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Russian Slave For An American Master

m/f male dominant, mc, humiliation, bondage


About an American University student studying in a Scottish university puts a Russian student who turned him down on a date under mind control.


Madison was sat all by himself by a table in the university pub, drinking his coffee and eating some English Breakfast.

It was 12PM and he had just finished one of his classes (Law) and was a student at the University of Edinburgh.

The University of Edinburgh was one of the best universities in the world although Scotland as a region was very boring, depressing and unemployment was very high.

Madison was from the Mid-Western part of the United States of America. He was 25; tall, pale, Blond, blue eyed, athletic, muscular and was a die-hard Republican Christian who hated the EU but not Britain.

He hadn’t made many friends and some of his housemates (also university students) left the student accommodation he was staying in as they got bored of his political rhetoric like supporting US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and about how the world owes America for saving the world from Hitler, the Soviets and Islamic terrorists.

On the other side was another table and he spotted one of his classmates.

“Well hello there,” Madison smiling to himself, getting up (not finishing his breakfast yet) and walked over to the other table where this other classmate of his sat.

“Hi. Fancy seeing you here,” Madison smiling at this student.

Her name was Olga. She was from Moscow (Russia); 27, pretty tanned, tall but a head shorter than Madison, Brunette, green eyed, slim and looked like that Russian actress from the last Bond film Quantum of Solace (even has the same first name as her too).

Olga looked up to Madison. She was also having late breakfast (like he).

Madison took the empty seat opposite hers and sat himself down.

Olga hated Madison, as he often bashed Russians up in every political oriented conversation he had with their university professors.

“What do you want?” Olga shooting him a cold look.

“You are Olga right,” Madison trying to chat her up.

“And you are the famous Madison. Sometimes known in these parts as Captain America,” Olga was being sarcastic.

“So you are from Moscow, am I right?” Madison starting to sound more polite.

“Well Madison at least I am not from the Bible Belt,” Olga spoke, with fluent English sarcasm but with still a hint of Russian accent.

Madison knew how intelligent she was and from what he learned about her, that she had lived all over Europe since childhood.

“Look Olga why are you being hard on me. I just want to be your friend,” Madison looking hurt.

“You did not answer my first question. What do you want?” Olga reinforcing her earlier question.

“I…I just wanted to chat with you. I mean we are classmates and I thought of trying to get to know you a lot better. That’s all.” Madison defending his actions, for having sat there.

“Are you here to find out if I am some communist spy or something?” Olga having some fun at his expense

“No. No Olga. It is not like that at all. Look I have nothing against Russians. I think you are great people whop happened to be ruled by evil men like Putin or Medvedev. I just don’t trust those men,” Madison was being sincere.

“And I don’t trust George W Bush and the oil companies either. America supported dictatorships worldwide for decades so don’t go try bashing up other people’s countries. No wonder everyone in class hates you and you have no friends,” Olga giving him a cold look.

“He will be out of office soon and the world can stop bashing America up. Especially these evil European Socialists,” Madison starting to sound more emotional.

“Oh yes these evil European Socialists unlike good ol’ Anglo Saxon capitalism” Olga starting to chuckle.

“Look. I’m sorry I wasted your time Olga. I sincerely am,” Madison getting up.

“Hey wait. I’m sorry that I’m being rude. So you wanted to come and chat me up? Is that it?” Olga sounding and looking guilty for having a “go” at him.

“It’s ok Olga. I can understand that I was getting to your nerves and feelings in class. I am sorry if I made you upset. Yes I did come here to chat you up. I also wanted to say that ou are a very beautiful woman,” Madison confessing.

“Really. Why thank you Madison. Well to be honest you are not bad looking yourself,” Olga smiling from this form of flattery.

Madison sat down again.

“Look Olga I came here because I wanted to ask you out on a date,” Madison admitting.

“A date?” Olga was surprised.

“Yes a date. I wanted to ask you out for a movie or something,” Madison showing his interest in Olga.

“Well thanks but no thanks. I actually came here to Edinburgh to study,” Olga getting up from her seat, giving him a cold look.

“Why not? I said I was sorry for my behaviour in class. Look Olga I really like you and I am not even suggesting anything bad about you at all. Look. it would be just one date and I promise you you would have a good time,” Madison starting to plead.

Olga knew that he was desperate as he actually was a very lonely student with no real friends and that she was actually humiliating him by having turn him down on even just one date, hence a bruise on his proud ego.

“I will be honest with you Madison. You may be handsome but you are not my type,” Olga walking away as far away as possible, out of the pub.

Madison was very very very upset, feeling humiliated and was also very angry.

Fuck you you Russian bitch, Madison thought, being angry about his injured feelings.

He was contemplating revenge.


Olga was inside the library, sat down by herself on a table and reading a novel. A shadow loomed over her. she turned to look up.

It was Madison.

“Hi. Listen could I talk to you,” Madison looked as if he was ready to plead with her.

Olga wasn’t sure if to give him a chance but then she decided that she had been just as cruel with him.

That whole week he had not bad mouthed any foreigner and so she also had to be just as lenient.

“Alright Madison,” Olga smiled at him.

Madison took the seat opposite hers

“So Madison, what was it you wanted to talk to me about?” Olga asked.

She asked because she was curious. Nothing more and sure as hell was not interested in this “redneck”.

“I heard that you liked Tschaikovsky,” Madison said.

“I love Tschaikovsky,” Olga became very interested.

“I have some of his CDs back home. Listen. Would you like to come to my place today? I could play it on my radio and I can cook us lunch,” Madison offering.

Olga could see that he really anted her to come over to her place.

“Look. It is just one day. I can even drive you back home so that way you don’t have to pay for bus fare. Please. I mean you turned me down on one date. Look I am not going to ask you out again. Just one lousy day with me and I promise I won’t even try to kiss you,” Madison looking cute as he was giving her puppy-eye looks.

“Well ok. You win. But if I want to go home, you promise to drive me back and also not to get angry if I reject you trying to kiss me,” Olga joking with him.

“Cross my heart and hope to die,” Madison hitting his fist to his chest.

* * *

“You have a nice place Madison,” Olga was inside the lounge at Madison’s place.

He lived in a two-storey student accommodation. On the ground floor were the lounge and kitchen and one student flat bedroom. On the upper floor were the bathroom and three more bedroom flats.

Madison lived all by himself at one the bedrooms upstairs.

Madison had his laptop by the wooden table in front of the sofa and he put the CD, playing the first song of Tschaikovsky.

“Just relax and make yourself at home.

Madison went to the kitchen and closed the kitchen door.

Olga lied her head and back against the couch, closing her eyes and listening to Tschaikovsky.

She was relaxed.

As she sat down and let her mind wander free, she had no idea that this was not just some ordinary Tschaikovsky CD she was listening to.

It had some hypnotic messages on it, playing with her subconscious mind.

It felt like an hour but Olga was just sat there, lying her head and kept her eyes closed, with her conscious part thinking that she was falling asleep.

The CD kept on playing.

Until it stopped.

Olga woke up and saw Madison standing right in front of her.

“I…I must have fallen asleep,” Olga blinking her eyelids.

Madison just continued to stare at her.


“You had a nice nap,” Madison asked her.

“Yeah,” Olga remembering that she was at his place as he drove them their and that she was listening to his CD music.

“You are a very beautiful girl Olga. You shouldn’t have been cold to me,” Madison looking at her.

She looked up at him, worried that he was talking about the week before.

“Hey take it easy. I…I didn’t know you were still mad at me,” Olga did not like his tone of voice.

“Olga from now on you will do as you are told. You will not scream for help. You will nor try to run away from me. You will not do or think of ways to hurt me. And you shall always respond to me as Master,” Madison telling her.

Olga felt strange. She wasn’t sure if he drugged her, and then she remembered the CD.

Olga could not scream for help.

Olga got up from her seat, left the lounge and walked towards corridor where the front door was but realised that she would not try to open it.

On my God. He had put my mind under some kind of control, she thought.

Olga turned around and saw Madison behind her. He was giving her a very wicked smile.

She also realised that she was not able to scream for help. She really was doing what he wanted her to do.

“Look what do you want? Is it money?” Olga trying to stall him.

“How about a kiss. Come here, give me a loving genuine hug and kiss me on the lips,” he commanded her.

“Yes….Master,” Olga realising that she had just called him Master, was walking towards him and already in front of him.

She put her arms around him, grabbing his head and gave him a loving kiss on the lips. When she topped kissing him, she still had her arms around him.

“You are a good kisser,” Madison smiling.

“Oh my God. I don’t believe this is happening,” Olga was openly panicking right before him.

“Oh it is happening,” he smiled.

The CD instructed her mind to make her “obedient” to the first person she saw, who happened to be Madison.

He looked down on her, as if he had won and his injured feelings had finally been avenged.

“Please you can’t do this….Master. You invited me to come here and I did come. You wanted us to be friends. Look you can’t do this to me. It is not fair,” she started getting scared.

“Well you should have been nicer to me a week ago. You hurt my feelings by walking away. Now how often do you get an American guy to walk over to a Russian woman and tell her how beautiful he thought she was only to have her act like a bitch in front of him? Do you know that many of your countrywomen go on their knees and seduce my country men so that they can fall in love with them, marry them and get green cards to become American citizens, only to demand a year later for a divorce. Huh,” Madison getting angry and smacked her ass from behind.

“I am nothing like these women you are talking about. Look. You were behaving very arrogantly in class. That kind of thing turns most people off,” Olga defending her past actions for having been cold to him.

“Yeah well now you are my slave you Russian bitch. You can let go of me,” Madison telling her.

“Yes Master,” Olga letting go of him.

“Now let’s go back to the living room,” Madison telling her.

They both headed back to the lounge .Madison sat himself down on the sofa.

“Now stand in front of me, right in front of my tv,” Madison commanded.

“Yes Master,” Olga standing in front of his tv.

“Now say ‘I am nothing more than a stupid Russian bitch,” Madison ordering her.

“I am nothing more than a stupid Russian bitch,” Olga hating what she was saying.

“Say it again,” Madison yelled.

“I am nothing more than a stupid Russian bitch,” Olga repeating herself.

Madison made her say this more than 10 times until he could tell from her eyes that he was making look and feel more and more inferior.

Madison chuckled to himself.

“Take off your clothes,” Madison ordered her.

“Yes Master,” Olga responded.

She took off all her clothes until she was fully naked. She had dark brown pubic hair and normal size breasts.

Madison licked his lips.

“You have a good body Olga. You look very sexy,” Madison said.

“Thank you…Master,” Olga trying to suck up to his comments.

“Now I want you to finger yourself with your left hand while playing with both your boobs with your right hand,” Madison commanded her.

“Yes….Master,” Olga starting to play with herself.

As she was fingering herself right in front of him and taking turns stroking and fondling both her breasts, Madison started taking off his own clothes until he was naked.

She could see how large his cock was – a cock that would break her cunt if it was inserted in it (or her ass for that matter).

Madison walked towards her.

“Drop down on your knees,” Madison ordered her.

“Yes Master,” Olga started looking more and more afraid of him.

Olga slowly went down on her knees.

“Open your mouth,” Madison ordered.

Olga opened her mouth, while still looking up to him.

Madison thrust his large cock up her mouth and grabbed a toss of her brown hair.

Madison gave her a triumphant look.

“Oh what’s the matter. Is my American cock in control of your stupid Russian mouth,” Madison having a hand on her head and hair.

“I want you to give me a blowjob, just like how you commie women had to do during the Yeltsin era when you had to whore yourselves to us for money,” Madison humiliating her and putting her down.

Olga started working her jaw to his cock, sucking his cock. He started humping his cock into her mouth, hurting her entire head while giving a little spanking on the side of her head.

“That’s right you fucking Russian whore. You think your country is becoming a superpower again, like when they invaded Georgia during the Olympics. You are just a whore. A whore who would fuck for money. We beat you in the Cold War and we will beat you again,” Madison becoming more and more abusive while yanking her hair and slapping her face while she was blowing him.

Olga was just closing her eyes, while she was blowing him.

“Hey bitch. Look me in the eyes while you are sucking my superior American cock. Russian lips were meant to be sucking the cocks of their American owners,” Madison starting to sound more sadistic.

Olga looked him in the eyes.

She looked afraid, humiliated and felt like some abused prostitute.

She was drinking all his American juice down into her Russian lungs.

“That’s right. Keep working that loud mouth of yours on my cock,” Madison enjoying her sucking him like this.

Madison finally made her stop sucking him.

“Now let’s go to my bedroom. There are some things I want to try out with you,” Madison said.

“Yes Master,” Olga bowed her head….in fear.

They walked up the stairs towards Madison’s bedroom.

Madison led her by the hand and pushed her towards his bed.

“Now just shut up and lie down,” he commanded her.

Madison went to one his bedroom drawers, took out some cloths and tied Olga’s wrists and ankles to his four bed posts, putting her in a spread eagle position.

Madison came on top of her.

“I always wanted to do this to a bitch like you,” Madison spat at her face.

Olga started crying, tears flowing down.

Madison licked his spat saliva off her face.

He thrust his cock up her cunt, instantly breaking it while continuing to fuck her.

Olga screamed in pain, as he was fucking her while squeezing her breasts very hard.

Madison continued humping and humping her while forcing his lips on hers and kissing and biting at her nape, and of course sucking on each nipple, very strongly.

After fucking her cunt, he untied her wrists and ankles and made her lay face down, thrusting his cock up her ass.

As Madison flooded her asshole (like her pussy) with more American sperm, Olga just let him degrade her (accepting this) and hurt her ass. Her cunt was swollen with pain (and sperm).Her ass was ending up like her cunt, being raped vigorously

Madison held on to her hair, pulling at it while at the same time pushing her head down towards the bed roughly, like as if she were a common prostitute.

Madison enjoyed what he was doing to her and it felt nice to have his cock inside her ass, wiggling inside it.

After fucking her from behind, Madison lied down on his own bed while ordering his “Russian slave” to get busy and do some house cleaning, starting from downstairs and to work herself all the way up while he took a nap.

By the time Madison woke up from his nap, it was 6PM. He saw his “Russian slave” cleaning his bedroom with a fluffer…nakedly.

Madison got up and walked towards his slave while she was dusting his desk. He was fondling with both her breasts while she continued working.

“You feel nice slave,” Madison fondling her, liking the soft touch of her flesh.

Olga just kept on cleaning, praying for this whole nightmare to be over.

He then noticed that her neck was sweating, as her back.

“You are sweating,” Madison trying to get a sniff at Olga’s neck.

“You wanted me to clean your house Master. I have been cleaning for more than two hours now. I am also tired and hungry,” Olga sounding weaker.

He didn’t feed her for lunch. He told her he was making them lunch but was instead tricking her into letting the CD hypnotise her while he got out just in time to see if the CD worked on her.

“Ok. We’ll order pizza ok,” Madison suggested.

Madison got all dressed up and called the pizza delivery number. He asked Olga for money, as he was paying the pizza with her money.

The delivery boy came by 7Pm. Madison paid for the pizza and then told his “slave” to come down.

Olga remained naked, with his sperm stain still visible on her brown pubic hair and jaw (nearly drying up).

They both ate pizza in the lounge, sat down in front of the television.

“Slave I want you to spread your legs and eat pizza by dipping the tip of your pizza into your pussy and then eating it,” Madison ordering her.

“Yes…Master,” Olga gulping.

While Madison enjoyed eating pizza in a normal way, Olga raised her legs on the sofa and she pushed the tip of her pizza slice to her cunt (mixing it with his cum stain ( and then eating it.

He could tell that she hated it, from the looks on her eyes.

Madison giggled.

“Nice and tasty isn’t it,” Madison laughing at her.

“No Master. It is disgusting and taste awful,” Olga commented.

As for drinks, they both had a cola bottle and poured drinks on glasses.

Madison would move closer to Olga and make her dip her right nipple to his glass. He would then lick the cola stain on her right nipple, licking and sucking on it, savouring the taste.

After dinner was over, Olga cleaned everything up and still had to remain naked.

By the time it was 8PM, Madison put on a porn film on his DVD player. While he was standing, Olga knelt before him.

He was ejaculating his sperm towards her brown hair, making it sticky.

“Your hair needs shampoo,” Madison laughing at a kneeling Olga, who continued to stare down.

He was stroking his cock and more sperm came down on Olga’s beautiful hair, coating it as if snow was falling on the roof of a car.

“Ok slave let’s go over to the table,” he commanded her.

“Yes Master,” Olga responded meekly.

Madison made her lie naked on the wooden table. He was ejaculating more sperm. This time to her beautiful face. He stroked his cock until her entire face was fully coated.

“Now you are now allowed to close those beautiful eyes of yours,” Madison ordered.

“Yes Master,” Olga staring up at his cock.

She now could see the sperm juice squirting out from his cock, towards her eyes and face. The smell of his sperm was overwhelming her and its sticky feeling.

Madison then moved over to her breasts and started ejaculating more sperm towards her boobs.

He enjoyed coating her like this.

“Your body is now covered with nice American juice,” Madison complimenting his work on her.

His “coating” of her was getting him so excited that he needed to have sex with her.

“Come. Let’s go to my bedroom,” Madison commanded.

Once they were in Madison’s bedroom, Madison fucked her ass while she was on all fours in his bed. He fucked her while squeezing on her breasts very roughly.

Olga was just crying from his cock’s assault.

After fucking her anally, he turned her body around and started fucking her pussy vigorously.

Olga’s pussy was getting more sperm coming inside her.

“Slave, I want to try something,” Madison just had an idea.

Madison’s cock was inside Olga’s pussy while he was standing up and her arms and legs wrapped around his back.

He was banging her back violently against his own bedroom wall.

By the time Madison finished fucking her in all sorts of position, he used his cell phone to record her sperm covered body as she lied on his bed.

“Ok slave. I think we both need a bath,” Madison commented.

Olga ran them both a bath and they both lied down inside Madison’s bath tub.

Olga had to clean his body in a very affectionate way as he lied there relaxingly.

“That feels so nice. You are such a good slave. No wonder they call you people Slavs,” Madison poking fun at her background.

Olga gave him a look as if he had just hurt her feelings.

Olga continued cleaning him up. If she could say something she would have told him to go to Hell.

Her face was still covered with his cum.

Madison grabbed her by her hair and pushed her head down the water, and brought her up again.

Olga was breathing very hardly.

“You are cleaning me up so I was cleaning you up,” Madison started sounding more serious.

“That hurts. The water,” Olga commented on what she perceived as him trying to drown her.

She really looked like Hell.

“Slave you really look like Hell,” Madison just making comments now and nor trying to say anything nasty again.

After the bath, Madison dried himself with a towel and was kind enough to give her a spare towel to dry herself with.

He allowed her to get dressed up.

By the time Madison finished dressing up, he saw his clock.

It was already one in the morning.

“Oh shit. I got to get some sleep,” Madison said.

Madison rushed downstairs. When he got to the lounge he saw his “slave” putting her clothes back on again.

This was the best day/night of his life as he had a slave making him happy, and keeping him company as he had no one else to hang out with.

Olga picked up her bag and saw Madison.

“Master, am I allowed to go home?” Olga asked him…..meekly.

“Of course you can. But I am too tired to drive you back. It is already after one o clock in the morning,” Madison starting to get a lot more concerned about her welfare. After all, she kept him happy the whole day and gave him the time of his life.

She also looked as if she could collapse on the floor.

“Do you feel tired?” Madison asked her nicely.

“Yes Master. I really do,” Olga speaking slowly.

“I don’t know if the buses still run at this time. Look Olga why don’t you spend the night here. I don’t think you could walk back home,” Madison saw how her legs were bent in a frog-like way (from his fucking her ass and cunt the whole day).

“I…I also don’t think so too Master,” Olga agreed.

“Look tonight. You can just call me Madison. Stay here with me,” Madison just realising that he was also tired of spending so many nights in this big old house all by himself and that he actually cherished company.

“Ok. Madison. That is very nice of you. So where will I sleep?” Olga asked him.

* * *

Olga slept with Madison on his bed. His arm was around her body. She slept very soundly. As she slept Madison was playing with her hair in a living way. He felt guilty for using her as his personal slave that whole day. This was the least he could do.

As she slept he was contemplating making her sign up as his new housemate so he would never have to be lonely again.

Having a slave was nice but having a companion was far more important, he thought.

“Night Olga,” Madison kissing her on her head