The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Ryan and Eric

Chapter 5: Ryan’s Plan

After breakfast, Ryan drove Drew home. They talked along the way.

Ryan realized he had to tell Drew something—after trying to figure out how to tell him, he finally just said it.

“Drew, dude, what we did last night was amazing—that was awesome! And—I’m not saying I don’t want to do that again…but I want to be—you know—cool about this, around school and all okay?”

“Man, I agree! It was great, but I don’t want anyone else to know!”

“There’s something else, Drew. I should tell you, I’m still into girls, too. I mean, I go out with girls, and I do stuff with them, too.”


“I just thought I ought to tell you that—in case it made a difference. I mean—we just had fun, right? I’m not saying we’re not friends—not maybe something more than that—but…”

“I understand. It’s cool.

After a pause, Ryan felt the need to add something else.

“Also, Drew, there’s my friend Eric…”

“Oh, shit! Yeah, wow—I mean, I didn’t want to get in between you and him…”

“Wait—it’s not like that. I mean, he’s not gay.”

“Really? ’Cause you guys sure are close…”

“Yeah, really. He’s totally straight. But, you’re right—we are close. But he doesn’t know I’m into guys. Not yet. Let me tell him, okay? We have a kind of special friendship; I really can’t explain it.

“Anyway—I just wanted to let you know how things stood, just to be honest and all. I mean—we’re not boyfriends—but we’re friends, okay?”

“Yeah, that’s cool—that’s how I want it, too.”

“And,” Ryan said with a sly smile, as he reached for Drew’s crotch—“once in a while, you’ll be my boy, right?”

“Yes Sir!” Drew said with a blush, his cock suddenly hardening.

After that, Ryan told Drew about Eric, how he thought he’d be going out for wrestling—and could Drew help him out?

Drew said sure—he was happy to what Ryan asked. Ryan was noticing this more and more with everyone he dealt with.

After he dropped off Drew, Ryan realized—it was time to talk to Eric about wrestling. He called Eric to let him know he was headed over.

“Wrestling? Why would I want to go out for wrestling?” “Because I think you’d be good at it. Let’s face it—you’re okay at football, but not great. But you have the right build for wrestling—and you’re quick and tough, which you need to be.”

“But I don’t like wrestling. I don’t want to wrestle.”

“Ah, how can you say that till you try it? What’s wrong with wrestling?”

“Well, I think it’s kinda gay, to be honest.”

“You think wrestlers are gay?”

“Well . . . no. Well, maybe some are—I dunno.”

“So, what’s the problem?”

“It’s just the way…you know, they’re on each other, pressing up against each other. You don’t think there’s something…gay about that?”

“Guys are ‘on each other’ and ‘up against each other’ in football, too; I’ve been in a pile-up; so have you.”

“Okay, but—that’s different. I don’t know how, but—it’s different.”

Ryan moved closer to Eric, and put an arm around him, playfully. “So, you’re afraid some gay guy’s gonna think you’re cute, and take you down, and turn you into his ‘boy,’ huh?” As he said it, he threw Eric onto the floor and pretended to wrestle him, till they were both laughing.

After they caught their breath, Eric answered, “OK, so I’m being a little paranoid…”

“’A little’?”

“Anyway…so what’s it to you? Why are you all fired up about me being a wrestler?”

“Wanna know the real reason?”


“Well,” Ryan said, leaning close, dropping to a whisper. “It’s because I think you’ll be incredibly cute in a singlet!” With that, Ryan reached out and tousled Eric’s hair, adding, “yeah, you’re so cute!

“Cut it out,” Eric said, laughing. “Can’t you be serious?”

“I am serious…about you wrestling. You should wrestle. It’d be a good sport for you.”

Eric thought about it. “You really think so?”


“You sure this is the right thing to do?”

“C’mon, buddy—this is me! When have I ever steered you wrong?”

“Okay—I’ll do it.”

“Good boy!” Ryan said, reaching out and tousling Eric’s hair again. This time, Eric just blushed and smiled.

After Eric tried out for wrestling, things unfolded as Ryan had planned. Eric made the squad; and over the summer, he worked out hard, getting ready for his senior year as a wrestler. His grades had gotten a lot better—almost all As.

Meanwhile, Ryan made his own plans. He applied to Coughlin College, as he planned. When he got accepted, he came over to tell Eric about it.

“You know, buddy—you could go to Coughlin, too—next year.”

“I don’t know, I don’t think my grades are good enough.”

“Don’t be too sure—you’ve really pulled them up. I’m really proud of you!” Ryan reached over and rubbed Eric’s head, making him blush.

“Thanks—I owe it all to you—you pushed me hard!”

“You bet I did, boy! You needed it!”

“Yeah, I did…”

“Plus, Coughlin makes a major thing out of wrestling…”

“Really? Wow—cuz you know how much I love wrestling…”

“Yeah, I know,” Ryan said, remembering what he’d said only a few months earlier. “Here’s the thing: they offer a lot of special scholarships for wrestlers—and it’s not like you have to be the cream of the crop—though I think you’re on your way, buddy!”


“Wouldn’t it be great, though, if we were both at Coughlin? I’ll be there, studying psych; I think you stand a decent shot of getting there on your grades, but even more, because they like to encourage wrestlers.” Ryan explained about the businessman’s special wrestler scholarships.

“Wow, I really could make it, then—couldn’t I? I mean, with that special endowment…”

“Huh? What’d you say about your ‘special endowment’?”

“Would you quit? It’s a good thing I know you’re straight, or I’d think you were hitting on me!”

“I told you—it’s those wrestling tights—I can’t resist ‘em!”

Shut UP!” With that, Ryan grabbed Eric, and they started wrestling again, till they both broke up laughing.

“Okay, now that we got that out of your system…so it’s settled: you’ll apply at Coughlin, too—and come there next year?”

“Okay! I’ll do it!”

“Good boy! Good boy!!” Ryan said, as he tousled Eric’s hair, making him blush. He couldn’t help stealing a glance at Eric’s crotch, as he rubbed his head—did it seem a little fuller than usual?

Chapter 6: How Eric met Jennifer

It hadn’t taken long after Eric moved into the dorm for him to get acclimated to the gym. He remembered when being in shape hadn’t mattered to him, back in high school—but now, he made sure to work out nearly every day—he had to, if he was going to keep his wrestling scholarship. One morning of his first week, Eric stood before the mirror, admiring what his workouts were doing for him, especially his pecs. He’d never had much hair on his chest, but now that he’d shaved it, he knew it was the right move. He’d noticed other guys’ pecs at the gym, and realized that the ones with really stand-out chests didn’t have any hair on them. It had seemed strange when the idea of shaving his chest first occurred to him—he’d have rejected it without a second thought only a few weeks earlier; but it didn’t seem a big deal now.

He was even more sure it was the right move after his first date with the girl Ryan had pointed out to him at “the Loft” about a month into the school year. He blushed to think he’d they’d met: after Ryan couldn’t get Eric to go talk to her, he went over and introduced himself, then brought her back to meet Eric. He must have turned all shades of red that night! But Jennifer—that was her name—seemed awfully nice; prodded by Ryan, they agreed to see each other the next night.

Eric met Jennifer at her dorm, then they walked over to see a movie at the “Neon.” It was an indie flick—Jennifer had picked it—a movie called Latter Days. Eric didn’t know anything about it, and didn’t really care—he just wanted to be with Jennifer. Then, he started to wonder just what the movie was; before long, he realized—this is a gay movie! He looked over at Jennifer—she seemed to enjoy it—so, even though he was uncomfortable, he tried to watch it. When the two boys on screen started to make out, Eric reached to hold Jennifer’s hand.

After the movie, they got some pizza. “Well, that was, um…different,” Eric said, trying to be diplomatic.

“Did you like it?”

“Well, I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like that, to be honest. Did you know it was going to be so…well, gay?”

“No, not really—somewhere I got the idea—I don’t remember, isn’t that funny? Anyway, I thought the boys were cute!”

“Gee, thanks!”

“But not as cute a boy as you,” Jennifer cooed, as she put her hand on Eric’s chest. His shirt was open, and she reached inside. “Ooh, I love when guys have smooth chests!” She couldn’t keep her hands off his chest the rest of the night!

They ended the date back at her dorm; screwing up his courage, Eric gave her a goodnight kiss. He wanted more, but he didn’t have the nerve to try for more.