The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Simon Says


Simon coughed and woke. Erica was caught by surprise.

A small alarm went off and a nurse rushed in.

She had to pry Erica away from her son.

Only a day ago Simon was resigned to the fact that he would die. And so, too his mother had also expected this… though Erica never admitted it to anyone.


The experimental blood serum had been a success.

And now he was waking up….

Erica had rung Rick, her ex-husband to pass on the news to her younger daughters Katie and Jane but Rick’s new girlfriend Maria answered the phone. Coldly Maria told Erica to never call again, not even listening to what Erica had to say.

Erica hung onto the phone in astonishment even as the line buzzed dead.

She went back to her son’s ward only to see he was already up and about.

It was a miracle!

The First Night

Erica arrived home late on a Friday night with her sometime boyfriend Sam. Together they’d had a good time already, a nice cheap meal, a movie, some passion in the car outside and now she wanted to continue with this in the bedroom.

Opening the door, managing keys in one hand and Sam’s cock in the other Erica was confronted by the booming sound coming from Simon’s closed bedroom.

She gave an audible sigh. So glad to have her son home… but after days he was largely isolated in his room, surrounded by noise.

“Do you want me to speak to your son?” Sam asked.

“No” she tried to smile, “Let’s not spoil the mood”

She lead Sam down the hallway to the master bedroom. She spun around and embraced Sam in a series of sloppy wet kisses as she managed to pull his pants down at the same time.

She sunk to her knees and taking hold of his undies; she freed his hard cock.

Sam was slightly older than Erica, and podgy. His cock wasn’t big, but it was hard and needful. She met that need with her mouth.

Erica sucked him at the same time she managed to take her own panties off.

After a while she rose to her feet and smiling at seeing his disappointment that her mouth wouldn’t take his load she launched herself backwards onto her bed.

“Whee….” she giggled like a school-girl

When she stopped bouncing she drew her dress up revealing her big hairy bush.

“Turn the lights off” she said as Sam stepped out of his pants

“You’re kidding” he said.

“No, I’m serious” she said.

She kept her legs together unwilling to reveal herself to him in the bedroom light.

Sam shrugged and turned and closed the door and flicked off the light.

It took a moment to adjust. There was a dim light from the clock-radio display and from the street-light outside.

“Come to me, big boy” Erica purred.

Sam got up onto the bed.

“Ow!” she cried

“Sorry!” he said, having knelt down over her shin. He lay on her and kissed her briefly before pushing himself up into her.

Erica had had bigger cocks. She could have complained about Sam, but she needed this.

Sam grunted and suddenly came. Erica growled in bitter disappointment as Sam fell into her and emptied his cock into her un-satiated cunt.

Sam kissed her affectionately on the forehead and got up.

“Where are you going?” she protested. It had all been so quick.

“Gotta pee” he said.

The door closed and Erica lay there in disappointed wetness.

A moment later the door opened and closed.

Erica could barely see his figure standing there.

“Changed your mind?” she said as she opened her legs again.

“I want you” she whimpered.

“Huh?” he shrugged.

“I want you to fuck me again” she purred.

He got over onto the bed and moved between her legs.

“Hard already?” she grinned. Sam had never been ready again so quickly. She had just expected him to finger her—as he usually did to get her off.

Instead his cock was rock hard. What surprised Erica was that it seemed much bigger

“Ooof!” she sighed as he slid quickly into her. “Oh, that feels so good!” she purred. And it did. It felt like there was a fire burning between her legs.

He began to ride her and her clit seemed to burn at his attention.

“Oh, fuck!” she cried as she suddenly reached a peak. She held onto his back, scratching him there as ripples of orgasm shot out over her. And still he fucked her. She burst into another orgasm moments later.

Then after a minute she felt the tell-tale of his own peak and she wanted it so badly. When he came in her, more than ever before, she arched her whole body and let out a tremendous cry of sheer joy. Sam had never got her off like this before.

And as he withdrew his cock and moved up her body. He guided her mouth

“No, you know I don’t like it” she protested but he forced his cock into her mouth. And, it tasted different and she found herself cleaning his cock. She suckled. It tasted good as she gulped down the thick goo coating his cock.

Suddenly he grabbed hold of her head.

Surprisingly his cock erupted and shot another load into her mouth. She wanted to gag but then he held her tight till she swallowed it hungrily. She’d never liked the taste of cum before but now she vigorously fingered herself as she gulped love-seed down.

He moved down her body this time his mouth going between her legs.

He kissed her where he’d come before. His tongue slid obscenely far into her snatch. Then suddenly she felt a sharp prick.

“Ow” she gasped and the the pain left her.

She heard him greedily lapping at her snatch.

She gasped long slowly sighing as she felt orgasm rippling over her again.

Suddenly the door opened and the bedroom light flickered on.

“What the fuck!” Sam growled from the bedroom door.

Erica gazed down at her son smiling between her legs. His lips wet and reddened.

His mouth returned to her, ignoring Sam howling in protest behind him. Erica wanted to protest but as her son supped she suddenly passed out.

The Next Time

Erica woke up an hour later with a massive headache. She wasn’t sure at first if it was because she was hung-over. The bedside lights were on now, one on either side of the bed.

She sat up groggily Her head spun. Sam was not there, nor were his clothes.

She felt another pain, between her legs and noticed that the sheets were stained with cum and blood.

Then she noticed her son lying asleep next to her naked, with his back to her.

“Oh, God! No!” she sobbed as she remembered what had happened. What shamed her the most was that she had enjoyed it so much. But then she didn’t really know it was her son… did she?

Her whimpering woke him up.

“Hi, mom” he smiled sleepily… rolling over.

“What the fuck did you do to me?”

“We made love” he said with a smile “You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had, mom”

“You fucking pervert!” she began to hit out at him

He sprung up, quick as a flash and slapped her across the face sending her head back onto the pillow. It smarted.

“You are a great fuck, mom” he said as he moved over her, “But you really need to know your place”

“Get off of me” she cried as he sat on her stomach.

His cock got hard in front of her eyes. It was big and menacing

“You’re going to need this before we continue” he said

“What…” she protested, turning her head away as he offered his cock to her, “Get the fuck off me!”

“You will take this” Simon said “Or else!”

To emphasise the point he hit her again. This time in the ribs. She felt like he’d cracked one.

“Take it!” he said.

He threatened to hit her again with a raised hand.

“No, stop!” she cried

Slowly she turned her head and opened her mouth. It was instantly filled with son-cock.

He fucked her mouth. He was big.

She looked into his smiling face with a mix of hate and disgust

“Don’t hate me, mom” he smiled as if he could read her thoughts. “You’ll need this for the change”

Suddenly he came in her mouth. It filled her mouth. Again she swallowed to stop herself choking. Soon she found herself sucking him like a new-born baby on a bottle and a part of her realised she wanted it. She sucked down the hot thick come of her son.

When he’d finished off in her mouth he moved down her body.

She found herself opening her legs, shamelessly displaying herself to her son; showing him the place he had come from.

He pressed his mouth there.

“Ow!” she sighed as she felt a sharp pain. Her back arched and she came.

She passed out again, only this time she felt a twinge of warmth.

At School

Simon walked amongst the other students with a certain glow. He buzzed at the flow of sensation from his heightened senses.

He stopped when he saw a group of ladies pouring out of the change-room

Kathy Switzer, a cheerleader was surprised when Simon walked in on her in the change-rooms. She felt ill-at-ease and grasped the towel closer to her body.

“What the fuck…?” she growled.

“Drop the towel” Simon said as his eyes bored into hers. She did. He smiled as he caught a glimpse of her tanned toned body. She had pert breasts, a shaven bush much darker than the blonde flowing onto her shoulders. Clearly she got her blondness from a bottle.

“Huh?” she gasped as she felt embarrassed and went to pick up the towel. She had no idea why she’d dropped it. She went to pick it up.

“Leave it” he said.

She did. “What… the… how are you doing this…?” she asked. She wanted to cover herself but she couldn’t pick the towel up.

“Be quiet” he said. And she became quiet.

Now she really had a look of terror. She tried to voice her fear, but nothing came out…

He said “You will feed me, and you will continue to want to feed me” he said.

She was silent.

“Say you will…” he said

“I want to feed you” she said not knowing what this meant.

“You will not tell anyone about what I am going to do to you”

“I won’t tell anyone about it.”

“You won’t do anything that will prevent me from feeding” he added

“I won’t do anything that will prevent you from feeding” she parroted

“Now I’m hungry”, he opened his mouth and his upper canines drew down into long sharp fangs.

He moved at her and bit quickly into her neck, cutting easily through her skin.

A tear drew from her eye as her blood welled up into his mouth.

She made no protest, no effort to fight as she heard his sucking at her throat.

Her mouth opened… no sound. But it was not a stilted protest, but a sigh that wanted release…

He took only a half-dozen gulps before releasing her. He licked over her wounds and they healed instantly. The taste of her blood was warm and coppery.

“Now get dressed” he said

Almost robotically Kathy went through the motions of dressing.

“Remember” he said, catching her arm as she was going “You want to feed me again”

“I want to feed you again” she said. This time she managed a smile, still unsure of why she was doing what he was saying

“Good” he smiled.

She was filled with rage.

“I hate you” she added with a snarl, even though he’d made her come, “You’re sick, you perv….”

He grinned.

“You love me”

“I hate you”

“Say you love me”

“I love you” she said. Now her face beamed with delight.

“I…” she was even more enraged.

“You DO love me” he said. She loved him so much.

“That’s better”

He left her and went to class.

Sandra Menendez’s face lit up when Simon entered the class-room. Her friend Josie couldn’t believe how Sandra had changed on the issue of this weird boy.

For the first part of the year both girls had joked what a creep Simon was. They had heard weird stories about his extended hospital stay. Experimental treatments… and so forth. The rumour mill ran wild.

Then suddenly Sandra was like having a school-girl crush whenever she saw him.

“I saved you a seat” Sandra beamed like a giddy school-girl.

Simon barely acknowledged her as he sat down next to her. She kept staring at him smiling and now totally ignoring Josie.

“What the fuck’s got into you?” Josie said slapping her friend’s arm. Sandra ignored Josie still.

Simon turned. He looked at Josie and caught her eye. She didn’t realise but her nipples began to jut out hard against her T-shirt. Casually she dropped a hand between her thighs and she brushed it over her crotch. She didn’t realise she was fingering herself until he let her.

Simon smiled. He turned to Sandra. His unspoken command went to her and she turned to see her friend slowly masturbating herself through her jeans.

Josie let out a sigh and realised she’d just come. She coughed as if to hide the sound she’d just made. She was confused. Only Sandra smiled at her now.

A shiver ran over Josie… what had just happened?

After class Sandra begged Josie to come with her to the music hall. They stopped outside the door. Josie seemed hesitant. “Why are we going in here?”

“It’s a surprise”

“But it’s closed”

“I know!” Sandra said.

“I don’t get it” Josie said “You ignore me for days and now…”

“Please” Sandra said. She skipped on the spot, begging.

She begged Josie in and Josie relented and followed her friend.

Simon stepped in behind them and closed the door behind him.

Josie now grew nervous.

Sandra took a hold of her top and pulled it off. Her young breasts bounced free without constraint of a bra. Next went her pants. No panties!

“What the hell are you doing?” Josie said.

Josie looked over and saw Simon.

“Get undressed” Simon said to her.

She began undressing. Josie couldn’t believe it. It was if someone else was moving her hands and arms.

“What’s happening to me?” Josie cried as she disrobed. She watched herself like she was a spectator to someone else’s hands. But they were her hands taking her clothes off.

“We’re going to have such fun” Sandra said excitedly. “I’m glad you’ll be my sister now…”

Simon too was undressed. Immediately Sandra administered her mouth to his cock.

“What the hell’s happening” Josie said as at last she stood naked.

“Turn around and bend over” he said

“What the hell…???” Josie cried as she did so. “Please…” she cried, “Don’t do this!”

“Which hole?” he grinned to Sandra.

“I don’t know, Master’ Sandra said, “Which one will hurt the most?”

“Oh no you don’t!” Josie gasped in protest as she felt Simon’s cock press against her anus.

“This is probably going to hurt” Simon smiled, taking hold of her hips he pushed up into her. “But you won’t stop me”

“Please no…”

“Say it!” Simon demanded “Say you want me to fuck your ass.”

“I want you to fuck my ass” Josie said “No… no… don’t!” she begged.

“Say it again!”

“Fuck me in the ass!”

“Okay” he smiled

“Oh no!” Josie cried. It did hurt.

“Ow…no… please” she cried “Ow…ow…”

“Don’t yell for help” Simon said in anticipation.

“I won’t yell for help” Josie found herself saying. “Please stop.. it hurts so much.”

Simon was now deep into her anus and Josie cried and cried in pain. “Now back your ass onto me!” he said.

“Please stop” she whimpered as she thrust back onto his cock, “Please… it hurts so much”

Simon pulled out but it was only to push back deeper, harder into her rectum

“Ow, no, please” Josie cried “It hurts. It hurts. It hurts”

Simon kept humping her, putting more weight onto her. And then he came.

Suddenly Josie let out a low groan. It wasn’t a cry of pain. It was a sigh of bliss. She even surprised herself. She felt him nibbling at her neck. She could feel her life draining away. He supped on her blood.

As he did Sandra sucked on his cock cleaning the girl-shit that was on it.

When Simon and the girls emerged from the music room Josie fretted and attended to Simon as Sandra did. They both loved him more than life. Josie hoped he would fuck her again soon, even in the ass. She knew it would hurt but she wanted Simon so badly.

She wanted to serve him. She was now Sandra’s sister.

Mommy’s Boy

Erica paced the bedroom. She knew she should try to escape but she could not reach for the door knob. It was like her arm was paralysed every time she tried it. Her arms worked until she reached for the door and then they fell limp.

She went to the window and equally her hands and arms would not work.

She remembered Simon saying “Do not leave the room”. It was only now she realised there was more to his words than just words. Something about those words compelled her. She could not disobey him even as she wanted to.

Then she realised she had her phone in her bag. She found the phone. She dialled her sister Linda.

“Hello?” came the voice of her niece Rebecca.

“Bec” Erica cried, “It’s me, aunty Erica. Is Linda there?”


“Can you go get her? Please! It’s an emergency!”

Suddenly Erica became more concerned. She heard Simon come home

“Hi, mom” Simon called as he closed the front door.

“Erica?” Linda asked as she got the phone. “Is anything the matter?”

“Never mind” Erica said as she looked into her son’s eyes. She switched off the phone and dropped it to the floor.

“Now, now, mother!” Simon smiled.

“Please, Simon” Erica begged, “Don’t do this…It’s not right.”

“You know I could just make you my slave” Simon said as he undressed. “But I’m going to give you a great gift”

“Please, Simon” Erica begged again as she undressed to despite herself, responding to a previous instruction

“I love you mom” he said as he embraced her.

“I love you to son” she cried as she returned his embrace. “Please stop making me do this.”

“Get on the bed”

“Don’t make me do this again” Erica whimpered as she got onto her back on the bed.

Simon caressed his cock until it grew hard. As he climbed onto the bed his mother opened her legs.

He slid into her now wet pussy. She was ready for him

“Oh!” she gasped as if she was penetrated for the first time. He was big.

Their love-making was slow and Erica came several times till her body ached for his release into her. It was as if her body depended on him being pleased by her.

“Come in me, baby” she found herself whimpering

“This is so nice, mom”

“Please, baby. Mommy wants your come”

Suddenly she flipped Simon over and she sat up on his cock. She was exhilarated by the feel of riding her son.

“Oh, yes”

When he came in her she orgasmed too and collapsed on him.

He nuzzled his mouth against her neck.

“Uh” she gasped as he bit her and fed only this time she did not collapse unconscious. They kissed and she tasted her own coppery blood on his lips.

Soon she moved down his body with her kisses. She found his cock still hard. She took it into her mouth and sucked.

And when he came again she drank it all.

Family Matters

“I’ll be right over” Linda said hanging up the phone.

Simon smiled and looked over at his mother as she hung up the phone. “It is done, son” she said as she put the phone down.

“Good” he smiled

“Come back to bed, son” Erica whimpered as she sauntered over to the stained mattress

Simon smiled and almost skipped over to her. He straddled her stomach.

He opened her mouth and peeled up her upper lip to inspect her canines. They were sharp. He grinned and pressed his cock into her mouth.

He bucked as she bit into him; just enough to break the skin. She suckled him like a baby on the bottle.

He broke off from her and emptied his cock back in her pussy.

“Roll over, mom” he said, “There’s one hole I’ve not tried yet.”

“You silly…” she grinned and rolled onto her stomach.

Her anus was even more tighter. Erica did not complain. It felt like she had another clit in there. It burned deliciously so.

it was half an hour when the doorbell rang.

“Shall we eat?” he said

“Yes, Son” Erica said “I’m so hungry”


Simon opened the door. Linda stood there. She was suddenly hit by a wave of foul odour

“Ewww” she growled “What the hell’s been going on here” she said as she stepped inside.

She looked up to see Erica coming down the hall, naked. Her body lean and sleek, but deathly pale.

It was only then that she noticed Simon was naked too.

“What the hell’s going on here?”

Erica looked hesitatingly at Simon, as if asking for permission

“Go ahead, mom” he said as he closed the door.

“I said what’s going…” Linda began as she drew close to her sister

“Be quiet” Erica said.

Suddenly her sister was quiet.

“Now take off your clothes”

Linda’s mind raced in panic. She didn’t know why but she could not speak, nor did she know how to stop undressing. She felt like she was a passenger in another person’s body.

Erica grinned and as she did her upper canines extended into fangs.

She went to her sister and embraced her, pressing her breasts into her sister’s. She bit into Linda’s neck and fed. Linda’s blood welled up into her sister’s hungry mouth. Simon had to stop her from draining Linda too much.

When Linda woke up she was in bed. Next to her Erica sat on Simon, his cock deep inside his mother’s anus.

Erica grunted with animalistic delight as she rode up and down on her son’s cock.

“Fuck me, baby” Erica grunted, “Fuck mommy’s asshole”

“You’re the best, Mom”

Linda wanted to say something but still could not.

She couldn’t move either, except her head and neck.

“That’s it baby” Erica screeched. Erica came as her son’s cock erupted, filling her rectum with cum.

She hung over her son, sweating, panting. She pulled up off his cock, and his cum oozed out her distended anus.

“Oh, look!” Erica smiled seeing her sister awake

“You’ll have to feed her” Simon said.

“This will be fun” Erica said.

She straddled her sister’s face. “Open your mouth” she said. Linda did so obediently.

Erica squeezed her sphincter as if going to do a shit and she forced her son’s come out of her ass-hole and into Linda’s mouth.

“Eat it” Erica said.

Linda wanted to gag at the taste but she dutifully swallowed the ejaculate being farted out her sister’s anus.

Linda lapped it up as she was told. Her mind screaming to stop, but she kept doing it.

“My ass feels so disjointed” Erica said. “Your cock is so huge”

“Does it hurt mom?”

“No, it’s okay… but maybe Linda needs to feel it too?”

“Good idea, mom” he said as he rolled over behind her. Erica spun around, still keeping her dripping ass-hole over her sister’s slobbering mouth. She wanted to get into a position where she could watch her son sodomise her sister.

Simon moved to between his aunt’s legs.

He lifted them up and spread them wider.

He pulled her buttocks up and moved forward till his cock head was against her anus.

Then he pushed into her.

Linda’s body bucked at the intrusion. At the same time her ass burned in pain she lapped at the cum dripping from her sister’s soft pink anus.

—At School— (A few days before)

A few days earlier and Sandra Menendez shifted in her seat. She was having her period.

Simon sat as usual behind her, but this time he unnerved her even more. Everyone in school had heard he was dying and now he was back in class.

It made no sense.

And he was inhaling deeply, weirdly.

Sandra stood up and excused herself, clutching a small zip-bag.

Simon stopped breathing so heavily. He was salivating.

But now the aroma had gone.

Instinctively he stood up.

Miss Ruby Laxman called to him but he ignored her as he made his way out the class.

He could see the scent. Literally see it as it wafted in the air down he corridor. Not as strong as where he stood, but getting thicker as he followed it.

And then he was in the girl’s bathroom.

He heard breathing behind a closed stall.

He inhaled again.

He felt he was getting hard just by the scent. He felt his upper canines extend out. It was such a weird sensation. He touched his new found fangs.

He went over to the stall door and found it closed, not locked.

He pushed suddenly into it

“What the fuck?” Sandra began as she was thrown against the toilet.

Simon bent down behind her, pulling up her skirt. He pressed his mouth in and tasted the sweetest juiced he’d ever had. Her blood touched his tongue and it was like a drug.

He bit into her soft pink vaginal lips.

Sandra struggled against him but he was immensely strong.

And as he supped she grew weaker.

Not just weaker, her resolve to fight melted away

Whatever he was doing between her legs it made her clit burn.

And then she came.

His tongue sat five inches deep inside her vagina.

Her blood now merely trickled out into his eager mouth.

Her mind was blown, filled with images.

“Serve me” she heard a voice in her own head.

“Serve me”


“Be my slave”


She groaned. Her who body trembled

Another orgasm rippled over her “Yes! Yes! Yes!” she screamed out

When she came down from her peak she stood up.

He was gone. No less shocked by his own experience with her.

Casually she took some sheets of toilet paper and began to wipe her bloody thigh clean.

Sandra Menendez wandered in a daze out the school and went to the car park.

She got in her car and sat there fingering herself. She thought of her master fucking her.

She arched her back, thrusting up agains this imaginary penis and came again. She dreamt of him emptying his cock into her, over her, bathing in his semen. She mouthed an obscenity and passed out.

Also at School

Simon wondered around the school grounds. He could hear Sandra’s mind in his, through her blood.

He felt so alive from the feast she had given him.

All his senses buzzed.

He was so caught up in these sensations that he did not hear Miss Ruby Laxman as she called his name.

Ruby was red with rage. She was calling Simon’s name as she approached him and he was ignoring her.

She was thirty-eight, not exactly old, but she believed she deserved respect from her students.

She caught Simon’s arm.

Simon spun around as she yelled at him “I was calling your name and you… you… you…”

She was caught in his gaze.

Her nipples suddenly jutted outwards like bullets.

“I was call…” she began again, to less success.

Simon sensed her like he never sensed a woman before. Her smells, her feeling. He could see beads of sweat form on her skin, her slight uneasy shuffle as she tried to collect her thoughts.

They were near the library, all quiet at this time of day.

He opened the door and guided her in

“The library is out of bounds…” she managed to say in earnest, “Young man…”

He closed the door and locked it.

“Wha… What are you doing?”

“Take off your dress”

“I… I will not…” she protested but found herself dropping it to the ground

She wore a negligee underneath, and cotton panties. Her breasts were so small there was no need for a bra.

“I…” she began again, “The library is out of bounds”

“You said that” he smiled.


“Take off your panties” he said

“There is…” she began again but dutifully took these off as well.

“Turn around and grab your ankles” he said.

“Young man…” she protested but did so anyway

He inhaled the smell of her cunt, now moist and expecting.

He took out his cock, engorged “You’ve shaved!” he grinned

He moved the cock head up and down her hairless lips

He pushed into her

“Ohhhhhh” she sighed.

He took a hold of her hips and thrust up into her.

“Yesssss” she groaned again

She grunted a satiated sigh of submission with each of his thrusts.

He quickly came in her.

“Yes! Yes!” she cried.

He pulled out of her and had her clean him with her mouth.

She just as eagerly obeyed.

Conversion Therapy

Linda woke. Erica and Simon stood there with a naked woman.

“Glad you’re up” Erica said to her sister.

“This is Alexandra” Simon said to his aunt.

Alexandra looked like she was in her fifties but she was only thirty-six. She was a crack junkie and it showed.

She was lean. Far too lean to be healthy.

She stood there naked, shivering.

Linda understood why the woman was there.

She felt the hunger in her belly grow.

The strange sensation of feeling her upper canines extend out into fangs barely registered as she drew closer to the woman.

“Say something” Simon said to Alexandra

“Please…” she begged, frightened, mouth dry, “Don’t… don’t hurt me”

Linda was already upon her.

She bit into the woman’s neck.

The blood that welled up in her mouth was bitter.

The woman was full of drugs.

But it would have to do. Her hunger consumed her as she consumed the woman

Linda took big mouthfuls, sucking blood.

Simon and Erica moved over to the bed to fuck as Linda drained the crack whore dry.

“You just love my ass!” Linda finally heard Erica quip

“It’s so good”

“Better than my sister’s?” Erica asked surprisingly jealous

“Much” Simon said as Erica backed onto him.

She soon had him nestled in her rectum.

Linda turned to see her sister and nephew fucking.

She was turned on.

The blood coursing through her was like female viagra.

She went over to the lovers.

Simon lay back on the bed.

Linda straddled his face.

Erica rotated around to face her sister.

Sisters kissed each other as they rode Simon.

Simon’s tongue was obscenely long.

Erica’s mouth opened and her fangs extended. She took her sister’s hair, pulling her forward. She bit into Linda’s neck.

At the same time she brought her other hand up to Linda. Linda bit into her sister’s wrist. Sisters shared their blood.

Simon’s cock erupted into his mom’s tight hole.

She bucked in delight as orgasm ripped over her.

Linda felt Simon bit into her and he fed from her vagina.

She came too.

The fucked, and sucked each other for hours.

The phone rang. The three lovers ignored it.

Rebecca rang a second time, trying to contact her mom.

She’d not heard from her mom in two days.

Rebecca put the phone down and looked at her husband Bob

“We should go” he said.

Those simple words rang true. Rebecca loved her husband dearly.

He knew what to do.

The drive took them eight hours straight.

Arriving at ten at night.

It was the smell that hit them first as they entered….


Linda ignored the gasp of horror from Rebecca as she stood there looking at Simon ass fucking exhibition

Erica and Linda were on all fours and Simon pulled his cock out of Linda’s ass-hole and pushed it up into his mother’s.

Rebecca was crying.

Linda ignored her daughter’s please; it was as if her daughter wasn’t there.

It was only when Bob entered the room things changed. The three sensed the different smell. The scent of the man.

Bob reeled back in disgust as he saw the three fornicators

It wasn’t just that they were fucking wildly. There was stains all over the place. Bob realised he was standing in a small pile of shit. And then he realised it was human excrement. He wretched.

“What the heck?” he gasped.

Linda rose from the bed. Cum ran down her inner thigh from her gaping anus.

“Well, well” she grinned as she looked at Bob. “Care to have a real woman to fuck?” she purred.

She knew that her daughter, after meeting born-again Bob had committed herself to… commitment.

“Not before they were married” her daughter had told Linda repeatedly whenever her mom had enquired about if Bob was a considerate lover.

Linda ignored her daughter and sauntered to Bob. Her eyes burned into him

“Bob” Rebecca cried as she suddenly realised her fiancee was not moving.

“Give me your cock” Linda said as she sank to her knees.

Just then as she squatted in the mess on the floor she farted cum out onto the carpet. She didn’t care, even as more leaked out of her distended anus onto the back of her legs.

“Bobby?” Rebecca protested

Linda’s pussy dripped cum too.

And, her mouth was crusty with her sister’s vagina juice.

“Mom? Bobby?”

Linda pulled Bob’s pants down. He had a boner.

“Tch” Linda said as she looked at the wiener. Bob was nowhere near the size of Simon. But it would have to do.


Her mouth closed in over him just as her fangs extended at the same time.

Bob’s body bucked as he felt sharp fangs cut into his flesh. Suddenly Linda’s mouth was filled with cum and blood.


Simon sat back as Erica got to her feet. She approached her niece.

“Take off your clothes” Erica smiled. Her eyes bore into Rebecca’s

Rebecca began disrobing.

“What the hell?” she cried “Bobby?” she pleaded for help one more time to her husband. But he simply stood there bucking his hips into Linda’s mouth, emptying his life into her without any protest.

Bob was focused on the burning sensation he felt as he finished in Linda’s mouth. Bob’s face was visibly paled.

Linda kept sucking and sucking.

Bob grew faint.

His knees buckled and he fell to the ground. All the while Linda kept on him, attached to him like a leech, sucking, sucking sucking. She growled with delight as she fed.

“Please” Rebecca cried, “Please don’t hurt me” as her aunt neared.

She trembled. Her bladder opened.

Erica laughed aloud as she watched her small trembling naked virginal niece piss herself in fear. Rebecca’s crotch was hairy and virginal.

Erica got onto her knees and lapped at the hot fluid passing out of her niece. It didn’t really give her any pleasure itself, just the thought the girl was so terrified made her drool. She could almost taste the fear.

Simon now got up and moved back into Linda from behind even as she finished the last of Bob’s life. He pushed his cock up into his aunt’s sloppy asshole.

Linda whimpered as she felt her master sodomise her, but at the same time she kept sucking at Bob’s near lifeless body.

Erica rose to her feet.

“Please” Rebecca trembled “Don’t hurt me”

“You will obey me.”

“I will obey you” Rebecca murmured. She heard herself say this and she did not know why. “What are you doing to me?” she cried.

“It is natural for you to serve… you are a slave”

“I am a slave” Rebecca said.

“Come” Erica said, “Clean my asshole”

Erica led her niece on over to the stinky bed. She lolled around on it and offered her butt cheeks up.

Rebecca moved onto the bed behind her aunt and bent down to kiss her there.

Her nose twitched at the smell. The taste too, was just as foul. She wanted to gag. Her body wretched… but she could not stop.

Erica fingered herself as her niece’s tongue worked on her other hole.

Rebecca could not help eating at her aunt’s ass.


Maria opened the door to see Simon and Erica there.

Katie and Jane could be heard down the hallway

“Step aside” Simon commanded.

Maria did so

Simon went down the hallway

Erica turned at Maria and smiled, opening her mouth, her fangs extended.