The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Sisters Chapter 6

by Sleepytimeslut

Chloe made her way back to the living room. Turn off the music, deal with dad, then get to work on getting her sister out of her room. She could do this.

“OK, mom, I need to work in my room for a little while,” she was saying as she was walking toward the Bose. “What did you tell Dad about—oh my Christ!!!”

There were now three naked grown-ups in the living room, on the couch that she could never sit on again, ever, ever. Her mother and her aunt were ass-up on the couch, and her father was plowing her aunt from behind, while banging three fingers into her mother’s sloshing cunt.

“Holy fuck!!” Her father threw himself backwards, grasping at a throw pillow to hold over his junk. “Chloe baby I’m sorry I didn’t know you were—”

“My eyes. My eyes!” Chloe kept her hands over her face. She’d seen a lot of perverted shit in the last few days—orchestrated most of it—but this was something else again.

The two women on the couch, however, had gone beyond shame. Their asses still in the air, they both gasped, “Chloe!”

Lydia said “She’s back!” and Helen commanded “Kiss me!” and licked Lydia’s sticky cheek. The two sisters groped each other’s bodies while kissing passionately, pinching nipples and scooping globs of cum off each other’s faces and feeding it to each other.

“Goddammit, you two,” Chloe muttered and strode toward them.

Her dad took another step back as she approached, gripping his throw pillow tighter. “Honey, I can explain,” he began.

“Can you?” she said without looking at him. “I seriously doubt it.”

She grabbed the two women and half-dragged them across the room. The music played on, forgotten again.

“Listen, Mom—Aunt Lydia ...” she floundered for words. “I’m sorry. I really am. I never meant for this to happen. You ... it’s the music. My music. The music is doing things to you.”


“Like what?”

“Well, a lot of things, really, there’s a lot of layers and a lot of songs, at this point, but basically ...” She was trying to think, and it was harder than usual. “I made it for a very specific audience, I wasn’t really thinking enough about how some of it would affect anyone else. There’s ah, a lot about ... well, about being devoted to Chloe, but also just being devoted to your sister, and uh ... well, making you a bit dumber. And constantly h-horny. And uh, highly suggestible.”

There was a moment’s pause, as they took this in. It looked like it was taking a long time for synapses to fire. They looked so adorable, this dumb. Just for a moment, she wondered how much money she could make if she involved them in the videos she’d be selling ...

She shook off that thought, though it gave her a tingle. Her mom, meanwhile, had blossomed into a huge, empty-headed smile.

“Oh thank you thank you for making us so happy! That’s so sweet of you!”

They both hugged her tightly. She was pressed between their bare flesh. She sighed.

“Is there anything we can do for you?” asked her aunt. “You know we would!”

“Just ... I don’t know, just keep doing what you’re doing, I guess. Give me some time to fix this.” She looked around, something tickling her memory. “Oh jesus, that music is still playing ...”

She walked toward the Bose again, hand outstretched, just as one track finished and the next began, seamlessly.

Is this your new life? Embrace reality ...
Caught in a landslide, no escape from this fantasy ...

“Omigod!” Chloe squealed. “I love this one ... OK, just a few more minutes, and then I’m definitely turning it off!!”

She clapped her hands gleefully. Then slapped one hand over her mouth. What on earth ...

She threw a horrified glance at her bimbofied mother and aunt, then fled the room.

“Chloe baby ...?” Helen called.

“Leave her alone, angel,” she heard her ex say firmly. “You’ve got work to do.”

Helen turned, and a little whimper came from her throat. HE stood there, the pillow forgotten on the floor, completely—and unapologetically, again—nude. His shiny cock was already growing back to its former erectness.

“Bring me your sister. Come here,” Dave commanded.

Helen and Lydia took hands and walked toward him. All sense of hesitation or confusion seemed to have dropped from him.

“Make out with each other. Make it hot.”

They moaned, instantly plunging their tongues into each other’s mouths, touching each other all over, squeezing asses and mauling tits.

Dave sat down, in his old leather recliner, and stroked himself for a moment, watching. “That’s enough,” he grunted. “Helen.” He spread his knees and pointed to the floor between his feet. “On your knees, cow. You’re going to worship my cock for a while. And Lydia, you dirty slut—entertain me. Do a little dance for me while your sister sucks me off. Make me want to fuck you stupid.”

They both giggled as they got into position. It felt so good to obey!!

I see a little silhouette-o of a slut—
Scaramouche, scaramouche, will you host the next orgy ...

Chloe swung into action at the makeshift worktable in her own bedroom. She knew what she had to do, she just hoped she had the right tools. And enough time ...

How had things gotten so far? All she’d wanted to do was turn her sister into a brainless slut ... I mean, was that so wrong? Just ... Just have a little fun with her. Show everyone she wasn’t that smart after all, and didn’t deserve all the scholarships, and the attention ...

It was all so silly! She laughed to herself ... it seemed funny that it had all seemed so important, at one time ... What a silly girl she was!!

Chloe shook her head, grabbing her headphones.

Yes, it had started as a little fun. And then—well, it was hot making her submit to all the men. The boys. Kenzie had always acted like boys were beneath her, like dating was something she didn’t have time for or was too cool for ... She knew why she, Chloe, wasn’t interested in boys, but she had never felt that her sister leaned the same way. Well, she’d shown her, hadn’t she? Kenzie loved sucking cock more than reading books—hell, barely remembered how to read—but she was addicted to her big sister’s pussy as well. And for her part, Chloe felt more tender toward her sister than she had in years. Loved her, really. Loved going down on her, but loved making her happy, too. Was devoted to her. (Or was that the subliminals talking?)

Turn it off, turn it off, goddammit turn it off before it was too late

But now ... Kenzie was unhappy. Chloe needed to fix that.

Backing tracks, vocal synthesizer. Careful wording of the text. One hand holding the bulky headphones to her ear, the other adjusting levels. Her old homework desk had done all right as her first workstation for her recordings and experiments, but she was really wishing for the studio now. Couldn’t be helped.

But she knew this would be the perfect song to get through to her sister. One of Kenzie’s favorite songs, from one of her favorite movies, about loving sisters ... If she could only finish her work before it was too late. Before the music claimed her too.

It’s too late it’s too late turn it off

Yes, of course she knew. Chloe could tell she was as affected by the songs as anyone else. It was harder to concentrate, and she was prone to fits of giggling, and it was probably only her deep awareness of the programming and how it worked that was letting her fight it this long. She’d been exposed to the music from the living room for probably two hours, the whole time she and her sister were playing. And every time she’d tried to turn it off ... well, that’s when she really became aware that the compulsion to keep listening to the iPods was working on her.

When she’d been listing the effects of the subliminal tracks, she’d forgotten to mention the first one, the primary one that made all the others more effective. It was baked right in, right from the beginning: You love listening to this music. You don’t ever want to stop.

She put the big, noise-canceling headphones over both ears as she mixed and remixed the music. It cut out all the other distractions, and let her listen to the subliminals she’d created, the vocals, the new music ... letting her concentrate.

She wondered what was happening in the living room now. She’d never meant for this to happen—for the music to ensnare her mother, her aunt ... to make them slutty and stupid and oh so agreeable ... God, it sounded like fun ... No!

She wondered for a minute if it affected men the same way as women. She wondered if her father would turn giggly and dumb and horny ... She wondered what would happen if a man like her father found out what the music did, and ... used it against them. What would happen if he learned the rules ...

All you need to remember
Is obedience, pet ...

Dave lay on the rug, naked, his wife straddling his head, her sister riding his cock. He’d cum at least three times, but was still hard, amazingly enough. And he’d missed the taste of his wife’s pussy—he was devouring it with gusto as he gripped her still-toned ass.

Above him, Lydia and Helen were making out with each other, massaging each other’s breasts, as he’d commanded, while wriggling on his cock and tongue. They were giggling, and moaning, and enjoying themselves immensely.

Dave lifted Helen off his face just enough to grunt, “Tell each other how devoted you are to pleasing me. How happy it makes you to be my sluts. And believe it, because of who is telling you ...” He returned to sucking on her clit as Helen squealed her pleasure into her sister’s mouth.

“Omigod his cock feels so perfect in my pussy,” said Lydia, starry-eyed. “I love being sister sluts with you!”

“I can’t believe I ever wanted to divorce him,” Helen panted, pinching her sister’s nipples. “The only thing hotter than pleasuring his body, is watching him fuck you stupid! You’re addicted to his cock now, just like I am!!”

“I am!!!”

Turn it off turn it off turn it off you gotta find a way please I’m begging you just turn it off and we’ll figure out what comes next ...

Chloe moved her largest speakers to be against the wall between their bedrooms, the headphones still over her ears. The speakers should ensure that, even without being able to put earbuds on her, Kenzie would be immersed in enjoyment of the new song as it blasted through the wall.

Had she always had a crush on her sister? Had that been behind this whole experiment? Or had that been created, and then fostered, by the experience, the enslavement and whoring her out and making her an obedient pussy licker ... Or, maybe by her own exposure to the music, hypnotized to love and adore her sister, and wanting to obey her ...

Impossible to say ... and pointless to wonder now anyway ...

There was something else she had to do ... what was it?

Oh! Silly!! Can’t have two songs playing at once!! That would be SO annoying!!

And as if she had suddenly, finally, heard the whispered words from her subconscious, she walked calmly to the living room, in the perfect headphone-bound silence of her head, and turned off the Bose.

You’re gonna be dumber, dumber, dumber, cuz dumber is fu—


There. Now I can play the new song.

She turned, and watched the three naked adults sweating silently for a little while. Her eyes were a bit glazed. It was so mesmerizing to watch them. Mom was lying on her back on the couch, sucking Dad’s cock hard, while Aunt Lydia was going down on Mom’s cunt. Her aunt’s pussy, engorged and dripping, was waving at her, and Chloe licked her lips, watching it sway. How funny it was—like watching porn with the sound off.

Oh! Daddy was saying something. She took off the headphones ... aahhh, now she could hear them moaning, gasping, slobbering ...

“What are you doing, kitten?” he asked gently.

Chloe had to suck the spit back into our mouth to answer, and she realized she must have been drooling a little, her mouth hanging open for a while as she watched. “Turning off the music so Kenzie can hear my new song,” she murmured, her eyes fixed on her father’s long, thick shaft, slick with her mother’s saliva, as it stroked in and out of sight.

“Why don’t you go get your sister, and bring her here.”

“I’m ...” She shuddered. Then looked into his eyes. They were warm, but firm, and held an expression she’d never seen on him before, only on horny teenage boys. Greedy, horny teenage boys.

“I’m trying, Daddy,” Chloe said in a small voice.

“Good girl.”

She whimpered. Then giggled. Then watched her aunt licking at her mother’s juicy cunt for a while, idly touching herself through her clothes. She could sort of hear snatches of songs going through her head, in the silence.

Her father pulled out of her mom’s mouth, slapping his cock against her cheek as he prepared to explode again. “Go on, now, kitten,” he said over his shoulder.

Chloe nodded, dazed, and left the room slowly.

I have to get my sister out of her room. That’s all that matters now. After that ... We’ll figure out what comes next.

She walked down the hall, went to her workbench, turned everything on ... then, still in a daze, and not quite herself knowing why, she put the headphones over her ears again. And reached for another iPod.

* * *

Kenzie was lying on her bed, her fingers sticky. She’d rubbed herself into a near-coma and now lay with limp limbs, looking at the ceiling. She would giggle occasionally. She would sniffle occasionally. But mostly she just idly stroked her soaking cleft, and watched the ceiling fan going round and round ...

Suddenly there came a knocking. But not from the door—through the wall ...

Knock, knock, na-knock, knock, knock

Do you want to lick my pussy?
Come on, I know you do
I never see you anymore
Come out the door
I’ve got what you want too ...
You used to suck my boobies
But now you don’t
You think you can resist but whyyy?
Do you want to lick my pussy?
... It doesn’t have to be my pussy ...
SECOND VOICE (plaintively)
Wh-what are you doing to me??
Okay, bye ...

Kenzie remembered this song—it was from that animated movie. Where one sister was locked in her room, and the other sister wanted her to come out and play with her ... But ... were the words a little different? She listened to the second voice, the big sister, as she (presumably) paced her room ...

I really want to lick her pussy ...
Probing deep inside her walls
Cup her ass cheeks and go down
Suck her clit and turn her round
She’ll scream the pictures off the walls!
(You’re going down, Joan!)
My cunt is getting lonely ...
It’s so empty, without her tongue
It aches as the hours tick by ...
Tick tock lick suck tick tock lick suck dumb cunt tick tock cunt slut ...

After a dozen repetitions of the song, Chloe was sitting on the floor in the hallway, her back against the wall. She had lost the headphones. She had lost her pants, too, though she didn’t remember taking them off.

She was absentmindedly pinching a nipple as she waited. And listened. She’d always liked this song, and tweaking it so that the little sister was further enthralled to the big sister’s pussy was a stroke of ...

She stroked her slick cunt lips, edging herself without thinking about it. A stroke of ...

Wait, which one was the big sister? And which was the little sister? Was the big sister the one who was locked in her room?

Knock knock knock

Please, I know you’re in there
My holes are asking where you’ve been
Your mind can’t resist, though it’s trying to
I’m naked out here for you
Just let me in
We’re horny for each other
Your cunt belongs to me
What are you gonna do?


Can I lick your pussy?

What a beautiful song! Kenzie thought, after another dozen times on repeat. After the first few plays, she’d started singing along on some of the words, as she stroked herself, sunk into her sweaty pillows. I’m so glad my sister shared it with me ... OMG my sister!! I really need to get my tongue back in her cunt! I don’t know what I was so afraid of ...

“Chloe!!” she called. “I’m ready to come out now!!”

She padded to the door, and unlocked it with a click.

Do you want to lick my pussy ...

Chloe had spent more than an hour now listening to the song too. First in her own room, while finishing another project, and writing a number 5 and a short note on a piece of masking tape. Then, reclining in various positions near her sister’s door, alternated with checking in on her parents in the living room, and watching them for a while.

“Lydia, bend over. All fours, on the floor. Helen? Get underneath. I’m going to fuck your sister, and you’re going to suck on her nipples, and lick her clit, and if you’re a good girl, you can lick my cock as it pounds into her cunt. And you’re both going to love it. Aren’t you?”

It was so engrossing watching her father. Listening to him give commands ...

Chloe returned to Kenzie’s door, waiting. What had her life become? Babysitting a bunch of sluts, who were mindlessly enjoying their pleasures without cares ... while she still carried the stress of the world ... Who’s the real dummy? she thought, and giggled.

Giggly makes you horny, she thought. Horny makes you giggly, she told herself. And giggled again.



She leapt to her feet as her sister slowly emerged from her bedroom. Kenzie was so beautiful, she thought. Her mouth was so full, and soft. Her eyes so wide and trusting. And her breasts ... Chloe licked her lips.

“I’m sorry,” whispered Kenzie.

And Chloe enfolded her, all in an instant, their bodies melting into each other, her hands all over her sister’s back, in her hair, as their lips met, their tongues entwined, and Chloe’s mind saw sparks and flashes in every color before going completely white as their kiss stretched on and on in its passion and love ...

They fell to the floor, Kenzie moaning loudly as her big sister kissed her way down her belly and feasted on her dripping pussy, there in the hallway outside their rooms.

Kenzie howled as the first orgasm ripped through her, then lunged to tackle her sister, straddling her face as she dove into Chloe’s cunt in a frantic, sloppy 69 ...

They were, finally, such devoted sisters ...

Some time later, panting and a little rug burned, Chloe took her sister’s face in her hands.

“Look at me,” she said tenderly. “Are you OK?”

Kenzie nodded, smiling somewhat vacantly.

“I’ve made you happy?”

Her sister’s eyes welled up. She nodded again.

“Good.” She nipped Kenzie’s lower lip with her teeth. “I need you to tell me something. I need it to stick, and I think the only way it will is if it comes from you. I’m absolutely devoted to you, you know... Can you do that for me?”

You think you can resist but whyyy ...

The sisters walked into the living room, hand in hand. Both were naked now. Kenzie still wore the purple panties, but it was Chloe who now wore the collar, the leash lying gently down her back, bouncing against her butt with every step.

The house was silent, except for the grunting from Dave as he rammed himself again and again into Helen’s abused cunt. Lydia was passed out on the carpet nearby. As they walked in, he looked up, pulled out, and turned to them, dripping with sweat, his shiny cock bouncing. Both girls couldn’t take their eyes off it.

“I’ve got Kenzie, Daddy.”

He chuckled in his throat, and his eyes gleamed. His jaw hung slack, and he barely seemed to recognize them as his own offspring—just more meat.

“A couple more eager, suggestible sluts, aren’t you?” He swallowed. “Then I suggest ... that you find my cock irresistible, and you both want to get down and suck it. Right now.”

Kenzie squealed happily, dropping to her knees instantly in front of her father and sucking his hard shaft into her throat. It always felt so good to do that! Mmmm ... it shut off her brain completely ... Ooh maybe he’d cum on her titties! She loved that!!

Behind her, Chloe was struggling. She sank, slowly, to her knees, some feet away.

She licked her lips. She shuffled forward.

And then, with her last stubborn effort of will—aided by the last instructions by her sister—she turned, and buried her face between her mother’s legs.

Helen squealed, her toes curling. Finally, a truly practiced tongue!!

Dave watched the lesbian tongue lashing, and his hard cock grew in his daughter’s throat. Good enough, he thought. For now.

And Chloe sunk blissfully, mindlessly, into worshipping her mother’s sticky cunt—dripping wet and full of her father’s cum—and sighed contentedly. Don’t want to be brainy, she thought. Just wanna be horny ...

And then her thoughts faded away completely. Until there was just the music.


* * *

After-credits bonus scene

Chloe lapped at her mother’s juicy pussy. As their father slowly penetrated Kenzie’s tight young snatch from behind, Kenzie leaned forward and began to eagerly probe her sister’s tight asshole with her tongue. Chloe gasped in mindless pleasure, and something dropped from her hand and bounced once on the carpet.

The iPod landed with the masking-taped side up.

If anyone was looking at it—

And no one was, but maybe ...

Just maybe ...

Someone would see it later—

They would have seen a number “5” penciled there. And underneath that, in Chloe’s neat engineering printing:

“Chloe. Dummy. If you’ve got any brains left—Play this.”

* * *