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Salem’s Hot

Ralphie was just turned eighteen. He was a big boy, but a little slow in the head. His older brother Danny had always looked out for him.

That night, cutting across the woods near old ‘spooky’ Marsten House

Ralphie tripped and fell. Danny continued on, not hearing his brother’s plight. Ralphie lay unconscious, close to the Marsten House - which was no longer abandoned.

Kurt Barlow stood in the top of the Marsten House - in the belfry. The old house, a large wooden mansion had been built a hundred years ago by an eccentric lumber-millionaire.

Kurt gazed out into the gloom. He smiled as he masturbated, coming over the edge of the wooden palisade. His semen hit the soil and seemed to melt into it.

Then the ground seemed to tremble and move.

A pale hand, with sharpened fingernails broke suddenly upwards through the ground.

Then, another hand. Sitting up, the bald pale, man shook his head. His eyes opened; yellow and evil. He could taste the cum about him and he looked up at Kurt

Kurt almost came again just looking into those seductive eyes. “Yes, Master” Kurt gasped. “Arise!”

The monster sensed something near-by and turned to look. Suddenly he leaped out of the ground and ran into the forest “Yes, Master… feed tonight!” Kurt said after him.

Ralph lay in a heap and was only just now beginning to stir, having gashed his head. He was dazed.

It was the blood that the monster sensed first. It stood over him.

It didn’t wait for Ralphie to fully recover. It tore at Ralphie’s pants, revealing his naked ass.

Exposed, the ass became the focus of attention of the monster.

The monster’s cock was thirteen inches long, and it was thick too. It had a point like a dog’s.

The monster pushed forward, just as Ralphie was coming too.

The monster pushed, and forced himself into Ralphie’s tight a-hole.

“Uhhh….ahhhh…” Ralphie groaned as his anus was ripped open.

The creature now was fully over the young man; covering him, holding him in place. The creature began to rut

“Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!” Ralphie whimpered as his rectum was filled with penis. And then the creature opened its mouth wide - two long fangs at the front of its mouth

It brought these down on the side of Ralphie’s throat.

“Oh, shit!” Ralphie cried.

A circle of life… blood pumping out of him, come pumping into him… Ralphie’s own cock twitched to life and he groaned as he orgasmed for the first time…

* * *

They found Ralphie lifeless body exactly where it had been assaulted

Father Callahan visited the family with the news.

Marjorie was almost inconsolable. Her husband and son gathered around her, but there was very little the could be done.

Doctor Bill Norton could not determine a cause of death; blunt trauma to the anus and rectum, a copious amount of a substance that seemed like semen - except so much of it. Wounds around him (mostly from the fall) and then two puncture marks on the throat. Traces of saliva there. Trauma from suction, and a loss of blood.

But what caused it? Dr. Norton could only report it as a mystery to the Sheriff - and send off the findings to the city for more study.

Sheriff Ken Livingstone was perplexed; it was a mystery way above his training.

* * *

Danny sat up in bed. He video-linked to Annie, his girl-friend. Annie was two years younger than him; the same age as Ralphie. She did her best to console him. It seemed so strange - how Ralphie could be there one minute, and then he was gone. And how? That was the big question. Everyone wanted to know who, or what had killed Ralphie

Danny noticed a fog suddenly swirling outside his window. He ignored Annie as he got up and went to the window. Suddenly Ralphie appeared there; floating in mid-air at the window.

Ralphie scratched at the window “Danny, please, let me in…”

“Ralphie?” Danny gasped for joy. He fumbled with the window release and then it flew open.

Ralphie floated into the room.

Annie saw her boyfriend lie back on the bed. She sat his pants open. The video could not pick-up the undead.

Ralphie squatted over his brother’s hard cock and then eased onto it. Danny gasped as his shaft was engulfed by cook dead flesh. Ralphie was soft, and moist inside his anus. He squeezed down on his brother’s cock.

He leaned forward at the same time, opening his mouth, baring his fangs. He bit into his brother’s flesh just as Danny’s cock erupted into his anus.

A circle of life; semen flowing out one end, blood the other…

Annie saw in horror her boyfriend coming… the semen shooting up and then vanishing - she could not see the vampire-brother on top of him, draining him of his life

“Danny!” she cried, “Danny, what’s wrong?”

He couldn’t hear her, he was caught in the moment of sheer joy as the vampire fed.

“Please, Danny!” she screamed

And then… he was silent.

She wept and called his name but he was passed responding….

* * *

Mike Ryerson stood respectfully enough distance. He patiently leaned on his shovel as the funeral wound-down. Ungraciously he cursed Father Callahan under his breath - for dragging proceedings on for so long. It was near sundown and Mike wanted to get on home. The funeral for Danny was well attended.

Finally the people moved away in small groups. Marjorie and her sister-in-law were last to leave; Henry waited for his wife and sister in the car.

Mike moved on to the grave. He gazed down at it, to the black coffin below. And then he heard something. He turned around but there was no one. Then, he heard it again. And again he turned about to see who had spoken to him

It was a soft, beckoning voice. Mike didn’t realise that he grew rock hard. Mike climbed down into the grave. The voice in his head beckoning

The coffin rocked and shook. He heard a noise from within… Suddenly Mike thought that someone was trapped alive inside.

He recached down the side and unclipped two fastenings. He opened the top half of the coffin lid. Danny lay there in state. Without realising it Mike rubbed his hardness through his pants. He had seen Mike so many times before, but now he seemed beautiful, angelic in his ‘slumber’.

Suddenly Danny’s eyes opened. Mike almost leapt back. In an instant Danny was above him, floating in the air. Danny smiled as he gazed into Mike’s eyes, fixing him to the spot.

Danny floated up and about un-naturally. He opened his fly and his cock poked out “Suck it” he said in Mike’s mind. Mike reeled back in disgust.

“Suck it” Danny said again. Mike tentatively moved forward, opening his mouth. He took the tip of Danny’s cock in and suddenly Danny grabbed his head and forced himself into the back of Mike’s throat. Mike struggled to breathe when suddenly his mouth was filled will semen. He swallowed.

Danny grinned as he emptied his ball sack into Mike’s mouth. And then he picked Mike up, and flew out of the grave. He set Mike onto the ground, seated. Danny hovered over him and lowered down onto him. Mike’s cock was now out and Danny’s ass swallowed it in one go.

Mike trembled as Danny’s tight anus rose and sank on him. And as he began to come Danny opened his mouth, his fangs bit into Mike’s throat and the circle of life began.

Mike groaned with delight as he fucked Danny’s asshole, even as the young man drank his blood.

Danny released the man and run off into the night.

Danny found Ralphie and heir Master in the old Marsten house. Kurt was there too.

The Master was ass-fucking Ralphie. Ralphie groaned with delight at each thrust of his Master’s large thick cock. Danny grew hard.

Kurt masturbated as he watched the vampire creatures. He turned and saw Danny and smiled. Danny ignored the human and went to the lovers. He eyed his Master’s thrusting hips and he moved around behind them. He watched the large vampire cock work up deep into his brother’s a-hole. He got hard and moved up and over his Master.

Ralphie came as he felt the extra weight on him… his brother joining the cock-to-ass chain.

The three fucked till dawn

Kurt had prepared coffins for the three of them in the basement. He took them there and then bolted and locked the door. The door couldn’t contain the vampires… it was there to prevent unwanted intrusions.

Two hours after dawn Ben Mears drove into town with his son Mark. Ben hadn’t been back to this town since he left when he was fifteen, a little younger than his son was now.

Ben drove about in the early morning having driven over-night from New Plymouth. He wanted to show his son where he had grown up - and to settle the matter relating to his family house.

Mark was asleep.

The brakes squeaked as he came to a stop at the only set of lights in town.

Ben looked about… no other cars. He drove on through.

Suddenly he was lit up by cop lights. “Fuck!” he spat

He pulled over and looked at the figure approaching him in the shadows

“Licence and registration” Sheriff Ken said

Ben handed these over

“Ben?” Ken gasped


“It’s me, Ken!” Sheriff Ken gasped

“I…” Ben said, having not recognised his old friend. He stepped out of the car. He went to shake Ken’s hand.

Ken embraced him. Ben hadn’t seen him in a long time

“Let me get a look at you” Ken gasped

“Wow”… he sighed, “How long’s it been?”

“Years…” Ben shrugged

Suddenly Ken embraced him again, and he kissed Ben

Ben didn’t return it. “I’m not into that anymore” Ben said

“What?” Ken gasped being taken aback by that reaction, “Oh, sorry Man” Ken said

Ben looked to see if his son had noticed what had happened. He was still asleep.

“Who’s the boy?” Ken asked

“That’s my son… and he’s not a boy, he’s 18”

“Look, don’t get so defensive…” Ken said as he approached again

Ben reeled back.

Ken realised it was true, Ben had changed.

Ben got back in the car and drove off. “Fuck” Ken spat.

“Sheriff?” came a voice from behind.

Ken spun around… he tried to see who it was but a fog, formed out of nowhere sat heavy across the roadway. He brought his flashlight up and shone it into the mist.

“Danny?” he gasped as he saw the pale guy step forward. But, how could this be? Danny was done and dusted.

“Sheriff” Danny smiled as he glided forward, his feet just trailing above the pavement.

Ken shivered as the pale boy approached him

Danny’s eyes seemed to glow and then he seemed to rise up higher till he was over Ken

Ken trembled.

Danny’s pants fell “Suck it” he said, pointing his hardness into Ken’s face.

Ken gazing into those eyes… those eyes. His mouth opened, and was filled with cold flesh.

He sucked, never able to take his eyes off of Danny’s.

He sucked and suddenly his mouth was filled with cold semen. It was as salty as normal semen, but lacked the warmth of a living boy.

Ken swallowed and swallowed, drinking down all that was gifted to him.

Danny sank down and clutching hold of Ken’s head turned it aside and bit into him. Ken gasped, his own cock… rock hard … ejaculated into his pants as Danny fed from his blood.

Danny grunted like a ravenous annual as he fed…

* * *

Mark woke when his dad Ben pulled the car into the old house. “We’re here?” Mark asked

“Yes” Ben said, looking up at the old family house.

“Come on” Ben said, as he urged his son to help him take their gear out of the car.

Mark was impressed by the house. He was taken up to Ben’s old room. “This is your room for the time being” he said as Ben went back to the master bedroom and took that.

Mark looked about the room. A long mirror on the cupboard. A crucifix near the window. That surprised Mike. His dad never expressed any religious views ever. He was drawn closer to it and the window.

Mark went to the window and looked out. He was surprised to see a naked man walk around the grass of the house across the road… the Marston House.

“Dad” he called


“Come have a look at this…” he called again

“What?” Ben asked as he came in the room

“What the fuck” Ben gasped as he looked at the naked man. He recognised him… it was Mike Ryerson.

Ben rushed down and out the front

“Mike?” he called as Mike stumbled about trying to find a way into the Marston House.

Mike looked over and saw Ben there

He looked confused.

“Stay here” Ben said to his son as he crossed the road over to the Marston House


Mike looked dazed. He had a wound on his neck.

He couldn’t speak

“You look a mess” Ben said, “Come back with me and I’ll fix you up…”

Mike was passive and was easily lead back to Ben’s house

“Fetch the First Aid Kit” Ben said as they approached his house.

He lead Mike into the kitchen “Sorry, we don’t have much” Ben said apologetically, “We just arrived”

Mike couldn’t speak.

Ben washed the wound, two puncture marks on Mike’s neck

Mark fetched a towel out of their bags and covered Mike up.

Ben got some gauze and cut it

Mark looked under the sink for anything of use

As Mark did Mike watched him, he gazed at Mike’s ass and he got hard.

“What the fuck?” Ben gasped, springing to his feet.

“What?” Mike said, and then he saw it to

Mark was fondling his cock.

“Fuck this is weird” Ben said as he took out his phone and rang 9-11.

He got Pamela Bird, and asked to be put through to the sheriff. But Pamela said the Sheriff wasn’t responding.

Pamela herself, a paramedic came out to the house in about 10mins. She was happy to see Ben, they had been friends except she knew that Ben was gay… or he had been when she knew him. It surprised her to learn he’d been married, and had a son.

She inspected Mike and urged Ben to help her take him to near-by Winston Grange, and the hospital there.

Mark had to stay behind and try and get the power working to the house.

It got dark and Ben still hadn’t come back.

The monster came to the kitchen door, out of the shadows. He could smell ass, fresh ass.

He looked up to a bedroom window and simply rose up into the air. He looked in and saw Mark walking out of his bathroom wearing nothing but a towel

Mark flung the towel to the floor and stood for a moment naked.

The monster vampire grew rock hard.

The monster’s claw scratched at the window.

Mark turned and saw it and was surprised to see glowing red eyes staring at him. The eyes were not menacing, they were warm and inviting. Without realising it Mark’s cock grew hard and he found himself moving towards the window.

The monster beckoned him forward.

Mark felt a shiver; he realised what he was doing. Instinctively he pulled the cross off the wall and held it

The monster saw it and howled in pain as if needles had bored into its eyes.

Into the darkness it screamed

Mark stood there for a moment in shock, wondering what had just happened.

He shivered. Taking up his clothes he dressed, but kept the crucifix near him.

Ben returned home at almost 9pm

“That guy is so fucked up…” Ben said as he came in the door

Mark didn’t say anything - how could he tell about what he’d experienced? Who’d have believed him when he hardly believed it himself.

Ben sensed something wrong but wasn’t that good at expressing himself either.

They had an uneasy night for their own reasons…

In the morning there was a loud crash.

Both father and son ran out.

There they saw a car, ripped tires, dents, and Mike leaping out, still in a hospital gown and running over to the Marston House.

“What the fuck?” Ben gasped

“Get the shotguns!” Ben said to his son

Mark nodded and ran to the car.

Father and son went over to the Marston House

They found a back window broken and some blood, and a tiny torn piece of hospital gown

They climbed in.

“Mike?” Ben called out

They heard a bump.

Kurt Barlow leaped out of the shadows brandishing a knife “Do not desecrate the Master’s place” he screamed

Mark froze, but Ben fired a round. Kurt was sent hurtling backwards.

Instead of blood, red dust leaked out, as if his blood was totally lacking of water.

“What the fuck!?!” Ben gasped. Even as they watched Kurt’s skin fell apart - he was totally desiccated. “Is that even possible?” Mark asked looking at his father

“Not for a human…” Ben said, and then realised he was saying that whatever the man was, he was no longer human.

He checked his gun and proceeded. Upstairs was clear of any signs of life

They found the stairs to the basement.

They were careful in their proceeding. There was a dank smell wafting up… it almost made Ben dry retch

They heard grunting

The monster was behind Mike, fucking his ass. Near-by the brothers Ralphie and Danny were sucking off Ken

Ben watched as Ken came over the brothers and then Ralphie rose up, come over his face, and kissed Ken. As he did Danny moved around behind Ralphie and pushed his cock up into his brother’s tight ass.

Suddenly the Monster smelled fresh ass.

It pulled out of Mike’s ass-hole, which hung wide, like an open yawn.

It turned around, grinning, blood oozing down it’s throat. His cock menacingly large

Its eyes glowed.

Ben’s cock twitched

“Dad?” Mark called, seeing a stupor wash over his father’s face

Ben lowered his gun

“Dad?” Mark called again

He saw the bulge in his dad’s pants

The Monster smiled and then turned to Mark

Mark had tucked in the back of his pants the cross that had saved him the previous night and he pulled it out

The Monster cried.

“Bastard!” Danny spat. He tried to move forward but, as a vampire himself the cross made him hurt something awful

“Stop it, you’re hurting him…” Ken screamed. Ben turned the cross on him too and he yelped.

The Monster reeled back in pain and anguish.

The sight of the cross made its skin crawl

Suddenly Ben regained his composure. He looked about and saw his son holding the cross, arm outstretched

“Let me have it” he said

Mark handed it to his father and Ben stepped forward. Mark trained his gun on the others and kept them at bay as his dad proceeded ahead, cross in hand

The mere proximity of the cross made the creature’s skin begin to blister painfully

Mike lunged forward to protect his master. He was not yet a vampire…

Mark used the butt of his gun and, “Thwack” hit Mike in the side of the head, sending him sprawling

The creature continued to scream… its wail was almost unbearable. It burst into flames and in an instant Danny, Ralphie, and Ken also burst into flames

The vampires cried in inhuman pain, and then… they were gone


Mike whimpered.

“What did you do?” he cried

“I don’t know” Ben said, “But whatever happened, it’s over…”

Ben embraced his son

Mike ran over to the piles of ash and doubled over, crying for his lost masters.

“You really wanted to come back here?” Make asked his dad

“It’s not how I remember it” Ben said with a shrug as they both went back upstairs

Mike felt the vampire come oozing from his ass and he scooped this into a glass… to save for… later…

The End