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Simsense, Part 2

Copyright © 2012 by Chew Toy ()

WARNING: The usual disclaimers and warnings apply. The characters in this story have sex; if that offends you or for some reason you are Not Allowed to read about such things, stop now. The events in this story might not be moral or even possible; the point is to give you a hot fantasy, not a blueprint for life.

* * *

Tearing the sticky note off, he loaded Sylph’s recording into the simsense player. For a moment, he wondered what sort of thing she would feel would “make up” for her joke, but he was having trouble imagining, unless—

He blushed, then flipped the on switch.

He was standing, looking at Sylph wearing a very sexy outfit. At first he just saw it out of the corner of his eyes, as he was looking at her face. She had on enough eyeliner to make her eyes really stand out, very full red lips, and she was smirking at him.

He realized he was her, looking at him(her)-self in a full-length mirror.

Okay, that was weird. He would have said to himself... but instead he was looking down at her thigh-length boots. He turned, put a foot up on a low stool nearby, and looked back into the mirror to see the effect. It made the entire line of her leg stand out perfectly: the long black leather boot with its thin flared heel forcing her to contract the calf that the length of the boot lovingly molded to, opening up just above the knee to give way to black fishnet stockings whose top edges just outlined and emphasized the flash of naked thigh above, until the very bottom edge of the garter that held them up peeked out from underneath an extremely short black miniskirt. He could just see the bottom curve of her ass...

He was trying to unzip her boots while still ogling herself in the mirror, and it wasn’t quite working. He giggled, and looked at the zipper for a moment while using both hands to get it going, then looked back at the mirror, wiggling her eyebrows jokingly before looking back at the fishnet-clad calf that was being exposed.

Tossing the boot aside, he reached down and trailed her fingers along her leg, from the arch of the foot up the inside of the calf and thigh to just almost dip under the skirt and—

“Ha!” she said out loud. “Not quite yet.”

He was still a little giddy from the unexpected sensation of that soft touch across her inner thigh... but she was already turning to take off the second boot, with every bit as much slow teasing and mugging for the mirror as the first.

Done with the boots, and another long soft caress up the inside of her leg to end, he was sure, under the skirt this time—she laughed again—they turned around, back to the mirror, and experimented with bending over to expose a bit of ass while looking at the mirror from different angles: head sideways looking over the left leg; head upside-down looking between the legs...

He still hadn’t caught a glimpse of her panties yet; and he knew that she was deliberately avoiding just looking up to see them while her head was bent down. To tease him.

Standing up again, back still to the mirror, she reached down with both hands to grasp the edges of her loose white blouse and gave a shimmy while slipping it off over her head that would have had his hand on his cock immediately if he’d been controlling the action. As if predicting his reaction, she put a hand between her legs, pushing in the front of the skirt, and squeezed her legs together against it. He gasped.

“Don’t worry,” she said, looking in the mirror, low and sultry. “We’ll get there.”

He turned to face the mirror, looking up and down the length of her body. At work she often didn’t wear a bra under her perky C-cup breasts—he knew from times she pulled him into the break room, a spare office, the supply closet... but now she was wearing one in lacy black satin that set off the white of her flesh and emphasized the black of her miniskirt, stockings, and garters.

She gave him a look, in the mirror; then looked down at the top of her own breasts; then back to the mirror.

She turned around again, and reached behind her back to unhook the bra. This was an interesting sensation, but he couldn’t really watch what was going on anymore. But once the bra unhooked, she held it against the front of her chest with her arms while half-turning to see her bare back in the mirror, straps hanging down to either side.

He could feel the support of her arms under her breasts.

She turned fully to the mirror again, and stepped back a few steps to sit on a soft upholstered armchair. Apparently not liking the distance from the mirror, she stood up and held her bra with only one arm while she used the other to drag the chair forward, until it was a little closer to the mirror than she’d been standing before. She sat down.

And now, after giving him another long smoking look in the mirror, she slowly let the bra fall away from her chest.

Then she reached up and cupped her breasts in her hands.

It was such a shocking sensation that he didn’t mind that he lost the view, as she closed her eyes and breathed in deeply, savoring the feeling.

Her chest was so much more sensitive than his. He really, really hoped she would keep doing that.

She looked into the mirror, into his eyes, and drew her hands up across the front of her breasts. He gasped.

She caressed all around the outsides of both breasts, alternately half-closing her eyes and catching his in the mirror.

She very lightly brushed her hands just across both nipples. He breathed in again. This was making him very, very wet.

Looking into his eyes again, she licked her fingers and then rubbed them on one nipple. Oh! She looked down at the nipple, standing up straight, and blew across it.

And then, staring into his eyes in the mirror again, she scooted forward on the chair a little bit, spread her legs—hooking one over the armrest, forcing her to lean a little against the other armrest—and lifted the top edge of her skirt.

He hadn’t caught a glimpse of her panties because she wasn’t wearing any.

A small patch of neatly-trimmed hair felt nicely rough against her fingers as she slid her hands down and gently pulled apart the lips of her pussy.

He looked at her spread-open pussy in the mirror, feeling the soft warmth of it against her fingers.

He licked his fingers again, getting them really wet, and then rubbed them all along the outside of the lips of her pussy. Yum. He closed his eyes just to concentrate on the feeling.

Then he licked his thumb and rubbed it against his clit! He gasped and somewhere in his surprise caught her eyes in the mirror, a playful look, knowing just how much he was enjoying this. She held his eyes now, deliberately, teasing his clit over and over and giving a little jump, and another smile, every time. Then she put the heel of her hand down over the top of her slit, catching her lower lip in her teeth as he watched her face in the mirror, and pressed in, rubbing in circles, building each surge a little higher. The other hand came up to play with a nipple.

All the while looking straight into his eyes, in the mirror, with a smile at every hot surge of pleasure. She was seducing herself, in the mirror, for him. And loving it.

He gave another gasp as two of her fingers parted her now very wet pussy lips and slipped inside. Ohhhh! That felt wonderful!

Her thumb came up to rub her clit as she slid her fingers in and out, and he didn’t even care that she kept closing her eyes now because he was lost in the sensation, leaning back and biting his lip and only occasionally looking up to watch those fingers going into her pussy between her spread legs, building up fast to a really hard, gasping, screaming—

He heard her moans still echoing in his ears as his body shook, over and over, and his pussy clenched in time around his fingers, feeling so sweet, still panting...

And he met her eyes in the mirror, hair askew now and just a little sweat on her forehead, dazed and vulnerable and happy and sly and triumphant, a smile uncontrollably spreading on her face, and

He was back in his apartment.

* * *

As hard as it had been to look his boss in the eye after playing her recording of being her husband going down on her, he felt like now it was going to be completely impossible to talk to Sylph without exploding from embarrassment and desire. So he was largely relieved when Jess cornered him early in the morning to interrogate him about the hypnosis recording she’d given him for homework.

He found himself describing the entire incident after he’d listened, how he hadn’t even gotten the playback gear off before starting to play with himself, in a matter-of-fact level of detail that mildly surprised him. His boss murmured encouragement without anything more salacious than an occasional conspiratorial grin, as if she was professionally pleased to hear about him jacking off; and she said she was happy with how well he was responding to the suggestions, which put him in an almost dreamily good mood. He started to tell her about Sylph’s recording, the praise and his untroubled account of his own masturbation making him feel like he could just about begin to talk about it, but before he had the chance, she had given him another hypnosis recording and sent him into the spare office to play it. He figured that at least this would keep him from having to talk with Sylph yet, if he was quick.

As before, though, he didn’t remember any of the recording after it started. From his watch, it did at least use up a chunk of the day. As he ducked into the bathroom afterwards, he took a moment to stare at himself in the mirror, and think seriously about why he wanted to avoid Sylph.

She was in the office with Jess when he went to return the recording. But by then, he had made a decision.

Hoping his face wasn’t quite as red as it felt, and trying for an air of nonchalance, he told his boss “I think I’m ready to make that recording now.”

He shot a quick look at Sylph, and saw her beaming. With a smirk, she looked down for a moment at her own crotch, and then back at him. He covered his face with his hands.

“I mean, if she’s ready—I mean, I...”

“You mean that she’s been teasing you unmercifully, and that after feeling and watching her get herself off with her own fingers last night, you are hotter for her than you think you can possibly stand.”

He shot a quick look at Jess, who looked amused, and then another at Sylph, who looked victorious. And eager. And so, very, sexy. “Um... yes.”

“Well. I think I’m going to make you wait for just a little bit longer. To be sure that you’re really ready to record. But there’s no reason you can’t have a little fun in the meantime.” She touched a button on her desk, and spoke to it. “I’d like a recording crew in my office now, please.” As the door to her office opened, she walked over to him, and said something in his ear.

Suddenly he felt very calm.

“There are going to be some more people in this room soon, but emotionally, it will seem to you like it’s just you and Sylph. Do you understand? It feels like you’re alone together.”

“Yes,” he replied. That did seem to make sense.

“You will still pay attention to my voice when I talk to you, but otherwise all of your attention is for her. Nothing else matters.”

That made even more sense. Sylph’s smile had if anything gotten more lewdly triumphant, and his cock was getting hard just from the way she was looking at him.

“You need to pay her back for that recording, don’t you? So why don’t you take your cock out now and get yourself off for her? I think she’d like that.”

Sylph beamingly nodded her assent, so he unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, and slid them and his underwear down until his naked butt was sitting on the chair and his rapidly stiffening cock was out in the open air in front of her. She bit her lip and smiled at it.

He started to stroke his cock, and Sylph just smiled and nodded encouragement. Jess told him to lick his hand to get it wet, and things went a little faster after that. He was dimly aware that there were other people in the room now, and that some of them were talking from time to time, but all of his attention was on showing off for Sylph.

“You’re getting close, aren’t you?” Sylph said. He gasped and nodded and stroked faster.

Sylph pulled a chair over and straddled it backwards facing him. “I want you to come for me. I want to see you spurt all over. Will you do that for me? Please? I want to see you come...”

Somewhere in the middle her voice tipped him over the edge. He spurted onto the back of the chair, onto her hands around the sides of it, the carpet, his pants...

She laughed and produced a towel from somewhere and started cleaning him off and telling him how much she loved that and how hot it was and Jess said something in his other ear...

* * *

Sylph was alone with him in Jess’s office, and half the lights were off.

He lifted his head, and looked at her. “Did I just... beat off in front of a room full of people?”

“Uh huh.”

“Why did I do that?”

“Because you’re just that hot for me?” she answered, smiling. “And because Jess hypnotized you not to pay attention to them, to make sure you’ll... perform all right, when we’re recording.”

“Does this mean I get to fuck you tomorrow?”

“Uh huh...”