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The Runic Emperor

Chapter 3

(md mf ff mm)

A neutral site was agreed upon, each was allowed to bring one bodyguard but the witch waved the right. Psi brought Omega of course.

They sat a large metal table, the witch wearing a humble bodice. She was Cersei the leader of the city of Dyadia. “So, this is the thing that routed our army” she said unimpressed. “Is there a reason he’s so tall?”

“Should we get down to business and discuss your surrender?” Ask Psi.

“Ha our surrender? Defeating us in one battle won’t save you, we’ve discovered new wells of magic, as we speak, we are training new witches.” said the witch.

“You have not been turning over the magic to the imperial city as the law requires?” Psi said.

“Your kind would suppress our natural affinity to magic, but we will replace your quaint useless rune charms and remove you and those old fogies from power. It’s us women’s turn to rule. Even your council knows there’s nothing you can I promised them positions of power if they left you defenceless but they failed at that and but I suppose they did lure you and your super-weapon here so I can KILL YOU MYSELF!”

Turrets of flames erupted from her hands towards Psi. Omega flipped the table up just narrowly blocking Psi’s face. Psi threw his hat to the ground and tried to put out the flames. He looked up to see Omega pushing through the flames to the witch, the protection runes on his pecs glowed brightly. Just as his protection was about to break, he grabbed her arms, the magic draining runes on his hands sapped her power and the flames stopped.

“Neutralising assassin” he said. The mind engraving runes on his eyes glowed and her face went from horror to a relaxed goofy smile as her body went limp. Omega’s face on the other hand was grim with anger, he clothes had burnt off and now Psi could see the masculine dominance rune glowing brightly, his cock grew into a full erection. Psi was getting excited, was he about to witness what happened to him earlier from the other side? Omega looked her in the eyes again, the runes burning “Submit... male dominance... pleasure.” She slides down caressing his torso and enveloped his cock in her mouth, Omega moaned slightly, Psi noted that he did indeed seem to get pleasure from this stimulation, no doubt due to the umpteen pleasure runes his sister had painstakingly carved into his cock.

“Suggest strategy, ah….. provide heir, oh…., lasting incentive, good leaders provide incentives” he said groaned from the stimulation. Relieved of her rebellious mind the witch was obviously very enthusiastic in her current task.

Psi thought for a moment, under the constitution any male child of the emperor could be declared heir by their father. Mothers of the emperor’s children often became diligent servants in order to increase the changes of their son being chosen. She couldn’t depose an Emperor and then use his name to put her child forward for succession. He understood what he had to do, he pulled out his cock, already erect from seeing the mind engraving in action, he knelt behind the witch and entered her soaking wet pussy as she continued sucking Omega.

“I should have you executed for trying to kill me, but this is a much better idea. Speaking of better ideas, Omega give her the eyes”. Omega looked down and stared the burning runes into her, Psi was tempted to fall into the blissful hole with her but managed to hold his will and look away. “You realise it’s so much more rewarding, so much more pleasurable to submit to the emperor’s cock, raise his child, deliver all your supplies of magic to the imperial city, talk down further rebellions. It was... it was foolish to resist domination.” He panted staring as Omega was fucking her face with one hand on the back of her head. “now nothing in the world will resist this cock… urgh.” He came hard. Omega also came hard, throwing his head back. The dominance rune above his crotch slowly ceased glowing.

“Let’s go before she wakes up.” Psi said.

As they returned back to the palace Tau greeted them at the doors wearing a bath robe.

“What the hell happened? Why is he naked?” asked Tau.

“A witch tried to kill us with fire” Psi said.

“Oh my god! Is he alright?” she said running her finger tips between Omega’s abs. “Your humble servant volunteers to inspect him for damage” she said as let her robes part revealing her favourite lingerie as she pushed her cleavage over Omega’s crotched. The male dominance rune began to glow again.

Psi knew what was coming next, “Knock yourself out” Psi replied, “I need to think”.

He returned to his chambers and collapsed on his bed. He tried to come to terms with what he had learned today, his attempted assassination, the treachery of his council but he swore he could feel the palace shaking from the pounding his sister was getting. He fell asleep feeling jealous.

He awoke not feeling much better. He wandered to his harem chambers, there was no one there, not unusual for this time in the morning. But then one girl walked in, one he had seen before, she started appearing a few months ago. He lay on a couch opened his robes and gestured her to join him, she sat on his cock and started to gently ride him. This was nice but it couldn’t distract him from his worries, he was so distracted he didn’t notice the light of magic travelling up the concubine’s arm as a dagger manifested into her hand. He closed his eyes as he came and opened them to find a dagger at his throat.

“Now, you tell me what you did to Cersei, she came back babbling something about your cock and as I’ve just seen for myself and it is nothing to lose your mind over.” she whispered into his ear. “But I’m guessing it has something to do with that master golem that defeated my army. Why don’t you tell me its secrets and maybe I won’t slit your throat?”

“Who are you?” Psi asked

“I’m Orsea leader of Nyadia, trained combat witch” she said proudly.

“I don’t know any secrets, I just approved the plan.” He lied, “but, but, I can take you to Zang’s study, and show you the plans or the golem itself. It won’t attack you unless I tell it to. It’s completely obedient”.

“OK, but any funny business and this knife goes in your back” she said as she walked head down behind him, like a concubine doing the walk of shame.

He had to think of way out this, he saw Tau walking down the corridor; he had to get the attention. “Tau! I know you didn’t get to see Omega last night” he tried to look her intensely in the eyes, “But can you find him and get him to come to Zang’s study, we need to errr discuss strategy for the war”.

“Yes of course”, she said getting the message.

In the study, he pointed to the piles of parchment on the table, “see these are the plans, I don’t really understand these things myself, as you probably noticed pleasure runes are mainly my thing”.

She flipped through the parchment but could barely understand the arcane runery.

There was a knock at the door. He opened the door and Omega came in.

“Lock it” she said. He bolted the door. “Tell it to keep still”.

“Omega stand over there and keep still.” Psi said, this time he obeyed.

She dragged Psi over keeping one hand on the dagger behind his back. Omega was wearing some baggy pants but was topless, of course the pants weren’t baggy on him, his hefty package quite visible. Orsea ran her hands over his skin. “Amazing I feel the magic animating his skin, it took Nyadia six years to harvest such an amount of magic. Such power, such craftsmanship, you can even see the veins in his biceps.” She gave them a squeeze. She glanced down, “Why does it have a penis? Isn’t Zang a notorious prude?”

“I demanded it” Psi said, “I’m a bit of a pervert.”

She eyed him with suspicion.

“Still your sister quite liked it, I don’t know what the trick was but she just gave it a glance and she couldn’t take her eyes off it.” Psi said.

She bit her lower lip. Psi could see she was mulling over the risk. “And he won’t attack me, right?”

“Omega, show her the respect and loyalty you show me.” Psi said.

Omega grunted in what was almost a laugh.

She put her hand forward and gradually pulled back him trousers… “Now” screamed Psi. As he leapt to the floor, Omega grabbed the witch’s hand holding her dagger and started draining her magic. As her magically formed dagger started disintegrating, she used her other hand to pull out something from her robes and which she pushed firming onto Omega’s stomach. He started shaking and his hefty form collapsed on the solid ground with a large thud. The witch looked around for Psi but found he had already unlocked the door. There was Tau in her combat armour and a sword. Orsea swung her arm throwing off her concubine robes and her own sword grew from fragments of light coming from her skin.

“A princess should be easy enough” she said and charged at her.

While they fought Psi ran over to Omega. A sheet of parchment with a poorly drawn disruption rune was on stuck on his stomach. It had been soaked in magically infused fluids and the effect was seeping into his system. He had to carefully peel this off before it could cause more damage.

Tau was not doing well, she had trained frequently but being a princess meant she rarely had genuine opponents. But she realised even that wouldn’t have mattered much as the witch suddenly morphed her sword into an axe and broke Tau’s weapon cleanly in two. “Shit!”

But just then Omega grabbed the witch from behind lifted her above his head, he turned his burning eye runes on and stared into her face until she went limp.

“Ha ha now your fucked” Tau said, but having not seen these runes in action before she didn’t look away, she found herself drawn towards the green glow, so pretty, so powerful, so blissful, she should watch just a little more and let her thoughts stop. Soon she was as slack-jawed as the witch. He put the witch down next to Tau as they both dropped down staring at his eyes.

“Peace, Love” Omega said in an uncharacteristically airy voice. In their horny submissive state, they took this a bit literally and started making out and tearing off what remained of each other’s clothes.

Psi knew what was happening, any other time he would have watched and enjoyed himself, but now was not the time. The energy from the disruption rune had made it into Omega’s circulation, he may be fine—if not a little odd for a few more minutes but soon he would start to collapse and die. He knew of a maintenance treatment for master golems and started mixing the necessary oils with the left-over magic that leaked from the birthing.

Tau had climbed onto Nyadia and they were now rubbing their vaginas together and sucking each other’s nipples.

Omega started to sway as if drunk but he was enjoying the show so much he didn’t seem to notice. Dropping his pants his huge erection sprung forth. Orsea became transfixed, “Worship” he said and Orsea leapt forward wrapping her lips around the huge perfectly sculpted cock. Tau disappointed she got there second started sucking on his balls.

“Good, Good witches love cock” Omega said,

He started swaying more and more as he came pumping precious magical fluid into Orsea’s hungry mouth.

“Require medic” he said as he collapsed onto the workbench.

Psi ran up and quickly gave Tau a slap, “Wakeup, he’s dying, I need to treat him. Take her to the magic suppression cell, get one of the useless guards to watch her.”

Tau didn’t argue. “Follow me” she said and still tranced Orsea followed her out of the study.

Psi wheeled the huge vat of oils over to Omega whose runes started flickering weakly. His runic mind was collapsing; Psi had to saturate him with enough magic to stop the runes from going out completely. He threw a large glob of oils on his chest and started working into the skin once he had done his chest; he had to use a pole to lift him up enough to get access to all parts of his back.

Once he had covered his whole body, he sat by him for an hour keeping watch and then repeated the process. He stayed up doing this all night.

By the morning Psi was on the verge of a mental break. He had almost been killed twice in two days and the only thing on the planet that could protect him almost died. Were there more assassins in the palace? The only time he hadn’t felt terrified in a month was when Omega had entranced him…

Eventually Omega’s runes flashed and he awoke. He tried to get up “Punish assassin, defeat enemies”.

“No, you’re staying here. Protect emperor. No emperor, no empire.” He stated simply, trying to get the message across. Omega sat up and checked himself over flexing his muscles but didn’t make any moves to leave. “I’m glad you’re OK but I really need a favour. I need you to use the mind engraving on me.”

“Unnecessary, Emperor functioning” Omega refused as he started feeling his own muscles for injuries.

“Please, I could really do with some sleep.” Psi begged. “I’m exhausted’

“Unnecessary.” Omega insisted.

Psi had an idea, during the therapy he had become intimately acquainted with every inch of Omega’s body, not an unpleasant exercise at least for the first few hours. He had found Tau had put tiny pleasure runes on Omega’s nipples. He picked up some of the last magic infused oils and started massaging them.

“Good” Omega said as he relaxed, his erection started to grow. “Pleasure” he said as he gestured to his cock.

“I refuse, you ungrateful shit! I’ve been looking after you all night and you won’t do a simple thing for me!” as Tau threw a lump of oil on his masculine dominance rune, it glowed brightly as it became hyper-stimulated.

“Impudence” boomed Omega as he stood up, his huge intimidating body towering over Psi, as he unleashed the full power of his mind runes on him.

Psi looked direct at them, “Fuck yeah” he babbled as he felt the stress, the pain of the last few weeks melt away, along with the rest of his conscious mind. He was vaguely aware of something long filling his mouth but then he was in a deep restful sleep.

He slowly awoke aware only that his head was resting on something large and soft. He opened his eyes he was in his bed; his head was on Omega’s pec and had a huge bicep round his side. Omega didn’t require sleep and was awake with a bored expression.

“You are still here” Psi said in a half question half statement.

“Protect adequate Emperor” Omega said in what Psi guessed was his version of a begrudging complement.

Psi felt happy and safe, nothing could hurt him while Omega was here. He started fingering Omega’s nipples.

“Good, Good” he gasped as his cock started to rise, Psi went down and started pleasuring it conscious and willing.

“Good leaders provide incentives” he thought.