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Sisters Chapter 5

by Sleepytimeslut

Sisters ... Sisters ...
There were never such devoted sisters ...

Time seemed to slow, and Chloe had a moment of feeling like she was stuck in one of her video games, the ones where you had to make choices and they all had consequences and sometimes none of the options looked any good. Kenzie had fled the room, having regained a sliver of her cognitive abilities at exactly the wrong time, possibly because of Chloe’s new programming and more likely because of the shock of seeing her mother and aunt in a passionate, nude 69. Mom and Aunt Lydia had transferred their worship of each other to devotion to Chloe, pulling at her clothes and begging to serve her. And Chloe’s father was at the door outside, demanding to be let in.

And the music, full of hypnotic subliminals, was still pouring from the speakers, as it had been for a couple hours without Chloe consciously realizing it. The music was making it really hard to think straight ... but it didn’t even occur to her to turn it off ...

Chloe shook her head. “Mom, can you—Mom, focus. Let go of me.” She grasped her mother’s forearms in both hands, looking into her glazed eyes. “Ugh, why are you naked?”

Her mother just giggled, then looked skyward as she drunkenly tried to formulate an answer.

“Never mind. Just—listen, I gotta deal with Kenzie, OK? I’ll be right back. You—Lydia, stop touching me there—no, don’t pout—Mom, you and Aunt Lydia stay here, don’t leave the living room. Stall Dad, I still gotta figure out what to tell him.” Her mother nodded, her grin a little sloppy as she lovingly studied her daughter’s face.

“You’re so pretty ...”

Chloe sighed. Her mother’s face was shiny and smelled like pussy. “And leave Aunt Lydia alone for a minute. OK? No more sexy stuff with each other until I get back.”

Helen looked like a sullen teenager for a moment—a dumb, horny, sullen teenager.

“Promise?” said Chloe.

“I promise,” Helen sulkily replied, but then trembled, her eyes rolling back. Happy chemicals coursed through her, replacing her dopey smile. “Oh fuck it’s so good to do what you tell me ...”

Chloe exhaled. “Hoo boy. Uh, good girl. I’ll be right back. Kenzie!!”

Whatever Chloe wants ... Chloe gets

As soon as she was gone, Lydia moved in to pinch Helen’s nipple. Helen gently moved her hand away and, as she opened her mouth, another knock came from the front door.

“We gotta do something about Dave!” Helen hissed to her sister.

“Is that who that is?” Lydia ran to the picture window and looked out, not trying to cover herself. “It is!! It’s your ex! And ... Ooh, he grew a beard!” She cocked her head, running her tongue over her lips. “You know, that’s working on him ...”

“Hi Dave!!!” Helen trilled, through the door. “The kids will be with you in a minute!! They’re just getting themselves together!”

“Sorry I wasn’t here earlier,” he called. “Some ... stuff came up.”

Normally, Helen would have been pissed at his cavalier attitude about when he showed up to spend time with their children, but today she couldn’t access negative emotions, it seemed like ... or be cross at any man for any reason. “No big deal! It’s been a weird day around here!!” She giggled, looking at her sister’s curvy, luscious form. “Some stuff came up for me too!”

He knocked again, a solid pound-pound-pound. “Can you let me in?”

Lydia bounced over to her, taking her sister’s hands in hers. “What do we do?”

“Helen! Let me in!!”

A shudder ran through Helen’s body, and her nipples stiffened.

“Weellll ... the best way to stall him is to let him in. Right? Then we’re obeying both Chloe and Dave. And ... and if I have to leave you alone ... what a great time for us both to pay attention to him!“

Lydia gave a breathy little squeal. “That’s so hot that you figured that out!!” She kissed her passionately, her arms going around Helen’s still-slender waist, and Helen went along with it for a moment before pushing her gently away.

“Nuh-nuh-nuh ...” she gasped ...

Meanwhile, Dave was getting real tired of standing on the porch. He was just reaching into the pocket of his jeans to grab his phone and text the girls when he heard the door lock click.

“About time,” he muttered. Aloud, he said, “Is everything Ohhhh ...”

His nearly-ex-wife stood in the doorway, gloriously, shamelessly nude in the afternoon sunlight. She had never been more breathtakingly beautiful. She seemed to glow. A flush colored her chest and her cheeks, and her wide smile and lidded eyes sent a shock straight to his libido.

“Come in,” she breathed. “Please.”

She took his hand and he stepped slowly over the threshold, in a daze. There was some kind of music playing, but he barely registered the tune.

He stopped dead at the sight of his hot sister-in-law reclining on the couch, also, spectacularly, perfectly nude. Behind him, he was aware of Helen closing and locking the front door.

Lydia rose gracefully and glided to him, her eyes seductive, as Helen reached around him from behind and began unbuttoning his shirt. He could feel her warm bare breasts pressing into his back. Lydia’s hands touched the fur on his chest as she looked up at him, then slowly, never breaking eye contact, began to kneel.

“Ohhh ... Fuck me,” he whispered in disbelief as she took hold of his zipper, already massaging his hardening cock through his jeans.

Helen’s breath was hot on his ear. “I’m choosing to take that as a command,” she murmured ...

You love to be
And listen to

Kenzie bit her thumbnail as she anxiously paced her room. She barely registered the folded laundry on her bed, which bore silent witness not only to her mom’s cleaning binge but to the changes her wardrobe had taken over the week.

What was happening? She felt like she’d woken from a strange dream, a blissful haze that had lasted for days ... A panicked part of her brain was wide awake, swimming in ice water, prodding the rest of her to think, to act, but most of her mind was still humming warm little tunes, cuddling under warm blankets, calling her back to sleep ...

And ohh, she wanted to sleep ... Something, some little nagging thought, kept pulling on her, saying lie down, saying touch yourself, saying hum a happy little tune ...

Think. Think. Remember. You’re a smart girl, you can figure this out. Better to take a deep breath. Better make a plan. Better stop and take stock ... wait, was that another song lyric? So many overlapping earworms, she didn’t know anymore ...


Her big sister was gently knocking at the locked door. “Kenzie honey come on, let me in—let’s talk about this ...”

“No! I’m freaking out here! What are you doing to me? What am I wearing? Why is mom going down on her own sister?”

She looked down. Her bare breasts swayed, between the purple panties and the leash that dangled from her collar. Without thinking, she reached up to squeeze her breasts, pinching the nipples—and she swooned, her knees almost buckling ...

No! What the fuck was the matter with her?

“Chloe, I’m ... I’m so horny, and I—I can’t think straight. Like, my brain is wrapped in ... like it’s a bowl of ... oh fuck why can’t I think of the words??” She held back a sob. “I’m—I’m scared, Chloe. Did you do something? Or can you do something?”

There was quiet. On the other side of the door, Chloe leaned her forehead on the wood. “I’m sorry,” she murmured. “I tried to fix it, and I made it worse.”

“What?” came Kenzie’s voice.

“I said ... come out, Kenzie, please. We can fix this.”

“No! I mean ... ohh, why does it hurt to say no to you ...” Chloe heard another sob.

She put her mouth close to the door jamb. “Kenzie ... Do you wanna ...”

Chloe stopped. A flash of memory, a movie, a snatch of song ... what was it? What was she suddenly reminded of?

In the bedroom, Kenzie was touching the door, inches from her sister. “Tell me what to do, Chloe,” she whispered, a tear rolling down her cheek.

“I’ve got it!” came the shout. “You wait right there, I’ll be back soon!”


“Sweetheart, you get some rest, OK?” her sister called. “Lie down, and relax. You’ll feel better.”

Kenzie turned to look at the bed. Her whole body was aching to lie down ... to give in ...

“And Kenzie?”

“Yes?” she said, reclining against the pillows.

“Check something for me. Are those panties crotchless?”

Are they—what a strange question! Unthinkingly, Kenzie put her hand down between her legs. The instant her fingers touched her bald, dripping cunt lips, her throbbing clit, fireworks shot off in her skull. “Oh—ooohhhhh!!! Ogoddd ...”

“Good girl,” came her sister’s voice. “You relax, and do what comes naturally ... soften up that brain for me, take the edge off your resistance, and I’ll be back soon.”

Kenzie just moaned, her fingers strumming chords on her delightful, mind-numbing pussy, as her other hand crept to the nipple on her full, firm breast. Sparks shot through her body as images of sucking cock flooded her brain, the delicious submissiveness of being spit-roasted, the orgasmic service of taking cum on her tits ... She was panting, moaning, drooling a bit, as she rode the crests ...

“Good girl,” she heard her sister say again, as she thrashed, her mind emptied out again for a while.

Super Silly Fragile Minded
Sexpot Giggly Fuckslut ...
Even though you’d be ashamed
To be a mindless cumslut ...

Dave caressed the two heads that were amiably fighting over his cock as he stood, his pants around his ankles, in his old living room. One, his still-hot ex-wife, the other, her even-hotter sister. They were sliding their wet lips along his shaft, one on each side, back and forth, and he moaned as he stroked their hair.

“Uunnnghh ... you love that big thick cock don’t you,” he gasped.

“Mmmm ... so good ...” they murmured into his throbbing erection.

“It gets you so wet, just tasting it, doesn’t it.”

They both drooled a little more as their cunts gushed at this new truth. “Ffuckk ...” said Helen. “Yes yess,” said Lydia. “So wet, so horny ....”

“Helen, come here,” he grunted out, and she obediently kissed her way up his bare chest, nuzzled his neck. Her sister’s mouth immediately enveloped the head of his cock, and she swallowed him whole, taking him to the back of her choking throat in seconds.

“What—omigod—what the fuck is going on,” he whispered. “Does this mean you—you want to get back together?”

“Nooo,” his ex purred into his ear. “Well, unless you want to ... I just want to please you. I ache to please you.”

“And your sister?”

“Wellll ... you always wanted to fuck her, didn’t you? Don’t lie ... I could tell.”

Dave made noises as Lydia’s hot, wet, skillful mouth brought him closer to orgasm. Not particularly coherent noises, just ... noises.

Helen rubbed her hard nipples against Dave’s arm and side as she kissed him deeply. “Well, my sister,” she gasped, her eyes glassy as she pulled away, “... my sister really wants to get fucked.”

He looked down. Lydia’s eyes were closed, her face dreamlike. She was rapturous, in a world of her own with a mouthful of cock.

“You want to please me, huh.”

“Oh fuck yes, tell me something to do, I want to obey,” his ex-wife moaned.

This was a dream, it had to be. Oh well, might as well test the limits.

“You know what would make me nut in your sister’s mouth? Like, immediately?”

Helen giggled, like a teenager. “That would be awesome! What?”

“I want your tongue in my ass.”

Helen squealed, shuddered with a wave of arousal, and dropped to her knees behind him. She’d never done anything like this, never even thought of it—her husband certainly had never asked—but at the moment it sounded like the hottest thing ever. She massaged his ass cheeks (she’d always loved his tight buns) then pried them apart and probed his crevice with her tongue. She licked his crack up and down as he relaxed into it, and then when she found his puckered hole, dug the tip of her tongue into as deep as she could and started wiggling. It was heavenly.

Dave’s cock throbbed in Lydia’s mouth. He grew even harder, and she hadn’t thought that possible. He stopped thrusting, holding very still suddenly, and instead held her head strongly in his two hands and started pulling her onto his cock. She choked, and tears ran down her cheeks, as he used her face like a fucktoy. It was heavenly.

Lydia was an excellent cocksucker and Dave couldn’t believe he had never known that until now. His ex-wife was giving him a fantastic rimjob, and he’d never dreamed she would have even attempted it, much less be so good at it. Enthusiasm counts for a lot! was his last coherent thought, before the combination of sensations on his cockshaft and sphincter and—were those someone’s fingers tickling his balls?—pushed him over the edge. He exploded deep down his sister-in-law’s throat, then pulled out and took a quick step to the side to shoot jet after jet of hot cum over the faces of both women. He’d never cum so hard. It was heavenly.

“You love that, don’t you,” he panted. They were both rubbing themselves frantically as he coated them, so it wasn’t a stretch of imagination. “Being whores for me—uhhh—gets you off. Doesn’t it?”

“Yes yes!”

“Cum with me! Cum now!”

And with a final spurt on both faces, they screamed and joined him in orgasm.

“Hot little bitches, aren’t you,” he muttered when he could speak again. “I need more.” He stroked his shaft, still hard. “Lick the cum off each other’s faces, share it and enjoy it. Get me ready to fuck you both.”

The sluts at his feet—he could barely think of them as women anymore—whimpered and looked unhappy. “We’re not allowed,” said Helen. “We can’t play with each other, only you.”

“Until Chloe comes back,” amended Lydia.

“Right, until Chloe comes back,” agreed Helen. She brightened. “Then we can!!”

You two have a lot of strange rules all of a sudden, he thought, but he filed that away for later. This wasn’t a time for deep thought.

“Get on the couch, both of you, then,” he barked, and they both sighed with contentment and jumped to obey. He smacked Helen’s ass as she passed. “On your knees. Turn around. Present your pussies to me. You sluts are getting fucked.”

The mindless cumsluts cheered, giggled, almost kissed each other, frowned, giggled again. They were gonna get fucked!! That was the bestest thing ever!!!

And then ... when Chloe came back!! the things they could do!! and maybe she’d join them!! ... and they moaned as they submitted to the touch of the big, strong man behind them, and all thoughts receded behind the pleasure ...

To Be Concluded!

* * *