’s always so generous. He probably doesn’t mind sleeping elsewhere,” Steve responded.

“Of course. Why don’t you sleep in my bed instead of me,” Harold offered. Amanda smiled and nodded in happy consent.

“Oh. That makes sense. But where will dad sleep? The couch?” Amanda asked. Independent thought on the matter was all but abandoned.

“Well, you seem like a friendly close family. Harold can just double up with you in your bed. I’m sure it isn’t a problem.” Steve smiled to Amanda reassuring her.

Amanda looked at her dad a little uneasy, but her facial expression relaxed. “Yeah, that’s fine. It isn’t a problem.”

“Good, now that that is settled, can I get some breakfast?” Steve sat down at the table and surveyed his new home. Life was about to get drastically more interesting for this family. Very interesting indeed.

The day went along about as normal as a day with a stranger could. Steve learned a bit more about his hosts. Married for 20 years. Amanda, now 18, would be going away to college in the fall. Alice worked part-time at a book store and Harold did some sort of boring management stuff at some mega-company. Steve worked on making the family more and more comfortable with him. He had suggested that since the sleeping arrangements were different that they should get used to being by the people they would be sleeping next too from now on.

While watching a movie Alice sat next to Steve on the couch. Amanda and Harold next to each other on the floor. Dinner came and went again with new seating arrangements, and an early evening stroll found Alice walking along side Steve with Amanda and Harold in tow. Amanda then excused herself from the group to go out with some friends for the rest of the night. She wouldn’t be back until late.

Harold, Steve, and Alice retired to the master bedroom briefly to change for bed. Steve sat on the edge of the bed while the married couple changed. Harold donned his typical pajamas and Alice a very conservative outfit of sweatpants and long sleeve t-shirt.

“I’m sorry, but this won’t do,” spoke Steve. “Alice. You’re a married lady, that is not something a sexy, happily married woman goes to bed in.”

“But I’ll be sleeping with you tonight,” Alice responded.

“And why should that matter? You’re still married and in love with your husband. Sleep is just sleep, but we must always show the other what we feel. What would you normally wear?”

“A lacy nightgown,” Alice quietly said.

“Put it on,” replied Steve.

Alice made a movement to go into the bathroom to change. “No no,” Steve said. “This is your room. No need to change elsewhere.”

“You’re right.” Alice stripped out of her unflattering garb on full display to her husband and Steve. Her breasts were as wonderful as Steve imagined they would be. Alice then stepped into a nightgown that came down to her mid thigh and clung to her breasts. “Better?”

“Indeed.” Steve smiled. “Harold, what do you typically wear to bed?”

Harold answered, “A t-shirt and gym shorts.”

“Well, Amanda’s bed is only a twin, that is much smaller than what you’re used to. You are liable to get warm at night now. I would just wear your underwear to bed from now on.”

“Oh. That makes sense.” Steve removed his t-shirt and his gym shorts to reveal his boxers.

“I should clarify. Boxers will probably be too loose and bunch. I think briefs will be the way to go here on out.” Steve smiled reassuringly.

“I guess so!” Harold walked over t the dresser and took out a pair of white briefs. He dropped his boxers and stepped into his briefs. Steve saw that Harold didn’t have a large penis, but it wasn’t too shabby either. When the briefs were pulled up, one could see a nice bulge hinting at what was inside. Clearly these briefs were old. Probably overly tight, shrunk from years of washing.

“That’s perfect. You won’t be hot at all wearing that. It looks like you haven’t worn that type of underwear in a while. You should probably wear them all the time. Never take them off or pull them down if you can avoid it. It’ll be the only way to become fully comfortable in them again. Now, I know it’ll be difficult sleeping away from your wife in a strange bed, but don’t worry. You’ll get used to it soon enough. It’ll probably help to think about your wife in intimate ways as you drift off. Think about her naked body. What you would do with her and what she would do with you. It’ll comfort you until you are used to your new arrangement. Now let’s get some sleep.”

Harold excused himself. Steve stripped fully naked and crawled into bed. Alice just stared wide-eyed.

“Alice, come to bed.” Steve spoke.

“But you’re naked!” Alice squeaked out.

“I have no other cloths, and I wouldn’t think of wearing your husbands evening attire. This is perfectly normal. Come to bed.”

Alice relaxed a little and smiled trying to reassure herself. She climbed into bed and turned off the lights. After a few moments the bed started shaking a bit. Alice tried to ignore it but soon couldn’t take it anymore.

“What are you doing?” Alice sternly whispered.

“I’m masturbating, Alice. It helps me fall asleep.” Steve answered.

“WHAT?!” Alice screamed in a whisper. “How dare you! That’s disgusting! That’s-” Steve cut her off.

“No Alice, it is natural. You and your husband probably have sex before bed sometimes. This is the same thing for a single man. It makes perfect sense.” After spending all day with him, Steve knew this family would be following his lead from now on with no more than a few of his words.

“Be that as it may, you can’t do that in bed. It’ll make a mess,” Alice logically replied still making her case.

“You’re right of course. I’ll need something to catch my spunk. Give me your panties.”

“You’re out of your mind.”

“Alice, when you and your husband have sex, you, like every woman, probably leak somewhat after he cums. That extra jizz goes into your panties. It only makes sense to use them for the same purpose now. You can even watch to make sure I don’t get it on anything else.”

Alice opened her mouth to make a counter argument, but then shut it. He was right. “Fine. Here.” Alice shifted around in bed as she took off her panties and handed it silk underwear to Steve.

Steve took the underwear and thought to himself, my God, this is easier than ever. This poor family will never be the same. Steve didn’t hide any of his actions. He wrapped the panties around the head of his penis and hesitated. “Actually. It will probably be better if you do this. That way you can be sure I haven’t gotten any on your bed.”

“Fine.” Alice wasn’t overly happy about this, but she complied. Alice rolled over onto her left side and looked at Steve’s panty covered penis. She reached out with her right hand and grabbed Steve’s member. She started working the shaft as she had her husbands on previous occasions. She ensured her underwear stayed firmly wrapped around the head of Steve’s shaft. Alice read Steve’s body and increased her jerking speed. Steve’s breathing increased a bit and a soft moan escaped his lips. Alice moved her right hand to the top of Steve’s penis and took hold of her panties. She then rubbed the top of his shaft vigorously, sliding the silk panties around the head quickly but gently. Steve tensed his body and Alice changed her tactics. She gripped the top of the shaft firmly and made small quick motions with her hand teasing only the head of the shaft. Alice felt the ejaculation. A warm spurt hit the base of her hand over encasing the penis head. Then another and another. Soon she felt the warm goo around her fingers as well. Steve sighed and relaxed his body. Alice knew Steve was done and shifted her position again. She grabbed the base of Steve’s deflating penis and used her right hand and panties to wipe up any remaining globs of sperm.

“Thank you, Alice.” Steve said in a sigh.

“Uh, you’re welcome, Steve.” Alice swung her legs off the side of the bed.

“Where are you going?” Steve asked.

“To put these in the laundry and get new panties.”

“No, no. No need. This is no different than what we talked about. Instead of Harold’s leakage, it is mine. You can just put them back on.”

Alice looked at her wadded panties. They were pretty gooey with sperm. “Oh. That, uh. I guess that is okay.” Alice unbunched her panties and slid them up her legs. A trail of jizz was left on her left leg. She then settled the underwear into place. Alice could feel the cold, dampness against her pussy lips and parts of her ass. The front of the panties were the wettest. Steve’s jizz matted Alice’s pubic hair and clung to her private parts like a second skin. They were slimy, clammy, and all around unpleasant. “Steve, I don’t like how this feels. It is really gross.”

“I know. It is probably weird feeling against your private parts. Come back into bed.”

Alice swung her legs back into bed and laid down. She heard an almost inaudible squish as she put her legs together. She was on the verge of tears.

“I know what is wrong. How silly of me.” Steve spoke in a very soothing voice. “Normally you would have gotten off before the leakage. You need to cum yourself. Go ahead and touch yourself. Bring yourself to orgasm. I bet you’ll feel much better. Leave your panties on. You can do it through them, it wouldn’t be decent otherwise.

Alice’s mind was reeling. It didn’t feel right, but it made sense. She reached down with her right hand and used her middle finger to stroke her pussy lips. The base of her hand rested on her pubic hair further squishing Steve’s jizz. She felt it spread out against her skin a bit more, the dampness returning to the palm of her hand. Alice felt her own juices rising and explored her pussy further. She pressed harder against her pussy with her fingers. She explored herself over her panties, finding her clit. She pressed harder, mixing Steve’s jizz with her own moisture. Alice picked up her pace until she felt her orgasm build. Alice vigorously rubbed her clit with her middle and index finger, and pushed herself over the edge. Alice shook as she climaxed, smearing more jizz around her pussy.

“There you go. I bet you feel much better.” Steve said. “Now, sleep.”

Steve and Alice rolled over and drifted off to sleep. Steve happy in his knowledge that he had complete control of the family. Alice finally content that the evening was over. She only vaguely was aware of the slowly drying spunk against her privates.

Meanwhile, Harold woke up after a brief bout with sleep. Amanda had come home and was moving around the room getting ready for bed. Amanda thew on some shorts and a t-shirt and climbed into the twin bed.

Harold tried to go back to sleep, and his thoughts drifted to his wife as Steve had programmed his thoughts to do. He thought of his naked wife. He thought of her boobs put on display for him. He pictured Alice riding him. Now he was riding her. He thought of the blow job he got last week and sucking on her tits. In no time Harold was rock hard, his penis poking out the top of briefs. Shit, he thought, not now. Harold tossed and turned a bit trying to get into a better position. All the while his dick was at full erection. He knew he brushed it against his daughter at times and perhaps even poked her with it. Eventually he ended up on his side facing his daughter. His erection just centimeters from her daughters hip. As sleep overtook him, Harold unconsciously was gyrating his hips, occasionally brushing his dick head against Amanda’s shorts.

The next morning the family and their guest gathered in the kitchen for breakfast. Harold looked tired. Amanda appeared a little sick. Alice also looked tired, though she hid it well.

“So,” asked Steve, “how did everyone sleep? Be brutally honest now. No secrets in the family. Be detailed.”

Alice spoke first as she poured her coffee. “I slept okay once I drifted off. It was really uncomfortable falling asleep with wet panties. Cum is so cold.” Harold opened his mouth with a concerned face.

“Let her finish Harold.” Steve impressed upon the group. “No interrupting.”

Harold closed his mouth. His eyes and forehead didn’t hide is displeasure. Amanda just looked shocked.

Alice noticed her family’s reaction. “It is okay.” Alice explained what Steve told her last night concerning her and Harold and sex. When Harold chimed in with words saying it made perfect sense, the family nodded and accepted that the situation, though not normal, was proper for the situation. “This morning was unpleasant though. The cum had dried overnight and encrusted into my pubic hair. It is clinging to my privates and I haven’t washed it properly yet. I really needed coffee first.” The latter was Steve’s suggestion this morning. Do nothing in the morning until you have some coffee.

Steve interjected. “No need to wash down there Alice.” Steve liked the idea of Alice’s pussy parts constantly being covered in his spunk. “It is a futile cause as I’m sure this will be the norm for a while. Why continue with a lost cause.”

Alice frowned at that and pulled up her nightgown a bit. Everyone could see where there was excessive sperm. The front of her panties was slightly stiff, but firmly pressed against her pubic hair. The bottom of the panties were slightly inserted into her pussy lips, partly due to her masturbating and party due to the jizz clinging to her pussy lips. “But it looks so messy.”

“I know,” Steve responded, “but that’s okay. It’ll be fine.”

With a sigh Alice let her nightgown drop and sat at the table. The motion pulled at her pubic hair causing her to grimace. Steve looked to Amanda expectantly.

Amanda picking up on the queue, explained her night. “Well, I got home late and a bit drunk, so I just went to bed. I fell asleep quick enough, but I swear I felt dad grinding against me during the night. I hope it was just a dream.”

Harold’s face paled. “Oh dear. I’m sorry honey. You woke me up and all I could think about was Alice. I got horny and must not have been careful about it.” Amanda and Harold were the epitome of humiliation and stark fear.

Steve rescued the situation. “That’s okay. It happens. You are sleeping in such a small bed. It is impossible to prevent your body parts from rubbing against each other. I’m surprised you did so well. I’m sure starting tonight you’ll find it just isn’t possible to turn, move, or get comfortable, without touching or rubbing against one other. It is what it is and it is something that you’ll just have to live with. It might even be fun. A dick is a dick, Amanda, and a hard dick pressed against you is reassuring and typically a fun thing.”

Realization dawned on Harold and Amanda’s face. They didn’t like it, but it just made sense.

This was how it things played out for the next several days. Alice would wear sexy outfits to bed. Hand over her panties and jack Steve off. She’d then put her panties back on and masturbate until she came herself. Steve pushed her along more and more. Alice pushed her fingers into her pussy dragging Steve’s sperm along for the ride. She used toys to better stimulate herself and achieve deeper orgasms. Alice would always awake uneasy, with dried mixed juices against her pussy. During the day random movements would tug at encrusted sections of her privates as her pussy lips came apart or pulled at her pubic hair. But Alice accepted it and carried on.

Harold and Amanda’s life also become more interesting. Harold found it impossible to fall asleep without thinking intimate thoughts about his wife, much to Amanda’s dismay. It always meant Harold tossed and turned which made Amanda toss and turn. This resulted in their bodies pressed close to each other. Amanda could feel Harold’s hard-on pressed against her side, her belly, her ass. She’d get poked with it and it would rub against her. At first she hated it, but then realized that this was no different from if she was with a boyfriend. After all a dick is a dick. Amanda started to have a little fun with it, egging the dick on. Sometimes she would accidentally rub it with her hip or ass. She would mistakenly press against it with her body crushing her breasts into her father, bringing their faces with in a hairs distance. Harold would always be breathing heavy. Amanda sometimes let her hand come to rest near or touching the dick. Occasionally she would expertly brush against it or linger a second longer than it should. It was wrong, but felt kind of right.

Such was life for the until the next weekend.

It was a Sunday and Steve looked up from the morning paper. The family was gathered around the table as usual. Harold was looking a little worse for wear. Amanda too for that matter. Alice and Steve were in a pretty good mood. Harold and Amanda hadn’t been sleeping well. Between Harold’s nightly raging hard-ons and Amanda feinting disgust, the two of them hadn’t been sleeping well. Alice on the other hand was getting off nightly, if not in a very unconventional way.

“Harold, buddy. A thought occurred to me. When was the last time you had sex?”

“Oh my.” Harold thought back. “Perhaps a few weeks ago now. The timing...” Harold trailed off.

“Have you gotten off at all?” Steve asked.

“No. Unless you count the wet dream two nights ago.” Harold glanced at Amanda. Amanda was beet red.

“No I don’t. Well, you should probably have sex soon. You’ll go insane otherwise!” Steve barked out a laugh. No one else was that amused.

A little after breakfast, Harold took Steve’s comments to heart and cornered Alice. After a little hushed whispers they disappeared. Amanda rolled her eyes and went into the family room to watch TV. Steve patiently folded up the paper, dropped his dishes in the sink, and headed down to the master bed room. Steve opened the door and put on a surprised look.

“Harold! What are you doing?” Steve exclaimed in what would pass by feinted shock in a 3rd grade play. The couple froze. Harold was stripped down to his underwear, on top of Alice. Alice was naked and holding Harold’s head to her boob. She apparently liked her tits sucked.

“Uh, Steve! Nothing, could you leave us alone for a bit.” Harold replied, his voice wavering.

“Certainly not! I said you should have sex, but not in my bed. That is just wrong. I sleep there. That just isn’t right!”

Alice spoke. “Not right? My husband and I haven’t been intimate for weeks. Where else would we do it?”

“I understand now. It is an easy mistake to make. You’re letting history dictate your actions.” Steve explained. “I forgive you. Harold, get off your wife for a second and let me explain something to the both of you.”

Harold crawled off his wife and faced Steve. Harold’s erection was straining against his white briefs. He looked ridiculous. Alice looked at Steve expectantly.

“You both are married and love each other. You’re probably used to sleeping with each other in your bed. This is right and good. You have sex with your partner in your bed. That’s how it works. But that’s also the problem. The bed isn’t yours anymore. The bed is mine and Alice’s. You can’t have sex there anymore. In fact, I’m not sure you can have sex with each other anymore.”

Harold and Alice’s face drained of color. “That’s preposterous. The bed thing kind of makes sense, but we’re married. What you said is ridiculous.” Harold’s voice was strained.

“Is it?” Steve answered. “People who make love to each other also sleep next to each other, right?”

Alice answered. “Yeah...”

Steve continued. “And generally that is done in a bed shared between the couple, Right?”

Alice answered again. “Yeah...”

Steve pressed on. “So sleeping next to each other in a shared bed is a requirement for making love with that person.” Steve’s logic was forcibly settling in. “Do you share a bed anymore?”

“No.” Both Alice and Harold meekly answered. It was almost a whisper.

“Do you sleep next to each other anymore?”

“No.” Alice and Harold responded again.

“So...logically...” Steve led them.

“...we can’t have sex with each other,” Alice finished. “Christ. Steve’s right Harold.”

Harold looked crest fallen. “Yeah.” He was already at half mast.

“But all is not lost. Alice, we meet the requirements. And there is no need to deny your natural needs and wants. No one can get upset at that right? I mean, we share a bed. If you were in the mood and I was in the mood then we’d wouldn’t be breaking any rules.” Steve asked.

“No, I suppose not. I mean, we share a makes sense if we were both willing.” Alice responded.

Steve turned to Harold. “Harold you wouldn’t mind would you? You want your wife to be happy, right? How else to ensure her happiness than seeing her continue to get off. It would bring her happiness, so it would be okay with you right? Since you love her?”

“Yeah. You’re right, of course. I mean, I like seeing her happy. Sex certainly makes her happy. We can’t do it anymore, but that doesn’t mean she can’t with you. You guys fit the requirements.” Harold was distraught at the idea of her wife being with another man, but if that was the only way to keep her happy.

Alice looked around the room, not knowing what to do. She was pretty horny from the foreplay. And she hadn’t had sex in a while. The nightly masturbation sessions only seemed to increase her libido. She flushed a bit. It had been so long.

Steve picked up on the signs. “Alice, do you want to have sex now?”

“Yes.” The answer was nearly instantaneous. Alice’s eyes met Steve’s.

Steve smiled and walked over to the two of them sitting there. “Wonderful. You are the best landlords. Harold, you welcomed me into your home and now you’re going through amazing lengths to keep your wife happy. You’re a good man.” Steve undressed. Harold and Alice looked at his cock. It was large. Larger than Harold’s. Alice almost did a double take at it. When erect...

“Well, I should go.” Harold stood up. His member was now just a bulge in his underwear. There was a damp spot where some pre-cum had leaked out.

“Nonsense, Harold. You have to stay. I have no idea how to have sex with your wife. You’ll need to help me.” Steve impressed upon him.

Harold was not liking his idea. But he stayed. “Okay, Steve.”

“Now, what does she like?”

Alice laid back onto the bed. “Well,” Harold said meekly standing next to Steve. “She likes it when you lick and play with her boobs.”

“Like this?” Steve asked. He bent down and awkwardly sucked and pawed at Alice’s breasts.

“No. You need to play with her nipple with your tongue. And use your other hand to caress the breast and toy with the nipple.” Harold said. He had to admit, seeing the act of sex build up was turning him on a bit. “There you go.” Alice moaned.

After a bit Harold spoke again. “Now she likes her pussy to bet licked a bit before you stick it in her.”

Steve backed away from Alice. “Why don’t you Steve. You’ve been a kind man, and licking pussy isn’t really sex, so go ahead. Nuzzle your wife’s pussy.” Steve smiled. Alice’s privates were drenched with a weeks worth Steve’s spunk. All Harold would taste was his dried semen all over her pussy.

Harold knelt between his wife’s legs and started to lap at her lips. He could taste the saltiness of Steve’s leavings. But it didn’t matter. He was so horny. Harold went to town licking every inch of the pussy in front of him. He got lost in his wife’s box, until Steve put a hand on his shoulder.

“That’s good, champ, I think she’s ready for me.” Steve watched Harold back away and saw he was touching himself. Harold’s penis was sticking out the briefs flap and Harold was methodically stroking it, pre-cum dripping down the shaft. “Harold. That’s gross. Don’t masturbate in front of another guy. People will think you’re gay.”

Harold stopped touching himself. His face turned red. “Oh god. I’m sorry Steve, I’m not gay. I hope I didn’t disgust you.”

“It’s okay Harold. Now what should I do?”

“Stick it in and have sex. She’s ready.”

“Can you show me how? I don’t want to miss her hole and you know your way down there better than me.” Steve was aiming for the most degrading experience possible. Not only was Harold okay with Steve having sex with his wife, but he got her ready by licking all Steve’s spunk off her pussy. Now Harold would guide Steve and put his shaft into his wife.

“Uh. I dunno Steve.”

“Please Harold. My dick is big and I don’t want to end up in the wrong hole.”

Without answering Harold stood beside Steve and reached out and gently gripped Steve’s member. He lightly guided it to Alice’s pussy until Steve’s head was pressing against her lips. Alice responded with a moan and wiggling her hips. Her pussy opened a little like a flower in spring. Her pussy lips spread apart; the insides glistened with juice. Harold tugged a little harder and Steve’s dick slipped in a half inch into Alice’s vagina. Harold let go.

“Harold,” Steve said. “I need to go all the way in.”

Harold grabbed hold again and also placed a hand on Steve’s backside. Harold pushed Steve closer to Alice and Steve took a small step forward. Steve then let his hips be guided as Harold effectively pushed Steve fully into his wife. Harold was embarrassed, but couldn’t look away. Alice moaned again and started to move her hips enticing Steve to fuck her. Steve took the hint and started a slow thrusting motion.

“Alice, do you like this?” Steve asked.

“Oh god yes!” Alice responded.

“Harold,” Steve began, “Ask Alice if she likes having me fuck her.”

“Alice,” Harold asked, “do you like having Steve fuck you?”

Alice didn’t hesitate. “Mmmm, yes.”

“Do you like my cock in your pussy Alice?” Steve continued his desegregating line of questioning.

“It’s so good. I love it.” Alice moaned.

“Harold. I didn’t catch that, can you ask her again?”

Harold obeyed. “Alice, what do you love?”

“Steve’s cock in my pussy. It’s wonderful.”

Steve continued. “Is it bigger than Harold? Is my big cock bigger than your husbands?”

“Yes. It is huge compared to his. I can’t believe how big it feels.”

Harold blushed deep red. His dick even deflated at the comment.

Steve picked up the pace. He thrusted faster and deeper. Alice moaned longer and louder. The pace quickened further. The slapping of Steve’s ball sack against Alice’s taint was nearly deafening. Alice wrapped her legs around Steve’s ass and pulled him in. “Don’t look away Harold. I want you to make sure I finish right.”

Harold was transfixed on the intertwined bodies. Alice was squeaking with each of Steve’s quick deep thrusts. Alice shuttered. Steve grunted. His dick buried as far as it would go. Alice clenched her legs as hard as she could. And it was over.

“Steve backed away. No need to clean up Alice. You know what panties are for.” Steve started to get dressed.

Alice smiled. “Soaking up seepage. I know.” Alice put on her panties and walked into the bathroom to get ready for the day. She didn’t look at Harold once.

After Steve finished getting dressed he looked at Harold. “Well. I hoped you liked the show. Thanks for showing me the ropes. I can probably take it from here on out.”

Steve glanced at Harold’s crotch. Harold was no longer hard. How could he be after being so traumatize. Steve wouldn’t be surprised if Harold would ever be able to get it up for his wife again. The humiliation would scar deep and the scene would be burned into Harold’s mind for years. Steve led Harold into Amanda’s room and directed him to sit on the twin bed.

“That is quite the sexy wife you got there. Very attractive. Tell you what might help. Why don’t you describe your perfect woman. It’ll get your mind off of your wife.” Steve knew perfectly well that Alice was Harold’s perfect woman. But Steve had other plans.

Harold closed his eyes. “Well, she’s about 5 foot 6 inches and has a decent set of curves to her. Large breasts, not a large waist, but a bit in the hips. She has to have an ass to her too.”

Yup, Steve thought, He was describing Alice. “Are you sure about that Harold? You don’t think she’s a bit taller than that? Maybe 5-10 or so?”

“Yeah, I suppose she could be taller. Five ten is good.”

“It would be harder for someone that tall to have the curves you mentioned. It is possible, but most tall girls aren’t overly curvy.”

“Heh, I can’t even describe a realistic girl.” Harold was still depressed from the humiliation a few minutes ago. Harold took a deep breath. “She is pretty thin. Tall and thin.”

“I bet you like them real thin Harold.”

“I do. Tall and thin.”

“Rail thin, huh?” Steve asked.

“Yes. I like them rail thin. No hips at all. But a nice pair of tits.”

“Nah. I bet you like them thin all the way up and down. No curves at all, right?”

“Well,” Harold’s brow furled a bit, but then relaxed. “Yeah. Small boobs. No hips. Tall. Real thin.”

“Sounds pretty sexy. So you like a girl to be as thin as possible and tall. Like 5 foot 10. How big are the boobs?”

Harold hesitated. He wasn’t sure. Alice’s breasts were a D-cup. What was small? “Probably. Something like a B cut? 36-B. That’s pretty small.” That was small, right?

“That large, Harold? 36-B?” Steve pressed.

“Yeah, no. That seems too big for my taste.” Harold took another stab in the dark. He recalled that smaller the number, the smaller the boob. “32. 32-B is pretty good. I like them on the small side.”

“But a B-cup? I’m surprised.”

“Well,” Harold hedged. “I mean, I wouldn’t kick a b-cup out of bed, but you got me. An a-cup is where it is at for me.”

“Wow. With boobs that small they wouldn’t really need a bra, huh?” Steve chuckled.

“Heh. Yup. Wouldn’t really need a bra if they were that small.”

Steve summarized again. “So you’re ideal lady is tall, extremely thing with almost no curves. The smaller the boobs the better. An a-cup is what you look for. Probably a 32-A or 34-A at the most. What else?”

“Well she’d have blue eyes and short-ish blond hair-”

“Blond? Funny. I had you pegged for a longer brunette lover. I bet you like light brown doe eyes too.”

“Well yeah. Brown hair is good. I like brunettes. Long hair is really nice too. But not too long. Brown eyes are the best.”

“Great. How do you like them to dress?”

“I dunno. Sexy. Ya know?”

“Not really. What is sexy to you?”

“Dresses to show of their bre...Uhh ya know. Dresses and stuff.” Harold didn’t know.

“I bet you like them pretty plain. Subtle. Short shorts, t-shirts. Maybe a sun dress to show off their thin arms and legs and flat chest.”

“You nailed it, Steve. That’s it.”

“So. Crazy thin. 5 foot 10 or so. No curves, tiny tits. So tiny a real bra isn’t needed. Long brown hair with brown eyes. She dresses simple to highlight her assets. Long skinny legs.”

“That’s it!” Harold could picture his dream woman. He opened his eyes.

Steve was holding a picture of Harold’s daughter, Amanda, turned to face Harold. She wasn’t exactly what was described but pretty close. Tall. Thin. Simply dressed. Tiny runner-boobs. Near perfection.

Harold’s breath caught in his chest. His daughter was gorgeous. How couldn’t he have seen it earlier?

Steve spoke, “I know right? And you get to share a bed with her. Lucky dog.” Steve would have a quick chat with Amanda. Things would be changing around the house, and he needed to make sure she didn’t freak out.

So life continued moved on. Steve and Alice spent more and more alone time. Pre-bed activities shifted from the nightly masturbation sessions to new and interesting ways for Steve to use Alice. Things started innocent, as they do. Steve didn’t want to take a leap that would undo all his work. So sex started normal. The various positions kama sutra positions came into play. But then Steve got Alice to be more adventurous. Tits are used fucking. Cum shouldn’t be wasted and can be used for creative things. A pussy covered in cum was a wonderful feeling. Sometimes Alice would ask for Steve to pull out and ejaculate on her pussy so she could pull on her panties and feel it squishing around as she walked.

Toys became just as important to getting off as your partner. At the end of the fortnight Alice was in a near perpetual sex craze. Since Alice only worked part-time Steve had her been seeing to her needs every day and the oddest times. There was no schedule or a way to prepare for it. It would come and she needed to be ready. A toy was almost nearly inside of Alice at any point in time now. Soon she would feel empty if something wasn’t perpetually in her hole. She had puffy sensitive nipples from constant abuse. Traditional bras were no longer acceptable; they chafed too much. She needed shelf bras, or bras with some sort of nipple holes to get by. Her garb changed from every day clothes to easy access clothes. Short skirts. Thongs that could be pushed aside. Camisoles that could be pulled down to expose her breasts. Sheer items. The list was endless.

The best part for Steve was her family didn’t even mind. Amanda has been prepped and was accepting to her mom’s new life. Harold was too embarrassed to even say anything. He chose to ignore the situation rather than acknowledge its existence. With a little prompting from Steve, Alice was a real tease about it. She’d make sure Harold got good looks and accidental run ins with her. Nothing came of it except a raging hard on from Harold, but the encounters were frequent and left Harold blue balled and hungry for something. Anything. Harold couldn’t take much more.

As such, Harold continued to not get his rocks off. The timing never seemed right to get a quick jerk in. Steve saw to that. It was always innocent. A knock on the door. Someone barging in unexpected. There just wasn’t a moments piece.

Evenings were worse. His pre-sleep thoughts shifted from Alice to Amanda. Alice was just not his type. He was a little surprised he married her looking back. But Amanda, as horrible as the thought was, was amazing. Her body, her hair, her chest (or lack there-of) was so sexy. Harold continued to bring his hard-on to bed with him. Amanda continued to have fun with toying with his dick. Though the deed never crossed her mind, the aspect of teasing it was exceptionally fun to her and the foray continued unrelenting. Wet dreams became a common place occurrence for Harold. Vivid dreams of him and someone who looked exceptionally like his daughter would cause his member to erupt during the night. Amanda became horrified. Not enough to stop her bedtime teasing, that was too much fun, but every early morning accident was met with scorn and eventual derogatory comments. Try not to make a mess tonight. Jesus, are you 14 experiencing your first erection? It is called control, don’t you have any? Do you come prematurely all the time? The comments were not pleasant, and Amanda usually felt bad about them after. But the nightly ritual repeated over and over without interruption.

Harold’s shame deepened. He couldn’t control himself. Sheets had to be changed daily. Extra nightwear was kept close at hand. Amanda even prompted Harold to wear a condom to bed. “Here,” she said, handing over a wrapped condom. “Maybe this will at least prevent you from making a mess.” It didn’t.

It was a Tuesday and Amanda and Steve were watching TV. Steve sat down next to them and pressed mute on the remote control. The TV responded with an unflattering, large green “mute” indicator in the lower right corner.

“So.” Steve began.

Amanda and Steve looked around as if something was supposed to be happening. “So,” Amanda replied.

Steve jumped right in, not wanting to waste time. Steve wanted to sex Alice up. Alice was currently in the bedroom writhing on the bed. Steve had her tied her down and secured a vibrator to a certain area giving her ultimate attention. Alice was unable to reach it, so all she could do was lay there at the height of sexual arousal. A moan of frustration and ecstasy would waffle down the hallway from time to time. Amanda rolled her eyes at every occurrence. Steve pretended not to hear.

“I understand you two have issues at night. Certain accidents.” Steve made air quotes when he said accidents. This statement brought on an immediate blush from Harold. Amanda scrunched her face in disgust.

“Yes,” Amanda answered. Dad seems to have the control of a 13 year old boy, and has a wet dream at least once a night. “It is sick.” Harold’s face become stone as he stared at nothing in particular.

Steve clarified the situation. “It isn’t sick. It is natural. Put yourself in his shoes. He can’t help that he hasn’t gotten off properly in weeks. Men need release or this sort of thing happens. You should be helping him, not degrading him.”

“Oh,” Amanda said quietly. “I hadn’t thought about it like that. But what could I do? I mean, he’s my dad. He needs to get some, but he and mom can’t have sex anymore. It wouldn’t be proper.”

Harold looked at Steve. “If I could just find enough alone time to jack off from time to time, it would be fine.”

“Oh Harold, you know that isn’t true anymore. You have so much pent up hornyness, jacking off will never quench it again. You’ve red-lined, so to speak. There is no going back.” Steve patted Harold’s leg comfortingly. “The only way to sedate your hunger is with proper sex, but alas, as Amanda pointed out, that is no longer possible.”

“So what am I to do? Forever cum in my sleep? Wake up in a disgusting mess every morning?” Steve asked. Amanda didn’t like the sound of that.

“You sleep with Amanda, so you can technically have sex with her. But she’s your daughter, so that just isn’t moral. So you’re condemned to a life of hornyness and nightly messes. But there is a loophole of sorts. You don’t need to have sex to stop the mess. You just need to contain it, right?”

“Okay...” Steve looked skeptical. So did Amanda.

“Here.” Steve pulled out a device. It looked like a series of straps and clips. “This will solve the problem.”

“Uh, what’s that?” Amanda asked picking it up. It seemed to be a harness.

“That, is a 2 person hip harness. When put on, it will hold to people together facing each other, at the hip. Each of you will put on the respective harness, and then strap yourselves together while in bed.” Steve was met with confusion looks. How cute. “Okay, let me break this down. Harold cums at night. Right?”

“Right.” Amanda responded.

“Cum belongs in a woman’s vagina, right?” Steve asked.

“Right.” Harold said cautiously.

“There is no mess when that happens, right?” Steve gestured with his hands as if connecting the dots.

“Right,” Said Steve. Realization was slowly creeping across his face.

“So if Harold had a pussy to cum in there would be no mess.” Steve finished.

“I’m not having sex with my dad.” Amanda said flatly. “That’s gross and wrong.” As if Amanda toying with Harold’s manhood every night wasn’t gross and wrong.

“You won’t be. Sex involves two parties enjoying each other and getting off. This harness inhibits that. So you technically won’t be having sex. Let’s go try it out, you’ll understand.” Steve motioned them to follow. The group of them went to Amanda’s room. A moan echoed down the hall. Steve had to wrap this up soon. Alice was getting ripe. “Strip naked and slide these on.”

Amanda and Steve took off their clothes. Amanda took the harness Steve handed her and slipped it up her legs. The harness consisted of some straps built into some latex underwear. Amanda’s butt was covered snuggly with the latex material, as was part of her front. There were two thin latex strips that circled her pussy lips, leaving them exposed. The strips connected to the front latex area that covered most of her pubic hair. The somewhat ridged material didn’t appear like it would give much at all. Sewed into the waste were nylon straps that hugged her hips. Another nylon strap dangled down her butt and hung between her legs. The straps ended in a clip and could be made tighter. The rest of the harness was pretty open.

Harold’s harness was similar to Amanda’s. It was essentially ridged latex underwear with extra material in the front. Once Harold slipped it on, her understood. The extra material was like a built in condom, but with a tiny opening at the end that more or less would align with his penis opening. There were similar nylon straps that ended in a clip that would snap into the ones on Amanda’s harness.

“When you guys go to bed, put these on. Harold, you then slip your dick into Amanda, snap snap the clips together, and pull them tight. They won’t budge. The material will ensure that you don’t feel much of anything while inside of your daughter. The straps will ensure that there is no wiggle room. So no one has anything to fear. There is no sex. This just makes sure your dick, Harold, stays inside of Amanda’s pussy. No mess!”

Amanda and Harold nodded their heads. “I guess this is the only way,” stated Amanda. Harold just continued to nod his head.

“It’s getting late. You two should get some rest.” Steve motioned them to go to bed. “I’ll help put you two together tonight.” Amanda crawled into bed with Harold in tow and laid on her back. Harold wasn’t sure what to do. “Harold, you need to get hard, or this will never work.”

It didn’t take Harold long, even with Steve present. All he needed to do was look at his perfect Amanda. Her small tits looked nonexistent with her laying on her back. Her rail thin body with no hips. After a few seconds of drinking her in Harold was rock hard.

“There ya go. Now mount her like you would your wife.” Harold crawled up so he was hovering over Amanda. “Lower your hips and line up your dick.” Harold and Amanda looked down and watched Harold lower his hips so his hard dick was between Amanda’s thighs. Amanda spread her legs a bit more to expose her pussy lips. “Amanda, please position your father’s penis.” Amanda reached down with her right hand and grabbed Harold’s shaft with a few fingers. She positioned it so the head was just inside her pussy lips and pressing against her hole. “Excellent. Harold, just slide yourself in now. All the way.” Harold did just that. There was almost no sensation other than the tightness of his daughter’s pussy. The latex material was thick enough so that most of the sliding feeling was deadened to him. There was some joy but nothing like he would have experienced bare back, or even with a normal condom on.

Once Harold was all the way in, Steve walked over. “Okay, now snap the harness together.” Amanda and Harold did that . They snapped each of the hooks together and pulled the loose strap tight. There was almost no give. “There ya go. Goodnight you two.” Steve left the room and turned out the lights. Steve’s night was just beginning.

Harold and Amanda laid there for a while not sure what to do. Neither were comfortable, so after a brief awkward period they moved around to try to get more comfortable. It was near impossible. The harness was so tight that Amanda and Harold were pressed against each other. Their legs would intertwine. There was no place for their arms, but to hold each other. Due to her height, Amanda’s face was forced to be at the same level with Harold’s. They finally settled with Harold on the bottom and Amanda laying on top of him. Her left arm was laying lighting on Harold’s chest. Her right above their heads. Harold’s arms were hugging Amanda’s body. Their faces were centimeters apart. Their lips nearly touching. To anyone else, they would look like two lovers sharing an intimate moment.

What Steve had failed to say before he left was though Harold got very little pleasure from being inside of Amanda, and though neither could move their hips more than a few millimeters in any direction, shifting around the bed would cause the device to stimulate Amanda’s clit. The opening at the end of Harold’s device was just enough to feel the movement of their bodies and the friction that caused. Suffice it to say, because of this each were now horny as hell.

Amanda’s heavy breathing was doing nothing to calm Harold down. Soon the temptation was too much and Amanda kissed Harold. Their tongues danced in each others mouths. Though they couldn’t move their hips, each could vibrate their bodies. Vibrate they did. Kiss and vibrate. Shudder. They nipped at each others neck. And after an excruciating build Amanda was pushed over the edge and came. She came hard. So hard that Harold could feel the pulse of her pussy spasming. This was just enough to make him erupt. Harold spurted his cum deep into Amanda’s pussy for what seemed like a minute. When both relaxed from their intense climax, sleep sweeped over the couple. Amanda passed out while still on top of Harold, and Harold embracing her. Both would have intense guilt in the morning, but it would be little to dissuade them from making the actions of the evening their new ritual.

In the neighboring bedroom, Steve smiled to himself. This family was now complete. He’d have a little more fun, but then be on his way. Where would he go next? Steve drifted to sleep next to a cum soaked Alice thinking of the possibilities.