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Sensual Makeover

* * *

There are many stories here about people who—totally by chance, of course—click on a website or computer program, and hypnosis happens. Followed by some interesting... changes.

Having come across a real (and free) hypnosis website,, I started to wonder what fictional MC yarns one might concoct from the premise of a hypnotic “sensual makeover” site.

The characters in this story are entirely fictitious, and everything “real” in the story, including the website, physical locations, etc., is used in a fictitious manner. This is a Fairly Tale. It’s not real. You are very likely to be disappointed if you think that what happens in this or any other Fairy Tale, is likely to happen to you. Nothing in the following is the responsibility of the anonymous authors of the SensualMakeover site.

* * *

ONCE UPON A TIME, there was a husband, and his wife.

“Min,” said Bill, in as casual a voice as he could muster, “I’d like us to consider trying this.” Bill McNally was a good guy. And Minnie (Min) McNally, his wife, was a good wife.

But she was not—yet—a good girl.

That was about to change.

“SENSUAL MAKEOVER. Deepen and revitalize your connection with your man, and feel fabulous!”

“OK,” said Min, who was indeed a good wife. “Sensual makeover. Sounds fine. What do we do?”

“Let’s read about it first,” said Bill. “They suggest we print out their material instead of reading it off the screen, so I did that. Then we ‘snuggle together and read and discuss the information in them in a relaxed way’.”

“Snuggling sounds good,” said Min. OK, it’s sex, she thought. Am I doing something wrong? Is Bill unhappy with me? But “sensual makeover” doesn’t sound too bad. OK, fine. I can be supportive.

So they snuggled. Min read, while right next to her on the couch, Bill, who had already read everything at the site at least ten times, tried to fake ‘casual and relaxed.’

“’Every woman has fantasized at least once about how fun it might be to feel like a sexy gorgeous bimbo. Through our powerful immersive hypnosis, you repeatedly ‘become’ a fabulous sensual bimbo during hypnosis.’” Min read aloud. “So it’s hypnosis?”

“Apparently,” said Bill. “I don’t really know much more about it than you do.”

Which was almost true. Because, despite (really, just a few) half-formed secret longings in his heart, despite the (very occasional, honestly) rages and sexual frustrations that he (just once in awhile) felt deep inside and then instantly buried, Bill McNally was a good, trustworthy guy. Capable. Strong. A happily-married guy. Supportive. Adaptable. A nice guy.

Maybe just a little too nice of a guy.

And that was about to change, too. Because to Min, Bill McNally was going to become... just a little bad. In a very good way.


1. Always begin by spending a few minutes making yourself look good. This first step is very important.

2. Equally importantly, then spend five minutes of serious alone time with your lover. Run your fingers through his hair, kiss him and pleasure him—show him physically how much you appreciate him.

3. BY THIS TIME, YOU WILL BE READY TO BE HYPNOTIZED. Put on your headphones and listen to the entire session. Guys: while she is listening, sit quietly nearby her. Do NOT touch her, talk, laugh, allow noise of any kind, interrupt her in any way, NOTHING. Leave her be. She needs to know you’re close by, and that you’re good with it. That’s all.

4. Immediately after you wake up, you should always spend another five or ten minutes—or longer—of additional alone time with your lover. Kiss him. Pleasure him. Show him, physically, how much you respect and appreciate him, and how much you need and love to be his good girl. That’s it!

Min continues to freshen her makeup in the mirror. Ahead of them are twelve weeks (!) of “hypnodates,” they called them. She was going to ‘become’ a bimbo, and this, they said, was going to translate into “incredible passionate feelings and exciting sensual awakenings inside you in real life.” And they do seem very professional.

It doesn’t really sound too bad, thought Min. An alter-ego, aptly named ‘Bambi’, representing the most sensual side of Min, is going to be Min’s guide and friend, and will give Min a fabulous hypnotic sensual makeover.

They said they were experts, that it would be like a movie in my mind, remembered Min. And all I have to do is put in my earbuds and sit back and watch the movie in my mind, and do what the nice lady computer voice says. I can do that.

Min finished her makeup. Not bad, she thought. Bill will notice, she realized, just a little aroused. Now it’s time for a little necking and... things.

The two of them were alone. Phones off. No responsibilities. No interruptions. Min sat herself next to Bill on their couch, registering his appreciation. Good. She was going to spend five or ten minutes with him before and after her sessions, so the couch seemed like a sensible, comfortable fit for that purpose, and for her sessions. Min turned to him on the couch, running her fingers through his hair, a little surprised at how handsome he looked just now. And then Min really wanted to kiss him. Min’s mouth seemed to her a little wetter and more pliant than usual. But she really wanted to kiss him. It’s possible that she got just a little carried away.

By the time Min was done with her “five minutes of alone time with her lover,” Bill’s hair was a complete mess, Min’s tongue had been inside Bill’s mouth, and ears, practically continuously, a few of the buttons on Bill’s shirt had somehow come open, and it was just possible that Min was humping his leg.

So, a good start, thought Min, collecting herself, slowly removing her hands from Bill, her tongue from Bill, her... between her legs... from Bill. Now I am ready to be hypnotized, they had said, thought Min. I think... maybe I am.

And she put in her earbuds and, with Bill by her side, Min started the tape that she had downloaded to her phone.

According to the website, during Min’s first week of “Training,” she should listen to the special first-week tape that started with the non-hypnotic Introduction that explains everything, and then runs seamlessly into her session. So she listened to that one.

The Introduction was clear, it made sense, it was fine. Then there was just a tone for a long while, somewhat relaxing, after awhile a little boring, and just as Min began wondering if there was anything else on the tape, she heard the nice lady saying, “Just relax, Bambi. Just relax, and let go.”

So Min did.

Min went quiet, and began to listen.

While Bill sat beside her on the couch. Ever so careful not to make a sound. Determined not to move an inch. Hoping against hope that... Bill didn’t exactly know what. But he was damned if he was going to screw it up.

God, Min had been all over him just before. And she looked great. She pretty much always looked great. And she had felt great. She always felt great.

And then Bill remembered how Min had just upped and... stopped. Looked at him lovingly, disentangled herself from him, put in her earbuds, and... who knows what she was listening to now, feeling now, doing now?

And the thing of it was, despite knowing that their preliminary “alone time” before the hypnosis session was to be short, Bill couldn’t help feeling a little angry with Min, as she sat quietly, next to him. She had definitely been into him just before, and it had been fantastic, and then at some moment Min had decided that they were done, and just stopped. And moved on.

And that had inadvertently reminded Bill of so many frustrating moments with Min. She seemed to have an ‘off’ switch that he just couldn’t reach (sometimes he wanted to find it and rip it out of her), and while she definitely did have an ‘on’ switch for him, he never seemed to know how or why or when it would operate.

So when Min put her tongue in his mouth, and then just stopped, even though that had been the plan, Bill was just a little bit reminded of times he had awakened in the middle of the night with Min sleeping right by his side, and he had felt so alone, so hopelessly incapable of rousing her, right then, into something much more interesting. Of times when he had fantasized about her at work, and then come home, and the evening had seemed to just fritter away, Min not ever uncomfortable with him, but just so maddeningly casual about his tentative advances, like he was her teddy bear, not her man, her lover.

She could deflate him and discourage him and frustrate him with one calm, loving smile. That was almost the worst part. She was so nice. So loving. Sometimes he just wanted to pin her against the wall and tear off her clothes. But just the thought of the confused, quizzical, slightly alarmed, distinctly not-aroused look on Min’s face if he ever tried anything like that, was more than sufficient to kill that urge in him. More than sufficient to make Bill McNally nice to his wife again.

Blank and obedient. Feels so good. Blank and obedient and horny. Like a good girl.

Something about her pussy being wet, Min heard, and felt a surge of arousal. Blank and mindless and horny. Like a good girl.

All memory fading away. Nothing of the old self remains. Bambi wears her tight slutty outfit. Her outfit enforces the correct behavior. It feels so good.

Jesus, thought Bill, there’s almost an hour left before she wakes up. Bill had not actually anticipated how long an hour might seem, just sitting and trying to be quiet. And waiting for... God knows what. Probably nothing. She’ll wake up and smile and kiss me calmly for whatever she feels like is the requisite time, and then she’ll get up, and it will be just the same.

And after one or two more sessions, she’ll start making noises that maybe they should not adhere so strictly to the schedule, she’s not really getting anything out of it, it’s fine, really, but it’s not really working, and then Bill will give in—what’s the use, when she doesn’t even like it?—and Bill just knows that forever after, he’ll feel like a complete fool for even bringing it up. And it will be just the same as before, only slightly worse, because once again, he had tried, and failed, like the secret loser he hoped he wasn’t, but somehow was with Min.

What Bill had not accounted for within his moping, was that Min is still very much in love with him. He is her guy. Only he. That is as clear to Min now, as the day they married. He is the guy who turns her on.

And that is why this hypnosis, and all those make-out sessions with Bill before and after her hypnosis sessions, is going to work just fine, and there’s no other reason but that one: Min is still very much in love with him.

So this is not a story of a girl, turned on to a guy against her will. This is a story of a girl who is awakened to dark, secret, normal, scandalous places inside of her. Places that she is desperate for Bill to fill.

Min is basically fine, and very fine with being Bill’s wife, forever. Min just needs a little something: some very private hypnosis, to seduce her to walk through a special doorway, a special sexy doorway from which, dear Min, there’s no going back.

Not that you, darling Min, will ever in a million years feel the slightest wish to go back to being a fuddy-duddy. Or to even think about it. Once your Training is complete.

Bill had not planned this out well enough. Obviously. There was Min, silent on the couch next to him. And for Bill, there was silence to hear, and nothing to look at. No sports tonight on his phone, except teams he didn’t care about or women’s Olympic ice skating. But he had known that. And trying to play a game with the sound off, while trying not to make any inadvertent noises himself, was just not doing anything for him.

Especially with Min right there. Being hypnotized. Getting her sensual makeover, which looked to Bill exactly like sitting still with your earbuds on and breathing. Not a thing “sensual,” or even “makeover,” about it.

And yet, Bill was frozen in an agony of anticipation. Beforehand, he had thought that, if worse came to worst, he could at least quietly catch up with his emails, while Min did... whatever. But he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

It was just so sexy, and also just so... not.

The silence marched on. Extremely. Slowly. Their walls. The same ones. He had already been staring at. What the hell was happening in her as she sat there? I hope to God she’s not just asleep. What a waste that would be. But I don’t hear that slight snoring she does. So maybe not. Whatever is going on in her, I hope... I hope that it’s good for her, Bill thought.

Sucking cock inside her mind. No thoughts. No inhibitions. Blank and mindless and horny. In her slutty outfit. Like a mindless obedient puppet. Like a perfectly hypnotized bimbo doll.

Bambi can no longer think. Because whenever her inner voice makes even the slightest whisper, it is just immediately gagged by his hard cock.

Hopelessly confused and unable to resist any suggestion. Feeling it all instantly erased. Forgetting feels wonderful. Every time she accepts, obeys, and forgets, feeling like a good girl.

Bill decides to read every scrap of sports news he can find on the Web. Retreads of stories from three days ago that he’s already read. That’s fine. It’s better than just staring at our wall, he thought. Bill sneaks a peek at Min, hoping he’s not bothering her.

What Bill doesn’t know is that Min is barely even there, now. Min is far, far away. Min is being conditioned. Trained. And the pleasure is beginning to surge inside her.

Bambi feels so helplessly brainless. In her tight slutty outfit. Brainless and horny.

Now Bambi, it’s important for you to understand what disobedience feels like. If Bambi’s man tells Bambi to do something, but Bambi either refuses or tries to put it off, Bambi should never forget how bad that feels, even if Bambi never has to experience that feeling again. You instantly feel extremely anxious. As if you are not fulfilling your role. As if you are not worth anything. Every time you think about disobeying your man, or about displeasing him in any way, Bambi again feels the shame. The loneliness. The discomfort. And it doubles.

Because Bambi’s sexy body, and happy dumb bimbo spirit, are intrinsically built to please. Bambi is built to be obedient and pleasing and pretty and cute and wet and fuckable, Bambi.

The boredom of watching Min do nothing is actually starting to relax Bill. A man just cannot stay on pins and needles forever, watching nothing happen. Bill is calming down just a bit. Starting to reconcile himself to whatever happens. He thinks about how great Min was to agree to something so ‘out there,’ to give it a try, just trusting him. Wanting to please him. That’s pretty great, he thinks.

It is completely natural for Bambi to love being owned and used by her sexy man. That is healthy and good. Whenever Bambi’s man tells Bambi to do something, and Bambi does it without question, it feels so good. Bambi feels a deep wave of pleasure. An intense surge of approval and acceptance. Like a good girl.

Through the years, as you are trained to obey him more completely, more thoroughly, those feelings of pleasure, and acceptance, and approval, can become even better. Richer. Deeper. Even more multi-layered and profound. Ever more important to you. More valuable. More necessary. And you feel like a good girl.

Min is lost in hypnosis. Or rather, Min is beginning to find herself, her sensual self, in hypnosis. Beginning to awaken.

Needing to sink deeper, into the pleasure. Into obedience. Like a good girl.

Your pussy is so empty, Bambi. So needing him to fill you. So needing to obey.

Bambi is so perfectly trapped in her bimbo body and tight uniform and dizzy mind, that everything else can just fade away, permanently.

It is natural for a healthy submissive woman to love to be guided, Bambi. Natural to need your sexy man to choose a destination for you so that you can be completely relaxed and happy.

Bambi is discovering that feeling obedient. Vulnerable. Controlled. Is so hot. And her tits get so hard. Her pussy gets so deep and wet. All these hidden sexy desires, hidden ecstasies so long denied, are beginning to enter Bambi’s consciousness, her very soul.

And suddenly all those sexy things: Incredible. Scandalous. Wonderful things. All those sexy images and thoughts, are beginning to arouse Bambi. Bambi understands sex so much better now. All those dark, secret longings. Longing to obey. To be told exactly what to do. God, that feels so good. All those sexy things that submissive women do for their man. So he can own her so good. So she can feel her slavery in her heart and soul. Like a good girl. It feels so good. Bambi feels she might die without them, and without him. Like a good girl.

Bill is thinking about nothing much by now, and is startled. Because suddenly, Min has shifted on the couch. She has spread her legs, body much tauter now. She is breathing heavily. Bill has no idea what is going on. There’s still lots of time left in Min’s hypnosis session. Has she awakened? He looks. No. Her eyes are closed. But her pelvis is rocking gently.

Oh my God, it worked! he thought. She’s aroused! And completely under.

And then Bill feels, for the very first time, that incredibly powerful feeling of seeing your gorgeous adorable woman entranced, and aroused, right next to you. Completely focused into a universe of pleasure. And longing. And surrender.

Your man is better than you, and that’s just the way you like it. You are his slave. He owns you. And Bambi knows that she is not the only girl in the universe. Bambi should make sure that her man can get more and better of everything, right at home with her. Like a good girl.

And Bambi, sleep. You don’t want to leave this sleepy craving, but you know that you can go even deeper, next time. Bambi, sleep now.

Min relaxes, slumps back a little, though her legs stay spread, and remain that way.

What’s happening? What’s happening? Bill wonders frantically. Has it stopped working? Why isn’t she all... whatever that was... anymore? Is she going to forget all about that? Is that what they’re going to make her do? They’re going to tease me with this vision of my sexy entranced girl, those bastards, and then wake her up not remembering a thing, and I’m high and dry. Great!

Oh, Bill. Oh Bill, of little faith. You are almost charming.

And you have much to learn—about yourself, Bill. Min wants your leadership, craves it, is turned on by it. And she can give you little hints that she is receptive, but you are going to have to figure it all out, mostly on your own.

Because you are the boy, Bill. She is the girl. This is how it’s supposed to work. She can’t show you. She can’t really even tell you. You’re just going to have to fake being genuinely commanding, until you understand sex so much better.

Then you can both understand sex so much better. And cum. And cum.

Bambi, his hands are on your tits. Rolling and tugging and squeezing your hard, sensitive nipples. Stroking and squeezing and rubbing your tits. Pop, pop, popping your thoughts. Making you even more his. Making you even more in love with him. Leaving you blank and mindless and horny. Needing to obey.

Bambi: sex, and obedience to him, are now so tightly woven together, that you can no longer separate them. His orders are the caresses of a powerful attractive lover. Just knowing what he wants you to do next, brings you such pleasure. And obedience to him. Is orgasm. Powerful. Deep. Hard. Full. Overwhelming bliss.

Bambi is completely addicted to her training. Completely addicted to her conditioning. She will feel deep and powerful urges to listen to this session over and over again. So that she can let everything go. And be transformed completely.

And contrary to Bill’s increasingly firm opinion, Min’s hypnosis session eventually does end. Min takes off her earbuds. She looks at Bill, with a very... focused... look in her eyes.

The only thought in Min’s head is: Bill, fuck me now. Min starts towards Bill’s mouth, but veers away mid-course. She wants his cock in her. Now. NOW.

Bill sees it all, can’t believe it, is frantically trying to figure out what the hell is happening, while thinking, Oh my god, Oh my god. Min paws at Bill’s crotch so fiercely that her hands don’t work, she is so frantic for his cock that she is having trouble getting his pants off.

Bill’s last conscious thought is to help her get his cock out of his pants. And then Min eliminates her panties, spreads her gorgeous legs even further as she gets on her back on the couch, pulls Bill on top of her, and inserts him into her sopping wet pussy.

Bill can feel Min bucking under him uncontrollably, and hear her scream in shuddering ecstasy almost immediately. Or maybe it is himself. Min is coming so hard that he almost immediately loses himself in her, buries himself in her. Everything is Min. Bill cums, roaring hard, like a lion in delight. Which sets Min off again, into an even harder and more prolonged series of orgasms. She clutches his butt, and rocks, and screams, and moans, until she is delirious with his cum, filled with his cum, filled with His acceptance. His approval. His pleasure.

Utterly spent, Min almost immediately falls into a deep, satisfying, pleased, fulfilled, blissful slumber, Bill still very much safely inside of her. Bill himself is unable to do anything but be inside his beautiful wife and, giving her just enough room to breathe, doze on top of her, on top of her wonderful, welcoming body.

When they wake up, still completely entangled together, they realize that they had done it on the couch. They don’t care, obviously, but the couch is a mess.

Luckily, the dry cleaners is able to get out the stains. Pretty much.

Min suggests that their bed is a better place to have their next session—considering. And ever practical, at their next “hypnodate,” Min leaves all her clothing off, since it would just ‘interfere’. Naked, next to him, lips wet and eyes smiling, she ruffles his hair. And kisses him. All over.

And then, Min puts in her earbuds.

* * *

“So, Min,” said Bill, “after dinner this evening, do you have anything that you have to do before tomorrow—any work that needs to be taken care of, any chores you have to do?”

“No, not really,” said Min.

“Very good,” said Bill. “At 9 pm tonight, you are to present yourself to me, naked, in our bed. And I am going to fuck you into mindless oblivion, which, as my slave, you find extremely enjoyable, and very simple to arrange.”

And Min, a little aroused already, said, “Yes, Sir.” And in saying that, her heart felt gloriously enslaved, and owned, by her beautiful man. And Min became even a little more aroused, as she pleasurably anticipated His next command.