The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

For this section, I am happy to acknowledge my debt to Purplebootsgywr, and his excellent Chip Off the Old Block, both for the idea and some of the imagery.

Ryan and Eric

Chapter 9: Eric’s computer

It was around 10 when Eric got back to the dorm room.

“Gee, aren’t you back kinda early?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Eric answered. “I can’t believe she put me off like that!” Eric muttered to himself as he walked in the door. “I’m not sure I’m ready,” he said mockingly, mimicking Jennifer. “Well, I sure am-fucking ready!” he thought to himself.

Ryan asked how things went, and Eric gave him the bare details—they’d gone to the new Thai restaurant, then back to her dorm. Eric thought he’d kept the embarrassing details to himself; but a trigger word from Ryan brought him instantly into a trance, and Eric revealed everything.

“Better than I’d hoped,” Ryan thought to himself.

When Eric came out of his trance, he heard Ryan say, “well, have some fun on the computer—I’m going to bed.”

Then he watched as Eric went through his usual routine: he went to the door, and locked it, then sat down at the computer, and clicked on the browser icon—not the regular, “Internet Explorer,” but the “new” browser Ryan had installed. Then he reached for the earphones, plugged them in, and put them on. Staring vacantly, he began to follow along the program unfolding before his eyes, presenting images of men.

In fact, Eric was in a trance; he was totally unaware as Ryan watched. He was experiencing a computer program Ryan had created, thanks to the work in hypnosis and subliminals he’d done last year. Thanks to a hypnosis suggestion Ryan had planted in his friend shortly after they moved in at the beginning of the year, Eric always locked his door before he sat down at the computer. Then, he clicked on the browser icon on his pc—only it wasn’t a browser—it opened the mind-control program Ryan had devised. A quick series of flashes triggered a trance; then a reminder to put on headphones appeared on screen. From that point on, a Voice—Ryan’s voice, of course—led a docile Eric the rest of the way.

The first time Eric used the program, it offered him a series of male and female images, requesting him to choose what he preferred. This served to determine Eric’s true preferences—Ryan, who observed Eric’s first session, and checked the results afterward, was able to confirm his friend’s definite and exclusive heterosexual orientation.

Eric proved very susceptible to hypnosis; and then, in turn, quickly submitted to the guidance of the program. Every few nights, whenever he was free to “surf the ’net” (what he thought he was doing), he clicked on the “special browser” icon (Ryan had told Eric it was a bootleg beta copy, that he should only use when no one’s around), and quickly fell into the same trance state, allowing the program to lead him to it’s completion, several hours later; as it closed, the Voice would bring him out of the trance, and all he’d remember is signing off the internet to go to bed.

What Ryan had wanted to do, of course, was begin to introduce Eric to the idea of male attraction. If Heisenberg was correct, Eric could be brought from exclusive heterosexuality, potentially to full and exclusive homosexual attraction. Ryan quickly decided a gradual approach would be best. How to do it?

A subliminal or hypnosis program alone couldn’t do it—that was clear. The key was combining it with the force of Ryan’s will. Thus the addition of the audio portion.

What Eric heard, the second time he came under the program’s control, was a familiar, commanding Voice guiding him through another series of images—again, male and female. Once again, Eric chose only female images; but this time, the Voice registered disapproval, and spoke a phrase designed to trigger an experience of discomfort, then pain: “sick 1” produced mild nausea; “sick 2” made it worse, and so forth; “pain 1” produced a slight discomfort in his testicles—as if feeling a slight blow; “pain 2” made it worse, and so forth.

As Eric continued choosing only female images, the negative reinforcement magnified. After a series of different male-female choices—with Eric always choosing the girl—followed by a particularly sharp punishment, the program re-presented the same choice: a moderately attractive girl, and a handsome young man. Eric again chose the girl—and the Voice expressed disapproval, triggering more severe pain.

The choice was offered a third time. Hesitating, Eric clicked on the boy’s image. “Good boy!” the Voice spoke in soothing approval, followed by “pleasure 1.” Suddenly, the pain was replaced by a general sense of euphoria.

The same choice was offered a fourth time; Eric again chose the boy’s image, earning yet more praise, and another dose of pleasure.

Now began more series of images, sometimes in pairs, sometimes multiples, in which at least one boy or girl was always present; and whenever Eric chose a girl over a boy, he received disapproval, discomfort, and pain; when he chose a boy instead of girls, he earned approval, euphoria, and—later—an experience of pleasure in his cock, triggered by “arouse.”

Eric’s second night with the program concluded once he had trained consistently to choose only male images, even when only one male image appeared amidst many female images—all of which fit Eric’s favored type. The last command it gave Eric, before shutting down and bringing him out of the trance, was: “after you close the program, I will count up to five. At five, you will awaken fully, and remember that you closed your browser and you’ve turned off the music you were listening to; and you are very tired after surfing the ’net. You go right to bed and fall right to sleep. You will dream about the images that brought you pleasure tonight; you will experience sexual pleasure, perhaps a wet dream. You will be a good boy and obey these commands, because you like to obey; it feels so good to obey. One, two, three, four, five.”

Even though Ryan came in about that point, Eric went straight to bed—and sure enough, he had sexual dreams.

Ryan learned about the content of Eric’s dreams, because of another post-hypnotic suggestion: “When you have a wet dream, you will immediately wake up. You will be in a trance-state. You will wake up Ryan by saying, ‘Sir, I had a dream, Sir!’ When Ryan asks about your dream, you will describe it to him at that time, until Ryan is satisfied, at which point he will allow you to go back to sleep; you will remember having a wet dream but nothing else.”

It worked like a charm. It was after the Thanksgiving break, when Eric had his fourth session, that he first awakened Ryan to describe his dream: predominantly about girls, but the boys imaged in the program clearly entered into it.

Every time Eric returned to the program, it began with the results of the previous experience, testing to see if the effect remained, reinforcing it, then moving to a new level. By the third week, Eric consistently refused female images.

By the beginning of Christmas break, Eric was being given virtually all male images (a female image appeared occasionally as an ongoing benchmark), the program now provided only approval and pleasure as it offered Eric a wide selection of attractive men, of all races, various body types, smooth and hairy, various personality types indicated by mode of dress, from Eric’s age upward.

This series of images were either fully dressed, or perhaps bare-chested, but not explicitly homoerotic. Surfers, weightlifters, gymnasts, wrestlers, swimmers, all so young, all with lithe bodies and fresh faces, bright smiles and dancing eyes. The program was simply training Eric to associate good feeling—and sexual pleasure—with the sight of men. It was also tracking Eric’s preferences; and, more subtly, directing them: toward his own age, toward clearly masculine, athletic, forceful, commanding males. While all male images brought pleasure, more came when Eric responded in the direction the program wanted to lead him—toward a dominant male.

After Christmas break, the program resumed, reinforcing what had gone before. Ryan was present to watch Eric—and he was delighted to see Eric had retained almost everything, and picked up very nearly where they’d left off.

The next series of shifted from a variety of modest images, to more clearly homoerotic ones: Abercrombie images, and images from the Internet: guys in appealing and suggestive poses, shirtless or suggestively dressed; handsome shirtless young men, near Eric’s age, their arms and pecs were sleek and muscular, abs like an iron washboard. Guys touching themselves, guys gazing longingly at the viewer. These were mixed in with more modest images—and now the negative reinforcements returned, whenever Eric chose a non-erotic image in preference to an erotic one.

Ryan had created this program so he could retrain Eric while continuing his other responsibilities—but while he didn’t need to be present, he often was, especially in the first sessions, though Eric was unaware. Ryan was there to see the program—from about the fourth session—bring his boy consistently to full, and then throbbing, erection. It took all Ryan’s discipline to do nothing but watch.

Absent any other command, Eric simply continued with the program, leaving his cock—tenting his pants—untouched. The morning after one such session, Ryan brought Eric into a trance, to implant a new command: whenever he was in his dorm room to hang out, he would feel more comfortable without any shirt, and just wearing his underwear. He’d even answer the door that way. Then Ryan added a new command to the audio program: “Whenever you feel like it, boy, you can reach into your underwear and give yourself pleasure—but do not cum without permission.”

Both commands took immediate effect; the following afternoon, Ryan found Eric sprawled in a chair, reading for class, in nothing but his boxerbriefs. When he saw his roommate, Eric greeted him casually, as if nothing were different. That evening, Ryan waited till he heard Eric sign into the program, then came in quietly to watch. He watched Eric become more and more aroused, gradually become erect, and finally pull out his cock and start stroking, as he clicked through male image after male image and heard the Voice’s reassuring approval.

The program was on a timer, now, coming to a close exactly two hours after Eric opened it. It’s closing instructions told Eric to “put himself away in his shorts” before he came out of the trance—then, as before, he’d go right to bed, feeling so tired he barely noticed he was erect.

Within a few sessions, the images begun to include more nudity.

Young men with dreamy, languid eyes gazing out at Eric with longing, wearing nothing but tight lycra shorts, leaving nothing to the imagination, showing clearly he was endowed. A blond-haired boy in floral jams on a surf-battered shore, his hair dappled with sunlight, his tanned shoulders sprinkled with ocean spray. A red-headed, barefoot farmboy, sitting in a hayloft, freckled face alive with the most genuine, innocent smile. His baggy, well-worn overalls dangled down below his six-pack abs, the straps twisting past his legs to drag through the hay. It was clear, from the way the side buttons were undone, that the boy wore nothing underneath. He need only stand up to let the faded denim workwear fall to his ankles, revealing himself in all his glory.

A football player, dressed only in pads, his strong hand wrapped around his massive cock, his face bearing a sly grin, framed by an unruly mass of sweat-drenched raven hair. A wiry, cute Hispanic navy recruit clad in only a white sailor’s hat and his dogtags. A blond swimmer, his hair slicked back, rising naked from a dazzling azure swimming pool, the light from the water reflected on his fair skin, tanlines framing his round bottom. Men lathering in the shower; a surfer sprawled on the beach, waves breaking over his sculpted body. An angelic wrestler, rising from the mat, his tight singlet unable to conceal his throbbing manhood.

As the images became more erotic, the program began doing something different: when Eric chose an image, instead of it disappearing to offer new choices, the rejected image went away instead, with the preferred image filling the screen, allowing Eric to linger over the image, while the Voice coaxed him to study—and savor—every detail. The program became voice-interactive now: “Do you like what you see, boy?” the Voice would ask. “Yes Sir,” Eric would respond, bringing another “Good boy!” and more pleasure. “Do you like his face, boy?” “Do you like his body? His chest? His crotch? His manhood?” And so forth—with an affirmative response eliciting more approval.

This is where Ryan found Eric when he returned from the library, the night after Eric’s latest humiliation on the wrestling mat—Ryan returned from the library to find Eric, as usual, at the keyboard, stroking himself to a new series of erotic images of men.

Chapter 10: Reversals and changes

As Ryan watched Eric obey the program he’d created, and respond to the approval of his own, recorded Voice—realizing his boy had another hour to go on the program tonight, Ryan recalled the post-hypnotic command he’d given three weeks earlier: “You will find yourself being defeated on the wrestling mat. No matter how hard you try, no matter how certain you are of victory, you will feel each and every match slip away from you, until you find yourself defeated. You will, of course, feel humiliated by these defeats.” Once Ryan saw it work, he added further instructions, so that not only would Eric lose, he would find himself in pinned in a particularly humiliating—and to Ryan, who always came to watch—arousing fashion: with Ryan’s face wedged in the winner’s ripe armpit or between his legs; with the winner straddling Ryan, as if fucking him, his crotch jammed against Ryan’s upturned ass, or pressed against his face, and the like. Ryan was impressed at how inventive Eric’s subconscious was, in bringing this about in match after match.

Ryan then added another command: “When you are at the pool, or on the wrestling mat, and you make eye-contact with Ryan—and you hold it, if he smiles at you, you will hear him say “Good boy!” in your mind, and you will immediately become totally erect. Nothing will stop it; and you won’t control it. You won’t know it’s happened, until a few seconds after you break eye-contact. Then, you will be puzzled and embarrassed by your predicament; your erection will subside gradually.”

And so, that evening, in the match, both commands had come into play, much to Ryan’s pleasure. He was glad for his long, wool coat, which concealed the raging hard-on he felt at the sight of his poor, helpless, humiliated boy, a puppet on his unseen strings!

Ryan watched as Eric experienced the latest his computer program had to teach him.

It had become even more interactive. Now, it asked, as it showed him beautiful boys, “tell me what you like, boy.” And it would wait while Eric spoke. On some images, it would ask Eric to move his mouse to parts of the image he liked most and click—and this would actually feed back into the program. When he finished, the Voice would coo, “Good boy!”

The next day, in the common shower after working out, Eric casually scanned the shower room, as usual “checking out the competition.” He was low-key, so as not to be noticed. Eric never considered whether other straight guys do it—he just did it, as he assumed he’d always done. He noticed a younger guy he’d seen once or twice before—“a boy” he labeled him without realizing it—hang up his towel and enter the shower room. Eric noticed, approvingly, that the boy was in very good shape. He noted the curve of his butt, the muscles of his legs and back and—as the boy turned—he noted as well the definition of his hairless chest and stomach.

Careful to look away and then, casually, to look back, Eric noticed the boy’s “equipment,” as he called it. It seemed natural to check out other guys “down there” as well. He was just curious, that’s all.

The boy, while red-haired, was otherwise similar to himself, Eric noticed-about the same build, height, weight, definition, etc. Down below, he looked close to Eric’s size; though while Eric was uncut, this guy was cut. But something was different: what was it?

After stealing another furtive glance, he saw it: the boy was hairless down there! Not completely, just his balls. And the hair he did have there was minimal. Without further reflection, Eric was sure the boy shaved himself there. The thought stayed with him the rest of the day.

The next day, Eric gradually woke up as the hot spray pounded his body. Ever since he’d started working out, he got up earlier and had more energy than he’d ever had. Eric finished his shower, as usual, with a shave. He liked how close a shave he got in the shower and it also was the best way to shave his chest. After he finished with his face and his chest, Eric remembered the boy he’d seen the day before. He looked down at his own equipment and, after a moment’s hesitation, filled his hand with lather and coated his crotch.

Tentatively at first, then more sure, he scraped away every hair he could find on his ball-sac and then on the base of his penis. He stroked himself a few times to make himself harden, realizing that would make it easier to shave there. With the memory of the dark-haired boy as his guide, Eric used the razor’s edge to “trim” his bush until it was close-cropped, and then shaved the hair away from the base of his cock. The end result, after he’d washed away all the foam and hair-was a neat, minimal bush of hair above an otherwise hairless cock and balls. Eric had never felt inferior about the size of his endowment before, but now it seemed larger than ever. Just that fast, Eric resolved to keep his equipment “clean from now on.”

A few days later, Eric was working out again; and without thinking about it, he was hoping he’d see the red-haired boy at the gym, now that he’d shaved himself “below.” If he’d thought about it, he might have wondered why it was important to have the boy see that he’d shaved himself; but Eric never asked himself that question. In any case, even though he lingered longer than usual on the workout floor, in the sauna, and in the shower, the boy never showed up.

A week went by before Eric saw the boy again.

After an intense and productive workout, Eric lost himself under the steaming water in the shower. He opened his eyes, only to see a familiar sight—it was the red-haired boy! Just as he opened his eyes, the boy turned his head. After a moment, Eric realized that the boy had been looking at him—checking him out, as Eric had done himself on other occasions. Eric shrugged.

A moment later, their eyes met-for an instant. A flicker in the boy’s eyes caught Eric’s, before the boy looked away. Eric looked away, too. Looking down at himself, he thought he knew—the boy had noticed that Eric had shaved! He looked up again, and their eyes met again, this time with just a trace of a smile on the boy’s face. Without realizing it, Eric flushed slightly—not only his face, but over his upper torso as well. And his member stirred lightly. He did not see it, but another’s eyes did.

Eric looked away, resuming his shower. Eventually, his eyes glanced toward the red-haired boy. He, too, was busy with his shower. Unaware he was doing it, Eric watched him shower. He looked at the boy’s equipment, watching the water cascade down the boy’s body.

The shower room was empty but for Eric and the other boy. Without realizing it, Eric was lost in a reverie—almost a trance—as he stared at the other boy. At his genitals, as a matter of fact. A noise in the lockerroom shook him out of it. Realizing he’d been staring, Eric looked away—only then to realize, the other boy hadn’t looked up the whole time. He’d kept his eyes downcast. The thought occurred to Eric it hadn’t been by chance; without looking up, the boy knew Eric was looking—and had kept his eyes averted, as if to give permission for him to do so.

When he was dressed in street clothes, Eric headed out of the gym. A sight knocked him back. At the desk, talking to one of the gym staff members, was another guy, dressed similarly, talking to the clerk. He was strangely familiar. Then—to his shock, he recognized him: it was the red-haired boy! But he wasn’t a boy at all, but a man Eric’s own age! How had he ever labeled him a ‘boy’?