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The Runic Emperor

Chapter 2

(mm md)

Psi awoke in the court Doctor’s room, a cute nurse was bending over him applying ointments, the pain in his cock at least gave him the relief that it was still there. He became aware of Tau reading one of her books sat next to him, she had changed back into her casual robes. “What happened? Where is he?” He said.

Tau put down her book. “After he was ‘done’ with me” she said dreamily “he started reading those tactical reports you had brought, I went to get help for you and when I got back, he had gone”.

Psi tried to sit-up and groaned in back pain.

“I asked around to see if anyone saw him, a Tailor said a giant came in and took a second Dynasty General’s robe from a display cabinet and left before he could offer to let it out a bit. I then got reports that what was left of your army has marched out, but that was six hours ago”.

Psi took stock, this was not exactly what he had had in mind but it was close enough. The Golem survived the awakening and it hadn’t killed him and it at least appears he’s doing what he wanted him to do. He relaxed into his pillow, the nurse finished applying his ointment and left. “So, how was it? As good as you expected?” he smugly said to Tau as she reached again for her book.

“Better” she quietly said, blushing “it was like he was radiating power, hmmmm”.

Psi grinned. Most women in court would pass their time reading romance novels featuring dramas in the harems of old emperors, the result was most of ended up with power fetishes and he knew his sister had it bad.

“Looks like I know how to sculpt a man... you will let me borrow him right?” suddenly anxious.

“I’ve honestly not thought beyond getting it working to save my skin. I have no idea what I’m doing, the war master fled, the spy master is gone, I don’t even know who to talk to get reports on the movements of the army. I don’t know it will come back. I’m going back to my study. Bring me any news.”

A week passed.

Psi was studying the military scholarship on runes useful for political subversions when there was a knock on the door. He opened it, there was his sister and one of the palace servants, since he was carrying robes it must have been the royal tailor.

“He’s coming back!” Tau said, handing him a note.

Psi opened it and read

To the Imperial Majordomo, inform his Imperial grace the Emperor Psi VI that the traitors insurrection has been quelled, many have returned willing to his grace’s true army. Prepare the military returning ceremony so the troops may honour his grace, we will arrive at 16:00. His loyal servant High General Omega

“Majordomo Wong was a bit confused but he’s over the moon, he’s summoning the orchestra, he’s having them raise the 3rd Dynasty tapestries and he’s sent you these robes” Tau gestured to the tailor. “He said it’s about time he had something to do.”

Psi hated ceremonies, his predecessors had reduced them to a minimum as they could barely afford to keep all the servants and bureaucrats, but he had still tried to scrap the rest. They were a complete waste of time and no one wanted to be reminded they were rule by an 18-year-old in ill-fitting robes. But he thought he better go along with it, at least until he discovered the golem’s intentions.

The Orchestra played the imperial anthem as the army marched in headed by General Omega, while he was still wearing the ill-fitting robes, the solders themselves looked confused but looked like they had had some discipline beat into them since the last time anyone had seen them.

Psi sat on his high throne with his sister on a smaller one to the right, she was wearing the customary kimono and face paint. Psi had his uncomfortable robes and a large hat that meant he had to keep his head as straight as possible or else it would fall off.

The Orchestra finished.

General Omega began to speak “Through the wisdom and guidance of the Emperor, his army returns victorious and honours him. Though the enemy….”

Psi turned and whispered to his sister, “How is he speaking like this?” golems were not known for their fine speechcraft.

“This is the speech the General gave after the battle of Nagan field, with some names changed” she said.

“How do you remember that?”

“It’s in the passions of the 15th Emperor, right before he takes the captive women to his chambers” she blushed. “I think I know what he is doing, let me talk, just smile and nod.”

She stood and bowed as Omega ended his speech. “Noble General, loyal soldiers, the news of your victory warms the emperor’s heart and as you honour him so he rewards loyalty. A new barracks will be constructed and all soldiers may have extra rations of ale for the week”.

Omega bowed and dismissed his troops who filed out orderly. He approached the throne, “Debriefing for Emperor” he said with far less eloquence than the speech he just gave.

“Give it to me in my chambers,” Psi said. His neck was starting to hurt from the hat.

He and Omega entered his chambers he threw his hat to the table and turned “Now what were you saying...” he stopped as he saw a furious scowl on the golem’s face. He suddenly became very aware how large he was in comparison, Psi began to back away.

“Empire weak, disintegrating, inferior”

“Inferior Empire, Inferior Emperor”

“Must serve Emperor, must dominant inferior, contradiction.”

Psi began to get worried. “We, err well we can fix that...”

“Strategizing… strategy identified… if Omega must serve at pleasure of Emperor, Emperor must get pleasure serving Omega. Mind engraving”.

Psi began to panic, for the first time in his life he had no snarky comeback, he was alone and defenceless.

The runes Omegas eye began burn green. Psi found he could not look away or close his eye lids, he tried to think of a way out of this but his thinking began to slow. Soon his thinking stopped completely he was just frozen, experiencing a raw terror.

The terror began to subside, he relaxed, still staring at the runes that seemed to flicker with a fire now. It was good to stare, nice, blissful, a goofy smile appeared on his face, his thoughts began again slowly. He was vaguely aware of emotions shifting, changing in his head, but this was good, it was blissful to just let it happen.

His mind began to get flooded with arousal, he his cock started to rise, he bit his lip. As the runes faded out, he looked at Omega with new eyes. He longer saw it a mere tool, HE was a god, every muscle chiselled to perfection, a temple for masculinity itself to be worshipped at. Psi fell to his knees his mouth wide open with awe.

Omega removed his pants and just said “Serve”.

Psi threw himself forward, he tried to get a much of the huge cock in his mouth as possible. He has no idea what he was doing. He established what he thought was a pleasing rhythm then let his hands roam over his body, the round ass the hard abs, the huge broad pecs feeling the perfect definition of the muscles.

Then he felt a hand grip the back of his head as his mouth filled with a liquid. As he swallowed the magic infused liquid the pleasure runes on his own cock activated and he came hard.

Omega picked up an exhausted Psi and placed him on his bed, “sleep” he said and Psi went out like a light.

Psi awoke the next morning and found Omega gone. He thought back to the events last night, he should feel angry or humiliated but he couldn’t help but get an erection. Everything since the mind runes were used on him made him hyper-aroused, he was fascinated, he must study them further, even if it was unseemly for an emperor to give up control.

He worried what else in his mind had changed but he still felt attracted to his concubines, he still wanted to be emperor, he just also needed to suck the cock of his runic general. That wouldn’t cause problems as long as it was in private… right?

Omega entered his chambers he was topless except for some ill-fitting trousers he had evidently confiscated hastily. Psi tried to stop his mouth from dropping, the effects of the mind engraving had clearly not worn off yet - were they permanent?

“Dress, council meeting” Omega stated.

“My council has returned? You want me to attend?” Psi asked he had never bothered to attend meetings before but he needed to find out what was going on.

“Yes, project power, stand tall, lead, protect image, work, rebuild,” Omega answered.

“Are you coming? Like that!?”

“Protection, intimidation, traitors.”

Once Psi was dressed, he gestured to him to lead him from the room. Once outside the private chambers Omega’s posture dropped to a loyal servant, although with his height he still towered above everyone.

They entered the council chamber; the councillors did not stop their frantic chatter:

“It was your idea to leave!”

“How was I supposed to know the brat would perfect a high golem? You were the one that said he showed no interest beyond making masturbatory aides”

“Well this just proves I’m a better teacher than I thought”

“Ahem!” Omega grunted, as he kicked Psi. The room fell silent.

“Erm, is it not customary to stand and bow as the Emperor arrives for council?” Psi said a little smugly.

The council reluctantly stood and bowed. As they all sat Psi began again “Who would like to explain why my loyal council would flee the imperial city leaving their Emperor abandoned to his enemies? You see my general here has used the word ‘traitors’ but I’m sure this is just a misunderstanding.”

“Listen boy, one victory and a new-found piety for tradition doesn’t mean you can intimidate us so easily, half of us are on the high court how would you intend to sentence us.” Councillor Zu said angrily.

“Time of War, Marshal Punishment” Omega grunted as he picked up a metal pole that was supporting a tapestry. The runes on his gigantic biceps glowed and, in a few seconds, he had bent the pole into a knot.

Councillor Zu went white.

Tutor Zang now spoke “I think what Zu was trying to say is that we are vital part of the imperial bureaucracy and our ill-advised surrender of his grace was a decision made on bad information.”

“Well I’m going to be taking a more hands on approach with the running of empire from now on so why don’t you explain exactly what is happening.” asked Psi.

“As your grace knows long has there been conflicts and rebellions in the outer states, but in the last year the 3 central cities have been taken over by witches of a revolutionary bent. We thought they would be satisfied if we gave them reforms but once they established our defences were weaker than they thought they moved to capture the imperial city. They intend to capture you and dismantle the runic traditions and restore the barbarism of witchcraft” Zang explained.

It was well known from history that before the runic arts were developed witches exploited the weak with unrefined magics.

“Organise a meeting with one of these witches” Psi demanded.