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Sensual Makeover — Story 2

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Having come across a real (and free) hypnosis website:

I started to wonder what MC stories one might concoct from the premise of a hypnotic “sensual makeover” site.

This story is a work of fiction. It’s not real. Nothing in the following is the responsibility of the anonymous authors of

* * *

Hannah was vaguely unhappy. She had tried a new haircut, a new dress. The good feelings from those had only lasted two days. Dan was fine, it wasn’t a problem with Dan. She was lucky to have him, she knew. It was a problem... inside her, somehow. A restlessness still crept into her soul. She didn’t feel peaceful. She felt empty in some undefined way. She felt stuck. She’d had dreams where Dan was calling to her across a distance, but her voice in response was so small, as if she didn’t have what it took to respond to him capably. And even as she yelled towards him so punily, so ineffectively, in the dream, Dan still looked searchingly towards her, beckoning to her, and yet some unknown force made him begin to drift farther and farther away from her....

The dreams were bad. She would wake up from them, crying. Dan would sometimes wake up then, too, and try to comfort her.

And then there were the times she was so bratty to him that even steady, strong Dan would explode. He would point out that he deserved at least the common courtesy with which she treated perfect strangers. And she would have no answer for him. She would double-down, bluster and justify and attack, defending the indefensible, or she would fall mute. At those times, she was so far gone, so not-herself, that it did not even occur to her to be ashamed of herself, let alone be able to say, “I’m sorry.”

The women’s magazines and blogs and vlogs, and the psychologists, too, had answers for Hannah. Well, no, they didn’t, actually.

This is why one day, Hannah found herself idly searching the Internet.

And she found a site that promised her a free, hypnotic Sensual Makeover.

Want to feel absolutely wonderful, peaceful and fulfilled, and desperately in love with your man? Want to give your lover unforgettable sensual experiences while you feel gorgeous, submissive, and incredibly sexy? Then welcome to the exciting world of immersive hypnotic metaphor!

Amused, Hannah thought to herself, “Why, yes! I would indeed like to feel absolutely wonderful, peaceful and fulfilled!” Still, she read some of the information on the site. If it was a come-on, at least it was free, she thought. Then she clicked on “Listen to Intro.mp3.”

Welcome to professional hypnosis. So let’s begin. People can discover patterns in their behavior that are unproductive but keep recurring. You can be neglectful and inconsistent as a lover. That can come across as thoughtless and uncaring, and also no fun. You can be a wonderful girl, but there may be times when you have unthinkingly gotten stuck in unattractive, sterile patterns.

“Wow,” thought Hannah as she continued to listen, “How’s that for wasting no time getting to the point?”

Yet Hannah found some courage and hope as she listened. After about ten minutes, Intro.mp3 finished, and Hannah felt reassured, and more interested. She thought for a few minutes. “Dan,” she said, “can you come here for a minute? Could you just look at this and see what you think?”

“Sure,” he said. He came over and glanced at the website for a second, then, intrigued, he read for a minute or two.

When he looked up, Hannah said, “I’d kind of like to try this.”

“OK,” Dan said. “Let’s see what we’re getting in for.” He read every word. The website described the program, and the goodly amount of time required. Then he looked at her. “It’s twelve weeks,” he said, “a twelve-week program.”

“Yeah,” she said.

“If you want to do this, we’ll do it,” Dan continued. “But I’m going to hold you to it.”

“I expect you to,” Hannah said.

“OK,” he said. “We’re going to make a schedule right now. Get out your calendar and let’s plan this out. And, I assume, our first session starts tonight?” He paused and looked at her. “You mean, like right now?”

“Yes,” she said. “So, I’ve downloaded the recording.”

“Yeah?” he said.

“So, can we start?” she asked.

Dan looked at her. “No.”

Hannah looked perplexed. With barely a pause, Dan said, “It says right here that you’re supposed to make yourself look good before we start.”

Focused on the prospect of a hypnotic sensual makeover, Hannah had already forgotten about Step 1 in each session.

“Aren’t you supposed to brush your hair or something?” Dan ventured.

“Sorry,” Hannah said, and rose to freshen her appearance. When she came back, Hannah suddenly felt a little hesitant. She knew that Step 2 said that she was supposed to make out with Dan for a few minutes before the session, but she felt unexpectedly shy.

“Come here,” he said.

That was all it took. Hannah began to kiss him. “OK,” he said, after a while. “I’ll be right here.” And he settled in, next to her.

Hannah put in her pink earbuds and began to be hypnotized.

And as that wonderful heavy feeling spreads further and further, every part of your body, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, can just relax more and more completely. Becoming so heavy and limp that you find you can’t even move at all any more. Seeping into your feet, heavy and limp. Moving up into your calves. Knees. And into your thighs. So numb and heavy. Now into your hips and pussy. Numb and limp but starting to get wet down there. Because it feels so good to obey. And moving up into your stomach, and chest. And your massive heavy breasts, so nicely heavy and limp.

Hannah began to be lost in the voice. So nicely heavy and limp. Beginning to be aroused. Beginning to be obedient.

Bambi, your subconscious mind is breaking through all those levels of denial and making you accept the truth. You know deep down, that you want to be at your man’s side. You want to be owned. You want to obey. You want to submit. It keeps getting easier and easier to accept, as your resistance slowly crumbles and erodes under the relentless pressure of your own desires.

Hannah sighed. Something deep inside her was beginning to be aroused. Relaxed. Freed.

Bambi is discovering that feeling obedient. Vulnerable. Controlled. Is so hot. And her tits get so hard. Her pussy gets so deep and wet. All these hidden sexy desires. Hidden ecstasies so long denied, are beginning to enter Bambi’s consciousness, her very soul. Meeting the challenge. Letting go. Into your vulnerability. Through it. Beyond it. So you can fully express his ownership of you to him. So you can please him, fully and thoroughly, with everything you have.

Hannah is immersed in sex. In hypnosis. In the truth of herself. Captivated, entranced, her imagination soaring with every word she hears. She has needed this for so long. She has needed to be told this, for so long.

You need him to control you, Bambi. His control drives you insane with lust for him. You are able to admit that, now, to embrace it. Life as a woman. Owned. By a sexy man. Is like nothing you imagined as a kid. When you know you are pleasing him, when you feel his desire for you, making you do exactly as you are told, the passion in you, now a healthy sexual woman, erupts like an uncontrollable fire. You feel so sexual. So alive. The orgasms begin to explode in you, wave after wave.

Hannah is breathing sex. Saying yes to sex. Saying yes to a sexual life with Dan that she has longed for so deeply that she has kept it a secret even from herself.

Her body limp, yet on fire for him. Please make me obey, Dan. Conquer me. Put me in my place. Draw my submission out of me and demand it of me. Tell me to be your slut, and make that never go away. Fill me, please, Dan. Fill me. I am obedient. I am your obedient girl. I am your good girl. I need to be filled. Filled with your approval. With your acceptance. With your pleasure. I’ll do anything for you. I’ll do anything, just... to be around you. Please fill me, Dan. I will obey. Oh God, I will obey. I am a good girl. I am a good girl. I am a good girl....

So much of being peaceful, so much of feeling happy and in love and fulfilled, is caught up in Hannah being owned by her sexy man, the man who has earned her trust, the man who requires her submission. Hannah knows this, now. She is beginning to know this, now.

She awakens with very little memory of what has transpired. With only the vaguest wisp of remembrance of the girl inside her that she has begun to meet, and discover, and to be.

A little dazed, she begins to idly run her fingers through Dan’s hair. And very quickly, huge surges of arousal begin to pulse through her. Hannah is so ready for sex. She is so ready to be penetrated. To be taken.

Hannah is beginning her sensual makeover. She is beginning to be happy. Fulfilled. Peaceful.

Hannah is beginning to be owned.

Bambi’s breath comes in ragged gasps, and her cunt clinches around his fingers. Her nipples tighten into hard buds. Her body trembles under the force of overwhelming ecstasy. The temptation to return to him again and again, to feel the power of his praise, is overwhelming.

Bambi cannot help feeling an intense delight at the idea of pleasing him with her words, her body, her submission. That is simply an inexorable truth of Bambi’s being. The blissful sensations condition Bambi to accept all of her man’s truths, on a level that she had once merely fantasized about.

You are doing so well, Bambi. He is so proud of you. Obedience can bring such deep, abiding, arousing, consuming pleasure to a healthy sexual woman. It just feels so good to obey. And now Bambi—all of Bambi—understands: the old self is gone. Bambi understands how good it feels to obey. Like a good girl.

The hypnosis begins to energize and amplify real, exciting qualities in Hannah that had been neglected—that had been starving. Hannah’s old sexual personality begins to appear to her as a minor embarrassment from her distant past. She will more and more forget about it entirely.

As she continues her sessions, Hannah starts to notice tiny whispers of arousal, compelling her towards the hypnosis and towards her new, sexier personality, who is starting to root herself in Hannah’s subconscious.

Hannah is feeling more attractive. She is desperately in love with Dan. One day soon, Hannah will open her eyes and scarcely believe what a beautiful, sexy, obedient good girl she has become, and how happy and fulfilled that makes her.

The hypnosis reminds Hannah that she is just beginning an exciting, empowering journey. Relax, and trust the process, it tells her. Hannah notices her thoughts and behaviors becoming more intensely sexual than her former self had become used to. She experiences some mild shock and disorientation as she discovers that she is a lot more fabulous, obedient, and fun than she may have settled for in the past.

The hypnosis is winning. Hannah relaxes and obeys. Dan is so attractive. So powerful. Hannah increasingly enjoys becoming his dumb, obedient bimbo. Dumb enough to enjoy becoming a wet mess of “Yes, please!”

Bambi should make sure that her man fucks her frequently enough so he cannot think of anyone’s pussy but hers. Bambi’s world revolves around her man, and she can’t get it to stop. Bambi knows she’s a little crazy for him. But crazy for him feels so good. And every day—every breath—she belongs to him more. She needs him more. She thinks about him more. And it feels so good. It feels so good to belong to him. To think about him all the time. To wonder if he likes her. To need him to like her. Like a good girl.

Hannah begins to feel a deep desire created in her to re-live incredible sexual hypnotic moments. She begins to understand sex so much better, now. She knows that she wants to be owned. She loves that Dan owns her. He is her Master, and she serves him willingly.

Hannah experiences increasing happiness and contentment. Hannah becomes a very good girl for her man.

And as everyone knows, good girls make fantastic lovers.