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The Runic Emperor

Chapter 4

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A week had passed and things were starting to look up for Emperor Psi, tactical reports suggested that the organised rebellion was in disarray. For the return of the captured witch Orsea the city of Nydia paid their whole reserves of magic they collected. Judging from the quantity of the magic supplies that were arriving Psi thought he would have enough for another master golem in a few months. Only the third inner-city of Erodia was defiant, but without the others to supply troops they hadn’t made any aggression. If they could be pacified then he would have a booming economy and could even think about retaking the outer states.

Psi spent his time studying more runic scholarship and Omega’s behaviour. He shut out the council and remaining scholars in the city from his section of the palace, it was clear their loyalties could not be trusted, yet with such a weak hold on the political situation he couldn’t banish them… yet. As long as he stayed close to Omega, he should be safe from any direct treachery. They had no idea about the control Omega had over him and Omega wouldn’t undermine the authority of the emperor in public. He should be frustrated even furious at being controlled by his own creation but such feelings seemed suppressed and replaced by arousal and submissiveness, for now Psi simply had to tolerate it until he found a solution in the vast scholarship of Zhou.

Omega spent his time pacing around the study, sending scouts and spies to the neighbouring cities, drawing up invasion plans and fucking Tau in the evenings, an arrangement that kept everyone happy. Remarkably morale in the army was soaring, they didn’t seem to mind following the clipped orders of a golem and any that did mind were soon seen leaving meetings walking funny. Having been the first emperor to produce a master golem in a century, something even ordinary soldiers perceived to be a miracle, had earned Psi a great mystique and respect. Of course, this was helped by the fact he was only seen in ceremonies and never spoke to low ranking servants.

There was a knock on the study door, the latest intelligence reports and a new birthing vessel had arrived. The runes on Omega’s biceps glowed as he single-handedly carried the human sized ceramic structure into the spot where he had emerged only a few weeks ago. He then turned his attention to reading the intelligence reports and grunted. They had still not located Feirma the leader of the final defiant city. Omega sat in a large chair, Psi turned away from his work started rubbing magic oils into his shoulders, he didn’t need any yet but Psi found it relaxing.

Then Tau arrived with a parchment. “What are you doing?” she asked seeing Psi’s hands fondling Omega’s pecs.

Embarrassed, Psi picked up the bottle of magic oils. “Maintenance” he said shaking the evidence.

“Oh… anyway She wants to come here!” Tau said as she waved the parchment “She’s sent a runic contract.”

Psi read the parchment. Feirma was requesting a parley for negotiating terms of surrender. She had sent the agreement on a runic contract, a magically bound pact that would curse anyone who broke the terms. This contract was to guarantee her safety at the parley provided she didn’t make aggressive moves herself.

“If we can’t capture her the conventional way, we may have to agree to this” said Psi.

“Do you think it’s a trap?” asked Tau.

“This contract seems fair, she doesn’t specify how many people may be in the room. All three of us should go in case she tries anything.”

“Then it’s agreed, you sign the contract and return the acceptance.”

If he broke the terms at the very least, he would lose his finger, but this seemed innocent enough, worst case scenario is she didn’t agree to anything and leaves peacefully. Psi pressed the imperial seal tattooed on his thumb to the paper and the runes on it glowed and the binding activated.

Feirma arrived at the palace in a hooded robe, she was ushered into a social room where she sat at a small table across from Psi, Tau and Omega. To everyone’s surprised she removed the robe to reveal a gold coloured bikini underneath with a short skirt. She had incredible curves with gumdrop beasts and a round arse, she was more attractive than any of Psi’s concubines.

“So, you’re here to negotiate your surrender” Psi began, “I propose unconditional”. He was eager to see where this would lead.

“This is my proposal.” she threw over a runic contract similar to the one she had sent to arrange this meeting. Tau read through it. It was not unreasonable. She would give 80% of the magic Erodia harvested to the Imperial city, and offer her body periodically to the emperor at least until a son was born. In return she required that she would be left alone as leader of the city and ‘the golem general’ would not subvert her will.

“Why should I accept 80% when I can send my army and control all of it?” asked Psi.

“Because while I have my powers, I can use them in service of you and through cooperation we both become stronger.” Without anyone noticing, her hands under the table began releasing magic currents. She teased the currents over to Psi’s and Omega’s cocks and began teasing them at barely noticeable levels.

“You would be satisfied with these terms?” Asked Tau, “it was only a few weeks ago you and your sisters wanted the whole empire.”

“I have come to see what happens to those who oppose you, I have no desire to be a jabbering weakling” Feirma replied, “besides I am not like my sisters, they thought power had to be overt, obvious, in the open, a molten fireball or long heavy sword.”

Psi’s erection began to grow.

“I understand real power can be subtle, hidden. You needn’t take it by force, sometimes you only need to give someone what they desire.” She pushed her breasts forward, as Psi and Omega briefly glanced at her breasts, she increased the pleasure from the teasing. She did this each time she saw their gaze drop down to her cleavage. Subconsciously they found it harder and harder to keep their eyes off her bounteous tits.

“Ugh. Why should I let witchcraft be practised in my empire at all when we have runecraft, I could just use them to control your mind and take what I desire.” his gaze dropped to her tits again. So, inviting, so stimulating, his erection grew harder.

“You men and your HARD, unyielding runes” Feirma said, Psi and Omega felt as if soft lips were sucking their cocks but neither found cause to question this.

“We witches control magic with our emotions, fluid, soft, inviting.” She stopped talking, Psi’s pleasure stopped, he looked down at her tits desperate for it to return.

“Go on” he said, openly ogling her tits at this point.

To his relief the pleasure returned as she continued talking.

“With magic witches can make fire, manifest swords or make things so mesmerising it’s almost impossible to look away.” With that she pulled down her bikini top revealing her breasts in their full glory.

All were silent, in awe of her breasts.

Omega’s powerful cock became so erect it broke the belt strap on his pants which exploded off slapping Tau’s leg. Tau, who had only been partially entranced, looked to her side and saw Omega and Psi transfixed at the tits sporting huge erections.

“What have you done to them you bitch!” Tau shouted as she shook her hand over Omega’s eyes.

“Are you going to let her interfere with a negotiation that’s going so well?” Feirma said as she stopped the sucking sensations on Omega’s cock.

Annoyed Omega turned his head and gave Tau a brief blast with his mind engraving runes. Tau fell onto her knees into a trance.

Feirma stood up and walked over to Tau, “Now you little slut why don’t you go frig yourself in the corner thinking of my tits”, then turning to Omega she said “Good golem, you have served your master well” fingering his abs, the pleasure to his cock returned as his gaze fell to her bulging tits once more.

She walked over to Psi and bent down, “Now would the little emperor like to get better acquainted with his new toys?” she said in a mocking tone. Psi grinned and nodded, under the trance he couldn’t think but he felt like a 13-year-old boy about to get to feel boobs for the first time. Feirma walked over to a nearby sofa and sat down. Psi glided over and clumsily started to suck her tits. Magic oozed out into his head, Feirma pulled it into his brain and weaved him into a blissful state.

“You know we witches can best control the flow of magic in our pussies, but if you want in there you will have to sign our little agreement. I can’t just give all our secrets away for free you understand.”

Psi was beyond too horny to think, he grabbed the contract and pushed his thumb rune to it. The runes on the contract lit up. Feirma grabbed the contract and stored it safely.

“Good, now come and get it.” she ripped her panties off and Psi thrust his desperately hard cock inside.

Feirma had not been lying, he felt a swirling stimulation of warm pleasure he had never dreamed of.

“That’s it my little emperor, fill me with your seed” Feirma groaned.

It wasn’t long until he came buckets, a strange sucking sensation seemed to ensure that no cum leaked out.

“Let us hope that was a son.” Pushing Psi off her “With that done I better be going before your friends wake up”. She walked over to Omega who was still enjoying the sucking simulation. She looked at his cock “hmm not bad” then she kissed the fingers and press them to the tip. She then walked to the door swaying her hips, Psi could do nothing but lie on the sofa admiring the view. Was this love?

A few moments after she had left the room the spell broke with and Omega and Tau groaning and cumming all over the floor.