The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Ryan and Eric

Chapter 7: Eric’s Development

Ryan was still thinking about his high school days with Eric when his reverie was interrupted.

“You saw me wrestle?” It was Eric, now back in his street clothes.

“Yeah, little bro, I did—tough luck,” Ryan said, rubbing Eric’s head.

Eric hung his head, embarrassed. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I used to take guys down, no problem. Now, everybody takes me down.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Ryan said, putting his arm around Eric. “I’m here—you know I’m proud of you!”

Eric blushed. “Thanks!”

“And I take care of you, don’t I? You’re my boy—don’t I take care of you?”

Blushing a little more, Eric looked up wide-eyed at Ryan, nodding.

“All right then. So don’t worry. If you don’t win on the wrestling mat, maybe it’s not meant to be. If someone else takes you down, maybe it’s meant to be. There’s nothing to be ashamed of—not when you know who you are, and where your place is, right? Right?”

“Right,” Eric said, nodding.

“Good boy,” Ryan said, patting and rubbing Eric’s head the way he liked it, making him blush again.

“Why don’t we head back to the dorm, then? We can get something to eat, then you can get on the computer and get to work.”

Eric agreed that was a good plan, so they headed back.

“Wait—don’t you have a date with Jennifer?”

Eric shook his head—how had he forgotten so quickly? “You’re right! I’ll see you later tonight. With that, he sprinted over to Jennifer’s dorm.

Things were developing nicely, he thought. “Maybe she’s the one,” he said to himself, wondering if it was with her he’d go all the way.

He’d gone out with her a few more times after their first date in October—then he’d gotten busy with school, then she had, then the holidays; but they talked by phone a lot.

It was embarrassing to recall how awkward he’d been around girls all his life. His best buddy Ryan had always had so much more confidence, so much more poise-right from the beginning. Fortunately, Ryan—who was like a big brother to Eric—had set him up time after time. But Eric got used to playing second-fiddle, and after awhile, following Ryan around seemed natural to him.

Yet, despite all that, Eric was still a virgin! His face burned with embarrassment—why couldn’t he be a stud like Ryan? He remembered so many fumbled dates, where he’d been nervous and timid, or he’d come on so strong he’d scared off his date. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t been horny enough all that time. But somehow, something had always messed things up, and he never got much beyond a lot of kissing and touching, and had to finish it later, by himself.

While Eric headed off for his date, Ryan went back to the dorm to get some dinner, then headed to the library.

He had plenty of time to reflect on how far Eric had come since high school. He noticed how everything Eric wore came straight out of Abercrombie—something Ryan had set in motion before he went off to college. Then, of course, so much had happened in the few months since Eric had arrived at college. That was do, of course, to how much Ryan himself had changed in his first year of college.

When Ryan arrived at Coughlin, he was full of hope that he’d discover just what it was about him, that he always seemed able to dominate others. He began to be frustrated as his courses seemed so elementary—and no matter how he tried, he couldn’t find answers.

That is, until he met Dr. Heisenberg, at a student-faculty mixer one evening. He seemed a little flaky—and, judging by others’ reaction, he wasn’t the only one who thought so—but strangely compelling, all the same. When he discovered Heisenberg was a professor emeritus of the psych department, he became even more interested.

“How come I don’t see your name on the course offerings, Professor? Don’t you teach anymore?”

“Eye teech, jah—but not kommon klasses, nein! Und do you know vy, mein boy?”

“Uh, no Sir…”

“Bekauze zey don’t like my theories!

“Your theories, Professor? What are your theories, Sir?”

“Ah—zat eez zee question, no? Jah! You vant know, do you? Hah hah!”

Ryan did want to know—though he didn’t know why.

“Yes Sir, I really do want to know.”

Heisenberg reached out and grasped Ryan’s temples with both hands. “Eet eez bekauze Eye dink dis eez more malleable zan dey vish to admit! Jah!” The professor lowered his voice to a whisper. Leaning close, he added, “Und bekauze Eye beleef zome peepill kann mold und shape dis moreso dan udders! Zome have a gift! To control! To reshape dis!

“Und dat, mein boy, eez vat dey don’t like me to teach!” With that, the professor abruptly turned away, and wandered off, leaving Ryan to consider what he’d just heard.

After that, Ryan had to learn everything he could about Heisenberg. With some effort, he tracked down some of his writings—dissertations, papers, never published, never approved, tucked away in dusty sections of the library. Reading them, he realized—Heisenberg understood.

There was actually more to his theories, but they boiled down to this: just as everyone has a sexual orientation, everyone also has a “power” orientation; and as there is a continuum of sexual orientation, from heterosexual to homosexual, so there is a continuum from dominant to submissive.

But then came two really controversial claims: first, Heisenberg argued that the “power” orientation was more fundamental—that, in fact, it was the most fundamental aspect of a person’s identity. And second, he argued that this orientation was a kind of active power—not just a feature of the person who had it, but a power that related to others. If dominant, it was a positive power over others; if submissive, a negative power that yielded to others.

The combination of all these theories meant that someone who strongly at the dominant end of the power spectrum could—and almost certainly would, in some manner or another—assert that power over others. It was like pheromones in sex—the stronger they were, the harder to resist.

While most people tended toward the middle of the power spectrum, some would be at either end. From this it followed if one could be identified as a true dominant—if one scored high enough on the scale—and that individual could be trained in the use of this positive power he had over others—then it could be focused—like light is into a laser. Theoretically, it could manifest itself as telepathic suggestion, even one person being given new thoughts, new desires, and not even realizing they were anything but his own.

Such dominance could—and in some cases, would—even override, or “reprogram” any and all choices of the will in another; and even override, or reprogram, a preexisting sexual orientation. Meaning, a man dominant enough could successfully reorient a heterosexual man to homosexual submission; and dominant women could do the same to submissive women. Even more shocking, Heisenberg speculated that the true dominant could not only thus subject a submissive—that he could do without much effort—but, in fact, bring to submission almost anyone, as long as the other was not another true dominant, or someone close to the same level. In such a case, the result would be a standoff. But for anyone else, total submission was a matter of time.

“No wonder they didn’t like his theories!” Ryan exclaimed when he’d finished reading Heisenberg’s principles. But one uncertainty remained: was this who Ryan himself was? Was he the sort of “true dominant” Heisenberg described? How could he find out?

That’s when Ryan remembered what Heisenberg had said: “Eye teech, jah—but not kommon klasses, nein!

So maybe Heisenberg would teach Ryan, jah?

Chapter 8: Dr. Heisenberg teaches Ryan

Dr. Heisenberg? I’m Ryan Hyatt—thank you for seeing me.

Du arr a very persistent young mann! Zo—du vant to learn more about my zeries?”

“Yes, professor. I’ve read your papers in the library.”

Jah?” Heisenberg seemed taken aback.

“Yes sir. And—well, I think you’re absolutely right. I’m convinced of it.”

“Really? Und how can you be so sure?”

Ryan fixed his gaze on the professor. “Sir, I am pretty sure I’m a ‘true dominant.’”

Heisenberg looked intently at the boy. They said nothing for a moment. Heisenberg’s eyes began to widen.

“Ach! Mein Gott! Eye had no idea! Oh, no!”

“Professor, you’re going to teach me.”

“Teech you? Teech du vhat?

“You know Professor. You know what.”

Nein! No, you don’t understand! Eet vas only a theory!

“Well, the theory just walked into your office. And I want to know how to use the ‘gift,’ as you call it. You’re going to teach me.”

“No, no…”

“Yes Professor. You’re going to teach me.”

Of course, the professor did yield; although he, himself, was somewhat dominant, he couldn’t withstand Ryan’s dominance. Over the next few weeks, he met with Ryan, further exploring his theories, and its implications, as well as teaching him techniques in ‘thought-focus’ and hypnosis.

On his own, Ryan explored methods of hypnosis and subliminal communication techniques. As the school year ended, he began to sketch out his plan for when Eric arrived in the fall.

One of the first things he did with Eric was to introduce him to hypnosis and to train him to enter easily into a trance state. Then, he began to implant some trigger phrases; then, some commands, first to see if it worked; then, for Ryan’s own pleasure. He told Eric that being called ‘boy’ would seem natural to him—he would not even notice it—it would just feel right to him. Hearing praise, especially the words “Good boy,” would elicit real pleasure, and even arousal, in him. He told Eric it would feel natural for Ryan to make decisions and plans for him; to give him commands; Eric would obey, and not expect any thanks, and so be thrilled if any came.

Ryan reinforced commands to workout and study with zeal; and he told Eric that from now on, he would always wear a pure, clean, white jockstrap under his gym clothes, whenever working out. Because Ryan liked Eric’s bashfulness, he told him he would be bashful whenever he was just in his jockstrap, or naked, in the locker room, or was naked in his dorm or dorm shower room. He would be bashful in his wrestling singlet, and his speedo bathing suit—but he no choice but to wear them all the same.

During the first weeks of Eric’s freshman year, Ryan experimented with these and other hypnotic commands, enjoying the results and the rush of power he felt in seeing his boy-in-training obey so promptly. By mid-November, Ryan was ready with another feature of Eric’s training: a special program he would install on his pc.